The Enlightenment Spreads

By Jose Rosario Page 126

A.In 1700s, Paris was the cultural center of Europe. People came from other countries to here the ideas of the enlightenment.

Marie-Therese Geoffrin

B. Marie-Therese Geoffrin supplied the money for one of the majors of the enlightenment, the Encyclopedia. 1.Their aim was to put together all the knowledge in one set of books. 2.The government & the church banned the encyclopedia. encyclopedia 3.However books & meetings helped to spread these ideas through out Europe, & its middle class, which class was increasing in wealth but had no political power.

C. In the late 1700s the Arts moved in a new direction
1.Baroque – painting reflected a style that was very grand & highly decorated. 2.Neoclassic – the style borrowed ideas of the classic Greece & Rome, simpler & elegant. 3.Music – for example introduced artist such as
a.Franz Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart & Ludwig von Beethoven

The Greatest Music Ever Made Immortal



D. Some English thinkers believed that the best government was the monarchy.
1.They tried to influence their rulers to rule fairly & to follow the enlightenment ideas.
a.Enlightenment despot were rulers that give up power.
i. Frederick the Great of Prussia gave his people religious tolerance & reformed the judicial system. ii.Catherine the Great of Russia tried to reform laws but after a peasant revolt she gave more power to the nobles.

Enlightenment Despots

Frederick the Great of Prussia

Catherine the Great of Russia