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By the Ascended Mastrs and thee Accredited Mewengers Mroand MrxG. W Balled and som, Donald The “Voice of the I AM” is the mouth-piece through which che Ascended Masters? Tnstruc- tion can reach the students quickly, that the most powerful work possible for America and the world may be done by the students to release che greatest Light in the shortest time. Tewill also contain information as to where the Accredited Messengers, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Ballard and son, Donald, are teaching the ‘Ascended Masters’ Insteuetion on the "I AM.” INFORMATION ‘The information given under the heading of “Young America’ will be the Ascended Masters? help to the young people for their protection and illumination, as they are the builders of the new ition and are the channels through which the Ascended Masters will give their Light for the use of the outer world in the Golden "I AM” Age. ‘This magazine is not an outlet for articles from the students, but is the outpouring of the help from the Ascended Masters and has no human concepts in ie. ‘THE SINDELAR STUDIOS 2600 South Haver Sere Lon Angel California ONWARD CHILDREN OF THE LIGHT - ‘NWARD Children ofthe Light Macchi gaara, ove Bernal Way! |. Br Thy Heats own Love Sweep all now before Thee, “The "1 AM PRESENCE® prove! Onward Children of the Light "March in glad seray ‘WD atwaye Gods Vieroroas Doves Eeraal Way. Jonward Children of the Lighe oye Eagremaee © rag ound AM PRESENCE” syed children ofthe Like Love forevermore ‘You tre NOW the "ERESENCE” “Gots Great Opes Door! Onward Children of the "Presale al roe! ‘Ascended in Thy Glory “Great LAM to Thee, God in al, we ‘Great, Great Central Sun, Posting forth Ts Blessings "Gn earch to everyone Onward Children sf the Light "Now a lost all fee, Bring Love's Golden Glory, “Ambateadoes from Thee ‘CHANERA The above are the lnaer Words to the melody of “Onward Cristo Soldiers” sebich tx reality Tre Melody of the Spherer 1 SAINT GERMAIN’S AFTERNOON + DISCOURSE AT THE KANSAS CITY CLASS Sunday, September 27, 1936 UT of your search, for Light and Truth, ‘Oh beloved students, has come the True Reality, the knowledge of That which every human being throughout the cen- tries has sought—the whereabouts of your own “Mighty LAM Presence,” the Glory of God ind vidualized, To-day in this Transcendent Kaowl- ‘edge that has come forth, all mankind may be free, if they will, It only requires earnest, de- termined, application of the simple majestic Laws ‘which are given and the acknowledgement in the feeling, of your “Mighty Presence” that rests above you, to have Freedom, Dominion and Inf- nite Achievement in your Life. God, the “Mighty 1 AM Presence,” is not only ‘your Source of Life individually speaking, but is fhe Source of ALL Life in the Universe. There- fore, as the Messengers have said to you repeat ely, when you callyour ‘Mighty I AM Presence” into action, the power of the Universe rushes forward to fulfil your requirements and It can- ot fal, except chrough isharmony in Your own "Will you not, Oh beloved ones, take your frm stand in the control of your human intellectual telf and hold iin complete abedience tothe Great Taw of your Presence, which is the activity of Divine Love!“ Remenbar the in the acano- tdgment of your Presence and calling Te into ac- lon, you have che balanced activity of Love, Wir dom ind Power. Heretofore in mankind’s activity of prayer, individuals aye recognized God, ina vast ma: 3 jority of their prayers as an omnipresence some- ‘where, therefore, only calling into action one point of the Triangle of Truth. Love alone with- out Wisdom and Power is not sufficient to cope ‘with the condition that exists in the outer 2c~ tivity of dhe werld to-day, Therefore, when you ‘your “Mighty IAM Presence” into action, you have fulness and balanced activiey of Lowe, ‘Wisdom and Power acting. That is why such tre~ mendous results are produced in Its use, ‘Will you not, Oh precious ones of the Light, rise inthe full Dominion of your “Mighty 1 AM Pretence,” silence forever all human obstruction, and receive the Glory which Te will bring. yout Ie requires on your part firm determination at first, to dissolve the old momentum—accumu- lations of diseord—which rests in the atmosphere around you and of which you are wholly una- ‘ware; but if you will continue co call your Pres- nce into action with firm determination, feeling sincerely that Ie is there, then the time isso short tunel you will have ample proof within your own experience, of the power which your Presence wields. The Law of Life, the Law of your Being, is, that being the creator of the inharmony and dis- cord that bin your world, you must make the call to your own “I AM Presence”—your own individualized Presence of Gad, your Chris-Self to release a greater volume of energy and Light to dissolve that which you, the individual, have drawn about you, in your ignorance, | Until individuals will use the Violet Consum- ing Flame to dissolve the discord which they have drawn about them, they cannot have permanent Drogress or expansion of theit own Light. 4 In the outer world, if you moved into a house filled with all kinds of bric-a-bac and furniture, and you had beautiful new modern furait how would you put the new furaiture in, unt you cleaned out the old? So itis to-day, in the Accumulation of discordant destructive thought and fecling, with which you have Sled your ‘world. Then, there is only one means of perma- nent activity to clean ie out, and that is the use Gf the Violet Consuming Flame to set you free. Te will ace wich great power, if you will feel the Presence is pasting that Violet Flame through your flesh, your feeling and your mental bodies. Te'will quickly dissolve and dispose of your di cordant accumulation, s0 that you will never hhave to look upon it. Never desire, Oh Beloved Ones of the Light to look upon your human crea I plead with you. God help you if you do. With the use of the “Mighty Violet Consuming Flame,” you will never have to do that. One glimpse of your own creation and you would hever wish another. ‘So Tsay to you, the Infinite Power of the Cosmic Lighe has made it posible, for me to bring to you, this simple Transcendent Majestic Understanding and Application which is your Freedom, if you will apply i. We in the Ascended Stace have made dynam- ically this same Application, this same Under- standing of the IAM Presence,” which I have brought forth to you. If you do not believe it then T cannot help you; but if you do, then your Freedom is here, Tn this class as we have indicated, there has been another