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2 te fe ny ed seed iether oo nl SRE ee ERAN RR Se ae cute eae ee ‘The “Voice of the I AM” is the mouth-piece through which the Ascended Masters’ Instruc~ Som can ccach the students quickly, that the most powerful work possible for America and the ‘world may be done by the students to release the ‘xreatest Lightin the shortest times Te will alo contain information as to where the ‘Accredited Messengers, Mr. and Mrs G. We Ballard and son, Donald, are teaching the Avcended Masters Instruction on the "1 AM.” INFORMATION The information given under the heading of ‘rYoung America” will be the Ascended Masters) help tothe young people for their protection and illumination, as they ate the builders of the new éjvillzacion 4nd are che channels dheough which the Ascended Masters wil give theit Light for the tie of the outer world inthe Golden “TAM” Age. “This magazine snot an outlet for articles from the students, bus is the outpouring of the help From the Ascended Masters and has no human concepts in it. ‘THE SINDELAR STUDIOS 2600 South Hoover Street Los Aagelen Calforats pledge the Unfed Flame a vow, Tes Glory all-commanding now, face my Source above and see My Presence emiling down at me. I feel Its Great Enfolding Love Pouring o'er me from above, I gaze into Its Glorious Eyes, Thear Te say: “Arise! Arise”! Tee Its Blazing Heart of Lij ‘Tes Beauteous Garments dazzling bright, ask Its Help and do implore, Thear It say: “Adore! Adore” L watch Its Light become a Sun "Whore Rays pour out to everyone, now behold These seem to blend, Thear It say: “Ascend! Ascend”! must obey Its Mighty Call ‘Surrendering now my self, my all, Ido attain my Victory, Thear Te say: All free! All free! Its Arms reach out and raise me high, Tes Light illumines all the sky, Thear It say: "My Self now BE! For 1AM thee and thou art ME. CHANERA, + MR. BALLARD'S AFTERNOON + » INVOCATION + NOVEMBER 14, 1936 IGHTY 1 AM Presence”! speak Thy |wrishes to these beloved students: * “THE I AM PRESENCE” SPEAKS + “TAM” the Power that gives you all Freedom! “TAM” the Life in you, that raises every outer activity into the Fainess of My Perfection! “TAM” the Authority in your life and world that now ancrts itself, to produce the harmony necessary for your Freedom, accept this! "TL ADP” the Power that kaowe no interference of any kind, from any human creation! STAM? che Wisdom chat directs every one, who ‘will give ateention to Me, unto the fulnes of each one's Freedom and absolute Glocy of Li "T AM" the Wisdom, when invited, that pre- ‘vents all mistakes of mankindt "TAM" the Authority that silences every human destructive activity—when called into setion to dowel “SLAM? che Presence that silences and places ‘out of action every person, astociation or what ver sends forth destructive activity vo My Pres entation—through the other Ascended Masters nd Saint Germain—of this Light and work! ‘The Great Cosmic Law has now answered Me, and I become the Authority, in co-operation with Te that enables all human destructive activity or interference with this Avenue of Light, t be sie enced, and Lask you beloved seudents to WATCH itbe silenced. ‘All unfortunate individuals in human form, who henceforth attempt to personally interfere Wee ee ares have beeopie at With which the rt have brought thie Torth, SHALL MEET the recoil of their own de- structive creation, for the Great Cosmic Light no longer allows them to be protected. "Povday, for the first time since this Work has zone forth, have f, the "Mighty 1 AM Presence,” asserted Myself in this Work. So let all under- Stand, that when the Great Cosmic Law has come to a point of activity, in which the authority of the human free will may be set aside for all de- structive forces, then this Fiat, this Command goes forth. May the Light chat beats each human heart, which sends forth through the feeling de~ seructive activity, may that Light help them and Preserve them. Mankind has gone on through the centuries ‘with their wilful dis-obedience to Me, the "Mighty 1AM Presence.” Now, the Law of the earth— ‘which is the Great Cosmic Law—has said: “No Jonger shall Nature accept the iniquity, the dis- cord of mankind.” Therefore, we are facing, mankind is facing, che culmination of the accu- mulation of their destructive activities for cen- turies, That Law must now have Ies reaction to the individuals—whoever, wherever they are— who refuse to enter into the necessary harmony for their Freedom and Protection. They will meet theie own destructive activity, ae surely as they ‘This Authority is spon forth not to frighten any one, but to give all again, once again, the op- portunity to set their worlds in order, by calling their “Mighty I AM Presence” into action, which will do it. If the human doubts and fears inter- such individuals doing this, then the responsibility is theirs. They have the energy in the knowledge of My Presence, to call Me i Action to perform this Service and It cannot The individual who wants co allow his human to longer cause him to doubt, fear and question, When the Great Law—simplife, all-powerful nd majestic in Its Active Presence—is explained for his use, then he alone becomes responsible for what happens to him. 4 Do not make any mistake, this form you see before you has nothing to do with these words which “CAM™ speaking. Look upon that Chart and behold your Reality! That Chart is abso- Iutely accurate, giving you the eye-picture of your Glory which beats your heart. There is x0 Imistake, not one single one there. ‘You, my precious ones of the earth, have the opportunity for your Freedom and Ascension. This Messenger, your good brother, with Love and Kindvess hour after hour presents the Truth of this Chart to you, that you may know the Pres- cence which beats your heart cannot be interfered ‘with, when called into action to produce Perfec- tion and supply in your world. ‘Will you not listen and obey My Fiat, My Com- Pool icp etesery ron ein aoe dom NOW, after centuries of wandering in the maze of destructive creation? Will you not, oh precious ones here, listen to Me and forever silence all human gossip within yourselves and others? Take your command within My Presence to have the Light descend, as Ic did with this brother who scands before you, in rendering the service de- Scribed in these books. I pity the human personality who doubts the Truth within there books. They were brought forth at the Command of the Cosmic Law, the “Mighty LAM Presence” and the Great Host of Ascended Masters, to bring this Knowledge in Its simplicity for Freedom of the world. IT SHALL go forth until all che world knows it, regardless of all human beings on the face of the earth. Will Yyounot accept chisand have your Freedom, which My Presence will bring to you and your world? ee No longer accept the human conc of paix ea ee me el erat ean Oe eae Be pre et reend ot eee sree ied ly aberrant = See are Lamar euler cer bah aR BUE cet Can TO Br Ce eee nn aie ee oa a eee ee Sencar econ ents free in perfect health and with everything that is required vo produce beauty, happiness and Per- ‘ree disteat Cel aie Min lory - ty 1 AM Presence,” ean be manifest in and Sere yen at amy given sonny wie you faved hana Ce Saar Cn mes a