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Be Se BE SE He HE Re Re Be Be Ne Ne He ae He MAGNETIC FORCEFIELDS Re 3k te A FORCEFIELD IS A CONSCIOUSLY MAGNETIZED FOCUS Copyright 1979 ‘THE BRIDGE TO FREEDOM, INC. Kings Park :: Leng laland ‘New York 11764 USA. TABLE OF CONTENTS Individual’s Sphere of Influence .......... w Spaceships satan ns 2 Pink Flame aed 4 Your Authority and Responsibility 6.4... +6ssre0e0+ 6 Establishment of Forcefields 62.5. +seeeseeeeeeee 9 ‘The Purpose of this Endeavor... ss seseseveee 13 (On The Subject of Forcefields . settee, 2 Symbols for Forcefields ss ++. ses eseceeeeeeeee 21 Individual Opportunity 64... 0eeseeeseeeeeee 23 Forcefields — The Greatest Hope oe. sesesesee0e+ 25 Every Group Member Important 46.45 27 Importance of Building a Forcefield 6. .......4.24. 32. Grants and Investments of Masters! Energy 35 FORCEFIELD OF THE BELOVED ELOHIM HERCULES Forcefields A FORCEFIELD is a consciously magnetized focus created by a person or a group of persons for the purpose of giving service toa particular area and ultimately to the entire Earth itsels. In the case of the group activity, the Director in cooperation with the Group first designs within the mind the particular activity to which the group service is to be consecrated. If possible, the actual design should be brought into a visual activity (picture) sothat all may be gure to direct their energies into the same activity, It is essential that this picture re- main the same at all meetings once it has been drawn forth so that it will grow and expand its blessings through the group to the entire vi cinity. By continual contemplation and by con- stant directing of the qualities of energy desired within the Forcefield, this can be made to grow in intensity to a point where it is a potent force for good in its own immediate area and throughout the atmosphere of the Earth itself. A FORCEFIELD is in constant motion, and through it will pour the limitiess Gifts of the Divine Beings towhom it is dedicated asit is strength- ened and expanded at each group meeting. +...+++ — FOREWORD st There has been a detailed discussion of the word "momentun” and the various talenes and de- Velopments of the lifestreams, their various likes anddislikes, their affinities, aversions, and these are very lightly referred to by the students as a “gathered momentum" in a certain direction, The students further realize that “momentum” is a constant repetition of certain actions and re-actions toward a certain quali fication of energy which gains in volume and intensity. by such repetition ana, therefore, becomes a pressure of reserved energy that acts almost independently of the conscious volition of the individual. Kindliness, humility, genuine warmth of heart- felt feeling are developed by the lirestream at first through very definite conscious effort, then asthe radiation becomes more a part of the individual, the momentum of good makes the sus- tained harmony almost automaticin its expression. People in physical embodiment spend many years in developing a momentum of energy to acquire skill in many expressions of art, music, busi- hess, commerce and then commence the study which involved the drawing of their God energy forth and focusing it into a definite channel, with the realization that a certain amount of God en- ergy must be expended in order to achieve a reasonable amount of dexterity in their chosen field. In the same manner, lifestreams who have taken stock of their lists of attributes and habits of the personal self, should take the same imper- sonal reasonable attitude toward the cultivation of the God Qualities asthey do towards the cul- tivation of certain knowledge inthe outer world. very Being, from the electron to the God- head expands by his or her conscious absorption of the God Energy,his particular quality and directs it according to the free wili of the self-conscious life. There isNO substitute for "gathered momentum" of a quality! Each person, ascended or unascended, represents today the sum total of his or her own energy qualified through the centuries according to the individual's choice. Some people have amomentum of discord! In the New Day, all previously charged mo- mentums of discord must be dissolved and then xeplaced through the conscious effort of the in- dividual by drawing forth of the God energy and a setting up of new qualities and new expres- sions that are in accord with God's Will. Here is where We come to a very marvelous and little understood explanation of how unascended beings are chosen by the Hierarchy andthe Lords of Karma to assist inthe bringing forth of the Perfection which will form the pattern for the New Day. The gathered momentum of each lifestream in any constructive channel forms a great "stock pile" of energy or force, which makes such an one a tremendous pressure for good through the already developed inner nature, and the Masters use that momentum through the instruments al- ready prepared with certain faculties, which make them natural channels for the work at hand. Tt is like utilizing experienced actors instead of absolutely untrained people for the expression of their work. For instance, an individual who has taught for centuries is an easier instrument for theMasters to use to deliver a lecture than it would be for Him to take one who had never builded a momentum of teaching and try to arrange the inner bodies insuch a manner that the pres- sure of His thought and feeling might be expressed forcibly and well. That is why all groups of students and aspix— ants are chosen, not by their present outer ex- pression but by the momentumof inner talents and qualities that can be utilized in a certain 1o- cality, blended withothers for thegreatest good of all. Another aspect of the Law will be found in the precipitation of opulence, beauty, etc, When a lifestream has held a desire for a certain number Of years or embodiments, they form in the ethers a Cup or outline, representing such a powerful desire whether it be for a home, or on a larger scale for a Universal Brotherhood, or a Mass Education for the Young. These forms are already cut out of the Universal