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By the Aucended Masters ond ther Accredited Mesiewgers Me. and Mrs, G.W. Bollard and son, Donald The “Voice of the I AM” is the mouth-piece through which the Ascended Masters Instruc- Sion can reach the tendents quickly, chat the most powerful work possible for America and the world may be done by che students to release the greatest Light in the shortest time, Jc willalie contain information asco where the Accredited Messengers, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Ballard and son, Donald, are teaching the Ascended Masters’ Instruction on the "I AM.” INFORMATION The information given under the heading of “Young America” will be the Ascended Masters? help co the young people for their protection and illumination, as they are the builders of the new civilization and are the channels through which the Ascended Masters will give their Light for the use of the outer world in the Golden "TAM Age. ‘This magazine is not an outlet for articles from the students, but is the outpouring of the help from the Ascended Masters and har no human ‘concepts in it. ‘THE SINDELAR STUDIOS 2400 South Hoover Street ‘Lot Angelen, California + JESUS’ DISCOURSE Monet essere JRECIOUS Children ofthe "Ligh"! your [hearts are reaching so earnestly c0 the: Perfection of the Ascended Master Con- fciousness, of which you have come to Ienaw. Ar in the long ago, when we met to leave for humanity the Example which all mighe fol- Tow, 30 to-day hao there come again the fulfl- iment of that Example which {left for mankind. iy hare cejoices thet in the great adoration which has been poured out to Me shat there en- ered inco you thae consciousness of the Ascended Master Activity, which ie was my great privilege to use, in Bringing My Victory and Example to ld. Tonday you havea ranscend: thae Secret Knowledge which was ziven €9 me— the lenowled ge of the "Mighty TAM Presence” and Its Invincible Power 0 actin you, through You and for you, to manifest your full Perfection and cen, a was Myatt Jey and Prive Not since my experience) in leaving that Ex: “ample, has there been such Joy filling che hearts of those Great Ascended Ones ati exprested to in bringing forch to the great mast of humani the Glory and the Means by which their freedom nd Ascension comes about. The Great Wisdom is irought foreh in the chart, which holds definicely before you the eye picture of the "Presence" — 1 that Mighty Wisdom and Mighty Energy which ceables you to do all things Perfectly, under Tes Mighty Direc See me add My Joy to yours to-day, for the Great Light which has Been brought ta you in the conscious acknowledgment of the "Light of God that ligheeth every man that cometh into the World." In your acceptance, that"T AM the Resur= rection and the Life”—-NOW, is che fulness of the ternal active Truth chat—"T AM the Open Door which no man can shut.” So to-day, let ity of Activity become expressed in your produce Its everlasting Perfection for you. Even as I have joined our Beloved Saint Ger- iain, in the endeavor vo bring this Freedom co ‘America and the world, so is it fitting on this day coadd My View of that Great Reality, Oh, my be- Toved ones! stand firm in that which you have comet know as the "Great Majestic Bresenee” Sihich beats your heares Iecan performall setion, Rie sean os eect Your attention to enable Ie to release the same Power, —the same great Love and Light—which ic was My Privilege to release from that “Great Presence”—the "Mighty 1 AM.” ‘Can you imagine, Ok beloved Children of the Light, the Rejoicing of those Grest Ascended Ones sho have endeavored to minister to mankind through there many centuries? Yet only to-day, ‘when the Great Coemic Light has given Tes Ausist- lance to mankind and the earth, ise possible to see those experiences brought into Perfect Manifesta- tion, which were che Glory and Light that came to theattention of mankind in thaeloog ago. Experi ences transcendent wil come into fruition to-dey for the great mate of mankind. 2 plead with you, let not the appearance of the Limitations of mankind longer holdyouin bonda ge In theacknowledgmentof the Presence, the Power land the Glory of that Consciousness Which was ‘and ie Mine, 1 give to you to-day the Power to anchor within your hearts, the "Active Presence” of that Ascended Master Consciousness, to lift you into the fulness of your Ascension, and enable you to consciously grasp the reins of your dominion. The acknowledgment of your Presence forever i ‘the Power, the En- de “Ascension, whe i fom into your Ascension, where once again, we ‘will mect, clasp hands and rejoice in the service ‘hich we may again turn and render to thove not Jet having finiched the great pilgrimage. ‘extend to you My Eternal Blessing, My Cour- age and Strength, My Enfolding Presence in the ‘Ascended Master Consciousness which is Mine, to cenfold you like a Mantle of Light filled wich al that you require for your Freedom and Attain- Inent—co become ever active in your Life in the fulness of i achievement, and your Ascension My Love abides with you, 2 you, active thromgh Jou, forever. Remember! that we aremnever apart. Ks your Love comes to Me, co does it malce ie pos- ibis foe Me to revarn wpon that Ray of Light and to Blese you as the requirement may be. All che Ascended Masters, and my Beloved Brother, Saint Germain, have made this posible. Unto Him we give all credic for having had the Courage, the Conviction and Strength vo bring this forth (0 America and the world. We have al Joined in chat earnest Service to enable the Glory End Ligh to fill the hearts of mankind more Quickly and sustain Its Eternal Victory. 