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MANUAL DE PROPIETARIO OWNER’S MANUAL MANUEL DU CONDUCTEUR MONTESA COTA 315R Owner's Manual ‘Alinfrmation in his puoicaton bated onthe latest prod ifoatonavslabl the tne approval for pring, MONTESA HONDA. S.A eberesnaright to make changes st ny me without ace and witout owing ay aig. No prof tis publeaion may be reprosuces wibeut writen pamisson. rontents Operating lnstrction 4. Engine Servicing 6. electrical Servicing Fost a4 | “corueiee 441 | “ation Systm inspection eo Coates m Serbia Stn 43) | Rtemaoe 62 Beale Operaton 32 | Reed inmpocuon {2 | Cootag Fan syst epocton et Cento 13 | Areteanar nosing 2 | Reguitoomectitor rey Water Sea Ané Beating Replacement 25 | Engine Stop Sut spect es . Serica Oats RedisorRemovalintaation 6 | wimg oagans es ‘Specsieaions 21 | Engine Remorltstalsion 2 Servoe bats 22 | GyinerPaten Reslecerent pe Torque Values 25 | RagmGramcase Cover on Toate 27 | cuter 2 ianoaton & Sea Points 2a | Kaketater a8 Cable a Haass Rovtg 210 | Gawrni Leaps 28 Crankease SepartinDesscory 20 | Service Ane Maintenance Crantenatranemason inspection fot Mantananca Sonecule a1 | Grosse Bean Reslacamant a2 Pree epacton 31 | Traramisscn Assam 23 \iarming-up inspection 32 | Crankcese Combination ta FR Ispocton 82 ‘tee es nspecton 52 | 5 Frame sercing Replacement Pare 32 |” entwnea! Fl 2 Cleaner 3a | Fon 53 ‘ranemison Of 34 | Stoeing Stem 512 Geant, 24 | Reartines 548 Spare Pig 35 | Shock Absorter 546 uten System 38 | ShockLinage 548 Fl Tank Fater 38 | Sige S10 Exnauat ips And Sllncet 5:7 | Brake Pas Replacement 523 Dive Chae 3a | Fronorake caper Sat Dive Ghee Star 50 | RearsrateCalpor 525 DivayOnven Spock 5a | Front Master Onnaer Sa Brake Fas S10 | Roartasiar Oj 527 race Pao lear St | Brake Pedal 527 Brake Sjom S11 | Clutch aster Oper 528 "andaber ane Sterng Heed args ae Wheel rs Tiee| a3 Front Suspension 333 Pear Suspension si4 esning 345 Storage S45 Eee To the Now Owner By sslectog a MONTESA COTA 215 as your naw machine, Younave laces yerealina dng fay of mar ‘The COTA a high perormance val motoreyeeutling the tet tal echnaagy Tis motrcjla Ie nerd or ‘ompatton uss by experoncad riers ony ‘Tenew wale wes dsignod to boas compotve as poste But rotoryeio lis a phylenly demanding spor that Fequies mora tan sts ne raing machine, Too we, ‘ou must ban excelent yea condition a bo 3 eal Fier Fo he best poset ests, wok lige on your ysl conatonng and pacts rauorty ‘he purpose ofthis Manus to help ensure at you ob ‘ho restos possi exfacton fom your nen COTA ta, Importance Of Proper Preparation Proper pre-compattion preparation and regu snes sera tone cafey anda rlaby of te motrcye. foyer or oersgarade by tne lectviien rng prope Fallon of servicing can easily eau in Tauty operation, ‘amaga to te mating, ony ote Parts Availabilty (rae forte pars tanato be cence he sean, you noed to plan your pare crt careuly. To preven Cisayan sip place orders eplary tpl rd tast-weanng pare wallaead of he sesso coe page 32). How To Use This Manual “The purpose ofthis Owner's Manis to halp ensure that youatan te grstostpesabi aatacon rom your new {COTA taler satisfaction withthe periormance ot the ‘motereyeie, and troup success competion, Hyouplanto do any sence on your