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This review highlights the fundamentals and the most prominent advances in
the field of HPLC instrumentation over the last decades. Fundamental aspects
and practical considerations of column switching, conventional (heart-cut)
and comprehensive two-dimensional LC are presented. Different aspects of
microcolumn- and nanoliquid-chromatography are reviewed. Recent progress
in column technology and the demands and developments in instrumentation
and accessories for miniaturized LC are also discussed. In the field of
miniaturization, particularly in chip-based nano-LC systems, some aspects on
micro-fluidic chip fabrication, using particle-packed HPLC microchips or
polymer-based monoliths, are addressed. An introduction to ultra
performance LC (UPLC) is also presented.

Recent Advances in HPLC Packings and Columns


Recent developments in commercially available micro-pariculate packings

and columns for all modes of HPLC are reviewed. Over 200 packings and
columns are classified according to separation mode, functionality, particle
size, and other chromatographically useful properties. Trends in column
design and performance criteria in evaluating packed columns are covered.
Slurry packing techniques are briefly discussed and speculations made on
future column developments. Practical aspects of column operation are