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‘SCENE ONE: PROLOGUE (DOWNSTAGE, she ace FAR LEFT the ome of CINDERELLA. SHE is caning rc CENTER, he coe where JACK in HE inside iing bis path loti COW, MILKY. WHITE. rz. ‘PAR RIGHT, the bemateriplc of th BAKER ond the BAKERS WIFE THEY are proaring omar bad far. Behind he boas i ere fre cparating the ead om the et fhe bing A NARRATOR ne fre) NARRATOR (Once upon atime— (MUSIC, sap and ead LUGHT on CINDERELLA) (CINDERELLA (oa ran fee, plihing for) TWISHL, NARRATOR in a i of kingdom CINDERELLA MORE THAN ANYTHING. [NARRATOR lived young maiden — CINDERELLA ‘MORE THAN LIFE [NARRATOR ~assd young lad — (LIGHT on JACK and MILKY WHITE) Page 37 Sone rr Ee et CINDERELLA (MORE THAN JEWELS... Jack (a raking ene mang MILKY) TWIsk... ~ anda chiles baker — (LIGHT on BAKER and BAKERS WIEE, who bresh fee) (MORE THAN LIFE... ‘CINDERELLA, BAKER IWisk... [NARRATOR wich is wife — JACK MORE THAN ANYTHING... CINDERELLA, JACK, BAKER MORE THAN THE MOON... BAKER'S WIFE WISH... CINDERELLA ‘THE KING IS GIVING A FESTIVAL ‘BAKER, BAKER'S WIFE, MORE THAN LIFE... Jack Twist. CINDERELLA 1 WISH TO GO TO THE FESTIVAL BAKER, BAKER'S WIFE MORE THAN RICHES... "le Mey eile or ther, Diigo wl a. WTO THE WOOES R— LEE oak Scone 1 CINDERELLA ANDTHE BALL... Jack I WISH My COW WOULD GIVE US SOME MILK. CINDERELLA, BAKER'S WIFE MORE THAN ANYTHING. BAKER WISH WE HAD A CHILD. BAKER'S WIFE IWANTA CHILD. (CINDERELLA, JACK, BAKER, BAKER'S WIFE IWISH... (CINDERELLAS STEPMOTHER and hr pies ‘FLORINDA and LUCINDA ENTER) [STEPMOTHER (Spoken to CINDERELLA, lang in fir emp) YOU WISH TOGO TO THE FESTIVAL? NARRATOR Spoken) ‘THE POOR GIRL'S MOTHER HAD DIED— ‘STEPMOTHER (Spohn) ‘YOU, CINDERELLA, THE FESTIVAL? FLORINDA, LUCINDA, Spoken) ‘THE FESTIVAL! ‘STEPMOTHER, FLORINDA, LUCINDA. poke) ‘THE KING'S FESTIVAL? AHUSIC ey) "i May opis Dp arse TO THE WOODS Le ok Page 39 Scone 1 —.— es NARRATOR ‘tur father had cake fr his new wife a woman wih wo laughter of her own. All cree were besutifil of ace, bt il and black of heart. (Thre TWO KNOCKS on te BAKERS DOOR. BAKERS WIFE ‘ender itis LITTLE RED RIDINGHOOD. MUSIC rome) BAKER'S WIFE ‘Why, come i, lide gi LITTLE RED RIDINGHOOD I WISH... IT'S NOT FOR ME, IT'S FOR MY GRANNY INTHE Woops, ‘A LOAF OF BREAD, PLEASE— ‘TO BRING MY POOR OLD HUNGRY GRANNY IN THE WOODS. sien) JUST A LOAF OF BREAD, PLEASE... (BAKER ie br aa of bread) LITTLE RED RIDINGHOOD “Thank you INTO THE woops IT'STIME TO Go, TATE TO LEAVE, THAVE TO, THOUGH. INTOTHE Woops— IT'STIME, AND SO. MUST BEGIN MY JOURNEY. INTOTHE Woops AND THROUGH THE TREES ‘TO WHERE IAM EXPECTED, MAAM, INTOTHE woops ‘TO GRANDMOTHER'S HOUSE— eee ee Mealy epee bare Dig ry bod, -vToewoODS Ltr Bok Pege 40 BAKER'S WIFE Youte ceain of your way? LITTLE RED RIDINGHOOD (icking Wp cok in thm) “THE WAY IS CLEAR, ‘THE LIGHT Is GoD, HAVE NO FEAR, NOR NO ONE SHOULD. ‘THE WOODS ARE JUST TREES, ‘THE TREES AKE JUST WOOD. SORT OF HATE TO ASK TT, BUT DO YOU HAVE BASKET? BAKER Here. (Gi bark) "Now; dont say and be late. LITTLE RED RIDINGHOOD INTO THE Woops ‘TO BRING SOME BREAD TO GRANNY WHO ISSICK IN BED. ‘TO GRANDMOTHER'S HOUSE ‘AND HOME BEFORE DARK? wears, MUSIC sop) BAKER'S WIFE (Caling fer bo) ‘Aad save some of those sweets for Granny! (MUSIC rtm) INTOTHE WOODS =r sk Scone 1 ee A ee Jack on the other and, had no grandmother and no father, and his mother— JACK’S MOTHER (Sing, ENTERING) IWISH.. [NARRATOR ‘Well, she was not quite beautifal— JACK’S MOTHER {WISH MY SON WERE NOT A FOOL. WISH MY HOUSE WAS NOT A MESS. {WISH THE COW WAS FULL OF MILK. {WISH THE WALLS WERE FULL OF GOLD— WISH A LOT OF THINGS... (MUSIC comms ender ace ‘Listen wel son. Milly-White must be taken t market. JACK But, Mother, noe the best cow— JACK’S MOTHER ‘She given us no mil for a week: Weve no foal aor money, and no choice bu ell her, JACK But Milly- Whit is my bes fiend i the whole world! JACK’S MOTHER Look sche (Poincng o MILKY. WHITE) THERE ARE BUGS ON HER DUGS.’ “THERE ARE FLIES IN HER EYES. ‘THERE'S A LUMP ON HER RUMP BIG ENOUGH TO BEA HUMP— AND NO ONE KEEPS A COW FOR AFRIEND! 9TH WOODS Lave age 42 Scone 1 Se ce JACK’S MOTHER Fetch the bes price you ca, Take no les than five pounds ‘Are you litening co me? JACK Yes. No more han five pound. ACR MOTHER pic ise, bd JACKS MOTHER Les Than fie eng) Now go ACK a Mil Whe MUIC mie and) A [NARRATOR Because che Baker had lst his mother ad father ina baking accident-— well a last chat what he blicted—he was eager to have amily of his ‘own, and was concerned tha al efor unl now had filed. (Pheri KNOCK onthe BAKERS DOOR) BAKER (Boe the wind t eb i tere) BAKER'S WIFE ithe Wiech fam set doo. (Open edn WITCH ENTERS, MUSIC ream) NARRATOR The old enchantress old the couple chat she had place spell ‘on their hou, BAKER Whar spelt INTO te WoOUS ML —Lnp Bone age 43 Seene 1 Se wircn Im he pst when your mother was with cil, she developed an unusual ‘ppc. She ook one look at my beauifil garden and eld your father what she wanted more than anything in the word. (Sytem) ‘GREENS, GREENS, AND NOTHING BUT GREENS: PARSLEY, PEPPERS, CABBAGES AND CELRY ASTARAGUS AND WATERCRESS AND FIDDLEFERNS AND LETTUCE — (Faking int “Rap ) HESAID, “ALL RIGHT, BUT IT WASN'T, QUITE, “CAUSE I CAUGHT HIM IN THE AUTUMN IN MY GARDEN ONE NIGHT! HE WAS ROBBING ME, HARASSING ME. ROOTING THROUGH MY RUTABAGA, RAIDING MY ARUGULA’ AND RIPPING UP THE RAMPION' (MY CHAMPION! MY FAVORITED — SHOULD HAVE LAID A SPELL ON HIM (SPELL cherd) RIGHT THERE, (COULD HAVE TURNED HIM INTO STONE ORADOG