3 In the Infinite Light of the Great Eternal Cen- tral Sun, we call the full currents of Energy from the Universe everywhere, to focus into America the “Cup of Light" of the coming Perfection— that you may all feel the Fulness of Its Radiance, quickening and expanding the Light within your hearts, unto the Falness of that Freedom and Bless- ing, which every hart knows i Its purity and 1s Perfection. Again, My Love enfolds you forever, as does the Love of all the Ascended Masters, and all wish me to express their Great Love and Enfolding Pres- ‘ence to you, that you may consciously understand its Omnipresent Activity, to glorify you and lift you into your Ascen + AFFIRMATIONS "Mighty LAM Presence”! perform through me ‘every second thie day, gigantic Ascended Master Miracles of Love, Obedience, Healing, Tlumina- tion and Supply of every seed thing forever Slf- To know the Divine Plan and Perfect Way to fal6ll an idea or inspiration of some kind that comesto your mind say: “Mighty [AM Pretence”! what's Your Divine Use and Purpose for this idea Ind inspiration? Show me what You desire me to do with cand all che other ideas thac are reauired te produce Perfection in its use ahow me every Perfect thing te do concerning ie and make me do all Perfeetly-—through your Divine Love. 4 SAINT GERMAINS + BENEDICTION EASTER SUNRISE SERVICE GLENDALE, CAL. APRIL 1251936 B ] ELOVED Children of the Light, on this day ie there great, great rejoicing. 1 thank every one of you, and every STAN student chroughout the earth, for your great loyalty and Love, for that great carsestacss which enables you to hold fast co the Light of your Presence, and go forward victor- ious, in the Fulfillment of your Freedom. 3 Know, that in your Attention to your Presence, naught can stay the forward progress of your Eternal Joy and Freedom; naught can interfere with Its mighty forward Movement, lifting you steadily and surely into the fulness, the happi which your heart craves; and know that in ‘your Presence is the only place where happiness Fests in Its fulmess—in Its Completeness. Tnall your earnest application, know that your Presence is Invincible, and when you call Ie into action, the results that you require, are certain to follow. Be at peace, Oh my beloved ones! Scand guard at the door of your world! and call your Presence into action, that naught enter there but Its Eternal Perfection, Remember, that you are privileged to turn and face the human creation, faying to it, with the full Power, Courage and Strength of your "I AM Presence”: "You have no power! You no longer may affect or enter my world! Stand aside! while I pass into the Glory of my Presence—untouched any longer by your limitations, which I unfortunately cre- Tin the acknowledgment of the Power, and use of your Mighty Consuming Flame, say: "I cut myself free, consuming all that has been dawn about me through the ages. I return it toits noth- ingness, rendering it dissipated from the earth, for ‘The Great Light has taken its place, and holds Its Victorious Activity and Perfection foreyer.”” ‘My Love enfolds you in the Fulness of Its Cour- age and Strength, to take you forward into your Eternal Vietory. Pes ao |EPRRIONG, Oh beloved students, have we ‘waited for this day to give the assistance lof the Great Cosmic Law. In the assist- (iss ance of the Great Assembly of Ascended Masters, we have been able eo render a service, heretofore not experienced among mankind and its far reaching activity will bring to many the realization of what I say t0 you. "The Glory of that Light once released within your hearts i dauntless, Te continues €0 expand With the fulness of the Perfection of the Presence, Which Knows no resistance or interference. Th Ras been established within you today. Accept the FULNESS of e'and henceforch, ety #9 human appearances: “Youare powerless. No longer can Youaflect my world,” and mean ie. Then you will find thae appearances will no longer disturb you. ‘Always speak with Loving Kindness co cach other, and if accesary, still the outer wae all uman sense of iritation ceases; for in the Future, vith this greater, released Energy for your blets- Jug and assistance, T plead with you co govern your Feelings. Tf you will do this, you will ind that Perfection entering into action im your world, which you ave craved throughout the centuries. Trstead of seeing limitations or shortcomings in 7 Ener there seems to be an appearance, say to = "You have no power. "My Mighty 1AM Presence”! take command of that blessed one and ‘express your Perfection. ‘Then refuse to allow the ‘mind to pass opinion about it. Ok! the Love, the Joy, the Majesty that will center your Life, if you will do this. You, who are hheads of business activities of any kind, zo into Your place of business and pour forth such Love that none can resist Tes Perfection. If someone has madea mistake, sy: “Oh! never mind, that has been the habic of mankind, but we call en the Law of Forgiveness: and we ask the "Mighty [AM Presence” to sce that it docs not affect you again. Then go forth and pour out your blessing to all and see what transcendent Activity and Success will come into your world. Lam speaking to you today with a Power and Radiation, endeavoring to convey to you the un- derstanding of these simple things. et, they mean S0 much in your