COTA, sacton escbes ‘fandard maintananos and aectona 4 through 6 cotan Information on reps, dasserby, assembly a spec Follow the Maintenance Schedule recommendation (92 3) ure at ow COTA ay pon pera Memo 1. Operating Instructions 2 2 2 8 of Your COTA 216R noe a wo srk engine tat raqules staine of mist a deocbed bao CGosoin: Unleaded gasoline (Commercial avaiable Unleades: search octane number betveen ‘2nd 10), Fuel ming ato: 20 Fest tank capacity: 2.9 ite (0.60 US ga, 0.50 Imp gal) “To open th ul tank cap, remove the raster tube tom {he damp. Thos um the tal capcaunterloaew, ‘Gasoline is highly flammable ands explosive, You can be burned or serious injured When refusing {Stop engin and Koop heat, sparks, and flare aay. ‘ Retus! only outdoors + Wipe up spl imme + Pre gasoline an ol aati of 8:1. Prepare the el ristureh clean cortane, ane shake unt toreughiy ‘ined baton he ue anh USE ELF HTS, ‘Toe mucho wil eave xcoesve smoking and pat lg fouling. To ie ot wi caus erbe corrageo mats ot mix vepsabi and mineral based ole. rns is sepecaly nent weather is acesia to eo mineral whan ambient tomparstiree Bs O °C er tes + ithe gucci’ ol morta stancng in acotane fr Use the mixture win 24 hous + Once ana comtaiar oper te il must be usd thin ‘ne montane xian my oceu Instat the fet an cap by tuning in loci Ital he restr ube nto th Sle, Coolant ‘The eng of COTA STSR water cooled p.m ser to prone edecuste colin, is event that he rasan ofl wth codant up the pope ea ‘coolant S0/50 Mixture of Coolant and Dist Wier Femoving the radiaior cap while te engin e Rot wil ‘alow the coolant to spray out, serous scalding you ‘Away let the engine and radiator cooldown belore emoving the rasta cop When fing the coolant system, be sure to bleed ait orpletaly by losin he cylinder head bisader bot I ot the sytem cant be sft fled an lense reas. OPERATING INSTRUCTION Basic Operation Starting The Engine Your COTK STaM exhaust contains poisonous carbon menos pas, High Irs of earbon monoxide collet aos in ereosed ars uch ar 8 gage, Do nt run he mg withthe garage door closed. Evan with the door open nin he engine ony lang enough to move your COTA cof he garage Coli Ennis Stxtng Totus ful ve ON, 2 Pul tna “CHOKE” lever up (open poston. 1 ah he tte closed. prea tha Wicket, Startng ftom te top ofthe hckstarer stoke, Hck Iwaugh othe s.Arertna eran, un fora ow ruts, "ling the twat, unt warms up enough fo wth the "CHOKE" lever up (Open sate). The "CHOKE" over Should be retuned down (cose position, a8 soo 3s posse to prvent spare lug foulng (even stor sto Wam Erane Satea Fallow ne ead ang staring procedure without operating ‘he CHOKE" iver Stopping The Engine Shi the aramiono to real 2-Tum he ua vate OFF 5 Ug epen the tat 2-3 mesa then cose 4. Vien the engin slows dow, push the engine stop unl he engine stops compl. (ence ] ithe fuel vari at closed the ft oul vert ugh the eataustar,i the cakes, casing hae starig. Breakin Procedure Neve tinny Flown proper breacn procedure helps enur hat the ‘most impocant and exsencve compenerts on Your new Tooryel wit provide maximum pertrmance ans savice ite (soo follow proper baalcln prosagure form ney rebut engine | Wen ding 8 new metoryes operate the motorcycle fr the tat 20 minutos usng not more