Lele cee ee rupted, unclothed by human feeling. T speak to you, through the mental and feeling worlds. This hour, I speak to every “I AM Stu- « dent” throughout America and the world: that Mi aay al ade Saar eee UNMISARABEY or sie Shee coca tonnes eotarn colle ses ter Ge aarp Mighty Intelligence and Energy released into their worlds, for It WILL give them ALL they require for their happiness and Freedom. ,_ [remind you again, remember this form stand- ing before you has: ‘todo with these Words tetas tmmeeyer toes tha co through the attention—and let it be an illustra- fee aap pene rete TAM Presence,” to speak Its Wishes to you, and “LAM” speaking Them. Let it bea living example ‘ JC ei pa bar robe LA Freeney err Sa aT Psoralea ges Fane le lates wear af knows no obstruction nor interference as It is called forth into action. If you are not having the Fulness of Its Power, it is because in your feeling world there is still something that is cloth- tee oe eee Pee eee ence” into action, and let IT come forth with ITS Geta etree seco oes Maret Petes ce ‘Oh my precious ones of earth everywhere, I oa el lolaceripere ings, My rage, My Strength, sight into the mental and feeling world of all mankind throughout the earth; that from this day hence- forth, there may be less of the human discord and ped roms ers erences ee ‘May that Glory, which I send forth, reach all mankind through the mental and feeling world. Let all stand glorified in the knowledge of My Bc ce teed is este The Beloved Jesus, the Mighty Divine Director, el aera to have this Light, for They have come forth to ete eee ier on oma Pte resco aside the feeling which They pour out to you, I, ee eae ae you to have the Ascension even in this embodi- ment, and the authority is in your call t0 your 7 Presence, With your earnest effort, if you do not {get the human out of the way cnough mow, thea fi te next embodinene'c sel Such is My Love, My Authority, My Intelli- ‘gence which I give forth into your tte and activ= ity, to produce the Love, harmony, happiness and Perfection which every heart craves; for do I not know gine My lsh, which Beats cach human rt knows ME, when the attention is once turned to ME? ‘As the Messenger has told you, only when the human intellect turns the attention away from Me, does it again fall into the limitation of the human creation and its woeld. ‘Oh My precious ones, you whose hearts reach so earnestly to the Light, FEEL My Presence un- touched by any human’ interference. Call ME, your "Mighty I AM Presence,” into action, to clear your world of every discordant destructive ‘thought and feeling. Then, through your human incellec and feeling, stand guard that you do not allow any impulse to cause you to say or feel one single destructive ching. Thus, My Love will our out throagh your minds heart and form every one, dissolye and Keep dissolving every thing touching the individual's world; that My Intelligence may act; that My Love may enfold and keep every activity, harmonious ‘unto the fulness and happiness that all crave. Feel My Blessings, oh precious children of carth, who stand at the Door of your Eternal Freedom from every human limitation, that evor existed in the world of outer activity. Fool DEEPLY, that because you have made mistakes, you do not have to live longer in them. Call on the Law of For= siveness for every mistake that has been made, past and present. Then, allow your “Mighty I ‘AM Presence” to flood in and through you and into your world, Its Mighty Distolving Perfece Hig Fete Hews veces. po ceeds to do all for you and produce Its Perfection everywhere. ‘Let this remain in your consciousness as Living Words of Light, that your outer memory may NEVER forget it in the world. So may you have this Mighty Truth, spolien for your active use every moment henceforth, and feel the Glory of Tes Mighty Perfecting Presence acting in your cee 1 Tinto the Glory of Light you enter! Into every call of your boden enters My amplified Activity of the Light, until humanity shall become repel- Iant to every discordant thing. Even the cells of your bodies shall take on My Perfection, to ever Brow greater and greater in your Life and fill YOUR Life Stream only with My Perfection and Activity; for it may not be longer qualified by human discordant feeling. FEEL the Truth of this and make not only yourselves receptive to Its Aetrey bus Keep ooying, iat he Pores ich Thaye spoken forth into your minds, i the cells of your bodies to-day, goes forth ‘wich all-powerful Action to harmonize, to produce happiness and Perfection in your bodies. This goes forth to every “l AM Student” in the earth to produce the same result! ‘There is no Power in heaven or earth to stop it, for “I AM” the ONLY Activity, the ONLY Intelligence, the ONLY Substance, the ONLY Power to bring forth Life, ‘Therefore, no longer shall Life be ‘qualified with the inharmony of human creation. THAVE SPOKEN! 9 + SAINT GERMAIN’S AFTERNOON + * DISCOURSE CLEVELAND - November 12, 1936. WISH to say just a few words co the seudents of New Yori Philadelphia and Boston, and lee you ktow My Gratitude for your loyalty to my humble efforts for your Freedom. It has been 2 very wonderful Thing, to have watched you in your ministry and to have seen, as you have called to your Presence, how steadily and surely has all that is und able been distolved and has disappeared from your ‘world, Now, you may more clearly know what it means to adore your “Mighty I AM Presence.” ‘Please do not feel disturbed by some who have seemingly turned aside, for I feol—this might be presumption on My part—but I feel My Love IS great enough to reclaim EVERY ONE who, mo- nentarily, has succumbed to the claw of thesis ter force. They are all precious to Me, and Iam sure th no one can cura side long, for he Me sengers have never poured out anything but Lave nd Kindness to all everywhere. The human has rnot quite yet learned, co guard itself against Ts iy not an wafortunate thing for mankind, that after 99 many hours of Instruction, indivi= Goals have still succumbed and listened to. Silly childish foolish gossip of vicious minds? Is hot strange? Yet icis not, when we look at it from the standpoint that human beings through many Centuries have been steeped, as it were, in thelr Swn human concepts and discordant atticude fe- Gard things. So, we must be very patient wth them. So will you, beloved ones, join me in that n pationce to them? Call their “Mighty [AM Pres ‘Ence” intoaction, to cut them loose from anything that would draw them from the Pathway of Light. All humanity will come to know, sooner of later, that This Inseruction—all that in My Hum ble Effores, 1 have brought forth—is REALLY TRUE and that this good Brother's experiences are really true. His experiences are the founda- tion upon which This Work is established. They are ALL true, and the individual who is uafor- tunate enough not to believe that—well, then he Just must wait; but there is no occasion for battle about it, do you not see? So, do not battle with ‘anything. Do not, I plead with you earnestly, be- Toved ones, please do not outwardly attempt to battle and correct human mistakes. You know, sometimes when you do that, it sets up a tremen- Goue vortex of turmoil, which again must be