world. After we become Master ‘of the smaller things, then the Presence says: "We ‘will give you Mastery over greater things,” and that is really trac. If you cannot govern a few toms of your body, how can you expect to govern nother? After all, there is only ONE INTELLI- GENCE to govern others, and that is thei “Mighty 1 AM Presence.” So, with this great love, I say to you: "Stand guard over your world! over your feelings and allow it go manifest only harmony and good will to all. “Then you have nailed back the doors of doubt and fear and entered into the glory of the Transcendent Golden Light which schrough that oe Fee ee ceca ecto eee ere eames ice Sosa 6 sponge mor Fs frtees ue wiscing wil aatea glecy Wis Fealresdy has Remember; Oh my beloved oocy chee no See ee cm ieee eles eee ca ceed Geena fected in your Lives you will find itso eaty for eee reise aia tear ye Teen foo will eile the smile of etna Joy and appk- fess Yon ll exer ore pene Mager Fa Presence” with Its Mighty Intelligences Mighty Die tent cele centage fy chat maker dll your efortesbond with every bets My Lave enfols you abrays, Lanswec every calland remember! the Gree Divine Direcor hat Sed ont Cresco eget cleo Fes eee ee eed pete ee aside, iehall be done that you may enter nea the Faller pory of your Mighty 1 AM Proence= To es Gots Rely ot sted Ones swith open arm say: “Oh Beloved Oner! We love Fee th he sec dase aiele Weeaye! Ena Rat haremnive pour feings We can rte f greater Fower and Love to rengthen am you until the whole world scoms ablaze with that Light which Geet Your kenees So, of you can tctept that and sand ploriied mf We fan give fee eee ce eerie fe oe Great Desire tose you free fm your Ascended “Mighty AM Presence” walking beside us again Miatee at eres te eee Tucked Pecfecuoes fyi a eervice Chat tr cecnty ta che Univers aa bring” So, in behalf of the Great Assembly, che Great Divine Director, Beloved Nada, the Master Jesus and Myself, we offer you our Love for your free- dom, and with your permission stand guard to Assist you to guard your worlds, that naught can tenter but the Perfection, the Love, the Full Activ- ity of your "Mighty I AM Presence.” + AFFIRMATIONS + Mighty Divine Director! we call unto Thee in the Name of the "Mighty AM Presence” to re- Tease whatever Light and Power is required throughout America and the world toawaken the consciousness of every human being to the Mighty Reality of his own “Mighty TAM Presence” and. ‘tomake him feel and accept the fulness of Ics Light and Perfection even this hour claiming all into the service of the Light—forever. Mighty 1 AM Presence”! qualify every detail of this activity with the Ascended Masters’ Amaz~ ing Perfection, management and control forever. [ refuse acceptance to everything but Limit Jess Light and Love. "Mighty I AM Presence! make your Divine Love alive and dynamically active within me (or )Tconrame all walike leself and see that Ie is the ONLY ACTING PRESENCE for- fever in me and my world 10 pe GieASCENSION ‘gave to our earth. z From twelve o'clock midnight, of May 2st, to twelve o'clock midnight of May 22nd, Jesus al- ‘ways gives an intensified Outpouring of His Rays OF Light and Love to our humanity, charged with 2 limitless Focus of His Ascended Master Con- sciousness, Feeling and Victory of the Ascension. n To the students, who are determined to gai their Ascension a this time, this Outpouring from Jesus means far more than words can convey. Those, who will give an hour at ewelve neon on Ascension Day to accepting this Glorious Giftand Radiance from our Mighty Brother, the Master Jerus, will fel unmistakably His Tremendous Ray CELighe aad Loe facuesd and poused oats blast fll ifthe student canoar give trac at twelve soon, ihe candoso fer anhour some other time of the day. ‘An individualized Ray of His Wonderful Es ergy and Substance will penetrate and enfold the mind and body of everyone, who gives Him cone scious recognition in this way. On the Love and Tighe sent out to Him, He will come back a thou- sand fald, coblet Forever with His Compleve Free. dom all who will carn thelr attention €0 Him on ‘Aicension Day. “The students should at often as possible sive conscious recognition, praise and thanks for the attainment of their own Ascensio "When one awakens in the morning, he can give praise and thanks that he is one day nearer t his ‘icerion: He ua fom he hats of gulag theenergy in his Bing and world with the Viet Of Kis Ascension, far the woo cessation he Con sive, the quicker will he attain it Te can say often: “Mighty 1 AM Presence! take complete possesion of my Being and world— NOW—prepare mse and soc thse I make’ aay Ascension as soon as possible.” This will open the ‘way for greater antstance to be given him, Allshould understand, that when one has made his Ascension, he becomes a wholly Perfect Being of such Beauty and Radiance that all who contact him, realize that he issuperior in every way to all 2 other Beings. Heit no longer subject tony of the limitations of the outer world, for he has the fl use of the power of precipitation, can take his body anywhere ba deve inntantly, transcends time and space and is such an Ovtpouring of Lighe, Love and Peace, that all whe contact him, know instantly, that Ho ira God Being manifert ing marvelous Perfection in every way. ‘At the moment of Ascension, he Light from the individual's own Electronic Body rlenees through the physical flesh body, so powerfully thatthe vib ratory action ofthe physial is