OR A CHAIR (Dif of ints a mares rene) BUTILET HIM HAVE THE RAMPION — TD LOTS TO SPARE IN RETURN, HOWEVER, SAD, "FAIR IS FAIR YOU CAN LET ME HAVE THE BABY ‘THAT YOUR WIFE WILL BEAR. ‘AND WE'LL CALL IT SQUARE.” MUSIC Ho) BAKER Thad bose? wircH, No, Bue youd ssc NARRATOR Bas the Wich fe ell him any more of his iste. Not even that he ‘name was Ripunza Se cee "Yo Ag mal gon ep ae. ‘Ringo As pice ‘Tome WOODS R— Umea Bok witcH | hough had been more than resonable. But how wat Io know what ‘ous father had alo hidden in his pocket? BAKER Whae witch BEANS. BAKER, BAKER'S WIFE BEANS? wircn ‘THE SPECIAL BEANS, (Geng worked wp) ILET HIM Go, IDIDNT KNOW HE'D STOLEN MY BEANS: WAS WATCHING HIM CRAWL BACK OVER THE WALL-1 (Rap) AND THEN BANG! CRASH AND THE LIGHTNING FLASH! AND ~ WELL, THAT'S ANOTHER STORY, [NEVER MIND — ANYWAY, AT LAST ‘THE BIG Day CAME. AND I MADE MY CLAIM, “OH, DON'T TAKE AWAY THE BABY.” ‘THEY SHRIEKED AND SCREECHED, BUT I DID, AND I HID HER [WHERE SHELL NEVER BE REACHED, !NTO THE WOODS —Lanetrt ook Page 45 Scone 1 SE aes Me wircn AND YOUR FATHER CRIED, ‘AND YOUR MOTHER DIED, WHEN FOR EXTRA MEASURE — ADMIT IT WAS A PLEASURE — ISAID, "SORRY: YMSTILL NOT MOLLIFIED™ AND ILAID A LITTLE SPELL ON THEM — (SPELL crd) YOUTOO, SON! or ce let AKER ih i fd bak fed printed lu The BAKER dee oe ih, poten) ‘THAT YOUR FAM'LY TREE WOULD ALWAYS BE A BARREN‘ ONE... SO THERE'S NO MORE FUSS ‘AND THERE'S NO NORE SCENES AND MY GARDEN THRIVES - YOU SHOULD SEE MY NECTARINES! BUT I'M TELLING YOU THE SAME [TELL KINGS AND QUEENS. DON'T EVER NEVER EVER /MESS AROUND WITH MY GREENS! ESPECIALLY THE BEANS! Ei NARRATOR | “Then the Wich, for purposes of her own, explained how the Baker might 1 che spl: witch (Spoken) YOU WISH TO HAVE, ‘THE CURSE REVERSED? VLL NEED A CERTAIN POTION FIRST. ToT WOODS LR Rok GOTO THE WOOD AND BRING ME BACK (ONE: THE COW AS WHITE AS MILK. ‘TWO: THE CAPE AS RED AS BLOOD, ‘THREE: THE HAIR AS YELLOW AS CORN, FOUR: THE SLIPPER AS PURE AS GOLD, BRING ME THESE. BEFORE THE CHIME OF MIDNIGHT IN THREE DAYS’ TIME, ‘AND YOU SHALL HAVE, TGUARANTEE, ACHILD AS PERFECT ‘ASCHILD CAN BE. GOTO THE Woon: (The WITCH EXITS afer Yen SPELL a BAKER he dre over) eansney STEPMOTHER poten) LADIES anes) (OUR CARRIAGE AWAITS, CINDERELLA ong) PLEASE MAY I GO TO THE FESTIVAL? STEPMOTHER (poh) ‘THE FESTIVAL ang) ‘YOU'D MAKE US THE FOOLS OF THE FESTIVAL AND MORTIFY THE PRINCE! "590 MH 8000S — Ute ook q a Seone 1 (CINDERELLAS FATHER ENTERS ich bis head ‘hgh ede) CINDERELLA'S FATHER pate) ‘THE CARRIAGE Is WAITING. ‘STEPMOTHER (Spohn) WE MUST BE GONE, (GTEPMOTHER, LORINDA and LUCINDA EXIT ih lw) ‘CINDERELLA, pote) GOOD NIGHT, FATHER. (CINDERELLAS FATHER gran deed and EXITS } ong) i 1WISH... (Si dite, ying MUSIC conic unde } | he BAKER brig of rn a aig ake nd bt) BAKER Look what I found in Fathers hunting jacket, i BAKER'S WIFE | Six beans, | BAKER i wonder if they are he. BAKER'S WIFE, ‘Wicks beans? Well ake them with us. BAKER [Not You are otto come and thats final, Now what am Ico ren with? Aono) You dont remember? THE COW AS WHITE AS MILK, ‘THE CAPE AS RED AS BLOOD, ‘THE HAIR AS YELLOW AS CORN, ‘THE SLIPPER AS PURE AS GOLD BAKER (Memerising) ‘THE COW AS WHITE AS MILK, THE CAPE AS RED AS BLOOD, ‘THE HAIR AS YELLOW AS CORN, ‘THE SLIPPER AS PURE AS GOLD. NARRATOR (Ove taxen) | ‘And so the Bake, reluctandy, set off to mec the enchanees! demands. As for Cinderel CINDERELLA STILL WISH TO GOTO THE FESTIVAL, BUT HOW AM I EVER TO GET TO THE FESTIVAL? TkNOW! TLL VISIT MOTHER'S GRAVE, ‘THE GRAVE AT THE HAZEL TREE, AND TELL HER JUST WANT TO. GOTO THE KING'S FESTIVAL. ‘BAKER, BAKER'S WIFE, CINDERELLA, JACK, JACK’S MOTHER INTO THE WOODS WITHOUT REGRET, ‘THE CHOICE Is MADE, ‘THE TASK I5 SET. INTO THE Woops, BUT NOT FORGETTING WHY I'M ON THE JOURNEY, [Fon #00678 neta Gone Page 49 JACK’S MOTHER INTO THE WOODS TO SELL THE Cow— Jack INTO THE WOODS TO GET THE MONEY— BAKER'S WIFE INTO THE WOODS TO LIFT THE SPELL— BAKER ‘TO MAKE THE POTION— CINDERELLA ‘TOGO TOTHE FESTIVAL— LITTLE RED RIDINGHOOD (ENTERING, sipping by) INTO THE WOODS TO GRANDMOTHER'S HOUSE.. INTO THE WOODS TO GRANDMOTHER'S HOUSE... ALL "THE WAY IS CLEAR, ‘THELIGHT 15 GooD, HAVE NO FEAR, BAKER, CINDERELLA, Approve) ‘THERE'S SOMETHING IN THE GLADE THERE... (STEPMOTHER. FLORINDA, LUCINDA and CINDERELLAS "PATHE ae we ding ac agen he cage). TO SELL To GET TO BRING— TO MAKE TOLFT— ‘TO GOTO THE FESTIVAL! INTO THE Woops, INTOTHE WooDs, INTOTHE Woops, ‘THEN OUT OF THE woons, AND HOME BEFORE DARK! (ALL fe fr 3 coun then sro EXIT eet for (CINDERELLA, sb eterno SCENE TWO oe ‘Wo are raed) END OF SCENE ONE [THE WOODS Lb oe os Page 51 SCENE TWO Cee eel fin i hrvgh, creating wonderfl ighe-maze, As the scene progress, the sunighe is gradually replaced iy end Ee ark coat etter ohn fe, giving a ei foing CINDERELLA hn freee) [NARRATOR CGnderells had planted a branch at che grave of her mather and she visited theres fen, and wep 0 much, chat her ers watered tun i had become a handsome tee (eas) ‘CINDERELLA I WIsH— (Suey the gh of CINDERELLA'S MOTHER APPEARS within he tre SHE isa cleo of rmembered manners and ing) ‘CINDERELLA'S MOTHER ‘What, child? Spec: Opportunity ie not lengthy vision CINDERELLA wists ‘CINDERELLA'S MOTHER DO YOU KNow WHAT YOU WISH ‘ARE YOU CERTAIN WHAT YOU WISH 1S WHAT YOU WANT? ‘ASK THE TREE, AND YOU SHALL HAVE YOUR WISH. ‘CINDERELLA (ing) SHIVER AND QUIVER, LITTLE TREE, SILVER AND GOLD. ‘THROW DOWN ON ME. TOMI WOODS Lee ek (A GOLD AND SILVER DRESS and FANCY SLIPPERS DROP DOWN fm