than Ral (12) tote ‘Su sng gear tht the engine does ot. Now 20 minutes using not more than the guste (3/4) {vot end eifing gears so het engine cess tus 1 nen ofestng. Be sur tose 8 promos gaesing-ot + Ria the in jet suber by 2 ranks to eric he mitre ‘reg breakng-n re reserve ‘Becondcned Mace "Alter tepacng teens andlor canis operat he Iota 20 tessa sae cats _ vnan tm piston piston tng, gears. replaced, hey Trust be rokennabearvng ert 20 mines us not ‘hore than hatte and sing asso athe gine oes not (UPPER el ne Controls cute Your COTA has anydravialy actus ctch Taco are ro adustmantsto perform but tho clutch system most be ‘Moped parece or fd ve! and eshogs Irthe conto vor fe psy bacomes axcassie andthe Inotocyce crepe otal hes shite ito gear orf the ‘heh ns, eausng accseraton ong Bein angraepoes there probably arin the clutch mya sytem aa it (ABIUSTER 0c wu hatch Lever The Sutch over ae pla con be agustea by turing the duster Fras play must be aust to prove 4 -1.4mm (2008 - (88m eran betweon tha nd oF the acuta the ‘en master tnd piston, ‘oineese re py bn the aduster decks, hen ehtsn the ck ut ecu) Ifne Sut ever foe play exceeds 30 rm (12) evan though the end of he edustar and be cut aster ine ‘Bean austd tthe mira of Om (2004, hare [Srp ain tb ata aystom ant mus bs Bod Da nt ect he ne fhe usta and he cch mastr ‘vinden blow 0. en 0.008 OPERATING INSTRUCTION ()OUSTCoWR — @ILOCKHUT ——a)ADWLSTER WO DECREASE —F)INCREASE ‘Trot Grip ‘atte in Foes Pay Pemeve ue an ‘Standard tote gp fe lye aprons 92.12. ‘ot grp rotation, ‘stmt ia mad vith the carburtor upper acter Fame the dt cover anaocsanteleck ma “Tumng tne eaustr in decton “A” will Saree tee pay {et tuming kin drecton “8 wilinsease re ay Tight the ck ut ater agusant Copeat ne trot grip to ensure that unctons amacthy ‘neti completa nal sexing postr, OPERATING INSTRUCTION o xouUstER (mock Front Brake Lever ‘The ont Bake lve oe play can bo adstes by tring tre aust Fra ply must be agustad wo provide 0.114 mm (0.004 [oss Gearancebetwesn the end he shar he front trae masta vind pion. Torrence rely, un heads: ockwise han gion If'ine brake Iver fe pay exceeds 30 rm (1.2 in even though te and othe australe ont Brake master ‘hinder peton casted ete ranma of 0. mm (0.004 Inj thr is rota ae the aka sytem and mst Be ‘not agut tha end of th aduster an the nt brake raster yee pon alo 0.4 mm (008, iotocesur al Hoi ‘aiabuusTNG ur Brake ‘na brake pedal height canbe adjusted tothe rider "brave pasa fe play can case car bake ok. ‘hate check he exe pod oe ly, orth assent “To aut the ear bake pedal eg + Upon the push ot rut ard rake pal austin bot Tener Than unto ty austin bats rection A {orate he pet ern draston 30love. 2. Tgtan tne ok te tha cero dal ih 8. ater acter check the rake peda ee pay athe ‘pote peaa, Mt sure hat he iarance Been the ont using bit and ame a ast! mm 0.0 Hanclber Postion, Weth And Shans Poston the hander so het renga bar nd operating fhe corte Is comonabie ule both sated ara staring. ‘ila riding strait ahead and uni Hanakebar wath canbe timers with hacksaw to belle Your pater shoulder with ana ing petrence. Thine ‘helmrougn early nox of ht 9 er amour trom both sges equa. ts ously mach ease to make theandlobs rarer han toad mera Cones} Chanter