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Audience Research- Results and Conclusions

Are you male or female?

Male- 18
Female- 32
The majority of people that completed my questionnaire were
female. This means that my results will be biased in favour of a
womans perspective and views of a music magazine and I
need to be aware of this when assessing the other results
What is your favourite colour?
(Top 4 Answers)
Blue- 18
Black- 9
Red- 7
Purple- 4
The most popular colour with my target audience is blue, so if I
use blue on the front cover as a masthead or cover lines this
will attract the eye of the target audience
Who is your favourite artist/band?
(Top 3)
Imagine Dragons
The kooks
The answers I got from this question was a wide range, this
meant looking through my results to get the most common
artists/bands to get a top 3. As these are the most common
artists/bands that my target audience listen to I will add these
into my magazine to get my target audience to buy my music
magazine. I will add one of these 3 acts as the cover photo and
the others as my cover lines.

What do you associate with indie/alternative rock?

(Top 5)

Different clothing
Most people in my survey said that they associate youth,
colour, indie clothing, gigs and guitars with indie/alternative
rock. This question will help me to choose a title for my
magazine as it is associated to the genre of my magazine. In
my magazine I will make sure that bright colours are used that
will attract both older and younger audiences, I will also add gig
information as a cover line
How do you buy music?
CD- 14
From my questionnaire I have noticed that most people get
their music online or on mobile. Because of this I could add a
voucher of 10 pounds in my magazine as a prize from a quiz for
the winner. It will be able to use on Apple and Android
How often do you buy music?
Weekly- 19

Not often- 15
Most people in my survey buy their music weekly so I need to
make sure that updated music charts are added in my
magazine, as well as upcoming songs to look out for
How many times a year do you go to gigs?
Most people in my survey go to gigs so I need to make sure
that gig reviews and tour features are in my magazine. This will
be added as a cover line as the vast majority of my audience

go to gigs so the information will be interesting and helpful to

Do you play music?
No- 37
Yes- 13
Some people in my survey play music, because of this I could
add an article about most common instruments and songs that
can be played well on some instruments to get music players
attention. Also, I could add a get started guide to help my
audience learn how to play to get a wider audience
Do you read magazines?
No- 14
Yes- 36
If yes, how often?
Weekly- 6
Rarely- 11
Couple times a year- 8
The most popular magazine with my target audience is
monthly. So if I make a monthly magazine it will attract more
audience as they will not be looking for a new one every week
making the monthly magazine more interesting
Would you prefer a weekly or monthly magazine?
Weekly- 4
Monthly- 46
The vast majority of people who answered my survey said that
they would prefer a monthly magazine. This means I will be
able to get more information into a magazine as I will have 1
month to get more articles and images. I planned to do this in
my initial plan as I thought it would be easier to add more
information at a higher price

How much would you pay for a monthly magazine?

Up to 99p- 5
1.00-1.99- 8
2.00-2.99- 21
3.00-3.99- 4
4.00-4.99- 2
5.00 or over-0
I have covered a full range of prices within my target audience
for a preferred price of a monthly magazine. The most common
answer was 2.00-2.99 which means I will make my magazine
around that price so more of the public will want to buy it if its
at a reasonable price
What do you like and dislike about music magazines?
These are the most popular comments on the likes and dislikes
of a music magazine. From my survey I have seen that
Interesting images are key to selling a music magazine so I will
make sure to have clear and well taken Images. Also, a good
layout and colour scheme are important to music magazines to
help attract the eye of my target audience. When creating my
articles I will make sure they are not long winded, boring
articles. Although a lot of my audience said no articles, this is a
necessity when it comes to creating a magazine as it helps pay
for the magazine.