Life Substance, and when they are in agreement with the constructive plan of the Universe, oneor more of the Ascended Nas- ters mayensoul sucha desire, thought and feeling form or vision, with Their full gathered Cosmic Momentum and Power of Precipitation through the lifestream who has held such a vision, and in that manner bring it into manifestation. KUTHOMT MAGNETIC FORCEFTELDS L Individual's Sphere of Influence The individual's sphere of influence is synonymous withhis personal aura. Each individ- uaiized intelligence magnetizes, through, the Immortal Three-fold Flame within the heart, a certain amount of life energy which he qualifies according to free will. This energy passes through his physical, mental, emotional and etheric envelopes into the atmosphere around him and becomes his sphere of influence upon life in general. All, self-conscious intelligences, taking the responsibility for calling forth and guali- fying life, are an influence upon the general atmosphere and environment in which they func- tion because they are radiating centers of energy. ‘he quality and type of radiation isdetermined by the free will choice of the qualifying intel1i~ gence. Ag energy is constantly flowing through the individual, it is flowing into the atmosphere and environment in which the intelligent con- sciousness abides. To become a beneficial in- fluence on life, One must learn to consciously qualify this enéray constructively. A controlled, constructive, harmonious, positive sphere of influence does exactly what its name implies - influences the generation of similar qualities of faith, hope, charity, har- mony, spiritual aspiration inthose it contacts. ‘The power Of contagion, so aptly demonstrated in the transference of fear and panic throughmass 2 MAGNETIC FORCBFIELDS hysteria, is equally applicable in the trans- ference of God's Qualities and Nature. no difference between a “sphere of influence” and a "forcefield". The Beloved Maha Chohan has chosen to use the word “forcefield" to convey the picture of the battery of constructively charged energy made up of the combined auras of groups of conscious students gathered together in cooperative service to man- kind. The Forcefield is made up of blended energies gathered together by Angel Devas and Builders ‘of Form. These combine the decrees, visualizations, invocations, songs and general application of a group of students who wish to form a radiating center for God blessings in their locality. In exactly the same manner that the individual sphere of influence isa combina- tion of the energies released through the con- tributing centers of thought, feeling and action, so is the corporate “forcefield" of the group composed of the consciousness and application of every member of that group. There really is A "forcefield" renders several services. First it is a magnetic center which draws the Presence of the Ascended Masters, Angelic Beings, and ali Divine Intelligences who desire always to find an Open Door through which to pour Their, radiation and blessings tomankind. As the pollen in the flowers draws the bees, so does such a consciously created forcefield draw the Presence of the Beings to Whom it is dedicated and for Whom it has been formed. Secondly, it forms a concentrate of consciously qualified God Energy which is funneled down from the Octaves of Light and which provides a spiritual nourishment to all those who enter that forcefield beyond the natural radiation ordinarily present in the sphere in which the individual dwells, Thirdly, it MAGNETIC FORCEFIELDS 3 forms a radiating center of these same God Qual- ities into the atmosphere and locality in which it has been builded. Tt acts as the physical Sun itself, sending forth 1ight, warmth, nourish- ment, andGod Girts intothe City, towner village where it has been created and where it is sus~ tained by rhythmic attention to its presence. Lastly, it provides an ever-present conductor which the Guardian Intelligences of this Universe may use, upon a moment's notice, to flash forth protection, purification, balance, healing, or harmony when the need arises. Thus much time is saved which would ordinariiy have to be employed in creating such a funnel through which to give a blessing and protection in times of crises. A "forcefield" takes different forms accord- ing to the particular types of students who are developing such a magnetic and radiating center. Sometimes the leader chooses a design and the form is builded by the obedient Angel Devas and Builders of Form around the thought form of the leader. Sometimes, when such an one does not take the initiative, the forcefield assumes the pattern ofan etheric focus which previously was active in that locality. Ofttimes it has only a vague blurred outline and looks like a vapory cloud in the atmosphere. Of course, the more perfect themental design of the forcefield' the more it is shared bythe conscious creative cen- ters ofthe students, the more value it is to the Hierarchy. KUTHUME 4 MAGNETIC FORCEFIELDS Spaceships Have you thought of your Forecefields as 'Spaceships" - as beautiful as any of those you read about with such avidity; thet you move, sometimes visible tothe physical sight of people on other continents asa flashing beamof Light ~ almost withthe speed ofLight - and they, seeing that, are not fully aware from whence it came? KUTHUMI Pink Flame Beloved Children, the potent force of Love is little understood by the aspirant and yet there is no form that Can come into being or be sustained without the cohesive power of Love within it which keeps the elemental substance from returning tothe Great Unformed. The Planet Earth, the Stars in the Heavens, theSun in your sky, the garments that you wear are ali held together by the presence and power of Love. Mankind inall its seeking can never draw to itself the fulness that Life holds until the Magnetic Currents of Love within the heart center are sent forth over which all good rides in to the experience of the LOVER, ‘TO make your-self aCosmic Center of Love is to draw from the Heart of the Great Eternal Father, from the Heart of Lord Buddha, My Self, The Princely Jesus or the