the edges to remove burs and oer negates (rreughnese ater sping. Anatmatonardebar shoe, rough vying Heo eared Sheep omenstns il poss tar agurtmen 9 positon ana may beter sut your pariular body size or fing se. Each athe ergonomic dimensions ofthe Irotorycie wats dtemines fo sut the gents posable umber of riders based onan averages de 2, Service Data ‘Specifications Tem Specfcatons em Specticaone ‘imansione ‘arbaretor (Ove enh 2015mm 7995) ‘ype Paton vie veal win ss0nm G27 a) Man bore (oval) 2B (.0i veal note ‘130 mm 45) esibase 4320 (527) Drive Tran i = Sex het ssomm asin) Chach operaing syste rove operted Ground dlewance 40 em (134m) Cuuch p= vem Traneniseon ‘Sapoed constants ‘ype Frente Front brake, diameter Pear brats ameter Tebscopic Swinger MICHEUN TRIAL 275-21 7F MUCHEUN TRIAL £00 18 TL Tubes) Sale aoe 185m Single ee 180mm Peary esucton Gears Tet (Geant pate 321 erien 253 ist) bass gen Ser earen {ine0 7/257) es 126m) ‘000 orton fred Compression ao Stating stem aot Falco Zoe 0608 J 050 roca occa Caner kee ‘gatonsyten co Cseste Dacha lnton) od semmasin Ruiner Serer engine yes Lug cot keene wn cron red ae Soe arangement Spe oyna, tiated om vel Soe andurake Saxstonmmecxa-0m Depiasement 2esem (ecu SERVICE DATA SERVE Service Data Urs en em Speciiations| Tom ‘Sianaara Sonica i Taeaton Cylinder Head yiinderPiaton Spocties engine of ee HTT ‘yn ness warpage es 05,0002) Fost mang ato aoa Ongar ID. reais-72 205 p941-26409) 7 ‘Transmision of exact 5 Po208-72215 28428-28131) = ‘teraning 052Her (0.55 US ga 048 impo) e 172.200-72 208 2.8425.2.6828) = St deaseary (055 tar (058 US ga O48 Imp ga Taser as 05,0002) psc ranemisin ELF HT Ototroune a 05002) Wapage = os o02, Fost System Psion OD A resre-72.a0 peate2ern, as (Carburetor derteaton No Prpi2685 Pra. 2688 @ Taseere ramen 28a) = ‘anjet anc) ano 0 ce 72188-72105 2590228019) = Show at tnd) Es owes) 36 foues) eaaurement pot | 18 (0 rom bot of skit 7 Jetnaede tp poston ‘ne gcove om op Pinbore 10. seoo7-1e0r3(a7o8s-0700 | re02(0.705) [rere nal opening Teumout Sto no Paton pin 0. 17004-18000 (7088-07087) | 17.08(0.708) Fat eve ia mm (07319) Eyindaro-pton clarence | 'D.035-0080,0.0%4-00020) * Trrtte gp to play Sm (Oi Patoriopisterrincewrnce | 007.0019/0000500007 | aoe aom8) Connectngrodemsend'o. | 21907-22009(088600888%) | 2202/0887 ‘Goaing System econmendes coolant 50/50 mice cootant i tit water ‘Chieti Gearait Linkage Pca exp presnre TekPa(t-2 glen 17 pa) (Caton sping ee natn 38.2149) 255.40) (Gaton de hckrnee 272-288 0196-0346) 250.108) (Caton pate nepage ~ 20,0008) ‘Guten mast ence, 27000-27001 0890-1.0098) = ‘Ghicn master piston 00, 25 990.26 960 (10808-10616) = etstanar ide gat. Prameron szreoaee) | 2197085) Bucnng 0. | 0are21.000(085908280) | 20098 0.25 usning 0. ‘7000-17 ave (acese-o.6700) | 47. 04(0679) Counters oo] 10965-15904 0.66860 6051)_| 10.96 0.568) 2-2 SERVICE DATA ee) Unit em em ‘andara Sonics Lt Tem ‘Sandaea Sonica ii GrankahahTranemiasion Wihooiitives (Cranes anout Fight a o0:5,0.0008) | | "asteranut — 020/008 tot = ovo oor) | | Tresrpresare Front watira * Connecting rd bg ena (oso-aesgor, 565 5 ps) ‘ide clearance 04-08,002-003) 09009) Pear 2o-0¢iFa - Fadil csarance oore-aaze nn.ecc009 | ose\000%%) (090.036 ler, 43-50 pe) sranemission gear LO. maa | 37002-17060/06705.087%6 | s7.07e10.6724 | | Wheeinmnneuk Racal = 20008 as | 20020-20001 10.7682-0.7000) | 20.050 (0.7205) es) = 20008 cr | 2o0an2n.