activity released for the students. By the Power of the Unfed Flame, it has been possible to charge the atmosphere of the Class 5 Room as the Messenger has described to you to- day activity i Similar to that which i was tion for hs Atcensons Ie sles powerful but sel the same activity, because in a Class Room of the outer world, ie would not be wise co bring the ume intensity, as was in the Chamber of Light ich has been protected for centuries from the discord of the outer world. ‘Will you not accept this suggested, with its full Active Power released in your Life and world, to produce your happiness, ‘your supply of all that is required, your Mighty Directing Intelligence, that you may go forward in a great, great calm serenity—no longer agi- tated or disturbed; so that the feeling body becomes adjusted, making possible a condition which enables these Great Currents of Energy to How through wninterrupied? Will you not do ‘After so many hundreds of centuries, thit Great Truth has been brought forth to you. Will you not accept It and apply It in your Life with ‘arnest determination, which is the activity of the Inner will, to have your Eternal Freedom? ‘Could you—and you shall one dey—Kaow how great is the Love of the Ascended Masters and the Messengers for you, how great is the Determina- tion of the Ascended Masters and the Messengers for you to have your Freedom. Will you not be as determined, as earnest as they are for your own Freedom? Only in years to come, will you know the Service that has been rendered your city dur- ing this class, Will you not accept it as an active arin your Life, 0 you may be a part of that 1 congratulate the beloved students of the Light, who have called their "Mighty TAM Pres fence” into action, which has made it possiole for them to be in this class, Each class will contain hhenceforth a Mighty Divine Activity for che blessing of che students. I personally thank all the students for their labor, their determination tohave the Perfection of the Light ofthe Presence that beats cheir hearts. They SHALL have they will stand steadfast, T want to offer one word of suggestion w T have never done in any class before. Beloved students of the Light, always give praise thanks and gratitede for whatever has lead you up to this step—the Knowledge of the Presence—but I plead with you, do wot hold on to the steps chat hhave Brought you here; for if you constantly refer to those steps in your feeling, you will find ‘yourselves going up and down, up and down, up And down those steps. fam sure you get my mea ing. When you have ascended thore steps, iis not necessary to retrace them. If you do, you will find yourselves stil inthe old activity of che step, shih brought you to this poin, Watch owt for 1 Beloved Brother Jesus has asked, shat all adhere one hundred percent to the teachings of the "T AM” and the Instruction and Application, by which We all have attained our Freedom and Ascension. Will you not do the same? It is infal- lable and, if i is not operating to your full desire, ic becaise unknowingly you have obstruction in your feeling. TF you wrll sk the “Mighty I AM Presence” to take out of you whatever the cause and effect of the obstruction is and replace it by the Ascended 7 Master's Understanding, Courage, Strength and Application, then you will be able to let the Pres- ‘ence release the energy, to accomplish any pur- ose unto which you direct it. ‘Oh beloved ones, in che fulness of My Heart's Love, I enfold you and carry forth to you the Love and enfolding Blessings of all the Ascended Masters and Legions of Light, unto Whom you have been calling. Feel Its Radiance enfold you, Its Courage and Strength sustaining you, carry: ing you forward, until you feel that full Domin- ion and Power within your own feeling world, of the Dominion of your "Mighty I AM Presence,” your authority and ability to call Its Limitless Intelligence and Power into action. Remember as a parting word, you are the au- thority in your world—to call Perfection into your world—which alone rests in your “Mighty TAM Prosence,” and the Freedom of you and your world depends upon your call to your “Mighty I AM Presence,” ‘Again, may I say to you, my Love and Blessing together with that of the Ascended Masters and Legion of Light enfold you forever, unto your full Victory and Ascension, + AFFIRMATION - “Mighty TAM Presence”! take possession of ry entire Being and world and see that nothing less than Ascended Master Qualities ever pour ‘through or contact me, mine and our world. SAINT GERMAIN’S EVENING DISCOURSE "TO THE KANSAS CITY CLASS « ‘September 27, 1936 ELOVED students of the Light, the Glory of your Freedom stands before you, a Wide-Open door, iato which you ay enter fully and completely at aay time NOW, ia the knowledge of your "Mighty TAM Presence.” Itienot a dificult activity. The Law, the application, the knowledge of the Pres- ence is before you. Your pare is 9 accape that Your Presence & there, in your feeling, then to Gall Ie Mighty Currents of Incelligent Enersy into action, to produce the Perfection you wish fe manifest in your world. You alone must Assistance can be and is rendered you, must eae the inital step, make your spp Fefuse acceptance of human appearances, as hav ing any gover longer in Your world snd then 3 you call this Mighty Energy into action, you wi Find courage cat Confidence with lit ss. taining your application, until the day when you veal te cvence you sequte tatty You that your Presence, through your applicacion, will and’ does ser your world into divine order. This everyone must prove for himelf to make 4 permanent sctivty in his Being and world. FYou, whe have had one or move of thes clase, aust have come to know the Great and Mighty Reality which this Knowledge i. The Great Com mic Law has now permiteed it to go forth, but tintl recently, Teh only been given to few sts~ dents within the Retreats. Now, because of the assistance of the Great Cosmic Law, Tei almost broadcast co humanity and ere long will be 10 I want to thank any or all of the “TAM Stu- dents who have been instrumental in bringing scorer eee lcast this Mighty Truth. T want to say to thore beloved ones: “You have rendered a service and litele realize as yet what it means. One day ‘you shal, for this activity is bound to come forth. ne day’ the Messengers will have their own Broadcasting Station to spread this Mighty Truth to the world. I want you to know this and call ‘your "Mighty IAM Presence” into action to bring it about, for itis another service you can render of inestimable value.” In this class, you have been clothed in an Ac- tivity which is 2 Mighty Sustaining