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Environmental Economics
7th edition
Hardback / 2017
ISBN: 0078021898 / 9780078021893

Detailed List of Changes
The seventh edition contains much new material, including new exhibits and updated figures and tables. New contents
Controlling greenhouse gas emissions - Chapter
Carbon taxes - Chapters 1 and 12
Pollution and GDP in India - Chapter 1
Energy-efficiency gap - Chapter 15
Oil spills from pipelines and trains - Chapter 2
Burden of proof in toxic testing - Chapter 15
Regulatory flexibility - Chapter 9
Social cost of carbon - Chapter 18
European emissions taxes - Chapter 12
Globalization and the environment - Chapter 18
Offset trading - Chapter 13
Clean Air Act updates - Chapter 5
Emission rate trading - Chapter 13
Carbon market in California - Chapter 13
Overall changes
The basic structure and sequence of chapters in this edition are unchanged although we have reorganized and updated
the last section on global issues.

Sections 5 and 6 contain policy chapters, where we examine current developments in environmental policy with the
analytical tools developed earlier.
Section 5 is devoted to environmental policy in the United States, covering federal policy on water, air, and toxic
materials. It also contains a chapter on environmental issues at the state and local levels, including recycling.
Section 6 looks at international environmental issues: global climate change, the economics of international
environmental agreements, globalization, and economic development and the environment.

Chapter-by-Chapter Changes

SECTION 2 Analytic Tools

o Chapter 4: Markets, Externalities, and Public Goods
! Replaces the 6th edition chapter titled Economic Efficiency and Markets.
SECTION 6 Global Environmental Issues
o Chapter 18: The Global Environment
o Chapter 19: International Environmental Agreements
o Chapter 20: Globalization
o Chapter 21: Economic Development and the Environment
! This section has been reorganized with a greater emphasis on globalization.

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