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**** Non-official Translation ****

Re: A response to Julie PEARSONs family.

1. On 27 November 2015 a report has been received from MDA (local emergency
medical services) concerning a woman Julie PEARSON (the deceased) that lost
consciousness in a hostel in town.
2. With the arrival of the police car and investigation officer to the scene and after many
resuscitations, Julie was taken to the hospital where she was later declared dead.
3. The caller, an acquaintance of the deceased was transferred for questioning in order to
deeper understand the circumstances of her death, gave his version of the events and
was detained until his version was verified.
Further testimonies from additional involved friends and acquaintances were taken to
understand her behaviour a week prior to her death.
4. The investigation suggests that the deceased was beaten by an acquaintance a few
days prior to her death and by her ex-partner the day before.
An investigation of the relevant event has taken place.
5. The body of the deceased was sent for an examination in the forensic institute, the
results including toxicology are expected in a few weeks.
According to the initial report which content we cannot disclose, her death cannot be
linked to the above violent incidents, despite the above, the police division
investigated those allegations and arrested and questioned the suspects.
The case is now under investigation with the Eilat police division.

Superintendent Galit Ben-Hayun

Eilat Police Division