Power. Will you not accept Tt in che fulness of Its Power— hot in the intellect—but in the feeling of this Great and Mighty Reality. Te has been a great pleasure to render this Service for your city and fo stop an activity, thae was fast throwing « lethargy over its inhabitants, So, to-day the Great Law has agein manifested Tes dominion and swill continue to expand this Light. We rejoice with you in Our humble Efforts to render this Service for ie hat been done in Its fulness. We want you to hold the knowledge of this before ‘Your attention, s0 you too may be conscious, that aught in the world can longer delay your Free- dom and the expansion of the Light, unto your complete Vietory of the Ascension. Does that word sound unusual? Does it still sound strange to you? It should not—an_Ac- tivity s0 practical, so majestic in its Freedom. Think of it, dear hearts, your privilege to free yourselves forever from all pilgrimage upon earth; from its limitations, from its binding a chains; from its terrifying distress which so many ‘of mankind have drawn upon themselves. ‘The Pity is that individuale should have forgotten their Source so completely: but again let us re- place that thought by rejoicing that chey have ound their way home. As persons lost in a for~ ‘st, the wilderness of human concepts, they can find the Golden Pathway of Life standing open and clear before them, unto che fulness of the “Mighty Presence” and Its Freedom. ‘We thank you each and al for your Love tus, for your Love vo the Messengers, «0 the Great Fost of Ascended Masters and the Lesion of Light, the Mighty Angelic Host, the Gods of the Moun tains, the Great Cosmie Messengers and the Great Gosmie Beings—Who are making it possible for arch, to again shake itself free from the lethargy of unan dacord from sh hypnotic infuonce of snd of the Perfection which beats each human The privilege, the blessing is yours, Oh beloved ones: You have your Scepter of Dominion in your hhand, Wield i in the aceeptance of your Presence, to your complete Freedom. No one can take the initative for you! The Law wands before you for your application. Tf you will apply it,1can guar Antee that every human being on the face of the arch who applies it earnestly, will be free FOR- EVER" trom the chai of earth and remain 50 at it requires your application. Never doubt it So covnight, once again, we leave our Love and Blessing enfolding each one of yout ‘The Ascended Masters, the Legion of Light and the Messengers enfold you forever in that Transcendent Light Which Knows only che continual expanding’ of 2 Iuself, lifting you into the Eternal Freedom of your Blectronie Presence. leis no imaginary thin, Gh precious ones, but a Glory Unspeakable—in- deerbable Tes yours will you accep it and be ree again’ ‘Our Love enfolds you forever unto your As- cension. We thank you. ge + AFFIRMATION + “Mighty I AM Presence,” Great Host of As- cended Masters, Mighty Legion of Light, Great “Angelic Host and that special group of Masters directly concerned with this Activity of the “Mighty TAM Presence”! release whatever Power and Love are required and give us our own Radio Broadcasting Station in a world hookup and see that we broadcast this Ascended Master Instruc- tion of the “I AM? throughout the world daily for the freedom and Ascension of all mankind for- ever! We charge this decree with Saint Germain’s, Jesus’ Nada’s and the Divine Director's Ascended Master Consciousness and instantaneous Fulfil- ‘ment eternally sustained. 13 «THANKSGIVING Is SUPREME - VOUTPOURING © Beloved of the Light, you who have feepeunfier tee Raditton of Saint Gor rite cee ‘Who are pouring oat Their Great Love, Wadeatlresstal a tented yee Ae {ivy you sll lve the fullest apply of every ofl tag Wa desres x unread oevealvays doneso in this work. Ssint Germain sid from the bepinning chat no one under this Radiation who made sincere, decermined call to the “Mighty 1 4 AM Presence” and worked to correct his own hu- man discord in thought, feling and spoken word, Should lack for any good thing. He wancs you and all mankcind to have the fullest ponible supply of very good thing required, to make your life and Activity harmonious, joyous, eary and Perfect. ‘That isthe Law of Life, of the Ascended Mas- ters and of every Enlightened Being, who ever lived on chis planet or any other throughout In finity. That is why every day should be a Thanks- Biving Day, for every human being on earth for- Ever. Gratitude to Life forall Ieis and gives keeps the door wide open for Its Supreme Outposring to come into the individuals’ use. Gratitude is harmonious feeling and brings back Limitless Supply to the sender. God is no pauper. Poverty is not spirituality. Lack does not produce harmony. Lack of any ‘good ching isa constant reminder to the human Personality, that it has depended on its own hu ian effort or on some outer channel of activity, as the sustainer of the body and that it must hnarmonize the feelings. : God, the "Mighty 1 AM Presence,” created the body from inside of Icself and is constantly sup plying its energy and Intelligence from Wichin. The Presence i also quite capable of ic with everything els, ifthe student his "IAM Dresence”ftst for everything, before he looks to the outer channels for his supply. Saint Germain has given us the Ascended M. ter's Golden Key for the limitless supply—on ‘mand—of every good thing everyone desires, if ‘each one will make the call tothe “Mighty 1 AM Presence," as. Saint Germain and these ocher Blessed Ascended Masters have instructed, 1s No matter what che individual requires for his own use, the frst condition on which he receives ic from the Supreme Source ofall, is that he calls it forth into use NOT ONLY FOR HIMSELF, but for EVERY INDIVIDUAL on this earth a5 well, When one calls the “Mighty 1 AM Presence’ into action, to release a specife blessing to ever dividual on earth, and there are approximacely three and one-half billions in embodimene all the time, the quantity of energy released in such a call would equal thae which the individual re- eases by calling three and one-half billion simes for that blessing o himself. This is what the As. ended Masters mean by "The tremendous power of co-operative action,” The student, if he understands the Ascended Master application of the "I AM Presence” does not need to repeat afirmations—parrot-like—to Convince his feelings, that the manifesation he desires will come forth, Tnstend, by one call, with intense feeling, to his "Mighty 1 AM Presence,” to release what he desires into his own use and then expand 1 to the use of all he accomplishes infinitely more in that galls Presence’ shan could powily he done in any other way. ‘This i the GREAT SECRET. It is the Open Door to the limitless use of every good thing on demand. The way is s0 simple, s0 easy, s0 all powerful, that anyone can prove this Might Law to himself, ae any moment he makes the call tohis "AM Presence.” For instance, suppote one needs to pay some particular bill very much. He can say to his Mighty 1 AM Presence” with INTENSE FEEL- ING—which everyone can generate consciously 16 and ae will:® “Mighty TAM Presence! through the Cosmic Activity of Thy Great Quenchless Flame of Divine Love, come forth! pay this bill for me today through Divine Lovelsee that every bill on this earth is paid likewise for the Freedom ofall mankind?” Send this decree forth with deep sincere feeling and the desire for every other person on this Bane tobave his bil pod as wll an your own Thus, you can use every need of your own, a5 4 reminder to do a serviee for all human beings, ‘hich will bring joy, ease, blessing and Perfec- th Sery other eon on thi ed bringing ‘ou also your complete freedom in every way. it ‘This is way the individual frees himself and in calling forth an action of the Great Law of the “Mighty LAM Presence” to bless and free ‘thers it is impossible for the individual not to fain his own Freedom. "The Understanding of this, as a Law, has not been given before to the outer activity of man- Kind, until this Ascended Master Instruction of the “Mighty TAM Presence” was given forth by Sain Germain and the proof of the Mighty Truth, ‘hich ie i, stands before everyone, in his own Individual personal experience, who has made that call with the intense desire to set all mankind free. NOTE:* Ur you donot bulieve thi, fer sme one monty 19 sciouly arse dts fering of sme pei goal, and Souls how guiekly that on can dae Ifont can arouse ora htc pe of Paper (wean dalle bil for ntnce) ie cav aru efor he teaing of Met and all mankind, her be undereands the Lat Actors and seater do hay haventrouble fring te quality they wiht portiny. Sectailptedacendy delseso die v7 Ie is impossible for any human being to fail, when he calls the “Mighty 1 AM Presence” into action for the freedom of all. It is impossible for any human being on earth co have his own bills ‘remain unpaid, if he will call with all the intense feeling of his heart everytime he pays his bills, for the "Mighty I AM Presence” co pay the bills for all the rest of mankind as well. ‘No one could possibly lack for so much as a meal of food, if he would call forth the Cosmic Activity of Divine Love from his "Mighty 1 AM. Presence,” to give him every meal he desires and, tho same time atk that all individuals 0 earch be given meals equally as good as he is asking for himself, or better, if they desire chem: and that they always give God, the "Mighty 1 AM Pres- ence” the credit for giving those meals to them. Remember, the action of the Great Law of Life isthat seventy-five percent of everything the individual creates, including the energy required to bring forth into manifescation, remains within the brain, body and aura of its creator, be it good, bad or indifferent. Therefore, one is always the ‘greatest beneficiary of all blessings sent out to the rest of mankind, and also the greatest sufferer from discord sent out to others as well. ‘No matter what we create, three-quarters of our creation always remains within our own auras and worlds. That is because. everyones thoughts, feelings, and acts revolve principally around himself. When he comes into this As- ‘cended Master Understanding of che "Mighty I AM Presence,” and releases Its Limitless Power and Blessings for the Freedom of all mankind, it automatically follows that he himself must be- ‘come free; for the greater part of his “Mighty 1 18 AM Presence” acts through the individualization of himself, The same thing is true of the physical sun or ‘the Great Central Sun, Three-quareers of its Pres- tence, Intelligence, Power and Activity is located ‘thin Te own form and Substance and only one- quarter of Its Life Energy goes owt as Radiation into the rest of che Universe, The same is true of a candle flame. Therefore, the Seudents of the “I AM” under this Radiation, knowing this, can easily realize how they can use every requirement and prob- lem of their own, as a reminder to call the “Mighty [AM Presence” into action, to fulfil those requirements for all mankind: to solve those problems for all. Hence, the Student automati- ‘ally becomes free himself, in giving this eremen- dous service ta the many. Understanding this, you can realize that you are no longer human beings, but you are Divine Beings. The Divine gives, the human receives. If the human is co manifest the Perfection of che Divine, ie must become a Being of cause ONLY and that cause, the conscious expanding of all the Blessings and Perfection from the Individual’s own "Mighty I AM Presence,” for the Freedom of all Thus, in using the affirmations which call forth the Power of the “Mighty I AM Presence,” to hel all mankind make the Ascension, the individual, ‘who makes that call MUST AUTOMATICALLY make his own Ascension. ‘Oh! Beloved Ones, do you realize what it means to work with intense sincerity and deep feeling for the Freedom of all? Te ie the greatest joy and privilege of all lives, tohave had released » to usthe Ascended Masters’ Understanding of the "lighey TAM Pesence” which ies asthe Power to sender this assistance. ‘Never before in the experience of mankind has such Power and Atsstance come forth for the Freedom of all the earth, Never before in the history of the planet, have great numbers of in- dividuals, with the Ascended Master's Conscious Understanding of the Great Creative Word, "T AM,” ever sent forth such powerful decrees with such great determination for the Freedom, Ilum- ination and Ascension of all, Tn this combined dynamic call, for mankind’s Freedom and. Ascension coming from the hearts of unascended beings, the Great Cosmic Law of the "Mighty 1AM Frtence” and Atcended Mar ters, i compelled to give everyone making that if his own individual Freedom and Ascension wt is the privilege and obligation of every student who has come under this Radiation. May everyone work with all his might, that the As. ended Masters? Perfection may fl che earth and Sll'mankiad know ‘Their same Great Freedom and Joy through the Power of the Great Quench less Flame of Their Pure Divine Love and Eternal Unfed Light. ‘Let all remember to charge every day, with the Supreme Outpouring of every good thing forever, from the "Mighty I AM Pretence” and Great Fost of Ascended Masters and send it forth for the freedom and blessing of all, Then every- day will be a Thanksgiving Day for the whole fof mankind and the earch and all shall have the Supreme Outpouring intended for them from the beginning. 