Lady Mary, the sub- stance which begins to enter the innér bodies and the consciousness, and there to generate deep below the surface the Divine Vibrations of Love. MAGNETIC FORCEFIELDS 5 When one loves enough, all the supply, all the good of the Universe rushes toward the source of that Love for benediction and bathes in its Essence as happy children bathe in a fountain ona hot summer day. When one loves enough, both animate and inanimate life draws toward the heart center of that Love because such is ‘The Kingdom of Heaven, and from the plant, the mineral, the vegetable, the animal and the human Kingdoms the heart ory is for the re-establishment of the soul and spirit of that Kingdom from which all strayed. Seeing your endeavors to establish and sustain a focus of the Ascended Masters in the Western World, I say to you, if you were to fill your buildings fromthe foundation beneath the surface of the ground to the top-most spar with the substance of Love (which is the natural Pink Flame generated and drawn forth from the Three- fold Flame in the Heart even as you draw water from a well), you would draw to yourselves both students and Children that would taxthe capacity of your present equipment and facilities and you would experience opulence of every kind and every form. True Love isnot sentiment --1t is not spas- modic but constant and can transform your activity into a Mountain of Pink Flame as high as Mount Everest, and at Tts apex will stand the Crowning Victory of your vision in the visible Temple to the Lord of Life and His Children. From all over the Planet Earth I have drawn the greatest minds and hearts over mountain passes inaccessible and dangerous, through hardships that you in the western bodies cannot comprehend into the fastness of the upper regions, What think you, has drawn them? The Flame of LOVE! =a MAGNETIC FORCEFIELDS If I could draw people across a nation or a continent by that Flame, could you not in the accessible region inwhich your present. onviron- ment has placed you, utilize My Cosmic Power to draw this Activity froma struggling few into a Majestic Victory of Love! You can train your- Selves to flood from the Heart of the Presence that Flame that no person nor part of Life can resist nor refuse entry into their hearts for their blessing and enrichment and in that bless- ing and outpouring, you are increasing the strength and opulence of your own lifestream and drawing it ever closer to the Pink Mountain of Attainment. What I have done YOU SHALL DO and you can build a Great Mountain of Pink Flame, Charging and feeding it with the Great Flame within your own hearts, amplified with the Glorious Pink Flame of Love within the Hearts of all Ascended Beings which will flow forth te Victorious Accomplishment as you utilize it. GOD HIMALAYA Your Authority and Responsibility I bring to you the blessings of the Cosmic Hand of the Holy Spirit, whichis constantly out- stretched in blessing, in benediction, in the Giving forth of Its substance to enrich the con- sciousness of mankind and all evolutions presently developing in, through and around the atmosphere of Barth. Channeled energy is an interesting study in itself. It is, particularly, the activity of the Seventh Ray. Energy (life) is drawn and qualified MAGNETIC FORCEFIELDS ¥ through the centuries by Beings Who have attained God Mastery. This qualified energy from the atmosphere and the personal auras of those Beings in the Realms of Perfection. To draw the bless- ings of energy already qualified with healing, purification, illumination, abundance and peace into the lower atmosphere where it canbe absorbed by those requiring that assistance, it is neces- sary for the conscious creation of channels and focuses through which that energy may be magne- tized and radiated. As beat rises when the activity of Flame quickens the vibratory action of the atmosphere and as cold settles when the vibratory action of the atmosphere is slowed down, so does the energy gualified by harmonious consciousness rise to its own level and energy qualified by inharmonious consciousness settles around the individuais in distress. This addeto the shadows through which the soul seeks to find freedom. To draw rapidly vibrating energy into the more slowly moving rates of vibration inwhich mankind and much of the elemental kingdom abide, it is necessary to invert the natural law of the Ascen- ‘Sion of perfection. How is this done? By the INTEREST OF INDIVIDUAL BEINGS (Not, necessarily ascended). These offer to descend intoa vibra~ fory action where the need isgreat and they have access through knowledge, conscious application and assistance from Beings Who abide inthe Per- fected Realms tothe gifts, powers and radiations required so much to remove mankind's distress. These individuals offer tomagnetize the cos- mic currents throughtheir own consciousness and then radiate these cosmic benedictions to their fellowmen. They are individuals who are dear 8 MAGNETIC FORCEFIELDS toMyHeart andwho form the foundation of the Cer- emonial Ray to the present evolutionary Scheme. fo keep amagnetized center of living spirit- ual force radiating forthin the lower atmosphere of Barth requires the assumption of authority by some intelligent being who chooses to become such a conductor, protector and radiating center ofa specific God virtue. You know how certain chemicals when exposed to air dissipate themselves and the radiation and efficacy’ of their element grows weaker and is finally absorbed by the atmosphere. You have seen how smoke billows are.dispersed by the winds. Thus, if magnetized currents of spiritual essence when drawn into the lower atmosphere are not con- stantly replenished through rhythmic applications, decrees, visualizations and attention, they spend themselves andareno more. This is the purpose of creating decree groups and designing force~ fields dedicated to not only invoking but sustain- ing the radiation of the Ascended Masters. These focuses are like suns that do not lose their radiance by shining and the very life of the students forms the sustaining of that virtue, gift or blessing for the benefit of all peoples. You