ther) ‘CINDERELLA, i 'M OFFTO GET My WISH. ‘(Picks wp the clothes and dashes OFFSTAGE) { \YACK 1 wtkng reg the Wd ending MILK-WHITE. HE saps and its oma tree suri) | sack. ‘ene evesrert, Milly: Whi. Noto my king. (Pex) | MYSTERIOUS MAN Spine fm inde) Holo, ack. t ig ow ila myname? svsrenious aa | ow mucho aig ren Noles dn re pound si MYSTERIOUS MAN ‘Why. youd be lucky to exchange her Fora sick of beans, (Bf JACK con rpand, sh MYSTERIOUS MAN hs | DISAPPEARED) JACK ‘Come slong, Milly-Whice. There ae spits hee. (bars) Scone 2 en a Somme (mathe prof the Wid LITTLE RED RIDINGHOOD, siping tthe expen of Ti the Ws“ ‘spre by he WOLF MUSIC np) WOLF Good ay, young lady. LITTLE RED RIDINGHOOD Good day, Me, Wal (MUSIC rene, LITTLE RED RIDINGHOOD comin. WOLF 2p er agen, MUSIC spy) ‘WOLE Whither sway so huriely? LITTLE RED RIDINGHOOD ‘Tomy grandmother (MUSIC rene, LITTLE RED RIDINGHOOD coin rig WOLE ps ‘er once mon) WOLF ‘And wha might bein your bathe? LITTLE RED RIDINGHOOD Bread and wine, so Grandmother will have something good to snake her strong. WOLF And where mighe your grandmother vee (OAKER APPEARS bbind «ean ever) LITTLE RED RIDINGHOOD Further inthe Woods; er house stands under tue large ak ues. Scone 2 (VOLE grins w binslfs LITTLE RED RIDINGHOOD ship of) (ae er pp in font of LITTLE RED RIDINGHOOD and ole | ‘ern tang. He eins mening ik ed Ace LITTLE RED RID- {INGHOOD lenin with bb dest meve eft) WOLF | HELLO LITTLE GIRL, WHAT'SYOUR RUSH? t ‘YOU'RE MISSING ALL THE FLOWERS. if ‘THE SUN WON'T SET FOR HOURS, “TAKE YOUR TIME, LITTLE RED RIDINGHOOD raking 205) MOTHER SAID, "STRAIGHT AHEAD,” NOT TODELAY ‘ORBE MISLED. WOLF BUT SLOW, LITTLE GIRL, HARK! AND HUSH ~ ‘THE BIRDS ARE SINGING SWEETLY, YOU'LL MISS THE BIRDS COMPLETELY, ‘YOU'RE TRAVELING SO FLEETLY. LITTLE RED RIDINGHOOD | Go) | MOTHER SAID, NOTTOSTRAY | STILL, 1 SUPPOSE, ‘ASMALL DELAY... (GRANNY MIGHT LIKE ‘A FRESH BOUQUET... (Spoon) ‘GOODBYE, MR. WOLE (Grose lowers pice thm, then EXITS) WOLF polen) GOODBYE, LITTLE GIRL (Sars offs) ‘AND HELLO. (HOWES and BUTS) To THB WOODS tee ake | age 55 | Scone 2 : BAKER Cored) [shar to come to ha de gi. nthe ed cap! amrreH arrears MUSIC nd) i wircH i Forget shell gil and ge he capel That che cape, Gti BAKER | iow am I supposed to get? | wircy : ‘You go up tothe litle thing, and you tke i RAPUNZEL | (Getty OFFSTAGE, in he dan) | AHHH... ' (OPTTCH tines erence) witch (Sore) ‘Ali, my Rapunzel. ien ro he beastiful msi. ing) Gee me what I need! (Disappears) (@imangh "never get that red cape, nor find golden com, oa yllow sip er—or was ita golden slipper anda yellow cow? Oh, no. BAKER'S WIFE (Softy APPEARING bebind te) } ‘THE COW AS WHITE AS MILK, I ‘THE CAPE AS RED AS BLOOD, ‘THE HAIR AS YELLOW AS CORN, | ‘THE SLIPPER AS PURE AS— « (Onn) What are you doing here? BAKER'S WIFE. (Coming wen. kee andr pated i neh) You forgot your sear Cibing af op Fou have no busines being alone in the Wood! Now go home immediately! ‘BAKER'S WIFE. 1 wish to help BAKER Nol The spall ison my het (ACK ENTERS, dgrng MILKY WHITE by rp nb nck. BAKERS WIFE sing JACK at th othr side f tage, tse ond ‘70 BAKERS MOUTH) BAKER'S WIFE, @ A.COW AS WHITE as (BAKER ws JACK, tebe BAKERS WIPES HAND eu) Bora eabiprig) ys (GAKERS WIFE pes BAKER in JACKS diction, tefl) Hel there, young mn, Jack (ant BAK wa) ello sic BAKER ‘What mighe you be doing wih a cow inthe middle ofthe foes? TO THE WOODS Lael a Page 57 Seone 2 Jack (Nese) ‘was heading toward marker—bur I scem to have lst my wa BAKER'S WIFE (Coaching BAKER) ‘What ate you planning co do thexe—? BAKER ‘And what ae you planing o do there? JACK Sal my com sz No les than five pounds BAKER ive pounds! BAKER'S WIFE. ‘And ifyou can fetch thar sum? Then what are you vo do? Jack 1 suppose my mother and I wil have no food to eat. (Aa pin pe Hh efi i od ‘the beans in hand) ei BAKER'S WIFE ovo Beans-—we mus give up ou beans! Wall. ifyou fel we must BAKER Hah? ‘BAKER'S WIFE, 40% Beans wil bring you food, on, JACK ‘Beans in exchange for my ow? BAKER'S WIFE ‘Oh, these ate no ordinary beans, on. These beans cary magic. Jack Magic? Whar kindof magi? BAKER'S WIFE (Barer) Tell him, (LYSTERIOUS MAN ENTERS behind re) BAKER (rven) Magic that defies decision, MYSTERIOUS MAN ‘oul be lucky o exchange het fora sck of beans (BARES WIFE and BAKER hug, fhm by [MYSTERIOUS MAN'S VOICE. MYSTERIOUS MAN EXITS bi ange bin) JACK How many beans BAKER Six BAKER'S WIFE. Five! We can pare with ll of them, We must lave one for ounces. Besides, Isa thee worth a pound eich, atthe very least Jack (Could I buy my cow back some day? BAKER (ree) Wel... possibly, "OTE WOODS —Lert ook Page 59 (Ghd JACK the bers conning otf sd heing ne ir bis pcke; BAKERS WIPE th tte MILKY WHITE Good luck there, young ld. JACK (Coe o MILKYCRITE I GUESS THIS IS GOODBYE, OLD PAL, ‘YOU'VE BEEN A PERFECT FRIEND, HATE TO SBE US PART. OLD PAL, ‘SOMEDAY I'LL BUY YOU BACK. LL SEE YOU SOON AGAIN, 1 HOPE THAT WHEN I DO, IT WON'T BE ON A PLATE, (CATS, ewcome with emaion BAKER nen) “Take the cow and go home! ‘BAKER'S WIFE, ws uying tobe helpful BAKER “Maric beans Are we going to dispel hit curse though deceie? BAKER'S WIFE IF YOU KNow WHAT YOU WANT, ‘THEN YOU Go. AND YOU FIND IT AND YOU GET IT— BAKER (Spoken pining of) HOME. BAKER'S WIFE, (Spokend DO WE WANT A CHILD OR NOT? Scone 2 ‘BAKER'S WIFE ony AND YOU GIVE AND YOU TAKE, AND YOU BID AND YOU BARGAIN, OR YOULIVE ‘TO REGRET IT BAKER pate) WILL YOU PLEASE GO HOME. BAKER'S WIFE song ‘THERE ARE RIGHTS AND WRONGS AND IN-BETWEENS— NO ONE WAITS