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A Lesson Plan to Teach the Story Dick Whittington and His Cat

-At the end of the lesson, the students will be able to answer
comprehension questions.
-At the end of the lesson, the students will be able to provide the effect
when the cause is given by the teacher.


1 worksheet


#1. The teacher will introduce the story by telling the students the title
of the story which is Dick Whittington and His Cat, also the teacher
will state that it is an English folktale. The teacher will remind students
what a folktale is. The teacher will say, A folktale is a story originating
in popular culture, typically passed on by word of mouth. The teacher
will ask the students, Who has a pet at home? Then the teacher will
ask another question, What special thing do you think the cat will
do? The teacher will say, Okay, those were all good responses, now
let us find out.
#2. The teacher will read the story aloud.
#3. Ten questions
1. What is the name of Dicks cat?
2. Where does Dick want to go because the streets are supposedly
paved with gold?
3. Do you think Dick was an orphan? Why?
4. What did Dick see when he arrived in London?
5. Is there a place you want to go because of stories you have heard
about that place?
6. Why did Dick buy the cat in the first place?
7. How much did Dick pay for the cat?
8. If the cat was the only thing that Dick owned, why would he send it
on a ship?
9. Dick ran away after sending the cat on the ship, what made him
come back?
10. How did Dick become one of the richest people in London?
#4. The teacher will discuss the concept of cause and effect. The
teacher will say, Cause and effect is when one event causes another
to happen. The cause is why it happens, the effect is what happens.

The teacher will explain that a student goes through cause and effect
every day and he/she just does not know it. The teacher will provide a
list of examples.




are hungry, it causes you to eat.

study, it causes you to get a good grade.
are tired, it causes you to sleep.
have bad behavior, you get put on punishment.

#5. The teacher will list several scenarios on the board with the cause
and the student will have to choose the correct effect out of two
choices. The teacher will write, I was hungry, It was raining, It was
hot, etc.
Ex. I was hungry (cause)
A. I ate lunch
B. I went to the gym
Ex. It was raining (cause)
A. I brought an umbrella

B. I was hot and dry

Ex. It was hot (cause)

A. My ice cream melted

B. I needed a jacket

Ex. I jumped in a pool

A. I was wet

B. I was dry

#6. The students will be given a worksheet with five causes from the
story and the students will have to provide the effect. The teacher will
do two questions as guided practice and the students will do the
remaining three questions as independent practice.


Objective #1 was evaluated in step #3
Objective # 2 was evaluated in step #6