have been taught that the results of your harmoniously qualified energy riseand become the glory of the Casual Body and the results of the destructively qualifiedenergy become the karmic shell around the outer consclousness...... Here you have another example of the natural law by which good ascends and evil descends. The great Lora Guatama, Buddha, the Master Jesus and many Others have Voluntariiy bathed in the essence of God's Heart and then consciously descended into the world of formto remain a magnet MAGNETIC FORCEFIELDS 9 of attraction of those Higher vibrations which otherwise would be too subtie in their essence to bless mankind. ‘The Archangel Zadkiel andMy humble Self are engaged inthe training of a fewamong mankind in the art of conscious invocation at this timo. As the forcefields of group endeavors develop and mature, the radiationof the specific Being to whom the students have dedicated their services will Become a predominant influence upon the outer consciousness of the people. The requirement of the hour is constancy of endeavor sothat the invoked blessing maybe sus- tained by the joyous life of the students given in decree, song and application. SAINT GERMAIN Establishment of Forcefields when it was perceived that My Beloved Sons, E1 Morya andSaint Germain were going to endeavor to again present certain truths to interested people upon the planet Earth, I conceived the idea Of developing (outside of the Ascended Master Retreats) certain specialized foci of harmonious- ly qualified energy which could be used for the expansion of the Nature of God through the emo— tional, mental, etheric and physical worlds of mankind. These foci woulddepend, primarily, upon the interest, sustained enthusiasm and inspiration of those who desire tocontribute to the impersonal welfare of the planet. ae MAGNETIC FORCEFIELDS In the Ascended Masters’ Octave, all Beings (while fully master of all energy entrusted to Them by God) chose to specialize in the magne- tizing, qualifying, expanding and sustaining of some specific service by which the race as a whole might benefit. It was thought worthy of the time and energy expended to try to inculcate such an interest in groups of unascended beings and thus accelerate the progress of the entire evolution in, through and around the Earth. Each Ascended Master Retreat isdedicated to the expansion of some such Divine blessing. In time, with patience, harmony, constancy and love, unascended beings will create and sustain some Divine blessing which isa power that can be in- voked at will by any and all other interested lifestreams in times of crises. A "orcefield" usually takes on the form (pattern) of the actual activity which a group of individuals desires to magnetize and radiate forth for the impersonal blessing of all life. this “forcefield" isas powerful asthe interest, enthusiasm, faith and constancy of endeavor of its component parts (students). A “forcefield” will take on the shape (form) of the service to be rendered, without the conscious use of the mental faculties of the students, but this form becomes more powerful, more clearly cut out of Universal Light and more enduring, if the men- tal faculties of the leader and the students heip to sustain It inacertain definite pattern. Tf the pattern is constantly changing, according to the whim of the leader, it is more ephemeral and the responsibility for its sustenance lies primarily with the invisible Builders of Form. T£, however, the leader and students work together to create and sustain aparticular "forceriela", energizing it by their lige (in visualization, MAGNETIC FORCEFIELDS 1 song and decree) it gradually becomes more dis- tinct, powerful and efficacious in the emotional mental, etheric and physical worlds, wherein the greatest requirement for assistance presently lies. In the early Golden Ages, these "forcerields” were well known to the Priests and Priestesses Who officiated in the various Temples dedicated to certain specificGod qualities; i.e. protection, healing etc. The mass of the people often made pilgrimages tosuch foci of specialized blessing and benediction, bathing in the full, gathered momentum already established there by those ded~ dicated tothis service of magnetizing, sustaining and radiating their gifts of life for the imper- sonal blessing of all mankind. again, as We enter the gates of the Golden Age of Freedom, We are endeavoring to stimulate the desire within the hearts of the "few" to so establish such “forcefields". Thus, each group becomes a radiating center of certainGod Virtues also learning the power of concentration and im- personal service. Mankind enmasse suffer from many limitations and the range of possible services is limitless. Usually, inthe unascended state, one individual strongly impressed by adesire toheip his fellow- man, will catch a glimpse of one particular ser- vice andthen, in turn, through the power of per- suasion, gather around himself others who are interested in a similar project. These "force- fields” are like beautirui flowers upon the person of the Earth. In time, all chelas will know what specialized activities are magnetized at certain points upon the Earth's surface and they, in turn, may ask for the assistance of such already éstablished "forcefields” to assist them in particular local crises. 