dis- solved. I say this, to all students from every- ‘where: Please study those books! Does it sound ‘gotistical to you on My Part, when Tsay to you, there are no books in the world ever written I them, which carry such a powerful volume of ‘Truth as each onc of these books, You might read them fifty times, you might read them a hundred ‘times, and still you will not have what they con- tain. So will you, Oh precious ones, not be disturbed ‘or dismayed by the attiude sometimes taken, by hhuman individuals who have come inco the path- sway of Light. Remember what this good brother has said, and 1 agree with him in it; that no one can earnestly look upon that Chart and ever for~ et it; or ever long step aside from the pathway tr the Stream of Light into which he has entered. R ‘You see, the Light claims Its own, dear hearts, and that is why [ask you all EVERYWHERE from this time on, please take the wholly con- structive activity about things. Do wot batele personalities. If they are making mistakes, just fall their "Mighty I AM Presence” into action, to Correct conditions and then, be at peace in your own feelings. That is truly the way o correct fandharmonizeall things. Thisis the point: Inthe disturbance that may have been in some Group ‘Activities throughout America, do you not see that if each one would only listen, really take ‘upon himself his own individual responsibility, REFUSE to listen to gossip and accept nothing less than the Perfection of the Presence, do you not see, how imposible it would be for inkarmony 0 fever start? Will you not do this—all of you? Because I love you, every one Oh so much, and I know the Fs "you are gaining, far better than you yet do, for it i sure and certain. You Cannot make a mistake long, in calling your Pres- ence into action to produce Perfection in your world and hold Its Dominion in your mind and Body. After all, that is the only perfect thing to do, Fizst, call your Presence into action to hold Dominion in your mind and body and give you Its self-control, Do you not sce that? I is so truly magnificent. In previous activities, we have struggled to do the thing by the human part of tus, Tmean, that energy which is qualified by the human activity, but when you really once under stand and know that the Presence, which beats ‘Your heart, is really there and once you feel It and Eall Tc into action, Tt will correct not only your Selves and give you Self-contral, but every one che everywhere. 13 ‘The mistake of all mankind is chat they jump 9 4 situation, humanly endeavoring to correct i, when they feel or think ie isa mistake and of Course a battle usually ensues; but that is not the correct way REALLY, because your Presence— if'you remind yourselves that your Presence i All-wise and Allspowerful—will always correct ‘whatever the mistake may be. So isthe Presence All-powerful, of the one you think is making a ‘mistake. So take upon yourself the responsibility fof maintaining harmony and control of yourself. If each one of you will do this, Oh heavens, what a magnificent manifestation of the Presence will ‘come into your lives, individually and also into your Group Activities So transcendent will be the Light, the mani- festation of your Perfection, that every one will rejoice forever and ever, that he has really come to understand the greatest requirement in the world is Self-control and each individual refusing to listen to or accept human discordant. gos Thave taken advantage of this wondrous a _morphere in the room to-day, to speak to you My- tal direct; that you mighe get My Feeling of the Simplicity, che Truth of thee Words. Will you excuse this expression—as Mr, Bal- lassi to yous fey momen afe—_end Ta going to use a slang phrase, s0 be prepared for it You are a blewed lot really and'I want you to know, I to appreciate it, not chat all the students leased that you have caused Me That thould be encouraging. “ Task the visting students here from all ices everywhere, to convey this to ethers for Mes eee ee ee ing your Presence into action to give yo sa control and refuse ta late too mar nue ftructive gossip. 1 call it “gossip,” dear hearts, because ici nothing else. Humanicy has believed that individuals were justified in thac destructive kkind of thing, but T tell you, more lives, mor homes have been destroyed by the vicious gon of humanity than anything cle in this wide, evi So al yo always Somenber shied convey it wherever the opportunity offers) Yoo cannot solve things by hursan battling, So, cake the op nes ncn encom iy of the Messengers, the Appointed Messengers, the students and the’ Group Leaders everyerhere, 1 ‘wish you to convey this. Take the wholly con- eructive attitude, Do not be worried or disresed about any disturbing condition, either in the in- dividual or inthe enviroment; but jase wich that great can serenity say! "Mighty TAM Press face) You tals command of thet individual, You take command of that enviroment, that st tuations sweep Your Mighty Energy invo ie, pro- dace your Perfection and hold your Dominion there" Then retin that activity and do not low your human feelings co accept anyehing else but the fact that the Prosonce—the Power of the Universe har gone into the situation and It IS producing Its Perfection there. T-want 20 much For you te ge the simpy ofthc and realize at itis All powerful ‘Again {thank you, Oh beloved visiting students and beloved students of Cleveland for your Love, for your staunchness tothe Light, toyour “Mighty TAM Presence,” and for the acceptance of My Humble Efforts. Mankind is coming to know that after all, This Instruction is not so unusual as it seems at first. While to some at first It seems trans- cendent, almost too much so to be true, yet every particle of It is just as practical as your outer Gaily living and activity. Tt seems transcendent, only because it is not understood, but when the lattention becomes fixed upon a so-called trans- Cendent activity tufficiently, well it all becomes just as natural as can be. it eruly is. There is nothing transcendent in the Universe, when understood. Even in the marvelous things that the Ascended Masters, Jesus included, do, there is a perfectly Natural Law being used, although mankind has not understood it. So will you wot feel this in the fucure? T shall expect to see some wonderful transcen- dent things accomplished in your city.Ithank you. + AFFIRMATION + 4 “Mighty I AM Presence”! take out of me and my world—this instant—all obstruction to You and the fall Outpouring of the Ascended Mas- ters’ Perfection! Keep expanding that Almighty Eternally Sustained Perfection through me, for the blessing and Freedom of all. 16 + SAINT GERMAIN’S AFTERNOON * + DISCOURSE * Cleveland—November 16,1936 H beloved students of Cleveland, how great has been My Joy to see the Love, the enthusiasm and the loyalty to the Light that fills your hearts It means your Freedom from every human limitation, no matter v7 whatitmay be. Itisyour Victory, your complete Freedom from the centuries of ‘limitations in ‘which you have lived, because all individuals un- Knowingly, when they have turned away fromthe “Mighty 1AM Presence,” have grown into the present density of human form, in which they act to-day. ‘Now all this is to be reversed. As it