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Side Button Diaper Cover

Made by Amy Price with Knit Pick-n-Crochet

Size - NB

**Feel free to sell anything you make from this pattern but PLEASE do not sell the
pattern itself or make changes to it and claim it as your own. If making and selling, please
add the name to my shop - Knit Pick-n-Crochet - to your pictures to credit me for the
pattern. THANK YOU!!**
**For additional help, please email me anytime at
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Gauge - 9 HDC & 7 rows = 2 inches
Supplies - G/4mm hook or hook to obtain gauge, WW yarn, yarn needle, small
Abbreviations - Ch = Chain, Sp = space(s), HDC = Half Double Crochet, SS =

Slip Stitch, STS = Stitches, HDC2TOG = Half Double Crochet 2 Together, *..* =
Work as directed
Round 1) Ch 66. SC in 2nd ch from hook. SC 65. Turn (65 ch Sp)
Round 2) Ch1. SC 62. Sk next SC. Ch1. SC in last 2 sts. Turn. (64sts & 1 Ch1 sp)
~Button hole made~
Round 3) Ch1 SC 2. SC in Ch1 sp. SC 62. Turn. (65sts)
Round 4) Ch1. HDC 60. Join in first stitch now and every other time it says join.
Round 5) Ch1. HDC 60. Turn. Join. (60sts)
Rounds 6 & 7) Ch1. HDC 60. Turn. Join. (60sts)
Rounds 8) Ch1. *HDC2TOG. HDC 10* 5 times. Turn. Join. (55sts)
Round 9) Ch1. HDC2TOG. HDC 9*. 5 times. Turn. Join. (50sts)
Round 10) Ch1. HDC 30. Turn, leaving last 20sts untouched. (30sts)
Round 11) Ch1. HDC 30. Turn. (30sts)
Round 12) Ch1. HDC2TOG. HDC 26. HDC2TOG. Turn. (28sts)
Round 13) Ch1. HDC2TOG. HDC 24. HDC2TOG. Turn. (26sts)
Round 14) Ch1. HDC2TOG. HDC 22. HDC2TOG. Turn. (24sts)
Round 15) Ch1. HDC2TOG. HDC 20. HDC2TOG. Turn. (22sts)
Round 16) Ch1. HDC2TOG. HDC 18. Turn (20sts)
Round 17) Ch1. HDC2TOG. HDC 16. HDC2TOG. Turn. (18sts)
Round 18) Ch1. HDC2TOG. HDC 14. HDC2TOG. Turn. (16sts)

Round 19) Ch1. HDC 2. *Switch to red. HDC 3. Switch to white. HDC 3.* 2 times.
Switch to red. HDC 2 Turn. (16sts)
Rounds 20 - 32) Repeat round 19. Turn. (16sts) Fasten off at the end of round 32.
Sew seam as neatly as possible to show very little seam. Sew in ends. Sew on
button. DONE! ENJOY!