WHEN FORTUNE INTERVENES. ‘AND MAYBE THEY'RE REALLY MAGIC, ‘WHO KNOWS? BAKER Go home. Iwill ery this out in my own ashion! (BAKERS WIFE takes MILKY. WHITE ond BAKER ond BAKERS WIPE EXIT in ifn divecson. NARRATOR ENTERS, APUNZEL ‘it head SINGING of nthe dtance BAPUNZEL! tower APPEARS) [NARRATOR ‘And so the Baker continued his search forthe ape as red as blood wrrcet enreRs) ‘As foc Rapunzel, che Wich wa crf not ole this Beauy to the ouside odd, and so shuc her within dooles tower tha lay deep within the forest: And when the old enchantes pad visit, she called fort (EXITS as WITCH ees ser: RAPUNZELS PRINCE ENTERS, fc bide fom WITCH RAPUNZEL, AHH, ero THE WOODS Lea Bok Scone 2 ee a ee ae a wiren, Rapunsel, Rapunzel. Let down your hai w me. (RAPLINZEL pe singing and he air donde, The WITCH climbs wp sgl as RAPUNZEL lens fred in ain EAPUNZELS PRINCE ‘ome fom around oe) [RAPUNZEL PRINCE hime) ‘Rapunzel, Rapunzel. What a steange bu beautfl name. And fc fora Prince Tomorrow, befor that honible Witch arrives Iwill and before fer window and ask her to letdown her hit me. (EXITS w BAKER ENTERS ad nor ino LITTLE RED RIDINGHOOD'S pt ‘he gi is eting ace: SHE ENTERS) ‘BAKER Helo there, lide one. Where did you gt that benutifl pe Iso admire it LITTLE RED RIDINGHOOD. My granny made i for me, BAKER ‘sche cht T would love a ted cloak like tht (Gramineae) LITTLE Kev RIDINGHOOD (Cigng) You look prety foolish. (BAKER gost atk her cape) BAKER May ake a look ate 1 don ike robe without my cape. Please, give it back! ‘witc#'s voIce Forge he lide gil and get the cape! (OAKER aden dats ay with he cpe we bir. LITTLE RED RIDINGHOOD sands numb fora momen then BAKER (hep earning wth ep, placing it on LITTLE RED RIDING: HOODS SHOULDERS) 1 juse wanted to make certain that you realy loved this cape. Now you go ‘0 you grannys—and you be cael that no welf comes your way. LITTLE RED RIDINGHOOD Teather a wolf than you, any day. (Stomps BAKERS FOOT ond EXITS) PR oS EUS STE SATS BAKER (npn) IFYOU KNOW WHAT YOU NEED, ‘THEN YOU Go AND YOU FIND IT ‘AND YOU TAKE IT pate) DOIWANT A CHILD OR NoT? ang) ‘THINGS ARE ONLY WHAT YOU NEED THEM FO3, WHAT'S IMPORTANT IS WHO NEEDS THEM MORE— 1 eed hat cape! (MUSIC cots ender as HE EXITS) (NARRATOR ENTERS) NARRATOR ‘And so the Baker, with new-found determination, went afer there cape. ‘As force li ge, she was surprised to find her grandmothers cottage door standing open. (Ot ee GRANNY COTTAGE with WOLE in bd, ve up and hand ‘eb month Te wal of he COTTAGE oe made saree LITTEE RED RIDINGHOOD ENTERS) LITTLE RED RIDINGHOOD Good day, Grandmother. (hove the bel) 'My, Grandmother, youre looking very strange, What big ets you have TET WULUS Ltn ok WOLF Give ry wi) ‘The bewertohear you with, my dear LITTLE RED RIDINGHOOD. But Grandmother, wha big eyes you have! WOLF ‘The beter toe you with my deat LITTLE RED RIDINGHOOD ‘Oh, Grandmoiner—what a terible, big, wet mouth you have! WOLF ‘The beer ea you with! led svam fom LITTLE RED RIDINGHOOD, [NARRATOR ‘With his apete appease, the Welf ook ro bed for a aie long nap. (OPOLP mone: NARRATOR EXITS) BAKER ‘That grandmother has a mighty snore. (Goethe wind and akin) (Odd. Whereis the lie one? (Gorm wal ay) COLE bee BAKER suddenly sp, HE eter he COTTAGE and simily 0 rth beds hf eb feb. HE len lp ‘then Ea he WOLE) Grandmeshes, ha! (Dre the if ack chen sop) ‘What is tha sed doch in the comér of your mouth? Looks tome to be 4 piece of—ah hah! ger the cap from within your mach, (Site WOLPS STOMACH, then rit gen) LITTLE RED RIDINGHOOD (Sepp eat ofcbe WOLD, ‘What a fight! How dar and dank it ws inside that wolf [N70 WOODSIR vein Bk Scone 2 Se igh Seene 2 SS (GRAB emerges fem WOLE) GRANNY (Phen erage WOLE be react in pin) Kil che devil! LITTLE RED RIDINGHOOD (Siete) Granny! GRANNY Quiet, chil. This evil mare be destroyed. BAKER ain) ‘Well, Lil leave you o your task. GRANNY Dost you wane the skins? BAKER No. No! You kep them. GRANNY (i didi) ‘What kind of hunter are you? ‘BAKER 1m a bakes (GRANNY pul bi nthe COTTAGE a LITTLE RED -RIDINGHOOD wall DOWNSTAGE LIGHTS change) Da a Nii iss Nee ie Ningnd)| LITTLE RED RIDINGHOOD MOTHER SAID, “STRAIGHT AHEAD,” NOT TO DELAY OR BE MISLED. SHOULD HAVE HEEDED HER ADVICE. BUT HE SEEMED SO NICE. ‘AND HE SHOWED ME THINGS, MANY BEAUTIFUL THINGS, ‘THAT HADN'T THOUGHT TO EXPLORE. ‘THEY WERE OFF MY PATH, 50 1 NEVER HAD DARED, |UHAD BEEN SO CAREFUL. TNEVER HAD CARED. AND HE MADE ME FEEL EXCITED — WELL, EXCITED AND SCARED. WHEN HE SAID, “COME IN" (WITH THAT SICKENING GRIN, HOW COULD I KNOW WHAT WAS IN STORE? ONCE HIS TEETH WERE BARED, ‘THEN, I REALLY GOT SCARED— WELL. EXCITED AND SCARED— BUT HE DREW ME CLOSE AND HE SWALLOWED ME DOWN, DOWN A DARK SLIMY PATH [WHERE LIE SECRETS THAT I NEVER WANT TO KNOW, ‘AND I KNOW THINGS Now, MANY VALUABLE THINGS, ‘THAT HADN'T KNOWN BEFORE: DO NOT PUT YOUR FAITH, INA CAPE AND A HOOD— THEY WILL NOT PROTECT You ‘THE WAY THAT THEY SHOULD— AND TAKE EXTRA CARE WITH STRANGERS, [EVEN FLOWERS HAVE THEIR DANGERS. AND THOUGH SCARY IS EXCITING, NICE IS DIFFERENT THAN GOOD. NOW! KNOW. DON'T BE SCARED. GRANNY IS RIGHT, JUST BE PREPARED. ISN'T IT NICE TO KNOW ALOT. «AND A LITTLE BIT NOT... (OAKER APPEARS, deed) Scone 2 LITTLE RED RIDINGHOOD Ma. Bakes, you ered ou ive, Here (Pan im er espe) BAKER ‘Ate you certain? LITTLE RED RIDINGHOOD ‘Yes. Maybe Granny wil make me another withthe skins of thar wol, BAKER ‘Thankyou! (Dancing with joy BAKER bie br chk and EXITS LITTLE RED RIDINGHOOD wah, dapat LITTLE RED RIDINGHOOD ‘BAITS. NARRATOR