increased toa race in which no imperfection can register. Then the cords and imperfections simply melt ince the Perfection of the Light, which is the Pure Sub: teance From the individual's own "Mighty 1 AM Bretenee: ‘Where the physical body hat red blood in th veins, a0 the moment of Ascension, it comet 3 Liquid Golden Lighepouring Its Radiance chrough the flesh until the Rays of Golden Light fill the “The Light within the heare shen begins to ex- ene piraronpey nema oe Madlent esc ecco arcent ceolecdy The gravity pull of earch can no longer afect i, the Body rises into the atmosphere and follows the Shoah, ping iseanely wherever he individual ‘an seplane propeller, when ts speci in ceased generates enough power to oyer-come the gravity pull of earth, so does the increase of Light ineheic bly sears de ame iad of pore tolife the body into the atmosphere. The Light in the body ie That Poser and over Tt nething on arch hat contra » [eit alls narra, so normal, so majestic, 0 joy ous, soselfcevident and so satisfactory, that when the Law of Tes Accomplishment is explained to esnkind, there bs nothing to longer resire the Mighty Truth and Law of Life which Te is. Tis as simple and True as the radio, the electric light or a bird's ight and when the indi calls his “Mighty T/AM Presence” into acti Stk comple and eternal Conte fal the om cray and consciousness of his personality, which Boe cas eid ed body, sche wall celeste tnd throughhis body, the Light needed to increase theie vibratory action, tothe point where the body Can ive into the air and become invisible or visible, tthe Ascended Mastersare able to do. The individual then becomes the wholly As- cended Being of Light and Love, who isthe Glor- ious Son of God, wielding Power without limit and menifesting forever the Fulfilment Author- ieysand Vietory of Love—the only True Power in seUsivene, “The Ascension into the Ascended Masters? Oc- Gave of Life's the manifestation of Perfection and thapre-ordained DivinePlan for every individual. eis the Goal of all physical embodiment and is the only thing of any real imporcance in the Life of all mankind, ‘Therefore, Oh Beloved of the Light, take the Scepter of your own Dominion—now-—and ac- complish the Final Victory with the asitance of those great Blessed Ascended Masters, who ever Hand ready to give whacever help required, twlten the student places his owa “Mighty TAM Breseuce” before every outer caperieacs in Life and s determined to have his Freedom forever. “ % The VIOLET CONSUMING FLAME ) HIE conscious use of the Violet Consum- I | ing Flames the only means by which any human being can free himself from his ‘own human discord and imperfection. ‘Aside from the Ascended Masters’ explanation ‘of what and where the "Mighty 1 AM Presence” is, the greatest possible assistance and blessing to mankind on this earth is the Ascended Masters’ Instruction concerning the use of the Violet Cor suming Flame. ‘Through Its use, They have dissolved all dis- cordant creation of Their past lives and become the Ascended Beings of Perfection which They are today, Every human being must do the same thing. sometime, somewhere, before he is free from his ‘Own human crestion——past and present. 1s ‘The student should understand, chat the actual focusing, projecting and sustaining of the Violet Consuming Flameisdone byhis owa “Mighty I Presence,” for It is God's Flame of Pure Divine Love: but the part the student must do, isto call his Presence into dynamic acti ‘and aura, around the body—cleansing them ofall imperfec- “Thus, he can dissolve and purify all unneces- sary, dscordantly qualified substanceand energy, which he has used In all lives This lets the Pure Energy, Light and Perfection from his "Mighty TAM Presence” pour out Its Fulnes to and through him without interference, Individuals have not the slightest concept of whac they have created through their thought, Feeling and spoken words, even in their present lives let slone all the hundreds and posibly thou: sands of embodiments they have lived throwsh previoad Nevertheless, all the substance and energy which chey have ated was Perfect in the beginning, Perec Through discordant choushs, feling and spok- on reds humanity hay ested orm made of Substance, energized by fecling and projected into the atmosphere about them. Most of these are too hideous and unpleasant to put the description inte words. There ino human being who has this co some extent, in all lives pase and present. All have fele discord and sent it forth im thought, 16 feeling and spoken word—most people « xreat deal more than they are willing to admit. Nevertheless, che Law is the Law. Every human. being usesenergy andeubstance walcing and sleep- ing. All are creating vibration and form, throws the individual's consciousness every instant. Law acts whether the individual be ignorant or wise and no one ever escapes. Itis through the great Infinite Divine Love and Compassion of the Ascended Masters, that the great Mercy of the “Mighty I AM Presence” acts. ‘The Instruction in the use of the Violet Consum- ing Flame is the most merciful service any Bei ‘could render to humanity. eat creations and purify his ‘mind,body and world, Ti this way, he never has to face his distorted creation, if he will ue the Violet Consuming Flame ‘with intense, ready determination, Thus, he can reach up into the Ascended Mas- tere! Octave of Life and begin to draw forth more and more of Their Perfection, until he manifests the completeness of