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° fancy free ° fair play ° fight fire with fire © foul play ° good riddance © green eyed monster ° for ever and a day ° a foregone conclusion ° adish fit for the gods ° asorry sight ° all of asudden ° all corners of the world © all that glitters is not gold ° all's well that ends well ° as dead as a doornail © as good luck would have it ° at one fell swoop ° the be all and end all ° high time ° heart's content ° ina pickle in stitches in the twinkling of an eye lie low love is blind make your hair stand on end more fool you much ado about nothing neither a borrower nor a lender be night owl send him packing the game is up too much of a good thing up in arms vanish into thin air seen better days wear your heart on your sleeve wild goose chase woe is me

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