20 * MR. BALLARD’S INVOCATION = + SAN FRANCISCO, FRIDAY EVENING August 28, 1936 N the fulness of Thy Great Presence, Oh “Mighty 1AM,” again in deepest humble gratitude, do we offer our thanks and praise for the service rendered this after- noon. Te means the Freedom of mankind and the earth. We give praise and thanks, that one day ALL mankind will come to know this also. Pat ‘As the Great Law is released to do Its perfect ‘work in the earth, so will the consciousness of all be lifted lifted until the Glory of that Radiance clears both sight and hearing for all mankind. Then in the glory of Thy Great Victory, Oh “Mighty IAM Presence,” shall ALL hear Thy words and see. Thee face to face—until all the earth becomes filled with Thy Love and Harmony, Beauty and Perfection, thus fulfilling the Great ‘Cosmic Pictures shown at the Royal Teton. Th shall come quickly into that great Activity whic! is destined for the earth. ‘There is but one destiny for everything, man- kkind included, and that is Perfection. We do ac- cept che fulness of that Great Outpouring to- night, glorified and amplified by the Great Host Of Ascended Masters, and Legion of Light co stand forever increasing Its activity in the fulness of its mission—perfecting the earth. Beloved Saint Germain, Mighty Divine Direc tor, Beloved Master Jesus, Nada, Leto, Chananda, Beloved Lanto, and all the Great Ascended Mas- ters who are ministering to the people of eartht this day as all have seen the Mighty Service ren- dered, so do we again bow before Thee and Thy Mighty Wisdom in action, with deepest gratitude. ‘May I'speak for all the students of the “Mighty TAM Presence” throughout the world—speal forth their gratitude and Love to that Great In- telligence Who rendered this Great—this Mighty service to the earth? So in great humility do T offer the Love of these students everywhere, to be amplified by Thee, to create greater and ‘greater Perfection within and above the earth for all mankind. 2 + MRS. RAYBORN’S ASSISTANCE TO - * TWO WHO SANG * which, if they care to give attention to her, she will endeavor to assist them in making their voices fuch as are never to be forgotten. Mrs. Nada Rayborn is the One referred to in “The Magic Presence”, who sang in opera for many years be- fore her Ascension. Once since her Ascension, she came and sang in the tangible form. I rejoice ‘with these dear ones, that they are two whom she can assist, if they can realize as I do, what that ‘means. It means Freedom and the Gift of Per- fect Voice to these beloved ones. 23 I wonder, if you realize how these Great As- ‘cended Beings have for many centuries watched the earth, searching for those whose attention could be drawn to Them chat They might Assistance, Without your attention to Them nnothing can be done for you—i is not possible but through your attention, directed to a given objective, anything upon the faceof the earth cam be done. Your attention directed to your “Mighty TAM Presence” FIRST and then, to one or more of these Great Arcended Masters—either mascu- Tine or feminine—makes it possible for Them to come back to you on a Ray of Light, releasing Energy and Feeling, that it is not possible for the human to release without Their Assistance. ‘There is nothing you can sek, dear hearts, that the Presence will not do, and anyone knowing the Presence certainly could NOT ask anything dis- cordane. Will you aot, beloved ones, call your Presence into action—with great determination, ssreat earnestness and sincerity, to produce any ‘uality, any condition, aay Perfection that you ‘want to have manifest in your world? + AFFIRMATION « “Mighty I AM Presence” and Great Host of Ascended Masters! make every city in America fan Alabaster City of Light, Love, Healing and Perfection, for the illumination of America and the whole earth forever. 4 VENING TALK AT THE SHRINE - * AUDITORIUM ~ July 6, 1936—by Donald Ballard HERE are two things which I want to ‘touch upon. The first is something which hhas oceurred to me, and, I believe, occurs to every one who has been brought up according to the modera scientific explanation of the onter world’s activities. The second thing is something of great National import, That of . 25 +2 sichtam ving open something saeco To che ouns people particulary and ote, who hhave had contact with the modern scientific world, Tei concerning the Ascended Marters Tiility co come and go great cutances quickly and to make their bodies passthrough sli subreance. ‘We know thee all the apparent miracle, such asthe Atcended Host and thorenesrly Ascended roduce, are only the operation of great Navoral Eiva Bor inttance when an Anctnded Naser patel through physial substance, sold wally or Transports hs Body eight or ten thousand miles five mines; we hnow thor ings are not Biacles Theresnorueh ching eso miracle, Wien properly wnderstoody wre see that so-called mien Tlatare only produced by the we of certain laws Sie ace eiecs ec rae phe peal Zientoc har Coneacted. Nevertheless they a0 as txact and immutable as the laws which govern Gidea cfomseren ttc: Totus consider what happens, when che As cended Master's body passes through physical sub- Stance, To understand this let us fook atts struc- ture, We know all physical sabseance is composed Of minute particles called atoms. These particles Steve amall a millon or more may be present in tne pin heady and yet infniterinal as they a, theylin cura are contpved of particles yes smaller. ‘Ths particles are aeranged in pastors, similar to the way cor placer ame arranged sromed oar Pet i plat we shall depart from th cheor ‘he cis pointe shall depart from the theories of Gn outer sclzgite world i our examication of the neruceure of physical substance: Here again, the ‘Ascended Masters upset theory and guess= 26 work, with Their Infallible Knowledge of the Great Laws of Nature, Contrary to the general opinion, the central aucleus of the atom is composed of a very light refined type of particle which is called the elec- tron, Around this nucleus, arranged like the planets around the sun, are particles of a very dense nature which as yet have not been named, ‘These dense particles are many times heavier than the electrons which are the nucleus of the atom and are what composes the denseness of our phys. ical bodies. They are that which makes all physical substance seem dense. These tiny particles are separated by a tremendous distance in relation to their own size, so we see physical substance is not dense at all, But only seems s0 because our senses are amazingly crude. ‘We know, that the Ascended Master's Body is composed only of electrons or less dense particl of which the structure of physical substance is made. Therefore, we see how a body composed of this rofined substance may pass unobstructed through physical objects. For the sake of a crude expression, the clearance between the particles ‘which compose this substance of the Ascended ‘Master's Body and that of the atomic structure fof physical objects is so great, that one may as through the other without any obstruction whatever. Then, we can see what happens to our bodies at the time we make our Ascension, The dense particles, which compose the weight of physical substance, are thrown off and we are given a body. fof these electrons which are infinitely finer and more flexible and much more desirable as a vehi- cle, in which we may operate. 