32 MAGNETIC FORCEFIELDS The purpose of the establishment of such “forcefields" is not to exploit the personality nor the efficacy of any individual or group but to so magnetize and sustain certain God-qualities so that they are always available for the use of all. It is so with the Ascended Host Who offer all Their momentums of perfection to any one mem- ber, when Universal progress will result from such selfless service. The Transmission Flame Classes were also in- stigated at My humble suggestion, so that the individual “forcefields" might magnetize into their momentums the already gathered Cosmic Mo: mentuns of the Ascended Masters’ Retreats. This is done, primarily, through the inbreathing of the substance of the Flame and Virtue of the Re~ treat! Then, the sincere and selfless students (using the magnetizing center of their forcefield) expand these Virtues into their localities (through the expansion and projection of their wreath). Thus, unascended beings aré learning to work with and expand the service of the As- cended Masters’ Retreats. We are very well pleased with the sincere interest inthis Endeavor and the kindly coopera- tion with it by so many individuals across the face of this sweet Earth. The "forcefield" in time can be made permanent and will remain long after the original leader andhis group have as- cended into the Realm were We abide. I recommend most strongly the necessity for examining the motive behind the establishment of such "force- fields", aswell as recognizing the need for ab- solute unity, cooperation, constancy of endeavor and true loving desire to’ impersonally help the race in its uphill climb back to its God Estate. the projection of the consciousness or the MAGNETIC FORCEFIELDS a students into the actual Retreat does not neu~ tralize the activity performed by their physical bodies which are actually breathing the Flame from that Retreat into and out of their bodies. It rather increases the capacity of each such an one tobe a "conductor of the Light and Power of that Retreat into their local orbit. If you have not yet decided upon the types and quality of your group and individual service, I strongly recommend that you soon do so! The world and its people require health, peace, illum- ination, financial freedom, faith inGod, libera- tion from the many "woes" that spring from con scious or unconscious allegiance to the "shadow- world"! Becomes a forerunner of an era and age wherein the Temples of the Sacred Fire will again be manifest in this physical appearance world. All large activities have a "small beginning"..... from the embryo to the seed idea of planet, a Universe or a Galaxy! The importance is in - BEGINNING NOW!!! THE MAHA CHOHAN The Purpose of this Endeavor The purpose of this Endeavor is to bring to mankind the Law of Life -- the Truth, which man- kind inapplying, might weave into his own ener- gies,thus regulating harmoniously all appearances in this world, becoming master of himself and as such master of self each such one will thenbe a contributing factor to the light of the World. 14 MAGNETIC FORCEFIELDS ‘Throughout the ages that havebeen, the Spir~ itual Hierarchy of Sanat Kumara has been dedicated to bringing Truth to mankind through whatsoever agencies were available and through whatsoever spirits and souls volunteered to assume the re- sponsibility of lowering theWord of God and that Truth into a vibratory action that might be ab- sorbed and comprehended by the masses in each successive generation. In the early ages, these individuals and their particular group of dedicated litestreams worked always inthe privacy of the great Temples of the Sacred Fire and the amount of spiritual wealth that infiltrated the mass mind in that age was determined both by the development and nature of the conductor, and the strength and vitality of the forcefields which were voluntar- ily created by the individuals who stood around such an one. This acted both as a magnetic field to draw the Truth and the presence of the Master and asa radiating center throughdedicated lite- streams who were prepared to carry that instruc tion to the people. Graded radiation is not understood by indi- viduals who chafe at the capacities of other lifestreams to draw and condense certain quali- ties and gifts ofthe Godhead. However, it must be understood bya few in order to form a proper nucleus for the magnetizing the greatest amount of the law which is applicable to the condi- tions which govern the evolution at a given moment. ‘The magnetic field which is the sphere of influence or aura of every lifestream is a power~ ful factor indetermining the grants by the Cosmic Law of morethan ordinary release of Instruction MAGNETIC FORCEFTELDS 5 into the lower atmosphere of Earth. The disci- pline and preparation of the individual units who choose to offer their energies as such a magnetic field will determine how much of the Law which We have at Our disposal can be infil trated through the consciousness of the receiving channel and then in turn sent forth through the Messengers and the written word to the people. All people are no more ready to hear the deeper truths of life today than they were at the time of Jesus, or of Buddha, or of Krishna, nor are they more ready toact as magnetic fields to draw that powerful concentrated energy, nor to take responsibility through their own presence within a group dedicated to such a selfless and arduous task. When this is understood by a group of indi- viduals and I am enabled through limited Karma of those who choose to so avail themselves to create a permanent research center, (We will call it) I can in good conscience release the acti- vities of the Sacred Fire which, if applied and drawn through the energies of those participating, will be all the proof that is required of the efficacy of the practical application of the Lav. Those incorporating the truths given in the energies of their own bodies will then be well prepared to carry that truth into the world of form. This was Our original design. Through the clamoring of the outer self and through the i trusion of many wills, We have seemingly dev: ated somewhat from Our original purpose, We shall éndeavor in the future however, to again draw forth shat concentrated energy and to draw around Ourselves, lifestreams capable of receiving-—~ capable of offering their energies to hold a 16 MAGNETIC FORCEFIELDS harmonious sphere of influence 1ong enough for the presence of the Master to convey not only the word, but the feeling and, allowing it to enter the consciousness of the chela, make a Workable and practical pattern whereby the mir- Reles and marvels spoken of become fact. The creation of a spiritual forcerield for a research center such asWe |had on Atlantis and On Lemuria becomes the obligation of every men— her of such a community andthe sustaining of that forcefield without a flicker of the vibratory action ef discord or inharnony, becomes the te~ Sponsibility and obligation of each such