Their Mastery—the attain. ment of his Ascension, “This is the Grace which Jerus taught and the only way—in heaven or earch—by which any in- dividual avtaing the stave of the Ascended Master and becomes free from all the limitations and in- Rarmony of earth. ‘The GREAT ETERNAL LAW is; that every in- dividual muse purify his ewn creations by his own conscious application and use of the Violet Con- ‘suming Flame, Itis not posible for anyone else to 7 hel fo Mas tae be cosets) Me inspeteonh ol Uacncsesor oer tsienenrclved part Say meet al his Being Gnd world masifrs Perftction Themis frees mike ccs ia the mind, body, Being and weeld sf the eaivideal whe cote ths Vices Cnecining Flame, to party all the tubseance snd inal hic bodies mental, emotional snd physica. Tequiet the whirs cf vibraocy scton inthe emo: tional body, dissolves the impurities in the flesh rea re eee ae pe ae ace mental body. In this way, he establishesHabits of ates eet petaptoa pete "The Viclex Convoming Fate increnses the vib- satecy neton of both te mod and Bey, vo the Cucteaet ef Lighe and Bacray fren te Precnee ir ough ares Blac binging oe Ee wins dnescaiaytintatiey Bein a cainecied be eeaniaae boy The Vines Consating Flames slay 20 fecniauspaspay wetyng scthey of Furs re ee tater ok oe re ‘Central Sun, which is the “Mighty I AM Presence” of Infinity. [As hent melts was, unt it ropa away by ks eigen andar Casa iocetasa Cart iets conan yt en doth I Coametag Mor nell awny (ct ingars sols stance im the physical, emotional and mental (Ear oftic elithoal whe vioeelnaslepouring tieegh Lin and Leer ors ean of abont the fue i ovary dicots. ‘The action that really takes place in the use of ‘Consuming Flame, i that Te inereuee 18 bodies, tion can exist, for these conditions can only exist in the lower rates of vibration. In the use of the Violet Consuming Flame, which is the cleansing, harmonizing, uplifting an mining, Activity of the Sacred Fire, the Divine Love of the “Mighty AM Presence,” the student hhas the Ascended Masters? Power to set every- thing in his Being and world into Divine Order— harmoniously and permanently. Te but requires firm alert attention and an w yielding determination to have the same Great Freedom which Jesus revealed to mankind and which He and all other Ascended Masters are ex- pressing and living in today. “Allstudents in doing this should realize tha Violet Consuming Flame i the actual Energy Substance of Divine Love from out the Great Cen- tral Sun, which each one’s own ‘Mighty AM Presence” draws into a concentrated focus, as a Flame and blazes through the bodies and aura of the personality, co set everything into Divine Order, s0 the Perfection of the Presence ean ex- press chrough the mind and body and out into the ‘World of the individual. Tes utterly impossible for God’s Love, Energy ‘and Substance from the Great Central Sun to have any effect whatsoever in anyone's mind, body or ‘affairs, except to produce ease, peace, harmony, abundance, illumination and Perfection, Ivisever= nally impossible for It to create anything unlike Itself. ‘So the student should see how self-evident ie is for any result to come from Its use but joy, tory, Freedom and Perfection. Any other » wretation or suggestion concerning It oF Its but human vicious ignorance and fear and is not the TRUTH. vis childish, ignorant and foolish for anyone to any other concept about It, except the Glory uty of Its Perfection, Anyone who says fvidual hay not the slightest waderstanding 1 the Ascended Masters mean. They ined what the Violet Consuming Flame ig and atked the students and mankind to ute It, that all may have the same marvelous Freedom, Blessings and Perfection which the Ascended Mas- ‘ers continually manifest, The student should think clearly enough to realize, that the personality cannot createa Flame ‘at the personality ie the only creator of de- structive qualities all ignorant ulggestion of fear and discord concerning the Violet Consuming Flame is but the concaction of the human intellect. ‘Thatisself-evident. The Violet Consuming Flame can only be fo- ‘cused, projected and brought invo activity by the "Mighty LAM Presence.” Only the PRESENCE is Lord of the Flame. This is the Flame of Divine Love—the very Energy, Substance and Intelli- ‘gence from the One Great Eternal Source of All a the Great Central Sun ‘Dear Blessed Studentsido forever anal your own consciousness individuals fear to use the Flame of Div from God's own Heart, what hope is there for them and who can ever help them? Not Jesus, Saint Germain nor anyone else can ever help the individual if Their Gifts of Victory, Freedom and Perfection are feared by the ignorant human in- tellect. 