has been My Humble Privilege, to call the attention of all mankind once again to that Great and Mighty Majestic Presence, “The Mighty I AM,” 10 wil they come back home into that Magnificent Fres- dom which they ance knew. Notice, I say co you “you once knew,” for in ages past, you have kcnown your Presence. That is why to-day, every heart which looks upon this Chart knows it has found its homes knows that it has returned after centuries of wandering in the mazeof human ere ation, most of which is destructive, It is very, ‘wonderful to find that at last they bave entered the door, the gateway of Freedom, again in the acceptance of their "Mighty TAM Presence.” Your Source of Life, Oh my precious ones, is the Mighty Currene that carries into your mi body and your consciousness, not only your con- scious ability to free yourselves, but that Great Light which will glorify you and your world, Never forget, that the Light which one day will make your body Self-luminous, is Self-luminous Intelligent Substance, the finer part of the sub- stance of which your outer structure is composed. ‘This is how it is possible to dissolve the denser part it, that the finer part may ascend into your ’gher mental body, then into the Electronic Body ‘ofthe “Mighty AM Presence,” when you become the Ascended Being. as “This iall very practical 0 donot allow the n= fallen bo eons isu eaoeian foi mien Eenrtal Law of the Univerees Uae mr Netanalacaloct beeofoolah sso cey covet Te aside een pete cep nese ben ew longer beset side. The Gecat Counic Lay fs cont pall EVERY human being to-day torcach out, cca Laka pee eee os cles the Great Comic Lavy is COMPELLING him so feed svocike that-and search thrvesh the Fedling tor his Freedom, “This is why so many thousands, when they see this chart, recognize es thae for which they have searched All hearts know instandy the reality of fit the intellect would subside and lee the heart have action, all would know IMMEDIATELY the "Tenth offs Reality and Presence, So to-day you precious ones here, have entered into-a joyous enthusiasm in the acknowledgment of your Presence of which many of you are no! ven yet fully aware; bue through the aetiviey of the radiance poured forch in this clas, you wil btcome QUICKLY aware of i, Then, shere will be maupht of the outer realy chat com hold bind fr retard you from going forward quickly ince Jour Freedom from limitssion~-and for many of Senta your Ascension, Does thac ound fantastic Zyout No! No! my precious ones. ‘There i m0 faneay about ie, but I ea Mighty Realty. Do Set'it che human inellect of yourselves oF 83, ne loc interfere with your going on and on snd ont Sto the Glory of thar Presence which gives Sealife. There js nota thing but yourclvey eat [in retard you from ior hold you back. You do vot have co accept any undesirable thing int your world, unless you Want to, Do 9 you know thisita GreatLaw? Yet unhappy man- Kind thinks that individuals must accept discord- ant things. Not not at all! Ta the ackaowledg- neat of your Presence, you do NOT longer have ee ee oe ciel ot want. ‘happens tohave Rhotice the word, anything that might have Tedged in your world, can easily be removed by the Presence, "you net tee, my precious ones, your Presence is the full Authority in your world when you call Te into action? In the mistakes you may have made—the accumulation you may have drawn shout you which ie discordant, do,you not see that thas no powerbefore the Out-pouring from your Presence, when you cal Ic into action? Then, you have rurned away from the mnt accumula tion that you have created and are looking to the Power House, the Authority for your world, land there is none other. “Therefore, when you use the Violet Consuming Flame or eall the Presence into action to do it, IT IS DONE. Do not ever accept anything ese. When you call your Presence into action to past the Violet Coneuming Flame through your physi- fal, emotional and lower mental body, Te does ie then snd there. Because you might not see it, makes no difference. It does the work. Plesse remember that, whea you call. When the Light begins to expand from your Presence anchored within your heart, and the Light within the celle of your body begins to re- spond to this Radiance which is chrown out about ‘You, ic is no imaginary thing, dear hearts. Te is So real, although an Invisible Substance. If Ie is 40 qualified by you, you can move in this Tube of 20 Light untouched by the human discord of the cuter world, ‘Believe me! when 1 call you that thousands and thousands of my students have proved this, even before this activity began. “To-day in my happy family, of more than two hundred thoustnd students, who are daily and hourly having their Freedom, through the appli= cation and acceptance of their Presence—can you imagine My Rejoicing to have found so many of My old friends? I wish you might feel the full import of that expression! “To have found so many of my old friends of long, ent ane? Again hhere in this class, I find many with whom I was ‘once very close in touch. ‘Do you know, my beloved ones, why I feel this Great Joy and cathusiasm in this class, quiee wa tonal?” Because you are many of you, those who swore with me in the civilization of seventy thos Tend years ago. Oh, does that sound like a long "Not atall. In your Divine Memory, chere “were fo maddely avaken within You your DivineMemory, you wouldsce snd know all chat has been, as clearly as you read a book or 2 newspaper. try, een toenable you to real- izehow perfectly natural all these thingsare, Re- corded about you is the Divine Memory of EVERYTHING, that has ever occurred im your ‘entire oxperic of all lives. Does that sound like a loc has been gathered about you? It is very wonderful, when correctly understood, how you Bicome the Master of al forces about You. Yes really your Birthright. Bo days in hear heat all with you, My Great Joy and Gratitude are boundless, When ee res wei the Ascended Senta bata a watched individuals through many centuricr— Witching EVERY opporcunity to give Assistance, Ghat thes mighe pain their Eroedon. Then you can know sejoice, when We really find Gia they are gaining it, through the knowledge of the Presence—a permanent thing. Then you drocan imagine how great i Our Gratitude tnd Rejoiing. Will you aot stand in the Radiance of your caighty TAM Presence,” henceforth, aad allow ete lc Conepe winters wih Jouin the slightest? Do not allow people to gous, 2ondemn or criticize in your presence. Kindly, fut firmly sence it—verbally If necenary—and See how quickly you yrll enter into the Joyous Mevaon Aci of yous Prevent which wall = encouragement that a8y Be Bessy the world needs through Ie Power and Eicicacy to wt you free. You will find a Joy filling your heart henceforth, that you have not Kemortn-vss posible for ou to experience. Since the San Francisco Class, these certain Qualities are anchored within the feeling world of every one of the students whe ee ‘into the cl ‘These ities remain wich them, Becoming an, active Broence within theie physical bodies and’ their worlds, to produce each Quality in activity and expression. : This is why, since the Messengers were in Hono- lulu, the Power of the Activity in the classes is ‘tremendously greater than it was before and will continue to expand in the Strength, Energy and Power which is released. Each one will, hence- forth, gain more and more rapid Freedom, as he Comes fate the Radiation that relented. 