one through the mastery and control of his own en- ergies while he remains a part of sucha living organism. If, ashas been said through the years, “indestructible harmony" could be maintained through the component parts that make up that forcefield, We would have then a proper conductor of energy and into the world of these communities would flow the Sacred Fire, with the applicable conscious knowledge, by which all conditions could be handled asWe handle them inthe inner realms, by light and by love. The Beloved Ladies of Heaven, Beloved Mary, Beloved Kwan Yin and Beloved Meta are eagerly seeking opportunity to bring forth some of the Law on spiritual healings. It is one of the greatest services that could be rendered mankind foday and the capacity of the lifestream of a chela toconnect within the energies already qual- ified within the Healing Temples is merely depen- dent upon this control of feelings. As My center and focus of light is directly concerned with the feeling world, I shail endeavor in every way at My command that is possible to assist you individually, Then in your collective MAGNETIC FORCEFIELDS iy groups, when you come to éraw the power of the Sacred Fire through the worded expression and sit consciously at the feet of the Master, (if you will helpUswith this forcefield, say for anhour Or so prior to Our entrance) We will have then, energy voluntarily emitted fromyour own bodies, like a great open Lotus through which the Master Presence can direct a permanent gift for the blessing of all life as ell as for yourselves. Besides the research and the drawing forth of the spiritual law, We must have a practical laboratory where the law is put into action. Therefore, I am hoping that somewhere, someone will get the understanding behind Our endeavor and know that, inorder to draw forth instruction that has not been given since the last Goldenage, it requires the cooperation of groups. Perhaps one member of the group is qualified to draw the grace others qualified toconduct the feeling and Q11 qualified by the giving of their personal Tire energies in the creating of a forcerield which isnot only amagnetizing center for Truths that has never manifest, but which may be a ra~ diating center for the qualities of the Being or Beings Who invest Their life energy in reach~ {ing the seemingly limited consciousness of just a few. You see, as the Beloved Morya has explained to you, the priceless quality of life is not at all understood by unascended beings. Life within your own precious hearts is exquisite and price~ less. There is no man who can hold or sustain it when the Will of the great individual Source causes it to withdraw. However, life which be- longs to a God-free Being, every electron of which has been qualified with some dynamic God Quality and which can be invested in Cosmic 18 MAGNETIC FORCEPIELDS service by which millions upona planet and count~ less trillions within a universe may be blessed, penefitted, raised and redeemed, can not be idly invested in a handful of individuals except in so far as they become radiating centers and double and treble the investment in workt Every dispensation that has closed the door between the Ascended Master Octave and the huran, was closed because the investment from above was hot balanced by work below..., and it has nothing to do with personal favor. The Christian dispensation, which has func- tioned in blessing life for two thousand years, lived on the vital energies of Jesus in those works which He pressed into the three short years of His Conscious ministry. after His passing it lived on the magnetic forcefield drawn by Mary, His mother, the disciples and the apostles, which during the thirty years she remained after His Ascension, was stored into the etheric sub- stance of the lower atmosphere of Earth. It was then easily accessible to the Christians up to and through the fourth century after His physical presence had ascended. ‘That is why the early Christians were so vitalized with the power of light. The sustaining of the Christian dispen- sation, making possible the radiation vitalizing it since that time, has been due to the few who, beyond that fourth century mark, were able to individually and in small communities, pierce into the higher octaves, connect withthe Pres- ence of Jesus and through themselves paying the balance for the Christians who followed the teach- ings set forth to the best of their abilities. In every activity, you have your workers, you have your absorbers, you have your conscious Ghelas willing to sacrifice self, and you have MAGNETIC FORCEFIELDS 19 the "drones". The "drones" one day will be workers in themselves by radiation. They will be those who by very proximity tothe light will be tranformed...,. but the length of the dispen- sation, as well as the amount of instruction placed’ into the substance of the Earth is the written and spoken word (which will remain as a heritage and guide for the peoples of the future); are dependent upon the forcefields that are created by dedicated, consecrated, selfless men and women willing topay the balance to life for the release. If we find a dozen such in one century Weare fortunate indeed: THE MAHA CHOHAN On The Subject of Forcefields I would 1ike to speak briefly on the subject of “forcefields." As youknow "I AM" Representa- tive of the Spirit of Nature for the planet Earth. All the species of flower, shrub and tree are held in embryo within My Consciousness and released freely to the Spirits of Nature, the Directors of the Planetary and localized verdures, Flora and fauna. As every manifest gift of Nature is primarily an IDEA (from the great oceans and mountain ranges to the smallest violet tucked away amid the moss of the forest), so each "forcefield" inthis exquisite garden of spiritual foci which “I AM" sponsoring and nourishing, first comes as a "seed idea" into the consciousness of some re- ceptive individual. 