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BATRUMPET / BARITONE T.C/ Book A collection of mixed ensembles that correlate page-by-page with the Yamaha Band Student John O’Reilly John Kinyon BATRUMPET / BARITONE T.C. Book 1 ‘Acollection of mixed ensembles that correlate page-by-page with the Yamaha Band Student John O'Reilly John Kinyon ‘The YAMAHA BAND ENSEMBLES are designed to parallel Book One of the YAMAHA BAND STUDENT. Each ensemble page is correlated to the method, thus enabling the teacher to easily find and reinforce those materials previously taught This ensemble folio will serve not only to motivate beginning band students in the classroom, but also to encourage home and neighborhood combos as wel. YAMAHA BAND ENSEMBLES can be performed by a wide variety of instrumental combinations. Line A is always the melody part, to be used for solos. Line B is always the preferred harmony part, to be used for duets Line C is always the bass part, to be used for trios and/or full band ensembles, A sieple but effective piano accompaniment is provided in the score. © MCMXC by Alfred Publishing Co, Inc YAMAHA: te reget raderarko Yama Carporazan af America Contents Carnival of Venice, The enc Brie Canal enn German Waltz... Grandfather's Clock.. Irish Folk Dance Milicary March Mini March ee ao © Come All Ye Faithful os Playing Around. Polly Wolly Doodle. Rock a Bye Baby. Serenade Song of Thanksgiving... Star Chase, Tisket a Tasket Up on the Housetop.... Waltzing Winds Instrumentation FlutelOboe Bb Clarinev/Bass Clarinet EL Alto Sax/Baritone Sax Bb Tenor Sax Bb TrumpetBaritone T.C. Horn in F Trombone!Baritone B.C./Bassoon Tuba Percussion Conductor's Score/Piano Accompaniment Playing Around Tisket a Tasket a Star Chase wn Moderato Up on the Housetop Allegro moderato Irish Folk Dance Andante 17 O Come All Ye Faithful Allegro moderato The Carnival of Venice ~ - — fs Grandfather's Clock Andante Moderato Waltzing Winds 15 Allegro mf Mini March 7 Moderato German Waltz Erie Canal D.Cal fine 20 Polly Wolly Doodle a4 Military March Allegro | ™ 22 Serenade Moderato Dal fine 23 Song of Thanksgiving 24. Moderato Rock a Bye Baby