2 So I want you to know, that you have the privilege of calling upon Our Ascended Master Consciousness. want you to realize to-day VERY DEFINITELY what that means. OurCon- sciousness, with which We have attained the Vie tory and Freedom from human limitations and gained the Atcension, knows every step of the ‘way—knows all of the requirements. Therefore, if you call Our Ascended Master Consciousness into action to assist you, then the effort, the ac~ complishment is much more quickly attained, than through the consciousness which you ordi arily draw about you, for your unascended con- seers ie metre years Bi Try ‘grasp this, comy Tits meaning, I tell yor ae your worldand only as you become Ascended, will you know how much that has meant to you. tis My Privilege to extend to you the Love and Blessings, of the entire Host of Ascended Masters, ‘who have become interested and are ministering through this activity. Shall I tell you a secret? Even the Mestengers have not been aware of ‘but within a few months more than 300 addi tional Ascended Masters, both masculine and fem- inine have become interested and are pouring ee lee a0 oie te del pose more than 500 who are directly pouring for Their Radiance to mankind, as individuals be- come attuned to receive it. This means the Free- dom of mankind. is dissolved from the planet, are no idle Fantasy, for that Light is coming more powerfully 23 into action, daily, to produce this Mighty result. il you acoert the Bemtngs oft catize Hort of Atcended Manor inciuding Mysell? ‘Accept She Radiance. pervonally established, eternally oative for your Blewing, Freedom and’ Ascension: TiN) Homble Priviige to extend this to yon, 153 fel asured that you may call upon Me at Un) cane To the degree that the Lar of your be- Be peewee wil Ligive unlimited Aesstance 25 wll the Mereengers want you to know this, You bested onet, who are Yatting here from various parts ofthe Coun do you know what thi Has meant £0 30%, srk ade the frst call the Preece ina ac: Ton, to provide the way and se hat you gochere? Tehas tawered you. One day, you will se how treat that for you. Dear heart, 1 shows the pe win you ne bcome on, neo fo aeaviey obaeac eter world nejaee with you wich My for the strength, Tatnchness and loyalty to the Light shar beset Jour hearts, Te is your Eeernal Preedom. Keep weve dent hearts; until the Full Power of Your ‘Mighty TAM Presence” relented into action, to produce every rerule of Perfection you desire comey require. Ob let nothing turn you aside, In the fulnes of that Great Cosmic Light, in the fulness of the IReaiiey of coe Asceuded Masters, the Legion of Tight and the Great White Broshechood, We ex: fend to you Their Blesiags to become ever active Ss Gratitude, Strength, Freedom, Happiness, Sop” Plyand your Ascension: SAINT GERMAIN’S EVENING - * DISCOURSE * Cleveland —November 16,1936 FTER the wandering of many centuries, 'we again have come home into the Act jinowledgement, into the Understand- ing—at least in part—of that Life, that Principle of Life, the “Mighty I AM Presence” which is all Life, our individualized Presence of All mankind throughout the earth is searching for this Understanding. Individuals do not know it yet in the outer, but after all there is not a hu- ‘man being on the face of this earth to-day, even the savage in the jungle, that is not looking for this Mighty 1 AM Presence.” Why? Because the Great Cosmic Light is streaming into the earth, with avery greatly increasing volume, Thisis why to-day in theactivity the our activity of an kind—a Power and Authority has come forth ‘which heretofore has been unknown in the history of mankind, since the second Golden Age, more than a million yearsago. Now beloved Children of the Light, the oppor- tunity stands before you of the Open Door into yout Eternal Freedom in which fea, anxiety and vuman limitations are unknown. Try to FEEL this in the Understanding of your Presence. Try to KNOW, that in the home-coming of the wanderer sf the ctncuri isthe Excrnal Release from those itations that all human beings have drawn about them. ‘Never in the history of the earth have you had ‘such an opportunity. Why? Because of the Onruch ‘of this Great Cosmic Light and Assistance, for It ismaking possible, that which has never been pos- sible before. 25 Boe apace Ae tn ee a er pe enema es be eect yee plished co the degree that no one labored for any- ‘thing. People sat at their tables and food, clothing and everything they required appeared. To-day, ‘we are coming into that state again, on a spiral higher—two spirals higher. So individuals who ‘can set aside the human concepts of what can and should be, will find themselves entering into this pee area rece Tis bgu pln ie ede ene ae eee Se eee ee harmonious activities it every good thing for the time being. Then individuals wonder why they donot get the health, dom which they feel they should have. See quickly, ee ae eiaiwar cirapeu ants ee ai eee ps oe eee ates de eater Cte eee ee ero ctecs ay roe ot te eee cia ena Sere nes eee ‘both be under control, before mankind will make acces racers ‘thing is, that the outer world of mankind has made people believe the opposite of the Truth, and the people are laboring under it to-day; but the in- 26 ividvals, who will take their stand with their divides: Eatresence” and posh all human seg sMipsty (de and hold chery there, will go for- septa rockets, into the Fulness of Perfection Ta ecedom from all human imitations and their ‘Recenion. ‘Fea enaae have this Mighty Energy ofthe Pres- cone the Fite of Life—ratved into the Activity Scr Presence azainy in order to have the strength, courage and health tocall your Presence Tug Etlom nel Tes Power rushes forth lke an ‘Rjgnche lato your world and fle ie with che aetay and strengch which you require. Stand far over and spit the human muggeions Ber ick you on every side and prevent you from: Prine the joy, happiness and Freedom which Jour heart crave. Beloved oney there is mo se mincing words Jom eae There no use finding excuses for human done rite doce not do any good. 1 dors not et sate tse Oh face yourselt Fight now square Teer Sr fal eo doit! Stand aside! Look yourselé Ope ie he faccandsay: "You human self! what {ieee is been Going with tis Energy of God”? oukave ben wn eatery spe Yonbaet seats magi dhrough irritation, in various ave~ been wd eoagh which you have released that mar~ ae Energy, letting it ge forth, performing NO Conseructive service. “Oh beloved ones, you must make Your choles ali the mest magnificent manner that ttever been presented to mankind, You do not Net fYesuifer. Imagine whae ie meant in the cen- when the individual ha oat Tees iitions of distressing character i or- Shree oi esG ory and Freedom through his own 28 human creations. To-day, all of that severe ac~ sirigy se ase ad mand here_eghe bere in che open world —is getting ite initiation ev day, through natural methode. No longer does he individual have fog into Retest ond pas through thore initiations oceul® initiations, whic were once demanded. ff i You canbe