27 ee es and how physical substances not dense asi is the fact that mercury, which is con ‘of the most dense of substances, and the only metal ‘which oceurs in liquid form at or ture, will flow through bank vault steel, like ‘water through a sieve at a pressure of 100,000, pounds per square inch, . ‘Another thing which we may explain, so that it ‘takes away all sense of miracles, isthe wre and the effect of the Light Rays. It matters not what their ‘color or activity may he, they set up wave im- pulses akin to those sent out from the radio trans miter, or the X-ray tube, We can and do set up these impulses in the oc- tave of the vibratory spectrum, of a frequency very litele higher than that which the scientist has contacted so far. I say "very little higher,” be- cause already in the laboratories of some of our ‘great scientific corporations to-day, there arema- chines which are capable of recording these im- pulses and we get a definite physical effect. A few Years ago, this was infinitely beyond anything science had concateds 4 To understand exactly what happens, let us ook at what we know to-day as the vibratory spectrum. From 32 vibrations per second to ap- proximately 18,000 we have audible sound; that fs, sound which we are able to hear with our ears. AS the frequency of vibration is increased, we ‘pass on through conventional radio waves into the Infra-red or heat waves. From there, we pass through 2 comparatively small portion of the spectrum in which we see visible Light. ‘As we pass on beyond the point of visible Light 28 in the spectrum, we comsact the Ulera-Vieler the Sepays tue Gotta Raye of seioes ead fa eles aaa hay atrete vibratory Frequency that science has recorded Bice eeu lgiee stipe ta a parcol che vibratory spectrum, in which weet Se impuliesby our thovghe, felts poken word Plated ea ae ace mee Therefor wo see that when We send the Blue Raynat Dine Love forth to consume the wide i tebe es ct et nig through sufcient calling to our "I AMDrercace Pies time oo ona tr rats of vibration, that gomt forth and scoame lis hat resele for eigjunt us efecto cans Foming an undesirable substance in the body, a3 the Ultra Violet Ray is when wed in cerain Cams Aitions by the medical profession, to consume un able substances within the body. ‘When we ws shese activities and when the As- cended Masters produce so-called miracles it tly the operation of Grent Cosme Lave dirt create and control vibratory action, extended far Beyond snythingof which he scientific world has as yet dresmeds Therefore, we alo se that the time is cloe at hand when outer physical sien: Ere eee tet aes cerca ple ee pelled oadmit every word which Saint Germain Ted Othe at ie Alera Hoe lave spchen b> these students of the TAM, ee pocantei owe eaicll wanes We see coneretaly the necesity for contrlling ene eae yeerne tea fending ous these impules, and whether Perfee: Son erimperfection manifest ou lives depends 29 ‘upon how many of these impulses are constructive and how many are destructive. ‘All of you know, that the present hou isa time fof such great importance and such great National crisis, that it ranks with the winning of our Inde- pendence, and the removal from the face of the planet of the last trace of barbaric slavery. We fre now in the midst of proving, that “The Light ‘of God never fails.” Shortly, we will be again called upon to select those who are to sit in the chairs of authority in our Government for an- other four years. ‘When the oficials of our Government were se- lected the last time there was not this great group ‘of 200,000 students of the "I AM” throughout the country, who could give assistance to the As- cended Host, in selecting thore who would serve ‘the Light, Let us go forth and use that power, that scepter of authority which is in our hands now; ‘and call the "Mighty I AM Presence” into action to select those who serve "The Light of God that never fails,” Saint Germain and the Ascended Host to guide che destiny of our Government. “We students of the "I AM” have seen the effect in our National affairs and those of the world, of. the use of our scepter of authority, backed by the "Light of God that never fails,” in wiping out many destructive claws of the sinister force, The ‘Ascended Host designed our original form of Gov- ‘ernment for America and brought it into mani festation, We, the students of Light, have the power to ‘wipe forever from our borders every claw of the sinister force. Let every one of us call, NOW, unto Saint Germain and the Ascended Host to manifest ‘Theie Divine selection of those who are to sit in 30 the chairs of authority in our Government. As they take office and pledge themselves to support ‘and defend the Constitution of the United States, let us give assistance by seeing them armored ithin that Great Sphere of the Blue Light of Divine Love, so that they may be forever sen- sitive to the commands of the Ascended Host, and non-recordant to all discordant suggestion and activity. ‘Let us put such an armor of Light around them, that they are impenetrable to any attacks of the sinister force. Thus, we have the greatest oppor- ‘tunity before us that any group of citizens the United States has ever had, to bring into manifes- tation quickly a Golden Age such as has never been known in the history of the world. Let us do this with all the power and Love of our hearts. In gratitude, let us render this service to Saint Ger- ‘main and those others of the Ascended Host, who hhave seen fit to release unto us a knowledge and blessing that will bring into our lives such hapy ness, at is beyond the comprehension of the m: ‘of humanity. Let us offer this as a prayer of grati- tude to the Ascended Host. Te is fitting that there should be some way through which we could offer gratitude to the Ascended Ones, forthe blessings we have received, ‘rather than to be eternally asking for more. Not st we cannot atk for anything good that we de- sire, but from the Love of our hearts, let us devote tome of our time to giving gratitude to Saint Ger- ‘main. I ark this and I ask that we put our whole strength into bringing forth thie Perfection, which the Ascended Host have decreed shall come into outer manifestation within the borders of our America. 