% o.7882-07809, | 20.080 0.78908 | | Orv chan sack ps. (104.4) . C2 | asczn-25.041 985009859) | 25.050(0. 9065 | | Drive chan ster ickness = 20008) tom | 5020-2501 oseso-08e5q) | 25.050 (0.0865 ‘par eutace cour busting 10. Gt | s7.0o0-7.o1atacena-naeg | 17:030/06705) ce | ezoonz2.02% oses1-08870) | 22080 (08877 | | Front suspension op. 61 | teers-20000ja7e86-070r8) | s2.08010.7854 | | "Let fork spring roo enoht a4. (514) ara as) ce | 24875-25000 00884-0089) | 24.950;0.829 | | Farctupe unout = 1020/0008) 63 | 2ts7=-25000(asese-oses) | 24.050(0.0025 | | Fecommondes fond Aaowe 5 iat*F Maines 00. ‘Sowa SS = ‘tn gar 16963-16594 9806-08861) | 16.070 8681) Below s Cie RMS gar ‘.0s6-10.080[a.7e88-0.7886) | 10.940 0.7855) Bevay #5 or #10 - counters 0.9, Damping sot satng Compression sous: aot psnng e.983-18.004cc86-osen) | 18970 (0.6680) {Delete tom tars C2 bostng 21959-21980 0646-08862) | 21,940 (026s8) Tensen agus: ‘eka le gear ‘ 6606-06601) | 18.70 (se) swe tom lars ‘nit orc.D, ‘.c0o-1o.02saear-nasis) | 100910905) | | Foote Fight a3) _ ‘Caw ticks 4885.00 (0194-0107) 48039) te arse) = itor hat 0. aarraser(sszeacsse | sar @cat || Forolcapacty fight | oven taauSax tasimpoy | Uae | Soren a2Usex 8imocg | Fear Suspension ‘Sock sborbe sping prea 1285 (69) S Spreg roe engin 35 62), 120.4809) Nivogen gas pressure ‘zr Mpa is kavere) = Damper rod comresoed ~ = {orca 10 mm compressed 196-202 199.258 Kg) = Tension ache etn Olek rom fl hare S 2-3 SERVICE DATA sm em ‘Send eniee Uni ecormended brake id ore 7 Fron Brats eee canoes 400050 25079 rate dee nunout = 015 0.008) fear Brats er ewnass 20039) 250010) Brake aoe rout _ 0:35,0.008 Boros Spark pag Nok snBes - Spark plug gop 07-08 (0027-0000 = mary 045-0550 - Secondary wth tug cap taa680 = Secondary without ua cap Been = Ignition puso goertor tamator Ero col rexstarce sws320 = ‘Charging al resistance aseo7oa 7 SERVICE DATA Torque Values Standart Engine Torave a =o nem em gn) Ory [ota | tam ten, tm) | Remark Tram bak and at 305235 | | Spanmve |. 2 Bs. 1) Simm bland nut 10(0,7) Ol gan bok i]s 22722.) ‘mm bland rat 220219 | | Ctueresustrons | 1 | 5 | senawainsdmm {dm bot and rut 33(34,25) | | Recdvae sew a] “103, 0.7 oto 12mm bot and mt Sa154 40) | | Cyindernead stato 6] 8 308.8 Simson “(082.3) Oyinde tu bt a]os 8085 6mm ste ae fango bot (SH ype) 9009,7) Water pump impetor i] 7 12012, ‘mm fange bot sr 202.9) Oyindermmadartieedvave | 4 | 6 worr0.7, ‘mm fange bot and nut zi) | | Coclantcram bot na [ee 000.7) {Om fange bl sn rt sa159,29) | | Chacn cone nat i |e 0,82, 59) Shitanm stopparambot | 1 | 6 2113.9) Shit dren coer bl nee 2e2.39) Note + Pemary anve gear oot 1 | 0 45.39) Bearing set late soree a| 8 ‘(0,7 Note 2 yet nut a] ou revi, 80) | Nez Ignton puso genertortor | 2 | 5 8.08.49 Notes Notes 1. Aoply locking agent tothe tds 2 fly lean ang ol the thread and eating eurace 2-5 SERVICE DATA rae vy [gees] oe ay = Taeee | ao m Ory |otarimm| nem ate oeey_ | Remarks 2 [Gracin | nem age. ote | oe 77.20 Taararan 7] 7 | erosn | wet lCewvtpeanpecntar | 1) 8 aoaes) Foust oe w|i | sromen Stoctppetenene [2 | 8 