eternally grateful, Oh beloved Chil- dren of the Light, that you do not have t0 go through thoce terrifying experiences—more men= fal than physical—but more terrifying because of that. Tovday, you have the Power of your “Mighty 1 AM Presence” co call into action coset everything in Divine Order through thePower of ine Love, Ease and Grace, never before expe- -nced in the history of the earth.. rae this change rom the Grest ral Sun, which furnishes the very En Tife tthe tendent, has come into action, Lifting the onice arth andi ibestory activity mts he Light once again. Not only does Ie now go forth, burt will contin todo to, for the creation of man Kind no longer hat any effect to stay Tes Power snd Action! That iewhy your hour of choice hat come! You must decide whether you with t0 serve the con= Stractive or destructive pathoray of Life. Realize, that no matter whae your intellect may want «0 do, if you allow discordant feelings wo reign in your being, then you ARE serving the destructive pathway of Life, dear hearts. Do you not see that? EVERYTHING that makes you feel discordant or irritable is causing you to act in the destructive pathway. You do NOT have to accept that! You EGNOT nced toallow it roact within you, because you are the one who must decree for your world, y and ‘You have the Energy of the Presence so call inte use and It WILL produce the result you desire if ‘you will call Ie into action. Never complain again because your Presence does not act. Ie always DOES act, if you call Iesin- ‘cerely into action and stand by it. Donot make ex- uses for yourselves! Call your Presence into ac- tion and stand by IT, until the results manifest. Temust ace, because ie is the Law of your Being. Do nocallow anything comake you heve self-pity again, ‘Human sympathy is agreement with imperfec- tion. Divine Companion lifts you unto the Heights ‘above, erhere you can give ten times the assistance ‘and not be drawn into that, with which you would bbe in human sympathy. Sympathy pulls you into the digces with which you are in sympathy. Dix ‘Compassion lifts you up above the distress where you can give the service requiced and stand free, glorified by the Glory of your “Mighty TAMPresence” called intoaction. Thereis nothing greater in the whole Universe, Beloved ones! straighten your spines! awert your Dominion in the acknowledgment of your Presence and stop all human action from this day forth! Go forward in the Glory of your Presence and be Free. In your activity of the outer world of man- kkind’s creations, do you not see that all outer in- dustry and all activity of that kind is but the re- quirement of the human? In che higher octave fone of that is required. The Ascended Master producesinstantly whatever He requires, whether ic be clothing or anything else, and T assure you ‘Wedonot follow the fashion as youdo. 30 Quy Pion Oat eiay Tuy soe sac shows thin The eter Constr ange erases mankind al thedine mre est the commercial desire, causing you to wee all acts of fashions, in order to get your: ‘money away from. yous ‘The Ascended Masters? Garments are the most beautiful in the world and cost the lease Whee do you suppose beloved mankind will wake eer Be your own designers in clothing, m food, inst, in Your architecture, ‘Then you’ wil heve the beauty of the Ascended Masters come ferch ints action in the earth and you will have Heaveane, Dressed upon earch, That activity i just befoce Yyou--not around the corner but juee beloss 7°My Precious Ones T should I iy Precious Ones, love some da show you what a good time We could have ta- ‘gether, Oh my loved ones, We are not long faced individuals, but are filled with Joy, Happiness, Beauty and Perfection, by beng free trom human creations and limitations. Init aota Joy! Oke what 2 wonderfal thing! Oh do ne ti Tor ons mes tment, chat We did not go through all you ase {ng through, perhaps some things evex more Soe rea cel very close to you deat ones here: Docs chat sound hummy? Tima ict have teen almost tempted tocome forth and show Myself you Of Beloved Ones, weary not in well doing come abouts — How great is My Joy, to find those who canand do cleases0 great s Love, so great an enthosiagm and joy in the acknowledgment of their Presence, ‘Ob dear, precious onss, your Presence which gives you life CAN lift you inte your Ascension, when 31 you will decree is EARNESTLY ENOUGH. Do ot think that your mistakes out here, your sense of age or any of those things can deprive you of your Freedom, They cannot do it. Ie is only the Reman concepts within your feeling, precious ones, that hold you longer bound to the limitations of earth; that is all ‘Oh just chink! juse the difference in two words —just the difference in two wor ‘and FREE, and in the knowledge of your Presence you have Freedom RIGHT NOW. Will you aot accept that and not let a single human thing come in, to disturb you in the future? Do not let anything event the Out-posring of Your "for tt WILL quickly divolve everything else unlike Ie- MEE Tiyou gots into theLight of your Pres- eet ‘fam going to ask you beloved ones of Cleveland and hettors hore eben the fllowing ctv ity at once: Contemplate your re nce before yout supger te Char beceuie Ges he eye-pictare of your Realiey in your vite Arete our bosk down, or the Chart close sour eyes, deal this Ray of Light from the Pres- TSEE Soe only a the Ray comes chrough the cop ‘of your head and anchors within your heart, but SEEDSACEXPAND, until Te becomes a sold > Jar of Light enfolding you from head to foot. Then KNOW: that Pillar of Light IS Self-luminous Ingenta Yogbverytat Sues Trea yeet and FEEL Tedo les perfoce workin your Tody, atgorbed inte every cell, Now FEEL this vente em talking to yous BEEL Ie aborbed into TINS call of your bedy. Then feel your beauty, your health and Perfection having already taken command of your body—then and there. As you 32 ‘repeat this process, you will be amazed at the transformation that will cake place 7" ** ‘HE This is a distinct activity, aside from calling ‘your Presence into action in the ordinary. way, Make your call first, for the Presence to charge Your mind and body with Its Perfection and hold Its Dominion, Then feel, VISUALIZE, SEE— MENTALLY SEE—this Pillar of Light from the Presence descend and envelope youin ItsSelf-lumn- nous Intelligent Substance, Which no iaharmony ‘within che atomic structure of the body can inter- fere with or prevent Its Action bringing harmon and Perfection intaevery cell of your body, youd and beauty into your appearance. Will you not do that and have the Glory, the Joy which It brings you? (Ob, I just long co take each one of you in my arms and then st you down FREE. You are so close i dear hearts, Oh don’t let anything interrupt At the least intimation of inharmony, turn on ie like a tiger and say: “Get out of my world, 1 ill have no mare of your nonsense, ‘There is no provocation out here that is going to disturb me! Now do you understand that”? Then stand by your decision and be Master of your Feelings and ‘world, Tura on it, the moment it shows an appear ance. Do not wait! Just say: “Stop that nonsense, ‘you have held your Dominion in my world for the last time. Get out!” Te will get out, Furthermore, You ARE going to doit, which I