31 + SEVEN TRANSCENDENT WEEKS - HE seven most transcendent weeks of Fis, ole ge gin a Thonkasvng | and continue until two weeks after New HESS Year's. The importance of the Outpour- ing of Light and Love at this time of the year from Jesus, all che Ascended Masters and Hlosts of Light cannot be overestimated, for owing to the atten- tion of mankind being’ focused upon Jesus at Christmas time, He and all who help humanity, pour out an intense activity of Light and Love fo illumine and bless all ‘The attention of the people Being upon Jesus aakes an opening or condition through which the ‘cended Barer con give the Great 8 the people being receptive to His Consciousness Fr celeron pt aeg terre Him. To all the I AM Students, who will give Him special time and attention every day over this period, He will project His own individual Rays Of Light and Love, to enfold them for their Vie- tory Freedom and Ascension, Te will be of tremendous benefit to every stu- dent, if during this time, each one will visualize the Luminous Presence of Jesus or Saint Germain, standing behind every physical body and watch it become absorbed into the Ascended Master's Body of Blazing White Tighe In holding this picture within che mind, the student creates a cup, #0 10 speak, into which Jesus and the other Ascended Masters pour the actual Substance of Light, charged with Their ‘Ascended Master “Consciousness, Victory and Feeling of the Ascension. This increases the vibra- tory action of both the mind and body of every- one for whom this is done and qualifies them with 33 the Ascended Masters’ Light, Love, Peace and ictory for the Freedom of all. Miracles and healings beyond all description «always take place when this service is given and sve now ask all the students throughout America and the world, eo do this visualizing with the greatest feeling and intense sincerity of Love, that Jesus and the other Great Ascended Masters may give the greatest blessing possible, to every human being NOW. ‘This means permanent release from distress for all mankind. We ask all students under this Radi- ation throughout the world, to give their help ‘and make the condition that will enable this Cos- mic Blessing to come forth most powerfully NOW. ‘The Outpouring and Radiation from Jesus, the Great Host of Ascended Masters, the Legion of Light and the Angelic Host will increase steadily, from Thanksgiving Day until the Conclave at the Royal Teton is finished. This Tremendous Light and focus of Ascended Master Power and ‘Consciousness is held at Its intense activity, until the middle of January and is absorbed through- ‘out the balance of the year. ‘We ask the students of the T AM throughout the world, to pour out their most intense Love, Gratieude’ and Blessing to Jesus and all the Ascended Masters during these Seven Transcen- dent Weeks, accept His and Their Great Assist ance—calling to their own “Mighty I AM Pres- tence” to release to all mankind and the earth, the Greatest Light and Love that has ever come forth fon earth with the Power of ten thousand Suns, and set ALL mankind free forever in the Eternal Victory of their Ascension, 34 MR, BALLARD SPEAKING ° >R the first time in my entire experience, face Mr. Raybora went into the Sphere of Light in the Cave of Symbols, have T ver seen this. ‘The entire atmosphere above you, may T use che expression, is loaded roves. Tthought a few moments ag0, they must come forth into the physical into tangi- bility, for ic would only require a breath to re- lease them into tangible physical form. That means tremendous things. The tree colors which they use are white pink and blue. If you ever saw a blue rose, a6 exquisite as these are, you would never in the world forgee ie, ‘When Me, Reyborn and went into the Temple of Light, we fst were conscious of the pure frag Faacaf one, Allac onc, the sone became ana ble and physical, lying on the floor, couches, sm: Pesiclaad aeetie es ere waar ten ‘you, if you will keep out all doubt, one day in these classes that will take place and the roses ‘will descend, one for every student in the room. ‘Thank you, “Mighty 1AM Presence”! As this sreater and greater intensity of the Radiation comes forth, we may expect any wonderful mani- fescation—not that we should look forward voit, but itis che Law, when Wwe come to a certain point, for it comes into action and nothing in feaven or earch can stop it, Take your attention from it, and do not look for the manifestavion, Timerely call your attention to ie chis morning, because they were 30 near into visibility. T know this is one of che chinge planned for the future, Te is planned for the students and anybody having doubt concerning my experiences, will know then they were real, 36 UD GRO" | ILL Study Groups should, at every meet- ling, frst give acknowledgment to the "Mighty 1AM Presence” in Tes Cosmic [Activity of the Unfed Flame, followed by giving an Invocation. All should sing the Adora tion to Saint Germain, followed by giving a decree charging mankind everywhere with HisAscended ‘Master Understanding and Use of the “Mighty LAM Presence.” Then sing one of the songs to America giving a decree for her Ascended Master Protection and Perfection, eternally sustained. Call to the "Mighty I AM Presence” to charge all your decrees with Saint Germain’s Jesus’, Nada’s and the Divine Director's Ascended Mas. ter Consciousness, Instantaneous Fulfilment and Activity eternally sustained. ‘Then proceed with the Study Outline as in printed form. It is necessary that all che Study Groups follow the above request in order 0 Areal Gc sratereinad ica retail release Transcendent Blessings for all. In all these Study Groups, try to help all to pour out intense devotion and gratitude to the Presence and the Ascended Masters, because in pouring out that Love, it releases the student rom his own discordant feelings and allows the Blessings which the Presence and the Ascended Masters wish to give, to begin to act immediately in the Life of the student. AU Sia Ss Mf a7 ‘The purpose of all Study Groups under this Radiation, & to enable the seudents vo pour out their devotion and Love through