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Aluminum Die Castings Surface Finished Requirements

Dimentional Tolerance

0 to 30 mm
31 to 100 mm
101 to 300 mm
301 to 1000 mm

0.2 mm
0.3 mm
0.5 mm
0.8 mm

(1) No burrs or sharp edges allowed anywhere on the castings.

(2) Ejector pin marks and Flash pin marks are not allowed.

(3) Cracks, cold lap, cold flow, nonfills, solder build-up and drag marks are not acceptable.

(4) Surface Voids or Holes are not acceptable

(5) Discontinuities in Threaded Area are not acceptable.

(6) Rough and Dent surfaces are not acceptable

Surface is
not smooth

Surface is
not smooth
(7) Parting Lines/Gates - Voids, pinholes and breakout along the parting lines and gates are unacceptable.

Cracks are not


Voids are not


Breakout and pinholes

are not acceptable
(8) Uneven surfaces are not acceptable.