20 oRemembe, shat oar and dbs ae he 0 ef hamanicys happinem. Use che Violce ing Flame, Previous Oneaof the Light, and Seema ys ely oot eee ass Ioman conrcirustes, chat cttenpe to Emit or dominate you longer by the suggrion of er or Freedom from every human limitation is yours, pon wil deseo does che Asotaced Maciertbare Gopisined Hessen fees eey aed beens oct ope yours by the wis ofthe Violet Conmiming Fitte- Freedom fron the harmicaccumulation of Centuries and old race belief of che age i yours, if you will but apply the Ascended Wastcre in: Be ence Co Vad Cosmet acerca laterals ce deceete cles ye Dafy every ignerant, desturbing negative eg: gestion that Confronts You. Blast i from the con- ‘Siounes of mankind forever, shat you may prove through your own individual perience, hae the Light and Love of your own “Mighty 1 [AM Presence” is the Supreme Controller of al conitonsin your Bangs tad world. ee ee ee Perfectoe: Daretobe ce fost your “Mighty LAM Presence” in dynamic tction, producing Perfection in your Beings snd wrocids Shot yous door all chat denies the Teath Se penile of float al yor phys ee Perfection i posible for every human being on Fee at aed wien tries dered oou o ep his attention on kis "Mighey 1 AM Presencey” Perfection wil manifest inal has Life's experiences 2 ‘The Violet Consuming Flame is what Jesus re- ferred vo when He said: "Moses brought Law but Tibcing Grace” Grace means the bringing of all into Divine Order, through Divine Love and this isdoanby thease Ok the Vielet Contuming Flame —the ONLY WAY in heaven or earth, it ever wat dr ever will be done, because that is the way the Great Divine Law maintains Order permanently. Thisis the Knowledge of the Sacred Fire, which hhas been covexistant with mankind on this earch from the beginning. [cis the purifying Activity that the "Mighty 1AM Presence” provides, by which the outer activity ofthe human personality may again be made to express the Divine Way of Tite. USE-USE-USE the Violet Consuming Flame rad your mind, bady, home, fico aad world, inall your affairs and your blessings will trans” end your fondest dreams, a ‘Oh! that the blessed doctors and nurses, who handle the discordant conditions of mind and body of aflicted human beings, but knew and would experiment with the Violet. Consuming Flame and through It bring marvelous protec: tion to themselves and limitless help to their pati- Thay comld th 127 could then move in thoxe conditions, give assistance without limit and yet be entirely un- touched, by the resctions from the conditions they are erying to cure and yet, many times go down Under themselves. ‘Oh! that the blessed school teachers. might understand what transcendent accomplishment ould come vo those children under their care, by the use of the Violet Consuming Flame. They could teach almost indefinitely and yet feel no 22 sense of exhaustion, They could harmonize + room full of children with an Irresistible Power, that would make all » joy and privilege to work together for the good of all ‘Oh! that business men might understand how by the use of the Violet Consuming Flame dis- honesty, intrigue, crime and discord of every ‘can be prevented in all outer activities of huma ity and the Real, True marvelous Ascended Mi ter Accomplishment mankind was meant to ex: press,be experienced by every individual—NOW. Blessed Ones of the Light! visualize the Violet Consuming Flame in and about your mind, body, home, business, country, and world—many, ‘many times a ds {il you become as conscious ‘of Ies existence in and around all you contact, a8 ‘you are of your hands and feet. Call your “Mighty [AM Presence” into acti to release the Ascended Master Focus and Oi pouring of the Violet Consuming Flame in and through all you do! to keep Its Action Self-sus- tained, in such a Mighty Onrush of Perfection, ‘withstand Ite Irresistible Pres” FEEL yourselves always surrounded by 2 Great Pillar of Violet Consuming Flame, the shade of the violer Neon signs, with the Flame flowing from the feet upward through the body to the top of the head and up into your own "Mighty 1 AM Presence.” [Do this with great intensity at least fifteen minutes three timer a day. In a few weeks or ‘months, you will feel such freedom and ease in your bedies—such clearness in your minds and Such victory in your affairs, that you will no longer wish to do anything but continue Its use. 23 1 you with an intensifed action of Divine Compassion and peace, make the center of your Great Pillar of Violet Flame, « delicate shade of i Realize deeply in your FEELINGS, that your power to visualize is the PRESENCE? Power of Sight which is used to make the picture, and call, the Presence into action to keep It forever Self- sustained. It is the Presence who projects the Flame and the Presence always answers every. call—instancly. A This is all any student needs to be able to FEEL the Fulnes of his Presence and vee Te face to face, Say often and feel deeply: Iways a Gi- gantic Pillar of the Violet Consuming Flame of Pure Divine Love, that transcends all human con- cepts and pours out through me—forever—all the Ascended Master Victory and Perfection from within Tes Heart.” + AFFIRMATIONS + "Mighty I AM Presence”! take complete com- ‘mand of my mind, body and world and see that all problems vanish forever. “Mighty IAM Presence”! see that I always speak only the words of Truth, the decrees of Love, the commands of Perfection and experience maly the Miracles and Victories of the Ascended Masters, instantly and eternally manifest. 