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What Can I Give Him?

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Since it's Jesus' birthday, it makes sense that all of us would be thinking about and planning something special to give to Him—just like we often give gifts to our earthly loved ones, or do something special for them on their birthdays. But it's hard to know what to give to the King of the Universe, our Great God and Creator, Who seems to have everything.

Following are some ideas of the kind of gifts that He would treasure the most.

Why not give Him the gift of praise this Christmas?
Praise Him for the blessings that brought a smile to your face or laughter to your lips, because they lifted your spirit.

As you strive to praise Him this Christmas in Praise Him for theboth that brought tears to your eyesexperience heart, ways trials great and small, you'll and pain to your because they caused you to look to Him and rise above. increased happiness and satisfaction each day of this season. There'll be greater Praise Him for the tests and the challenges, because they strengthened your contentment within your heart, which will character and fortified your resolve. make it easier for you to show His love to Praise Him for the love that you received from those He brought across your path. others in your actions and words.
Praise Him for the children—yours, if you have them, and those of others— because of the purity and simplicity that they bring into the world.

Praise Him for His creation, for the beauty that He has placed around you—both in nature and in the hearts of those who love you—because it refreshes your spirit and renews your physical being.

The world is often such a cold and dark place, and while He is You can the world, He needs the world for the better the light ofchange your part of someone to shine that light and improve the someone to say the things He wants through. He needs lives of those around you. You can to be to do the of Him and of His care and be what He say,a sample things He wants to do, and to love, and you to find tremendous fulfillment in this. wants to becanothers. If you try to take on more of His nature and be more open to letting Him work through you this Christmas, that will be one of the best gifts you could give Him.

A gift that is high on His "wish list" is the gift of forgiveness. In fact, it is Forgive someone who about. He came because of His in essence what Christmas is allhas wronged you, whether love and mercy, to show forgiveness and bring you Whether the to wipe intentionally or unintentionally. back to the fold, the slate clean,runsto make everything right again—not by self-effort, wound and deep in your heart or it is a smaller butscratch.and a choice to love despite all that haswith you by love‚ Making things right often starts gone wrong.

taking the step to forgive someone, even if you You can start forgiving today, this minute, by looking at your world and feel that person is the one who should with forgiveness. those around you with kindness and treating them be seeking Often the best way to show forgiveness andsaiditor done is to start forgiveness. Has someone put into action with something small: like a smile instead Forgive look on your face; a something that has hurt you? of a grim him. kind word inAre you embittered remarks; or anin your heart when place of harboring bitterness unexpected kiss your mind ponders retaliation. toward someone? Forgive him.

The gift of commitment means a lot to Him. Why? Because And every time just do what you promised, you committing is giving notyou something, but giving yourself to Him in remind Him and yourself Him something and then faithfully a special way. When you promiseof your love for Him and how you with it, it's more serious commit yourself to follow throughloved Him enough toand lasting than a temporary something, and then to keep something that you maintain pledge or gift. It isn't a one-time gift, butyour commitment. or keep doing over and over.

With so much going on in your lives, I'm sure that you're hoping for Him to come through for you in many areas. Perhaps you need finances, or an increase in your business, or healing and protection from sickness, or safekeeping, or increased awareness and ability for Giving your work‚ gift of youror addedis really also a Him the faith strength.

Giving Him the gift of your faith is really also a gift have so many needs, and if you would like it He is them, then You to yourself, because through Him to fill able to He’d like you to give Him the gift of your faith. Faith in Him! bless you in more and greater ways.

Walk through this season with armloads of faith! When needs arise, press another coin of faith into His hand as you state your need to Him. When something throws your plans for a loop, again, hand Him another coin of faith.

Make this Christmas count in the hearts and lives of others—it's not just a special time‚ but a special opportunity!

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