rejoice greatly to . Some day, when the Messengers come back to Yisic you again, We will not have to say, that you d not hold your own. We will be able to say with Rejoicing: “You have won your victory.” Mark what Ieell yout 33 ———————————ll—(_itit—™S eat ihe Love! Mysnlf, the Mewensert ane Scetended Masters atthe accomplishment pe to class, in the clearnest and comprehen: here in th Sich you have received chs Instrue- sion with which 7 ae poured forth vo greet © ‘Love, it has cleared the ‘comprehension so you are Love, i hading more clearly, You are more alert, iu he feeling of your ality fo have he ier ‘through your Presence, It is very 4 rent 1c. Saree gash We might bave had 2 couple more Gown here, it sem athe f got phat ewe or shree year fas meant in com, Mich che centuries in which you have Pat Mion, Now, you suddenly find you can Aull get out of nit not fof great re Wicing? Marvelous beyond W 7" ow Love comes old friends and vo knery t aga Victory neerein ORF Boner Vie eel Our Great Joy, for It is pouring Son ut fel Our Gr ST a arb forte i not going to stop. Its going to continue mr on, Will you not believe that and accept Te Tien orcusly every day? Individually FEEL the seni atpouring each day. You CAN do it. T Decree to-night that chis bea continuous Out oes Gere im your midst, producing absolute [otmeny among all of you, For these vis ome forth! I Ssvine Love fo g0 before you into Lighenind ?cize and bind all entities cere, sake your cite! 206 crave of Light and keep them 34) bound! tostand guard over every “LAM Student” in all cites wherever you go, and the “Mighty rset reach gat fe hends and ll Joae raps full to overflowing with earnest, sincere seekers of the Truth. an Group Leaders everywhere! be fearless, be humble, be loyal tothe Light, to Your "I AMPres- nce? then stand by this Work, There have been ‘ew mho have had the austin is dt min Why do the Messengers ask the people and why id Jovus and Saine Germain ask the people, to Stand by the “TAM Discourses” and the Work twhich Stine Germain has broughe forth here.” Why? Because, dear heart, produces revults, that isthe reson. “You have all the good you have accumulated from everything in which you have been inter- iced in the past. It is not that you do not give thanks, praise and gratitude for everything you ave ricnived—-whatever it has been but now the Opes Door sands before you in this. ‘One beloved individual has said, they quest hae Jesat would make sich a statement, which He did in the Discourses, asking the people to ftand by the Instruction ‘which I have brough Forth, Tewould be strange indeed, if Jesus lenow what he was talking about. He sai i, only for the teason that this Understanding of the "Mighty TAM Presence” IS your Freedom, Victory and Aucension. Inn’ that reason enough, why YoU Beda Copy chis Law in preference’ to other Tikes whch have not produced those results for Seas Th mot derogatory to anything else thac has 2k Neiscance; notin ce last, but this will pro- Hace che final rerale 4 cone sf your Ascension! Why 35 ‘Oh Precious Ones, is it not curious how the hu- man will concoct one thing or another co try 0 find excuses? Yet after all, We do have in finite patience. We Love and Bless each one and the individual chat wants to wayer and w: around a little while longer, well, God Bless him too. So you sec, Precious Ones, We do not feel disturbed or anxious about anything of the kind; bbut just go serenely on, just go on and on to do thisPerfect Work. Dear Ones, in the fulness of the Great Light of your Presence, assisted by the Great Cosmic Law, enter into Te and BE FREE NOW! Never in the world have you had such assistance. Aside from your own conscious effort, you have this Great Cosmic Light, these Great Beings—the Si- ent Watcher, the Mighty Arcturus, Cyclopea, ‘Oromasis,Prince of the Fiery Element to assist you, ‘and heavens knows, humanity needs it. There are 42 lot of things that need to be burned up, you Know. All of these tremendous activities are gi ing assistance. There is a concentration of Light ‘and Assistance from all the Retreats of the earth Arabia, India, the Island in the Pacific—not ‘charted—the Mighty Royal Teton, and all other places of Light on the earth. They are also con- Centrating Their Activity to bring this Light to humanity, because it IS every individual’s certain and definite Freedom. Oh take command of your worlds, Precious ‘Ones! Call your Presence into action with FIRM DETERMINATION and then, the Presence will do the rest. In the Mightiest Love of the Great Host of ‘Ascended Masters, the Legion of Light, the Great ‘White Brotherhood, and that Blessing which comes 36 fom all the Retreats of th : c earth, Textend to you Thee Love, Blessing and Their caiaeend ff Joe hearts, is the Joy of all the Oces r 3 of all the Oceaves of Light all the exeth here sbucone Reiene, Rete at beats your heart, In the fulness of thre Eighe, We call inte action the intensified Love , Power and Activity of your Presence, {0 take command ofall minds und bodies henerss? gut the earth, produce Its Perfection, hold ies eminion, silence and consume everythings Grey human discordant thing--chae hat ever gen generated. In the Blessing of that Groat Conn mic Light, We say adieu, but not goodbye, * AFFIRMATIONS - ‘Mighty 1AM Presence”! charge my Being an world forever with the Pure Blossronte Soke oan of Light from Your Heart, charged with the Ace cended, Masters’ Consciovaness and Pecfecton eternally controling all I contact, eeher. oe ae ce”! make and me ‘nconscious forever ofall iertationy Chance with the Pure Electronic Substance Gros TEs Hears qualied with he Ascended Masted Coal sciousnes, Peeling and Activity of Raseaat Seay seiGedCottets 7 7 ERCE’ if Si UibY LOVED Group Leaders and all stu- {Tenet the Avcended Mastors ase you to Stand guard more powerfully than ever before, over your attention, so that you keep it on the Presence and the Great Host of As~ cended Masters at all times, no matter what the Suter ntiviey of your Life ind work may be, The heviog of che Law of your Being ist What- ever your attention is on you connect with and bring into your world, as surely as if you threw Pinds"Seodnd i and bopan pulling i to you, Mfkeca a ewe told accivcy and responstbiicy in everyone's Life. The first, is to himself and to his world individually. The second is to those whom he contacts. For instance; whatever we let bur attention connect with, that we must carry Oat eeactvicy ito our own individual Life and Bee corn ch tense eee tai ings ov sever, we become respon for the reaction of the other individual to them. Whatever results they bring to the other person, trecapiust enptince one we ete he pen Toor through which they entered, Toe. he action of the Great Lawi If we tun the aeestion of someone to a destructive SEdivity and that one accept itor doesnot exert ifort enough to resets activity, then if the per~ Son be swept into the downward path the main fesponatilty fe urs, The reason this is 90 yey important is, that it only takes one wave of vibra- 38 ar age taal io he Roses raely contests even tive activity, it many times ‘that the per- ton needed futt one more wave of sxe t tae tiring Perfection, to have released the fetes Se ees into the full accomplishment