4 HE Motherhood Expression of Lifeis that Activity of Divine Love, which gives of itself in the Service of expansion. If the Love of the mothers of the world were ithdrawn, humanity's discord would destroy mankind and the earth itself, However, when we speak of Mother Love, we do not mean selfish possession for that is not Love. ‘The Real Desire, which is God-Desire, within the heart of all mothers ie that they want their chil- dren to express Perfection ‘That thought creates a pattern and becomes a magnet to bring about the fulfilment, if Divine Love is always the feeling that is held by the ‘mother. ‘The mothers of the world can release the limi less Power of the “IAM” to hold the Focus and Perfection of the Ascended Master, as the pattern 9 be fulfilled by the child or children who come into embodiment through them. By taking che command: “Mighty I AM Pres cence”! hold Your Focus of Ascended Master Per- fection inand around this precious child and make hhim (or her) always the Master Christ grown to full stature, Who forever speaks and commands ‘with authority,” and holding it steady with de- 25 mn, che mother can positively, release Tove, Light and Power which wil mold the child into that Perfect Presence of the "I AM” and thus express full Mastery and Freedom. If all the mothers of America and the world ‘would do thie a race of such Godlike Beings would be born as would astonish che world and thus give a service beyond all words co describe. ‘We call the “Mighty EAM Presence” into ac tion, with the Infinite Power of the Ascended ‘Masters to bless every mother on earth with such boundless Light, Love and Perfection, that they flood the world with les Radiance and draw every individaal inte the Full Perfection of his own “Mighty I AM Presence” through Divine Love. oe MOTHER ~ “By Godfre Ray King * How precious, the name of Mother! ‘Chancel for souls of men, ‘Who come Life’s paths co conquer ‘And rise above Earth's sin. The love that comes from Mother Flows forth in joy ¢o all: She stands by dove she worships Ne mutter how great the How wondrous thy gift, Oh Mocher! The nade with hands With Love and Light transcendent Poured out to souls on earth, Can all gain God's Great Wisdom ‘Attained through each new birch. 26 Majestic, Thy name Oh Mother! "The souls great strength in fight, “Thow hast caughe Light's Ray descending— lashed down from Heaver's far height. Each one must gain full Mastery, Har cong all han ole ‘And rise at lst Vietoriow "The “Prevents” and Lord of Life. Thou Mother! art Queen of Heaven, Sweet Parent of Love 30 pure, Thy patience and arent endurance Te erength and anchor sare, Ged? armor and grest protection or those you hold most dear, To guide in paths of slory “Above earth's care—earth’s fea. Great blessings are thine, Oh Mother! “Thy heare ve purest golds Wehold Thy namein reverence Tn Thy Love, we must unfold, Alling her and higher [And enter the Gates of Freedom Tn Cosmic Light to reign Smet, precious, beloved Mother! Of dausbtart nd ns of en “Thou rarest of jewels we love Thee Crown Jewel of God's Diadem. You lift ths world with your glory So angelic your aaile 20 Pwese— We feelin your blessed Presence ‘As though kneeling at Jerus Feet 7 Aglare oa tac rey er ed ene eee ee, RON sai. otenh tare ee cee ee ral carart ene Ae of fen Victory, that all humanity may be eter- ore There is ternal Freedom nor peace for eee ee aoe eee nee Soe eee ce sais oe ae ae Testiner nee eee einen ae oe ee ne pane aac 2 Seb ie eis Neue crepe eee ee ane Pare era sae ea Trees tiara meee Ha perms ae pre ad ieee itr eee Singer eee ee ee eh pea eerie ea tet are eat eae nee sec ees pee ts Ga eee Power and Activity, controlling all by the ONLY REAL AUTHORITY in the Universe—DIVINE LOVE. ‘Allshould realize, that there isa vast difference between being directive and dictatorial, When one i directive, his every thought feeling word and act is charged and clothed with the feeling of Divine Love. Then only harmony, peace and Per~ fection can pny be enpeienced by everyone ‘When the personality becomes dictatorial, it is only the aman intellect acting and because the thoughts, feelings, and words are not charged land clothed with the feeling of Divine Love, the result i resistance and discord from other per- sonalities. "Everyone, sometime, somewhere, on the path to bis Arceoion muse mect and conguer this most ‘unhappy of human experiences and the sooner see ‘The sooner he maintai peace, the more of God—the “Mighty 1 AM Presence” —he has in ac~ tion and hence, the quicker he attains his Victory over his human self and makes his Acenvion. ‘Perfection can be experienced by every in- dividual in every study group, ifthe students and Tenders will watch the above activity in them- selves and ask the "Mighty 1AM Presence” to Control it in everyone ese, but keep the human ‘attention from watching other personalities. Tn every activity of Life, the individual should realize that he must stop trying to reform other personalities and ering to compel chem wo do hit personal wi Tf in every activity of Life, che student simply call the “IAM Presence” into acti 29 wroduce Perfection and then keep his own feeling Palm, loving and ac ease, che revales wil be inf nitely more marvelous and Perfect, than his hu ‘man conscioumness could ever dream or imagine So we ask all "I AM” students, co govern theit feelings completely and charge all cheenergy they send out with the Ascended Mascers’ Divine Love and direct it by the Ascended Masters’ Wisdom dnd Intelligence. Then heaven on earth can and ‘vill manifest for all and be sustained. Remember no good thing is ever done perman- gntly except tbe done with che feling of Divine + AFFIRMATIONS © ‘To all wrong conditions Presence’! release Your Infinite Power into this person and condition! remove it forever by Your Divine Love, see that it never touches my Being or world again, and set that Beloved One forever free. "Mighty 1 AM Presence"! fulfill Your Divine Plan here instantly and keep Tt permanent Mighty LAM Prese Divine Love in my heart alive and dynamically active, a5 the all-controlling Presence and Power in my Being and world forever. 