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of BLECKNER ASSOCIATES LIMITED We, MOSSACK FONSECA & CO. (SEYCHELLES) LIMITED, in cu: capacity as Registered Agent Of BLECKNER ASSOCIATES LIMITED (“Compan do hereby cat the flowing 4. The Company wat regsered in the Republic of Seycheles as an Intemational Business| Company numbered 12282 on he 18" Apri, 2013, ‘The Registered Agent of the Company ls MOSSACK FONSECA & CO. (SEYCHELLES) UNITED, Sute 13 Fret Foar, Ola) Trade Cente, Francs Rechel Svect, Vitona, Man Repubie of Saychates ‘The Registered Ofice of the Company is Sue 13, Fest Foor, Ol Trade Cente, Francis Racha! Sroot Veta, Mahe, Rebe of Seyereles ‘The authorized catal ofthe Company's 6000000 divided into $0000 shares with @ par vale of 00 een Insofer os evidenced by he documents fod athe Regstered Orfce ofthe Company (3) the Company isin eistone and n god standing: no procsedings have boon insted Wo strike the name of the Company ofthe Reger, Frist preeess of being waund vp and desahed, there is no sctions pending o” threatened, against he Company and no ston has eon taken t wind-up Company {he Company does not maintain a Regist of Metgages and Charges. ‘Accoxting to our records avaliable atthe Registered Ofc, the Drectors ofthe Company are Beeson: oe Lr Adrlen Jose VELASQUEZ FIGUEROA Seana Mr Josmal Jose VELASQUEZ FIGUEROA 18 Apr 2013, acting with individual signature ight. Date tv 27" Jur, 2013, — ow sn ARO Foren tao MOSSACK FONSECA CO, (SEYCHELLES) LIMITED, Rogier Age! Seen exclusvay for the egalzation of tno ‘Signature apeceed on the ent sco of Fs ‘obcuront of Naya VILLARREAL ‘Geneva, me 24" of une 2019,