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Speaking and listening Pre-intermediate to Upper-intermediate

Lets talk about WHAT IF

Conversation cards
What would you do if you won
the lottery?
Explain in detail.

What would you do if you were

stranded on a desert island?
Which 3 things would you like
to have with you?

If you had three wishes, what

would you wish for?

What would you do if you found

a fat wallet on the street?

If you could be an animal for

one day, what would it be?
Explain why.

If an alien space ship invited

you for a ride, would you go?
Why or why not?

If you could travel in time,

where would you go?
Explain why.

How long would you like to live

if you had the choice?

If you were born 50 years

earlier, how would your life be

If you could start over your

life, what would you change?

If you had divine (= godlike)

powers, how would you change
the world?

If you were the leader of your

country, what would you do or

If you had the chance to be

born again, in which country
would you like to be born?

What would you do if your dog

ate your homework just before
going to school?

If you could commit any crime

and get away with it, what
would you do?

If you received one million

dollar which you couldnt spend
on yourself, what would you
spend it on?

What would you do if you had

only one day to live?

How would you feel if you

found out that you were



What would you do if

another student asked to copy your homework?
you were bullied at school or work?
got lost in the forest at night?
someone stole your bicycle?
you saw a friend stealing something?
you were stuck in a lift?
your mobile phone fell in the toilet?
a friend or relative stole money from your wallet?