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Required reading C: Analysis and Reflection.
Title: How to Plan Effective Lessons

CITATION: Ellen Ullman. How to Plan Effective Lessons. (2011, October). Retrieved from


Effective lesson planning allows for student It is essential that teachers should create lessons
that allow students to explore various possibilities,
engagement, allows students to think,
even wrong answers, so that they may fully
interact and ask questions, tap into their
understand why something is right.
background knowledge, and build new
I agree with Peter Brunns statement, it's the
skills. Effective lesson plans should include
"how," that makes all the difference in whether
three fundamental components: an
students actually learn. I find that if students do
objective, a body, and a reflection.
not know why what they are learning is important

and relevant, then they will most likely not pay

attention. Thus, making lesson plans relevant to

each day seems efficient since students can make

connections and understand what they learn.

In my opinion, and from experience, I have noticed

that teachers and students benefit from thoughtful

lesson planning. It provides a framework for

instruction, and it guides implementation of the

standards in education. My host teacher explained

lesson planning as establishing a road map for

teachers of what needs to be taught. It allows the

teacher to focus on one objective at a time and

communicate to the students what they will learn

in each lesson. It is important to incorporate

student interests into your lessons.

As this article mentions, teachers should select

purposeful activities and assignments that are

collaborative and that cater to each students

individual needs. Evidently, having the students

understand what is being taught and why is


The 5 Minute Lesson Plan briefly shows how
simple it is to create a lesson plan. Even though

this video makes it seem simple, creating a lesson

plan involves multiple steps that need to be
thought about and reviewed. This is why the
reflection part of a lesson plan is important. It
allows the teacher to go back and determine
whether the lesson was effective and if the there
needs to be adjustments made for the students.
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