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CANTIMPALOS, SEGOVIA 01/13/16 03/18/16

My name is Nicole Smith and Im from Fairbanks Alaska. I am a part of the Teach Abroad in
Spain Volunteer program through CIEE. My travel to Spain started from Fairbanks Alaska, with
stops in Seattle, Amsterdam, and Madrid. It took me about 27 hours to finally arrive in Spain. I
have recently graduated from the University of Alaska Anchorage with a degree in Sociology
and a minor in Psychology. During my time at UAA I took Spanish classes while taking the core
classes I needed to graduate. I have previously studied Spanish in Malaga Spain. The program
was in May and lasted for a month. During that time I lived with a host family and traveled
around Malaga. I really enjoyed my experience in Malaga. That being said, I knew that I wanted
to return to teach English.

I am currently teaching English at Aulas de Mozoncillo, Aulas de Cantimpalos, and Aulas de
Escarabojosa de Cabezas.The topics that are covered during class include; animals, biology,
history, days of the week, types of clothing, colors and more. The grade levels include 1st-6th.
The kids at all three schools are exited to learn English and have lots of great questions for me
every class. The teachers are very nice and very helpful. I look forward for the days that I work.
Everyday is a new adventure!
In between teaching the students English I am also working on my Spanish skills with Maria
Carmen jefa de estudios.



Visiting the Cathedral in Segovia

I have had the

opportunity to share my
experience as a volunteer
in Cantimpalos with
Carmen, Carlos, Martina,
Millan Garrido and their
friendly dog Ronda. :D



I have recently visited the Aqueduct, climbed the tower at the

cathedral in Segovia and walked around in the central of Madrid.

The kids at the school have drawn me pictures!

Volunteering for CRA campos Castellanos has been great. I

continue to learn things everyday. I thank the host family and
everybody at the school for being so welcoming and kind. This has
defiantly been a trip of a life time and Im exited for whats to come.