30 From It, you are receiving your very Jexatenee, your Life, your body, your energy, all that i good and only good. Te Te, you owe sll and nothing should ever be of any consideration, but that “Glorious Adora- ble Presence.” Tf you are loyal to your God-Self, che "Mighty 1AM Presence,” you MUST of necessity always do the Perfect thing to everybody and every? hein the Universe, “Then, extend your loyalty to America where ‘you have chosen to expand your Light this life- ime for her protection, blessing and Perfection. Blessed young people of America! try co arouse the feeling of loyaley to the "Mighty I AM Pres- ence” in mankind everywhere you go. Try to har- fonize the feelings of the people you contact on your pathway in Life, Call always to your own * Mighty TAM Presence” —frst—and then, if ‘you need more instantaneous action than you Icem able to draw, call directly to Saint Germain, ‘Jesus, Nada, or the Divine Director, £0 assist you inattaining your Victory morequickly. ‘Without loyalty in the character of an indivi- dual, there is no basi, for Truth to anchor Its Blessings in chat one’s Life and experience. So try u PYBEA | OYALTY co your own "Mighty 1 AM F | Presence” is your first obligation to Life, toarouse everyone’ loyalty to God—the "Mighty TAM Presence? —the Source of everyone's Yery ‘existence and the Universe Itself. ‘Then try to make all feel deeply and realize che Power individuals have, to open the door of the ‘Treasure-chest of the Universe, to flood mankind and the earth with Its limitles Blessings and Per fection, through their conscious acknowledgment and acceptance of the “Mighty 1 AM Presence” and the Ascended Masters, Make them feel their ability to call Its Mighty Directing Intelligence into action, in every activity to produce Protec tion, Freedom, Abundance and Perfection forall. eke ai olin san sey con uly elit hat they desire of good in their own experience, when they ask ie for all mankind; because the vidual can only become free himself, as he fives freedom to all humanity. ‘We become free only through what we give, not by what we get. The Divine gives! The hu man receives If che human is fo experince the Fulness of Perfection, it must become Divine b ving Light Love Pace, Freed "Blessing and Brereton ofthe "Mighey {Al Prone to all without any reservation whatsoever. + AFFIRMATION + “Mighty 1AM Presence’! charge all the energy ‘coming into my mind and body with your Mighty Healing Power forever. 32 FUTURE APPEARANCES OF THE MESSENGERS PORTLAND, OREGON Masonic Temple, West Park and Main Streets, Friday, May U5eh co Sunday, May 24th, inclusive: Afternoons at 2 P.M. and Evenings ac 8 P.M. SEATTLE, WASHINGTON Music Hall Theater, 7th and Olive Way, Friday, May 29th to Sunday, June 7th, inclusive: Afeer” noone s¢ 2 PM. and Evenings at 8 P.M. LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA Shrine Auditorium, 665 West Jefferson Street, Saturday, June 27th to Sunday, July sth, inclu: sive. Afternoons at 1:30 P.M. and Evenings at 7:30 BM. Saint Germain has given permission, for another large class co be given at the Shrine Auditorium, an the above dates. We ask all the students to call the "Mighty TAM Presence” inte action, to bless fe with such an Outpouring of Light, Love and Blessings to the students and the people of Los Angeles, America and the world, as has never ibeon experienced before upon earth. We are calling with all the Love, Power and Intensity of our Boings co the “Mighty I AM Pres- ence,” the Ascended Matters and Legion of Light to flood forth such Miracles of Protection, Ilumi« nation, Abundance, Freedom, Victory and Per- fection, the the mote transcendent accomplish ment possible will take place. We ask all to tin doing cis thatthe Greatest Release of Light tnd Blessings may flow foreh to bles all and the ‘Ascended Masters! Love flod the earth—forever. 33 + SAINT GERMAIN FOUNDATION + + KEADING ROOMS + LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, 7h snd Olive Street ‘Transamerica Building, Room 926. Phone VAndike #421 PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, 1323 Speuce street, [At the "Home of the 1 AMO in Philadelphiy the deo wil always be open with Love vo the student and thet fsiondo SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, sth and Broadway, Bank of America Building, Room 314. ~ “AM” SCHOOL - 10S ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, 252 South Westmoreland Phone VAsdpke $326 HOME OF THE VOICE oF THE IAM 2600 South Hoover Sereet. Los Angeles, Clif Sizes below can be purchased at the SINDELAR STUDIOS - 2600 South Hoover Seteet, le, iy 32, ered itn Geet Ld cnt So Font Suis seamed a ‘Loy Angeles, California ‘TAX COLLECTED ONLY IN STATE OF CALIFORNIA OIDs: as / THE: + SAINT GERMAIN + SERIES * UNYEILED MYSTERIES, Yolume 1 By Godleé Ray King ‘Contain ein grup of ethers experince Pe 9198 Psa 187%, ‘THE MAGIC PRESENCE, Volume By Gedfré Ray King (Chethnng he eond oe of ator epee, Pee $279. Petal 2.0. ‘THE *T AM DISCOURSES, Volume 1 the Ascended, Master Saint Germain (Gnas dsr cece Capi he ended Mant pitine SF Sac aver rst: Pte 8197 ‘town ‘THE “TAM ADORATIONS AND AFFIRMATIONS, Voisme 1¥.— By Chaveca “Aeon of preva oon od semen a he Age 1 AM Pn sare lon eurpad vi. |A PICTURE OF "THE MAGIC PRESENCE” ‘leary of The Mage Praeeeay hgrped abe or Propet 120. [A PICTURE OF THE MASTER, JESUS Se tans sascaunnrs oF PaivaTE INETHUCTIONS, Na} Mec Balad REALSSfitouat or muvara termtcrons 3M Ba Mita Mucmenan warring & ANGH OT, Matec Red {hte ac 3.90 Ton Mar Ror, 4230 Bac Heeg Chart Tce SAINT GERMAIN PRESS, P. O, Box 1133, Chicago, Il.