ENTERS) NARRATOR ‘And tothe Baker with the cand avi in hand, fing beaver and ‘more satisfied than he had ever fl, ran back through dhe Woods, (ACUTOUT of JACKS HOUSE ENTERS) ‘As forthe ad Jack: (ACIS MOTHER ond JACK sme frm erund se CUTOUD JACK’S MOTHER (nid (Only a dol’ woul exchange a cow for bean! (Phe beans the oan) JACK Mosher, no (Gosche xp) JACK’S MOTHER “Tobed without supper for you! (Gabe JACK and marche bm back int te bs) NARRATOR Lite did chy know dhose beans would grow into an enormous sak that would setch into the heaves. en (GQAKERS WIFE ENTERS UPSTAGE, meng MILKY-WHITE. Alanis hvg fom MILKY. WHITES HORN, BALL MUSIC inthe dene owing louder CINDERELLA dates ONSTAGE, baking oer be solder ‘MEN'S VOICES are bard OFFSTAGE. CINDERELLA rina {BAKERS WIPE hsp gis, then duce bind «ek EANEARE. CINDERELLA'S PRINCE rans ONSTAGE, flowed by his ‘STEWARD, THEY lo abou fr a moments moti BAKERS WFR ei caraying dep) CINDERELLA'S PRINCE Hive you seen beau young woman ina ball gown pss through? BAKER'S WIFE, rates) done chink, sc ‘STEWARD think se he over thee (CIVDERELLAS PRINCE gna STEWARD ofa tht dren thn ‘abe another bok at BAKERS WIPE be fling) BAKER'S WIFE ‘ve never id royalty before ve never anything to rye before! CINDERELLA Cone) ‘Thank you, BAKER'S WIFE ‘Whats beaut gowa yout wearing. ‘Were you athe King’s Festiva? CINDERELLA Ye. BAKER'S WIFE Are you the echy one. fa Prince were pursing me, cin woulda. hide. Tell me about che bal Gung) ‘THEY HAVE FAR TOO MUCH FOOD, BAKER'S WIFE poten) NOTTHE PRINCE ‘CINDERELLA (Spoken) (OH, THE PRINCE. BAKER'S WIFE (Spoken) ‘YES, THE PRINCE! CINDERELLA me) IF HE KNEW WHO I REALLY Was— BAKER'S WIFE poke) or WHO? ‘CINDERELLA Gg) {PM AFRAID I WAS RUDE, BAKER'S WIFE, poh) om How: "Toe WOODS R —Letec ook Page 69 ‘CINDERELLA ung) ANDI'M NOT INTHE MOOD. (07 arte fins CHIME of midi) ‘BAKER'S WIFE. ‘Are you to sewn tothe Festal romotow eve? CINDERELLA Perhaps. BAKER'S WIFE. Pethape? Ob, co be pursued by a prince All that purses me is ‘omorrows bread, What I wouldnt give be in yar shoes! (Second CHIME: CHIMES continue wader) CINDERELLA ‘Will you bok over there? An enotmous vine growing next to chat lie cove. BAKER'S WIFE (Cooking down a: CINDERELLA FEET) -T mean dippers. ‘CINDERELLA Telooks like a giant beansal rising into the sky. BAKER'S WIFE, (xd) ‘As pure ar gold! ‘CINDERELLA, T muse ge home. Bagi ae) RAKER'S WIFE (CINDERELLA BTS) BAKER'S WIFE ‘ned your shoe! (BAKERS WIPE sro er CINDERELLA: MILKY WHITE es ue 4 MOO" ad takeoff nthe or draion BAKERS WIRE vp secon awa ol BAKER'S WIFE cs cimpenetin) Ho! (i saueewnre) (Come back here! ie of afer Manse) (Final CHIME of ridigh) END OF SCENE TWO "TOT WOODS R— ute ok Scone 3 Seay ogg oth a a ee SCENE THREE 2 a2 2 SS GACR APPEARS nny frm the oe caring an oeiznd money (Sef busine) ‘THERE ARE GIANTS IN THE SKY! ‘THERE ARE FIG TALL TERRIBLE GIANTS IN THE SKY? WHEN YOU'RE WAY UP HIGH AND YOU LOOK BELOW ‘AT THE WORLD YOU LEFT AND THE THINGS YOU KNOW, LITTLE MORE THAN A GLANCE ISENOUGH To sHOW ‘YOU JUST HCW SMALL YOU ARE. WHEN YOU'RE WAY UP HIGH AND YOURE ON YOUR OWN INA WORLD LIKE NONE ‘THAT YOUVE EVER KNOWN, WHERE THE SKY IS LEAD AND THE EARTH Is STONE, YOURE FREETO DO WHATEVER PLEASES YOU, EXPLORING THINGS YOU'D NEVER DARE CAUSE YOU CON'T CARE, WHEN SUDDENLY THERE'S ABIG TALL TERRIBLE GIANT AT THE DOOR, ‘ABBIG TALL TERRIBLE GIANT WITH A TERRIBLE ROAR, i SO YOU STEAL SOME GOLD AND AWAY YOU GO. AND YOU SCRAMBLE DOWN TO THE WORLD BELOW, AND YOU'RE BACK AGAIN, ONLY DIFFERENT THAN BEFORE, q ABTER THE SKY. ‘THERE ARE GIANTS IN THE SKY! ‘THERE ARE BIG TALL TERRIBLE AWESOME SCARY WONDERFUL GIANTS INTHE SKY! Seone 5 if aL (BAKER ener JACK nd ert im) JACK Good fortune! Good freune, si! Look wha | havet Here fe gol pieces. acer | (tnd) Fre ee Sami el) | (Looking eed) ‘Whereis Milly-Whice? You sid 1 might buy her back. BAKER |Henow, but Tm noc certain that five gold pieces would — -sying ha bron you wth more mone? a (Hands BAKER gold) Keep this. wllgofach moe BAKER ii Uda ay — (ACK BRITS; BAKER oka mine) t Five gold pico! With ths money I could buy baking supplies for a yest. 1 ‘ould buy a new thatched roof and a new chimney. (MYSTERIOUS MAN APPEARS fom nae) MYSTERIOUS MAN Bat could you buy youre chil? | BAKER Guried) ‘Who are you? ‘MYSTERIOUS MAN ow badly do you wish child? Five gol pce! Ven? wen? BAKER Fre noe thought w put pice oni. WTO TIE WOODS tne Ha Scone 3 [MYSTERIOUS MAN Eel (Wl vr and eee gold ay) ‘The money is not wha’ important. What's important is that your wish be honored (Gos rund te and DISAPPEARS; BAKER brn dering rund res bing im) BAKER Come back here! Give me back — (Gers BAKERS WIFE, who ENTERS fm around anther re) What ae you doing here now? BAKER'S WIFE. (Qui sich ean) ‘see you've che ed cape BAKER “es. Tve the cape, Only evo items lef to locate ‘BAKER'S WIFE, Thee ‘BAKER “wo, Ive the cape and dhe com, BAKER'S WIFE, (aking enaciam) Youve the cape! ‘BAKER What have ou done with he owt BAKER'S WIFE (Going) She ran away. never reached home. Ive been looking for her ll ight. BAKER | ihould have known beer thn ta have entre he you ‘BAKER'S WIFE. Ste might jus as easly have run fom you! BAKER Bur she diet BAKER'S Wir (Comrie) Tm sory Ios the com, BAKER | shoulda have yelled, ex’) "Now, pease, go back to che village (BAKERS WIFE, anny, re br back end eis wal ey) 1 will make things right! And then we ean jue go abou our lif: No more ‘hunting abou in the Woods for srange objects, No more Wiches and dim ited boys and hungry le