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The Best Films

(1) What is the best film youve

The pursuit of happiness
seen recently?
(2) Who was starring in it?
Will Smith

Horror Films
(1) Do you enjoy horror movies?

Yes, I like horror movies

(2) What is the scariest movie

you have seen?

Mirrors 2

(1) Do you like to watch

I like comedy movies

(2) Who is the funniest actor?

Adam Sandler

Action Films
(1) Do you enjoy action films?

I like comedy movies

(2) Is it OK for young kids to

watch violence on TV?

It is not right that children watch violence in tv

Movie Going
(1) How often do you go to the



(2) Who do you usually go with?

My Family

(3) What was the last movie

that you saw?

The revenant

The Worst Films

(1) What is the worst film
youve seen recently?

The fast and the furious

(2) Who was starring in it?

Vin Diesel, Justin Lin, James Wan, F. Gary Gray, Rob Cohen, John
Singleton, Philip Atwell

the best film i've seen is The pursuit of happiness, Will Smith was atarring in it. i
like movies like the script and theme of the movie, as the sacrifice has its
reward. i go to the movies (frequency), I'm going to movie weekly, with my
family . the last movie i saw was the renenant, and i didn't/like it because the
action movie. i think that young kids should/shouldn't watch movies because, kids
should watch movies with parental supervision

1. on tv or on my computer.
2. All the news of.


in the fiftys 50s

Ive quieten
I was amaized at.
Forget how special
Is to rent.
Up to the max