of his Victory. If we interfere with his attention in such a case, then we become largely responsible for his failure ee tee er eae Lat wa ce eee re cas eects Beth, cae reece work with that ‘one, to bring ick to the point where he ws ee a prea ar mena ae Leaders, you should sce how great in’yous pant, ut individuals to the heights of the As- le 8” Glory and Ascension, through turning their attention co their own “Mighty I ‘ilps tment meetings, to call with all the intensity of your Beings to the "J ity I AM Presence” to forgive all human mist of all mankind—past and pcr ee ee eee eect esa ae ‘yiduals into the Pathway of Light and giving help enmasse that could not possibly be given other wise. This particular Service to the Great Law is. so gigantic, chat we cannot overestimate Its im- ea re es re Oe in oe own efforts = sreedrste Pee eae ee ey Master Freedom and Victory for all, ilege to conded 39 jou an activity and use of the Pure eae with the Ascended Masters? Consciousness Tr mill bring you joy tnspeakable and manifes- Codon umbeliovable of the Perfection every hu ‘man being craves. “TE you will make the effort call your “Mighty TAM Presence” into action, to charge all the sub dance of your being and world with the Ascen Marco’ ‘Consciousnen and ALL-POWERFUL PERFECTION in Its most overwhelming Action, villbeanswered beyond your fondest dreams, Js very, VERY important for you to, do this ‘from now on, forthe protection of yourselves others Jon of the LAW is this: The Pure Elec: “The action of the LA\ tronic Substance of Light, from the Hare eOceite of Life te charged with Thee As- Sended. Master Consciousness; which NEVER- SE evn Se scr Se oy a vue ht AM Presence” to charge ALL the ‘Substance in Jour Being and world with the Ascended Mas- 40 ‘ters! Consciousness and Substance of Pure Elec ‘tronic Light, forever expanding PERFECTION from within Itself, it IS eterually sustained; be~ cause substance charged with Their Ascended Master Consciousness can never be requalified ‘with any human discordant feeling or conscious ress, no matter how disturbed anyoue’s human personality might become. All the discordant sinister activity of all man- kind combined CANNOT requalify one particle of the substance, that your Presence charges with ‘Ascended Master Consciousness because Ascended Master Consciousness can never register human quality of any kind. Substance and Consciousness from the As- cended Masters? Octave of Life is eternally un- changable, for It is Their Quality of Perfection eternally sustained. When the student calls his “Mighty 1 AM Presence” into action to fill his mind, body, Being and world full to overflowing ‘with the Substance and Consciousness from the Ascended Masters’ Octave of Life, the Presence does release that charge fustantly. ‘When fifty-one per cent of the substance of the individual's Being and world becomes charged with the Ascended Master's Consciousness and thus becomes the Pure Substance from Theic Oc- ‘aye of Life, it means, that Ascended Master Qual ities, Activity and manifestation begin to control all experiences of that individual's Life ‘Young people of America! please study this ex- planation thoroughly and OFTEN! Realize how Infinitely powerful is its action and Power to pro- duce Perfection for you and in your world. We sive the following decree for this 2ctivity, for the Freedom of all: "Mighty I AM Presence”! charge 41 1c consciousness, being, and world, of everyor os sem hse waa mnt reed + FUTURE APPEARANCES - Tee Coaccionsness, lumina : on of thelr enormous importance: and the + OF THE MESSENGERS - Biaderstanding of what maryelous Freedom, Vie~ tory and Accomplishment chey contain for the blowing and Ascension of every individual on earth. slay has worden shi all Ascended ee jumination register in letters of Livi lying, oe Bice Love within the brain, body and world of every human being on this plance—releasing Their Almighty Perfection cverywhere for the Freedom, Perfection and As- ‘Cension of all mankind RIGHT NOW.” SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA Scottish Rite Auditorium, Sutter and Vs Sutter and Van Ness Streets, Thursday, February 4th to Sacurday, February 13th, inclusive. Afternoons at 1:30 P.M. and Evenings at 7:30 P.M. + AFFIRMATION * e “Mighty 1 AM Presence”! You are the Love, Light, Wisdom and Power that keeps every dis- DALLAS, TEXAS Jefferson Hotel Roof Garden, February 21st EVER AT PEACE.” to March 2nd, inclusive a 3 + SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS - ications of The Voice of the I AM will be contin Ahrogh another year after present svbscriptons expire wi the lew of Pebranry, 1937. ‘We are now prepared 9 receive subscriptions forthe year Sepinning withthe are of Maceh, 1997, and ie will materially sais: oar planning if then intending to tenew thelr rubscrip- ‘Sons will send their renewal as eacly a pombe, ‘Subscription prices remain at present. Please make checks payable + SINDELAR STUDIOS + SPECIAL NOTICE—Chenge of Address + ‘tiple portage (out in and oat Spe rele ly ly ed ins sane thoughts, Pease help us inthis and—Please do moe 5 ‘3 Lutnger they are troublesome, ‘THe VOICE oF THe I AM “4 - PROTECTION - + OF OUR COPYRIGHTS - We hereby notify all readers and individuals everywhere, that everything in the books of the SAINT GERMAIN SERIES, the VOICE OF THE “1AM,” OUR PUBLIC LECTURES, AFFIRMA- TIONS AND INSTRUCTIONS GIVEN TO GROUP LEADERS is covered by our copyrights with all rights reserved, including foreign trans- lations. This means, we will not allow this instruction and Information to be deleted, distorted, adulter- ated or diluted for any purpose whatsoever and ‘we shall protect them fully, We are determined that this GIFT OF LIGHT, TRUTH AND FREEDOM from the Ascended Masters to mankind SHALL BE PROTECTED and kept PURE, TRUE AND UNCHANGED— FOREVER—that mankind may receive its Eter- nal Freedom and the greatest possible Blessing, Weshall use our Full Power and our Full Right to maintain COMPLETE PROTECTION AT ALL TIMES, SAINT GERMAIN PRESS and MR. AND MRS. G. W, BALLARD 4s + AFFIRMATION + “Mighty I AM Presence”! bles my feet into Golden Fltmas of Your Divine Love and ie that owertof Perfection spring up everywherel walk to blese all. bait ‘Sizer below com be purchased atthe » SINDELAR STUDIOS ~ 2600 South Hoover Steet eat tee nnd cara ‘TAX COLLECTED ONLY IN STATE OF CALFORNIA 46 - THE: + SAINT GERMAIN - + SERIES - ILED MYSTERIES, Volume 1 By Godfrt Ray King Enna hen grove of sth oops Pave #258, uth 1398 MAGIC PRESENCE, Yolume I ____By Godieé Ray King SCao7 Ma tia ales pce Poe 9. Rul aha. "I AM” ADORATIONS AND AFFIRMATIONS, cee ay Chanera ie lett man oh iy Po PICTURE OF “THE MAGIC PRESENCE” 1 lc cut The Mae Pent tem nth ee fr "APICTURE OF “THE MAGIC PRESENCE” pee Taste for Groep Landen byt St 30546 Price $1.20 PICTURE OF THE MASTER, JESUS irae bec a ates mice atte se ee oot ae ee ‘Geren an tha Maser from Venus th Reet in he Royal Teter, New Soovary taco setae epee a NEW PICTURE OF THE ASCENDED MASTER, GERMAIN, Dh benno ihng by Chase Saar eet hmmm, ea a ces Conc it a ce meltacnPace S294 (an 8). aa Fl LIST OF VICTROLA RECORDS Sime we a eandh 43.0-— Twn or Mare Revorde, 42.54 Each—Malig ChergeIncleded (T GERMAIN PRESS, P. O. Box 1133, Chicago, Il.