gic. (BAKERS WIPE beg move back arin) Got (THEY EXIT in opp dion: The BAKERS WIFE sr fle THE BAKER a) EROS BTS SST TT (70 Fanearesy \(CINDERELLAS PRINCE, smewhe begged ose the nage ‘HE met by RAPUNZELS PRINCE. The BAKER'S WIFE ide, saehing intent) RAPUNZEL'S PRINCE ‘Ay there you are, good brother Father and [had wondered where you had gone. (CINDERELLA'S PRINCE ‘have been looking ll night. for hee. (BAKERS WIFE APPEARS bbind oe and eves) ‘The beatiful one I danced the evening with. RAPUNZEL'S PRINCE, ‘Where did she go? se ot jae ech mn STO THE WOODS une ook Page 75 Scone 3 ‘CINDERELLA'S PRINCE Disappeared. [RAPUNZEL'S PRINCE |, too, have Founda lovely maiden. She lives inthe rop ofall ewer shat has no door or sas. CINDERELLA'S PRINCE ‘And how do you manage visi? RAPUNZEN'S PRINCE "sand beneath er over ad sy, “Repu Rapune e down your air me" And then se lowe he loge, or bel head of air yellow coro lib rhe. (BAKERS WEE reac) ‘CINDERELLA'S PRINCE (Sear laging rca) Rapunzel! What kind of name i chat? You jet! RAPUNZEL'S PRINCE. (erie) ‘She is as true as your maiden. A maiden running fiom a Prince? Does chat make sense? Noae would run from us ‘CINDERELLA'S PRINCE be) Ye one ha. CINDEREL PRINCE DIDI ABUSE HER. (OR SHOW HER DISDAIN? ‘WHY DOES SHE RUN FROM ME? IF ISHOULD LOSE HER, HOW SHALL 1 REGAIN ‘THE HEART SHE HAS WON FROM ME? AGONY! BEYOND FOWER OF SPEECH, WHEN THE ONE THING YOU WANT ISTHE ONLY THING OUT OF YOUR REACH. INTO THE Woo eC HO Seone 3 RAPUNZEL'S PRINCE, HIGH IN HER TOWER, SHE SITS BY THE HOUR, MAINTAINING HER HAIR, BLITHE AND BECOMING, AND FREQUENTLY HUMMING. ALIGHTHEARTED AIR: (wn RAPUNZELS thon) ABCAH-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH— AGONY: FAR MORE PAINFUL THAN YOURS, WHEN YOU KNOW SHE WOULD Go WITH YOU, IF THERE ONLY WERE DOORS, BOTH acon (OF THE TORTURE THEY TEACH! ‘CINDERELLA'S PRINCE ALWAYS TEN STEPS BEHIND — RAPUNZEL PRINCE, ‘ALWAYS TEN FEET BELOW— BOTH AND SHE'S JUST OUT OF REACH, ‘AGONY ‘THAT CAN CUT LIKE A KNIFE! | MUST HAVE HER TO WIFE, (THEY EXD) ‘BAKER'S WIFE. ‘Two Princes, cach more handsome chan the oe, (Gynt fillw CINDERELLA'S PRINCE and RAPUNZELS PRINCE SHE wp) Nol Gee he ai (Ua the ter dion ical) JACKS MOTHER ENTERS) JACK’S MOTHER ease me, young woman. Have you encouncerl boy snewering to the name of Jack? TO THE WOODS LBs: Page 77 Seone 3 - BAKER'S WIFE, "Not the one patil to a white cow? JACK’S MOTHER Hes the one, BAKER'S WIFE Have you seen the cow? JACK’S MOTHER No, and 1 dont are o eve again, BAKER'S WIFE ve noc een your son coday JACK’S MOTHER nme hope he did go up tha beanstalk again, 1 EXIT) Jick ack. (BAKERS WIFE, fer « momen pa, EXITS nthe te dion, ‘BAKER ENTERS leking for MILK.WHITE) BAKER Flr) Moo... Moo, (MYSTERIOUS MAN APPEARS fom nash) /MYSTERIOUS MAN Moot Looking for your cow? (Sipm OFFSTAGE and MILKY.WHITE ENTERS) BAKER ‘Where did you ind her? (MYSTERIOUS MAN dacs bck Behind rev BAKER 0 MILKEWHITES (BAKER mr, ond th od manson) Halo (fakes MILKY. WHITE and BUTS. MYSTERIOUS MAN ‘REAPPEAR ond watchs afer BAKER. WITCH ‘MYSTERIOUS MAN end ches i with her one, ‘HE fil the ground, poring) WITCH 0TH 00 Lt ok What sreyou doing? ‘MYSTERIOUS MAN 1 am hereto make amends wircH T wan y1 stay ou ofthis old man! MYSTERIOUS MAN {am hereto se your wish is grated, winch, Youle cused enough touble! Keep out of my path! (CAPS bi HE ra of SHE illus bin) P25 tape (Repric) apices (BAKERS WIFE ENTERS, pling long send of hair shar ‘ache i the wing) RAPUNZEL (OnRSTAGE) AHHH. BAKER'S WIFE Becwse me for this (nk ae vee nes RAPUNZEL reams more ly with ah pl. (On oe se yo some hl fal ins BARERS WIPES BANS) (BAKERS WIEE rey este part of he Wood) (CINDERELLA ENTERS, wif pursed SHE fl ef ofthe [BAKERS WIFE, ing oe slipper) CINDERELLA (ecgicng BAKERS WIFE) Helo, Is thee sippers. ‘BAKER'S WIFE 1 tay thor slippers were s pure as gold. ITO THE WOODS) Leta Bok Page 79 a Scone 3 a See | CINDERELLA Yes. They ae all you could wish for in beau, (lth pe ba) | BAKER'S WIFE, ‘What I wouldnt give for ue one. GNDERELLA ‘One isnot likely o do you much good, I must run { (BAKERS WIFE pal se) BAKER'S WIFE ‘And must have your shoe, / ‘CINDERELLA a Stop tha (Ph senate a, dee vere) | BAKER'S WIFE need ico have «baby (Pooh leche tet) And [need ito get out of hee (CINDERELLA wins he bales the hand diet rans OFFSTAGE: BAKERS WIPE i omburased by her em bern : ‘SHE sgh: heal up as CINDERELLA'S PRINCE with STEWARD bound ONSTAGE, onl 1 curey del agin) CINDERELLA'S PRINCE : ‘Where did she go? BAKER'S WIFE, | ‘whe? | STEWARD | Dont py the fool, woman, BAKER'S WIFE, | ‘Ob! You mean che beautiful young maiden inthe ball gowa? She went ia that direction. I was tying ro hod her hee for you. Scone 3 ‘CINDERELLA'S PRINCE | Tean capure my own damsel, chan you (CINDERELLA PRINCE and STEWARD dah OFFSTAGE BAKER rans ONSTAGE with MILKY.WHITE. THEY ae both ut frat) BAKER'S WIFE You've the com! BAKER ‘Yea Te the cow. Weve oo ofthe four, (OAILKY. WHITE comin breathy) ‘BAKER'S WIFE | ‘Thee | | ‘BAKER } Teo! | BAKER'S WIFE I (Pa bf rpc) | “Thc! Compare is your com, (@AKERe ended BAKER ‘Where did you finde BAKER'S WIFE (Fite mop) {pul i om mde na comet BAKER (ttn he) Tet [BAKER'S WIFE i “And I almost had te fourth, but she got aay BAKER ‘We've one entire day le Surely we can locate the lipper by then ero nur eMONS je iba Hk } Scone 3 i BAKER'S WIFE We You mean youll allow me to ray? BAKER (mberased) ‘Wel... perhaps wil ake the cwo of ws to ge this hil | a oe BAKER'S WIFE, YOU'VE CHANGED. | YOURE DARING. YOU'RE