giving the de- trees that releae the energy required to give pro- fection to America and freedom to all mankind, ‘Avo ine shld anyone eres ateonpt 50 Jain or elaborate upon the teachings inthe books, for they are the Words of the Arcended Master dnd are Self-explanatory. All she student needs to dois to read the wordn, be tll and sk his own ighty 1AM Presence” and Saint Germain, ‘Jesus or any of the Ascended Masters to illumine the students cons the Ascended Master's comprehens know and all will be made scli-evidently clear, "No uaascended being can improve on the Ar” cended Matter Instruction, Explanation oc Words and to attempt to do 10° human conceit and "The Ascended Master Consciousness ix what the students and manlkind aced to use, in a outer activites aad the only way to have i Becoras dy- pamieally active fer the iadivilnal, is for the eudent £0 call to his “Mighty I/AM Presenes” to charge him with Ascended Master Consciout- inal be eink, tye fels nd doc. and freedom forall. + AFFIRMATION - “Mighty I AM Presence! charge me with the Ascended Masters’ Perfect disposition and Eternal Happiness. 38 ople of Americs, it is your Ke ase, privilege and prerogative, odo IE EB che work chat is imperacive forthe pro- ISikal|eection and Perfection of our Beloved “America your America! “The safety and lamination of Americaisyour problem! the building of the future of America Ee your problem! the protection and assistance your companions is your problem snd, Because Jou are the builders of the New Civilization, {hane your call tothe Elohim, Who are the Seven Great Builders. They will help you! ‘They will bring balance wherever you with co build snd ‘work for the Blessing ofall. As you call to Them to balance all activites of mankind, 40 will that call automaticaly bring balance within you and your world. Balance fs Mastery and iti three-fold activ- "The Source is | AM. The Consciousnes con- fsining Perfect Balance is the Ascended Master Gonsciousness and the Achievement is manifesting Perfection inal outer activity which holds every thing in Perfect Balance, hence Perfection must be the result—the manifestation of Perfection in Form and action. 3 "Young America, strive for Perfect Balance in all you do, then you are Master of every person, place, condition and ching you contact, and Per~ 39 fection is yours in all you attempt to do. ‘We bless you Beloved young America with the Perfect Balance of the Seven Great Elohim of ‘Creation and ask you to give che following decree “Mighty IAM Presence,” Great Host of As- ‘cended Masters, Mighty Legion of Light, Great ‘Angelic Hoit and Great Cosmic Beings! come forth in your Cosmic Activity of the Unfed Flame! seize control of all the energy in the Gas- ‘belts throughout the earth and turn it all into pure metallic Gold! Let its Radiation come through, to purify the substance of earth and its atmosphere, all nature and the bodies of man- Kind! ' Lecall be filled now with that pure energy and bring Your Perfect Balance into all outer activity of mankind and the earth forever.” AFFIRMATIONS + “Mighty I AM Presence” and Great Host of Ascended Masters! charge the singing and speak- ing voices of all the “T AM? Students throughout the warld, with the Ascended Masters’ Golden Voice of the “Mighty TAM Presence” and keep it forever sustained in full Glory. “Mighty T AM Presence” and Great Host of Ascended Masters come forth in Your Cosmic ‘Authority and Activity of the Great Quenchless Flame of Divine Love! claim every young per- son in America and the world into the Service of "The Light of God that never fails” and hold them there forever. 40 + A MARVELOUS DECREE FOR HEALING + «AND HAPPINESS « “Mighty 1 AM Presence” and Great Host of Ascended Masters! seize possession of this entire condition and my feelings! flood all concerning it with the Sunshine of Your Love and Light, in Tits Cosmic Activity of the Quenchless Flame and drench us all and the earth with Your Eeernal Happiness forever. a OUR CHRISTMAS SHRINE CLASS « “IN LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA. + "T IS Saint Germain’s Request, that we hold a special class at the Shrine Au torium in Lot Angeles, beginning Christ mar Eve at 10:30 P.M. and continuing, ‘ror ton days. This will bring the class into activity during ‘the most intense Outpouring of the Seven Trai scendent Weeks from Jesus, the Ascended M: ters and Great Host of Light. Through Their hey Outpouring, He and these Great Ones will do for all mankind and the earth, what can- rot be done during the rest of the year. Because the Students can render li sistance, by making AM Presence” for help, illumina Victory and the Ascension for ALL’ mankind, Saint Germain has requested, that the Class be hheld at Christmas time and chis Mighty Service fendered mankind andthe earth for the Atcen- If the students will give their assistance, mira~ cles and blessings unbelievable will be released tremendous protection given America and Tran- scendent Freedom come forth to bless humanity and the earth forever. ‘We ask all the Study Groups to give their de- ‘erees from now on, to make this Christmas Shrine Class a never-to-be-forgotten Outpouring of the Greatest Light, Love and Freedom to ALL man- kkind that has ever been experienced upon earth. To that end, we shall alll work without limit with all the Love, Light and Power at our com- mand to produce Perfection for all the students, America and the world, In the everlasting Love and Light of the Great Ascended Masters, we hold you all forever. Lovingly, "THE BALLARDS. 2 | esis “I AM” READING ROOMS OF THE + SAINT GERMAIN TEACHING * LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, 7eh and Olive Steet, ‘Transamerica Building, Reom 926. Phone VAndike 8426 PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANTA,-1525 Spruce Stcet At the "Home of the T AM? ip Philadelphia, the door Slways be open with Love to che students and their friends SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, 6th and Broadway, Bank of ‘America Building, Room 314. Phone Main 1433. SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, 613 Orpheum Building. PASADENA, CALIFORNIA, 301 Citizens Bank Building, (Colorado and Marengo. Phone Wakefield 2753. GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA, Masonic Tem hose Kenwood 0052. 6B Foor. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, Jackzon Blvd. sod Wabash Ave, Kimball Hall Bldg, Room 1608, Phone Webster 3739. WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, Fagler Drive and the JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA Bldg. 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