208.19 Foadmenspocutie | € | 8 aes 18 Eqantencrarmeroatfows| 1 | 8 “or Rowrtrsedecramnatot | 5 | 6 ana) | Note Stencermeutng bat i| ian Shock aber Sionarsaymomerscn | 2 | 8 2029 Cpparmcuring ont | 1 | 10 | 2010.20 Domivsemosningeor | 4 | 8 e219 tomrrentueova | + | to | s0a29 Site sreccaesterspingioawna| 1 | oo | 96(50,30 roe mouning bat ole 20,07,29 Steck am batit +] ® | sao owning bat by) os Beni8 Steck bourat 2] to | seieo35 esgin ranger Suingu pot nt T | oe | emasn | nos onthe bt + | 2 | souo20 Sch stand pt rat +| to | Seam ree nage cotint i] i | sieo3, Sie stand bractat mounting | 2 | 8 wer2y | noe Cwermgeome [1 | 8 Beno ae vindeteraceracct bot | a | 8 Bezig Bris pda pot leo 2507,20 recta nueng oot 2] 5 |) aeaan Frowtranerastrcyioaer | 2 | § | s2mskoy Ditch overrode bat 2 | 3 | azeazy rier oe Gircroseimaneroyncen | 1 | so | “ago tron: Cutch o tiene bot +] i | esi rot master ode +] | sve. Seorgressioptwesd | 1 | 28 | Si0535 | seer || Frntcale +] | Bes Stcng atm bot 1] | ctekan | soma | | Rew mastercynaer i] a | fea Fert top pron bot 2| 3 soo | Newt | | Aewrontecstpe i] | Bean Fer natom arcs bok a]os meaty | Naot Frontal bt Tf | RRS) ] tees | sc shy omni ig Frente ne ot 2| 3 “00 ae Brendes bones Inter it spoke nipple 36 | ac29 3.2 (0.33, 2.4) ina ala enloat tla ia0aa, Fontriacaerrautigint| 2 | 8 2e7.2 | Neee Fronttre dacrreuningbot| 6 | 8 raiea | Now? Fone 2 | % | sean Fomesptotioasustrcase | 1 | a2 | oxmsan Fonensercacnana |i | v0 | seaig ign ext Sot i] ie | 6525 | nome anersot a [ie | sess | nee 2-6 SERVICE DATA Tools Special ‘common ‘Description Tool Number ‘ppiabity Deserption Tool Number -pliabity| Baarng rove, Tem Grass Taanio |Waterpume bowing ‘Spare ippe wench ‘o77o%-o020200 [Font spoke wpe Removes shat oross-tee0%20 {ten canter older ‘rrasconsnoo1 [Cuter ceteroce nut Remove woah trray-ooia201 Gearhoier trr2s-sor0:00 Prmary sve gear bo Wateresal ener oro4s-KAs0000 |e sea) Fhe older 1772s-o040000 |Fyuneat ntsc, 28:20 tro%6-r870%00 [Water puro being ‘Univeral pul tresr-o010000 crane beorng (rankeaca per sarswe-oor0001 | crankcase Bearing remover heat trras-sos0200 | whee bearing ‘Crankshaft assembly oo! ‘000r-ANs-000 Jerk Bearing remover at trras-c030%00 | Whoa senna ‘rankcateascemy sat so00znN2-003 | rantoase iver Urras-cor0000 [Racal at earn ‘Grankcaee area nt 000s NN2 O08 tachment, 2428 mm t7748-0010700 [Swingarm po! being rankcase assem colar ‘9009-NN3-008| ‘scerat, 32395 mm Urrae-co10%00 [Pig sourersha basing Crartcasestsomey adaptor | 9005NN2-009, ‘stachmart, 37340 mm trras-coroz00 Let maar baring Fork eal river et ‘rod7-2es0:00 |For ot sea Lot ent am bowing Fone damper rer 95:5-NNI.22) [Fight fr socket bo tachment, 42x47 orras.coros00 [right msncrah brorag Fork aampe er (orosc-Kasoona Jot for socket Let course beara Bat ace remove ‘re4s-4es0100 [Stan bearing rae Fit shit erm baring. ‘Stang stom aver traas- Snesaroommaztetan sraosmenseise 4-22 ENGINE SERVICING ‘Transmission Assombly (1) ORANHCASE ASSEMBLY TOOK Crankcase Combination (isan the crankoaso mating surtscos betresasembing Irthe minor roughness a epuaies onthe crankease rating srtaces Stes them wth an ol tne. _Ator leaning, Mxicte ho cranchet bearings with cean osroke eng a [seat re ranzmisionbezinge wth antmsion ‘Draw