DIFFERENT IN THE WOODS. t MORE SURE | MORE SHARING. YOU'RE GETTING US THROUGH THE WOODS. IFYOU Cou:p see— YOU'RE NOT THE MAN WHO STARTED, ‘AND MUCH MORE OPEN-HEARTED THAN IKNEW YOUTO BE, BAKER ITTAKES TWO, I THOUGHT ONE Was ENOUGH, ITS NOT TRUE; ITTAKES TWO OF US, : YOU CAME THROUGH WHEN THE JOURNEY WAS ROUGH. IT TOOK you, ITTOOK TWO oF Us. BAKER'S WIFE ITTAKES CARE, ITTAKES PATIENCE AND FEAR AND DESPAIR TO CHANGE, THOUGH You SWEAR | TO CHANGE, | WHO CAN TELL IF YoU Do? ITTAKES TWO, Tome wovUs Une! ask Scene 3 Born WE'VE CHANGED. ‘WE'RE STRANGERS. TM MEETING YOU INTHE WOODS. ‘WHO MINDS WHAT DANGERS: KNOW WE'LL GET PAST THE WOODS. [AND ONCE WERE PAST, LLET’S HOPE THE CHANGES LAST BEYOND WooDs, [BEYOND WITCHES AND SLIPPERS AND HOODS, JUST THE TWO OF US— [BEYOND LIES, ‘SAFE AT HOME WITH OUR BEAUTIFUL PRIZE, JUST THE FEW OF US. IT TAKES TRUST. IP TAKES JUST ABIT MORE. AND WERE DONE, ‘WE WANT FOUR, WE HAD NONE. WE'VE GOT THREE. WE NEED ONE. ITTAKESTWO. (0 er she sw CHIMES of midi eg: a HEN debs ONSTAGE, coy fled by JACK) JACK ‘Stop het! Sop that hen! (AKER pas HEN) Jack ‘Oh, Providence! My Milly- White. (ise MILKY.VHITE ahi) ‘And the owners. And ny hen! BAKER rec) ‘Look whar this hen has dropped in my hand! sO THE WOODS —itrea coke Page 83 Seone 5 BAKER'S WIFE ie) A golden egg! Tve never seen a golden egg JACK ‘You sex I promised you more than the Five gold pices I gave you, sz. Now Tin coking my cow BAKER (mace) Now; I never sid T would sl— JACK Bac you cook the five gold pieces, BAKER'S WIFE You took five gold pieced BAKER ida eke, you gave (GACK oe ake MILKOESTHITE. BAKER er rape fom bin) JACK (Gavig xp) ‘You sid I ould ave my cow BAKER (Oveeping) Now, I never sid you could I id you might BAKER'S WIFE ‘You would tke money before a child?! (AIL. WHITE lot eile VLE andl the pound, dead SILENCE, JACK ran piso to ber ce SILENCE) Jack Mil Whe is dea... ‘BAKER, BAKER'S WIFE Epeted) ~ Ton IFO RHEOODS R—Uncaal Bad (@lackoun, END OF SCENE THREE "To THE WOOKS jk. —iewNe Book (As the LIGHTS com up, wee the BAKERS WIFE ond the BAKER, Dede and ead) NARRATOR | ‘Two midnighe gone. And the exhaused Baker and his wife buried the dead Mily-Whice. ‘ BAKER | ‘You muse go the village in search of anocher cow, | BAKER'S WIFE ‘Ant wha do you propose I uze ro puchase this cow? BAKER Tees ining ben fom poke) re, Tell hem ie magi BAKER'S WIFE | 'No person witha bran lager than thsi going vo exchange a cow focabean BAKER “Then esign yourself ta chiles life | BAKER'S WIFE (Cain us old) 1 eli bes you go forthe caw, as Ihave met aicen with 2 s2lden slippe:these previous eves, and [think I might succeed in | ‘winning one he sho. Fine, Thais simply ine (AKERS WIFE uh shing and EXITS, BAKER EXITS in | pps arco rar RAPORZEL scam) cen | | NARRATOR | Unforunately foe Rapunael— | i Not [NARRATOR the Wich discovered her affections for the Prince before he could spite rsa. WITCH dug RAPUDVZEL ONSTAGE and drow rh ound) wires, ‘Why didne you ell me you had a visitor? RAPUNZEL. Iewas lonely atop tha omer, wicH (Shing RAPUNZELS HAIR) [gave you protection and yet you disobeyed me. RAPUNZEL. 1 wich to see the wold, 1am no longer 2 witc (Gender bites) DONT YOU KNOW WHAT'S OUT THERE INTHE WORLD? SOMEONE HAS TO SHIELD YOU FROM THE WORLD. ‘STAY WITH ME. PRINCES WAIT THERE IN THE WORLD, IT’S TRUE. PRINCES, YES, BUT WOLVES AND HUMANS, TOO, ‘STAY AT HOME. TAM HOME, WHO OUT THERE COULD LOVE YOU MORE THAN I? WHAT OUT THERE THAT I CANNOT SUPPLY? STAY WITH ME. | STAY WITH ME, ‘THE WORLD IS DARK AND WILD. STAY A CHILD WHILE YOU CAN BE A CHILD, WITH ME. (RAPUNZEL ju whinge) | INTOTHE WOODS Rtn Re Scone 4 wiren, Twill nor stare you, but wil show you a world youve never sen, (Cust RAPUNZELS HAIR) RAPUNZEL NetNot (UITCH diay RAPUNZEL OFFSTAGE. BAKER ENTERS, filed by [MYSTERIOUS MAN, MYSTERIOUS MAN dep ck of gol, BAKER ‘ars around the and of te ling nis MYSTERIOUS MAN BOTS x BAKER pik up mony “BAKER EXITS; NABRATOR ENTERS) [NARRATOR ‘Air having ss ut Rapunael oa remote desert, the Witch resumed o take | ‘the Prince by surprise, And ashe leap from the tower—che thorns into ‘which he llpitced is eyes and blinded him, (EAPUNZELS PRINCE ENTERS and sb bette ret ‘ope. HE EXITS) ‘As for Cindeella, she returned from hee fal visto che Feta. (NARRATOR EXITS LIGHTS dim. CINDERELLA bbl (ONSTAGE, wering bron so) ‘CINDERELLA HE'S A VERY SMART PRINCE, HE'S A PRINCE WHO PREPARES. i KNOWING THIS TIME I'D RUN FROM HIM, HE SFREAD PITCH ON THE STAIRS. IWASCAUGHT UNAWARES. AND | THOUGHT: WELL, HE CARES — ‘THIS IS MORE THAN JUST MALICE. BETTER STOP AND TAKE STOCK q ‘WHILE YOU'RE STANDING HERE STUCK (ON THE STEPS OF THE PALACE. {TO RIEOO0E Lc ak ee Scone 4 -_ So BETTER RUN ALONG HOME AND AVOID THE COLLISION. EVEN THOUGH THEY DON'T CARE, YOU'LL BE BETTER OFF THERE WHERE THERE'S NOTHING TO CHOOSE, SO THERE'S NOTHING TO LOSE. ‘SO YOU PRY UP YOUR SHOES, ‘THEN FROM OUT OF THE BLUE, AND WITHOUT ANY GUIDE, YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR DECISION Is, WHICH Is NOT TO DECIDE, YOU'LL JUST LEAVE HIM A CLUE: FOR EXAMPLE, A SHOE, AND THEN SEE WHAT HELL DO. NOW IT'S HE AND NOT YOU WHO IS STUCK WITH A SHOE, INASTEW, INTHE GOO, AND YOU'VE LEARNED SOMETHING, T00, ‘SOMETHING YOU NEVER KNEW, (ON THE STEPS OF THE PALACE. (BAKERS WIFE rca ONSTAGE) Dont come any closer to me! BAKER'S WIFE Creates) Plesse, jus hear me ns! CINDERELLA We have nothing to discuss You have atacked me onc befote— BAKER'S WIFE 1 didnot stack ou! Tacacked your sho, I need it (Reaches in br pc) Here, Here