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1.- TITLE :Monday December 28, 2015.

"Fair Spanish and English language"

Participants: First BI and Pre.

This civic event was of great importance in which many knowledge about many
works by students of pre and BI that did not provide some of their knowledge
about the works read in both English and Spanish also the rector of acquired
technology He unveiled the races that we can continue after we graduate
All students are placed is their places to begin to act. First he started talking Ing.
Patricio governing ITPT, who spoke about careers that are in the technological
institute, he said that if I wanted more information we could access your
website. He then proceeded to talk the Ms. Monica who told us more
information so as to enter in great detail to the website. As a second point we
have the second part of the linguistic festival PRE-BI and BI.
First is I gave involving the pre BI narrated us briefly the work history of the
seagull and the cat who taught her to fly which student Jennifer Alcvar began to
tell the story authored by Luis Sepulveda, was enhanced one skit performed by:
Jean Carlos Mata Macias playing Zorbas.
Nicole Karelys Tapia Buenaire playing Lucky.
- Juan Eduardo Orozco Jumps playing the poet.
- Damelis Alvarado Peaherrera playing Smarty.
Alvarado Arindia -Alisson Kengah playing.
Spinal nallely Colonello playing.
after this beautiful dramatization see the intervention of First BI girls with the
synopsis and certain conclusions of the "Exemplary Novels of Miguel
Cervantes" a writer that girls have been studying for a period of time, then the
student Melanie Chazi the same course He unveiled the biography of Miguel
Cervantes both English and Spanish. And got to know some of these works by
this author After some students as PRE-BI BI out to sing "We are the wordl" in
both English and Spanish, in this way this act was completed.

This event was very interesting and entertaining where the International
Baccalaureate students put all their efforts and motivation to make known to all
students on their knowledge of some works