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Second Grade Math Reference Sheet Math Term ~ Example Number Bond—a model used to show part, part, whole (total) ‘Number bonds help students see that numbers can be "broken" into pieces to make solving problems easier. Hide Zero facts -simply place the number in place of the zero | 10 +3= 13 204 5= 25 4047247 #1271 Number sentence ~ a written expression of ae addition/subtraction problems 54227 10-2+8 10-941 45-1 Doubles ~ when two of the same number are added together 54+5=10 22-4 Doubles plus 1 ~ when a doubles problem is used Doubles Doubles Plus One to solve an addition problem, One is addled to 24284 243=5 one of the addends. 4428 44529 Related number sentence- Number Sentence Related Number Sentence = Anumber sentence that uses the same 445=9 9-524 numbers, but the opposite operation 3+ 7-43 Standard form -also called number form -simply means write the number Standard form of sixty-four = 64 Standard form of two hundred five = 205 ‘Math Term Example Expanded from—write the number in an addition sentence that adds the hundreds, tens, and ones 145 = 100+40+5 234 = 200+30+4 300#10+3=313 Unit form- write the amount of hundreds, tens, and ones 651 = 6 hundreds § tens tone 862 = 8 hundreds 6 tens 2 ones Written form- also known as word form -write the number as a word 202= two hundred two 793= seven hundred ninety-three 147 one hundred forty-seven Value- the value of the number has you check what place itis in to determine what it is worth Value of 7 In 764 = 700 because 7 is in the hundreds place Value of the 6 in 764= 60 because 6 is in the tens place and 6 tens equals 60 Value of the 4 in 764= 4 because 4 is in the ones place Comparing numbers- use the greater than, less than, or equal symbols to compare numbers < Is the less than symbol >is the greater than symbol = equal is used when they are the same Centimeters- Base ten model ~ manipulatives that show hundreds as flats, tens as rods, and ones as units for students to make numbers, count, add, and subtract -students can draw the base ten model Place Value disks~ manipulatives that show hundreds, tens, and ones as round disks for students to make numbers, count, add, and subtract -students can draw the place value disks