20 MAGNETIC FORCEFIELDS If welcomed inenthusiasm, the idea takes form in the mind of the chela (Sponsor in the unas~ cended realm). ‘The chela then builds that form out of the thought force of his own lifestream and the cooperative energies of any group of in- dividuals with whom he shares the design. The feelings of the chela and his group determine the size, efficacy, quality and Cosmic service which can be rendered by that particular “force field". The constant rhythmic feeding of the pattern keeps it from dissipating into the un- formed ethers and, of course, the ensouling of these "forcefields" by the Angel Devas has given much greater strength and radiating power to them. May I remind youthat, for instance, besides loving the Elemental Kingdom there must be a strong positive current that GOVERNS their ac- tivities in time of crisis. Energy which fills human hearts and Elemental hearts as well, sur- ges under extreme pressures. One who has stood in earnest contemplation upon the seashore and looked upon the powerful essence in the Undines can grasp the truth that the "forcefield” of an individual anda group would have to be extreme- ly positive to govern a raging sea ... Now, the perfume of the "forcefields" as they are nourished and expanded isan actual “essence” of spiritual light. This impersonally flows over the Earth and through the sensitive elements of the souls of men. "I AMY the Gardner endeavoring to create a beautiful garden of Victory for the Barth. The specific service of each “forcefield" becomes a powerhouse which can infuse its momen- tum through the other "forcefields" in the time of crisis, No one "forcefield” can do the work of another, The generalized “*forcefields" of MAGNETIC FORCEFIELDS 22 the churches and metaphysical units lose some of their efficiency because theydo not specialize. It is My desire to have such specialization. Remember, children, that the Garden grows through exposure todifferent types of radiation. The gardener who fears forhis tender shoots and holds an umbrella over them, loses his crop. The strong winds that carry certain pollens and certain spiritual nourishments are as necessary as the gentle Sun and the breeze of April..... Nature has a way of preserving the species, but not through foolish solicituge, It is done through careful planting and invitation to the four elements.... So should it be in spiritual endeavors. ‘THE MAHA CHOHAN Symbols for Forcefields Ihave been asking for “forcefields" for years and for a simple symbol which can be used as the center figure of such "forcefields” with which the students who belong to that Sanctuary are familiar. That symbol should give those Stu~ dents a specific idea of what their group is doing and what particular service of magnetization and radiation is going forth from it. If the Sanc- tuary Director (as well as the Group Directors and students whowork with that one) all have the same symbol for their groups, it builds strength. Through unity of mental concentration, the stu- dents cut out of Universal light substance a good, clear pattern and will with the feelings of joy and Christ accomplishment as they continue to re- lease their energy in decrees, songs and so on. 22 MAGNETIC FORCEFIELDS Then, through projected consciousness, they can “travel” inthat symbol which isa real form cre- ated of light substance; sustainedand expanded by the energies of the groups. Through this pro- jected consciousness, the students can visualize themselves traveling anywhere they wish to goand there, giving their decrees right into the acti- vities whichneedhelp. For instance, youcan go to the Middle East; inareas devasted by destruc~ tive climatic conditions, or wherever there is a need for your service. If every group inany one Sanctuary-hasadifferent symbol for the "force- field" and noone has 2 clear and distinct idea of what they are doing you are dissipating your energies. The center of your "forcefield" can be any constructive pattern. Some of those who have complied with My request have used the Mal- tese Cross astheir center figure. Several have used alarge, pinkrose and one is a large Grail of Blue Flame. As you have seen in your "Bridge" through their calis and directing of the energies in their "forcefields" some of the groups have een dissolving iceflows, stopping storms and ren~ dering service in preventing and removing flood conditions. Therefore, again I point you humbly to this idea and ask, if it is at all possible, that you decide upon and consciously create just a simple symbol which you wish to use as the central pattern for your particular "forcefiela" in your local groups, wherever you live. Beloved Sanctuary and group Directors please expiain to the people in your groups that the Thought-form of the year ISNOT A "BAUBLE"!! It is a message. It comes from the Heavenly Host and each student who looks upon It is supposed to use it practically toheal, prosper and illumine MAGNETIC FORCEFIELDS 23 his own being and world as well as the lives of all with whom he comes incontact. Much of this is done through radiation alone. Now, beloved ones, thanking you for your grace your love and your Presence. I love you always -deeply---tore deeply than youknow. At the time when your particular Chohan came to Me and said “0, Thavea wonderful chela; just the most, mag- nificient lifestream. I would like to Sponsor this one in the world of for: Many times I, (snowing what was in that lifestream) have smiled and said: "All right, Son. You have not only My acquiescence but all of the powers, gifts and hep of My Own Life. Go ahead"! Those of you who are here today are those who have been Sponsored by such Members of the Ascended Host and I have taken you into My Heart...Tonight and always. ..T Love You! ‘THE MAHA CHOHAN Individual Opportunity Our project has drawn the interest and co- operation of Intelligences Who for countless aeons of time, have occupied Themselves with the draw- ing of the primal life essence into Their Con- sciousness -- then qualifying Tt withthe par- ticular God-virtues which form the nature of Di vinity. Thus primal life, magnetized through love, becomes the Sacred Fire of Purity, of Peace, of Healing, of Supply and so on, indefinitely, through all the God-virtues. This Sacred Fire is already qualified God-life awaiting use through the channels of unascended incarnate lifestreams when called fortht 