isa magic bean in exchange fri. (Cans CINDERELLA the be) REO WOOD Ln Ba ' Page 89 Some 4 SS ES eee ee } CINDERELLA ‘Magic bean? (Tie bean) Nonsense! (Tiras te bon ay) } ‘BAKER'S WIFE, oat de she (Dip tthe ound andere fr ban) CINDERELLA ‘Tye already given up one shoe this evening, My let cannot beat | ‘0 give up another, | (Begin ease) ‘BAKER'S WIFE | ing) ced tha shoe eo havea chil! | ‘CINDERELLA ‘That makes no sense! (We inar rambling fom he dre) BAKER'S WIFE, Docs it make sens that youre runing from & Prince? (onSTAGE | Scop! BAKER'S WIFE ' “Here. Take my shoes. You un iste | (Gites CINDERELLA ber he an este ode spe, CINDERELLA pom the the end EXITS pip STEWARD (ound! ONSTAGE: bots abou) | STEWARD ‘Who was that woman? i BAKER'S WIFE 1 do noc kaon st ‘STEWARD. i ‘Lying wl cost you your ie! (BAKER ENTERS with eet co) ‘To THE W005 RL Bok BAKER Tre the cow, BAKER'S WIFE (Ses te ow te, BAKER) ‘The sippet Cal wp spp) ‘Weve al fous (aoe the BAKER: STEWARD take sopra SHE pases) ‘STEWARD | wil give histo che Prince and we will arch the kingdom tomorow for the maiden who wil fi this shoe. BAKER'S WIFE (Gab the spp) Ws mine. (BAKERS WIRE and STEWARD begin t srg “MISTERIOUS MAN come fom end ret) Sevag) 1 dont cz if iis cost me my lfe— [MYSTERIOUS MAN (Gina) Give her the slipper an all will (CINDERELLA'S PRINCE re ONSTAGE) (CINDERELLA'S PRINCE ve che maids slipper. (Predera lip) STEWARD ‘And sit, have suceeded in obsining the her slippe! [MYSTERIOUS MAN (rasreWARD) Give chem che lipper, and all will come to happy end. ‘STEWARD ‘Shu upt TO MIE WOODS een ak Page 91 Scene 4 i PRINCE, Do ashe says. He obviously a spirc of some sot, and we ny need one, STEWARD Yes, (Gand per back BAKERS WIPE wb ee ton ces Sudden thr he SOUND of caching wood, loeb an } ‘xaront THUD. This nisl fhe a. Poy Lod SCREAM. JACKS MOTHER comes running ONSTAGE, hyd JACK’S MOTHER Ceri ban) i ‘Ther a dead Gian in my backyard! heard Jack coming down the ‘banstall callng fo his ae. And when he eached che botiom he tok i an began hacking down the stalk Suddenly, with a crash, the beans fel, | bc there was no Jack. For all know, he's been crashed by the Gian. (Cre | Abe) | ‘CINDERELLA'S PRINCE ‘Fics been crushed, wel, then theres nothing any of us cat do about that, ow is here? (io sTeWARD) | ‘We must be off I need my test before tomorrow serch i to commence, (CINDERELLA PRINCE and STEWARD EXIT) JACK’S MOTHER Docs anyone care a Giant has fallen fom the sky? j owrrch apnenns) | wire | You've all che objec? (CARER cue br WITCH ts emased) BAKER'S WIFE | (ring se ow fh) woe WOODS utc Bok Seone 4 SL wires ‘That cow does ook as white a mill o me, DAKER'S WIFE, (hong tend eon) Oh, shes esing oe) ‘Shei (hie per is abou as BAKERS WIFE pat oe ‘BAKER pul er se ax WITCH approche wircH ‘This cow has been covered with four BAKER ‘Wal we did havea cow a white at milk, Honesty we di wire, “Then where she? BAKER'S WIFE ‘Shel dea, BAKER, ‘We thought you prefer live cow. wince, Ofcourse Pd prefer lve em! So bring me the dead cow and Tl bing ser back oie ‘BAKER ‘You cul do eee wren, Now! (WITCH his BAKER wich SPELL: BAKERS WIFE and BAKER tam ‘e0 UPSTAGE snare MILKVVHITES pre end woe png Int th air a: hy iit te gave JACK comes ranning ONSTAGE witha golden HARD) JACK’S MOTHER pe) ‘There you are! I've been worried sick, ITO THE WOODS La Bk Page 93 Scone 4 pn ea ee eR A ER Jack ‘Moret look. The moe eautifl harp. JACK’S MOTHER ‘Shame on you! Youve stolen too much BAKER (ORSTAGE) ‘She’ woo hesyy (Porshe, he WITCH ge oer ad te ge) JACK ‘Whats happening? (QPTTCE waves her dosing «puff of SMOKE. MILKY-WHITE aude nant roe of BAKER and BAKERS WIFE. ‘ing MILKY. WHITE fered) ‘Milly White! Now Ihave my fiend back. And I'm it wires, Quiet! Feed the objects co the cows ‘BAKER'S WIFE, BAKER, JACK What wire ‘You heard me. Feed them eo the cow, (The BAKER bogie fied MILKCESUHITE he bet. Wid reat fort MILKY-WHITE ches th and. with grater fir, lis Re heer the ist CHIME of midnight. Th rmainin een ound hreugh the tf th rene ALL sae inten at MILKY. Te WITCH pl ber oble Frm er ca git he BAKER) wircn, See 4 -—— JACK (Going w MaueewitrTe) do ie Shell only mille for me. Squeee, pal GACK mi bree Nei WITCH geen es the gob ‘ack SHE rr pie dan) wires, ‘Wrong ingredients Frgee about a child. [BAKER'S WIFE NNo! We followed your instructions. One, tha cow i white a mile ‘And cvo, the cape was certainly at red as blood. And thre, che slipper wae gold. BAKER ‘And four, I compared the hie with his ear of coen, BAKER'S WIFE | pulled fiom a maiden in tower and— wircH YOU WHAT! touched that hat! Dont you understand’ I eannot have touched the ingredient (LYSTERIOUS MAD come fm around) MYSTERIOUS MAN ‘The cor! The corn BAKER What (MYSTERIOUS MAN ‘The silky ir ofthe com, Pull fom the ee and fed et che com. Quictiyt BAKER des, brid) wiren, ‘This had bever wor, old man, before the lt stoke of midnight, or your 200 wil be the lt of your Aeshsnd blood, Ino Mie W000 Lune Bok Scene 4 Se eee ee BAKER Son? -MYSTERIOUS MAN Please Noc now. witch ‘Yes. Mee your fhe. (oes MILKY. WHITE) BAKER ‘PATHER? Could thac be you? | though you died ina baking scidene, ‘MYSTERIOUS MAN J did want wo cun away frm you son, but — WHITE es ue (PALA HITE lou odding MOAN and bagi: BAKER'S WIFE ee working? (MILKY. WHITE SQUEALS) JACK ‘She’ milking? BAKER (ie snsTeRIOUS MAN) 1 dont understand. MYSTERIOUS MAN Not now! (ho BAKERS wie) Into the cup (GARERS WIFE bls ob under MILKY.WHITES UDDER a JACK mls alee on MILKY-WHITE. WITCH tek the oe od