24 MAGNETIC FORCBFIELDS Do you see the opportunity herein? An in- dividual may call forth primal life essence and, through the agency of thought and feeling, en- deavor to qualify that life with power and effi- cacy to manifest perfection. True! However, such an individual can have the full use of already qualified life, ifhe wil1 connect withUs by his attention and accept Our momentums of the Sacred Fire already prepared and awaiting claiming. My original idea was to create strong "force- fields" made up of individual lifestreams draw- ing together in cooperative endeavor and when they have proven themselves by constancy of service and sustained enthusiasm, use these “force fields to conduct the qualified powers of the Sacred Fire through them into the world at large. The Transmission Classes are now ready for this experiment. The breath of the students from the "forcefields"; the energies incorporated in the meeting determines the size of the periphery of the "field" (smaller or larger according to the directed cooperative energies of the group). The quality of the consciousness determines the invocative power to magnetize the Sacred Fire and the ability of the leader to hold a concentrated picture of the actual Flame and service to the Retreat, determines the projective power of that group. Naturally, the Ascended Sponsor does much to assist as yet, but We are endeavoring to con~ centrate the responsibility and opportunity for God-expansion through leaders and students them- selves. ‘THE MAHA CHOHAN MAGNETIC FORCEFIELDS 25 Forcefields — The Greatest Hope We aremore grateful than words cantell that you have invited Us and given to Us your “force: field", that through it Wemaygive to many thou- sands of the people of Earth an understanding of Our specific service in the Universe. In your innocence, you do not yet under- stand fully the importance of a “forcefield” to the Ascended Master Octave. It isa “pull” upon Our energies, which “pull” cannot be denicat That “forcefield" isproof to the Cosmic Law that there are embodied individuals whoare interested in Our service to life; making an open door for Us through which We may give Our assistance to unascended mankind. It is alsoaradiating cen- ter 50 that when We do come closer inte the atmosphere of Earth, Our gifts, radiation and power of accomplishment are not confined to the few who hear Our words but they become planetary in their blessings to the people. Since the Atlantean days, these "forceficids" have been few and far between, On rare occasions, when great Beings like the Buddha, Beloved Jesus and some of your Saints took embodiment on Earth (before the victory of their Ascension had taken place), Their auras were such "forcefields" for the release of radiation from the Ascended Mas- ter's Octave, as They allowed Themselves to become selfless "conductors". Thus Their personal auras rendered a very definite service tomankind. However, the conscious, scientific creation of a permanent “forcefield" through the energies released by groups of individuals in decree, song, visualization and contemplation, is one of the greatest hopes for the establishment of the new Golden Age upon the Earth; with the mini- mum of cataclysmic action taking place and with 26 MAGNETIC FORCEFIELDS the opportunity forUs to enter into the affairs of men before, rather than after, world changes occur. May I say to you whose lives are woven into this Activity here! Do you know that I can trace everyone of your lives -- your energies charged into this "forcefield" through the years -- by your own electronic patternand the color of your Ray? Ah, sometimes you wonder if your individual presence really means so much inthe co-operative group. Somatimes you wonder iz you would be missed? If you could see, as I do, each one of those "ribbons" of light representing each one of your 1ifestreams, -- each time you are absent that particular "ribbon" does not have opportunity to increase inmomentum in the same manner as the others andthe "forcefiela" asawhole is there- fore denied the blessing of your life. As I settled into the comfortable radiation of your “forcefield” this morning, I confess I yas amazed at the power and positive control of harmoniously qualified energy which has been drawn thus into the atmosphere of Earth. Even though I had heard about it from Others Who had previously visited you, it was an amazement to My Consciousness. Remembering Hercules as you move forward now, please do not accept such great limitation in your individual selves, when you know it only requires the exercise of the WILL within you to draw forth ALL -- ALL THAT YOU REQUIRF! I WILL 10 BE GOD-FREE! In the Name and by the Power of Hercules, I WILL TO BE COD-MASTER! MAGNETIC FORCEFIELDS 27 In the Name and by the Power of Hercules, I WILL 10 BE A GOD INCARNATE! Say it with all your hearts! Mean it! If Buddha and Jesus did it; if Mother Mary and Kwan ¥in (Goddess of Mercy) did it; if Moses and Saint Patrick did it; cannot you? Ah, yes My children! You are the pillars of Hercules! You are Myself in action! God bless yout MIGHTY HERCULES. . ELOHIM OF THE FIRST RAY Every Group Member Important Now let us consider for a moment the radiation which joes forth from the energies released by those who attend the group meetings, Let Metell you that the type of radiation and outpouring of light's blessings drawn forth from Our Realm by your calls (which radiation sometimes completely envelops theEarth) may be determined by the very least Of you. You know, self-depreciation is a very subtle and dangerous feeling and it is one of the tools used by the forces of evil to keep people from feeling that each one present becomes @ part of the Cosmic magnet to draw the perfec- tion from Our Realms into yours. Some certain God-quality of some Ascended Master's Presence might be drawn into this Octave through the group work inanswer toa heart-call from one lifestream in the group -- someone who seems quite insignif- cant to the outer senses but who has a certain harmonious attunement and spiritual power. Then, too, let us not allow ourselves to be depressed in’any way in these meetings but let