the rankahat into the wight crankcase using the pedi tok ‘oo.s: Crankease assembly too! 8001-NN3-000| "Grankcase sesemy shaft 5002-NN2-000| ty meas “Grankease assombiy nt s5003-NN2-08 | Bi tagien “Crankesse casemty cole B5008-NN3009| seer smmuen | ~erankoase assembly adaptor BS0DS-NN2-005, 5) cam 8 can f Ses 9 Seen | ciaen Mo CourreRsHAer 4-23 ENGINE SERVICING Ug Aly a MansinrT (a counrensnarr (Ler comcase nusrrousea, SUPT For SHAFTS (}LEPT SHIFT FOR (Blomanvcase assewany Toot bieer ae sea. S)MGHT MET FORK (}GENTEASHET rom ace the ltt eankcase onto te right crankcase ané_| Pack ree Ino the cay between the it ol el ips Somnlethe wanteaoe faves cong te especal tala | Press fe of ea to he crrwoase wih Deeper! took Unt ne oasis wth he cartes sracs roots: rankcase assem too! ‘a9001-nns-o00 | Pack siican gree ino he eauty between hell sel “Crankease assombly shat ‘0002.NN2-O03 | ps “ Grankcase assomby nut ‘n0e-NN2-003 | Insal he eto eal evo to crankeae ntl he sel fush “Grankease assembly col e068-NNS-009. | Wt tn rarkcace sure, “Grankease assembly sdeptor _69005-NN2-008 ppoowes Paes GINEW GASKET instal he mast and counters as an assembly nto te ight race ntl he shit orks wth the marks facing ot. tal he a ors, Ietal he dows pes andrew gasket. 4-24 ENGINE SERVICING z (1 cranesnarr coun Ber tal ann te crankcase bos in acess patria 2rasieps “Tom he prnuing sat tri! tam he cyinder base asta uoce, Intl he canst cote Insta he ey et he canst ey way. trary eve gear, washer an bt. eurexourea Breeannowen ‘Temparaniy instal he cuten outer aude, needle bosrng Andee tra tha manhattan eg Nelda ‘emeon he pray sive ane ven pears. oot Gearhoide o77as-c010100 ‘Toten he primary ceive gar bal othe spectina toaue, ‘Torque: 44 Nem (8 kam, 38 16 (sme ans shone wasvens lone senooKeT Inca he new enap ng onto the courtarhat groove. Insta he washer dive apreckel washer and new snap ring sci to the coutersnah rears, Inet ene snap cng with ts chefeed se facing the ple washer Pathe opine washer wh sat ge tcing the eve sprcket Install he removed pain herve erro veova 4-25 5, Frame Servicing (SCE cous Front Whee! Remove he brake caliper mounting bots and ie cover, {Leosen the axe pinch bot Suppor the matorycle ana rot whl of the roune Rerve the nl, tie col an ont whee e not dapress the brake lover ater he font hea = “Tha cape pistons will move and make reessomby ite Disessemby/Assembly Sheth tong | cS inctenoem oF pe ‘ro slacking sert ‘Torte 12H 2 hgh. 9 «ysrwense Goeccor (Gterr ane sens fermici wee Sea 5-1 FRAME SERVICING (ane. cana caLrer ISIE COLA Grosecowr eons Inston Insta a eae calpr an lc over, tit the mong bots the speci torus Clan the sraces where the axe snd exe carps contact ach other “Fong: 26 Nem (27 kgm, 20) Place ta ont wheel betweon the fork leas. its the ont rake apd, pump the fork up ana down ‘ost tin aya of grease to the a sure. fovea nest sat these ané check te ont Bake great these veo pertion Fatal he nl trom theron se tvough the wel an “iene ase to the species tocue Torq: 69 tem (0 afm, 1 IDE) 5-2 (LE PCH BOLT ‘Apply esse tothe axe pinch Bolt thead and seating Ineo ha ace pach bol, Ve asping the fre pale maa tighton he ht fle pnen bok. “Torque 10 Nom (1.0 kg, 7 FRAME SERVICING a wt J Fork Removal Fervent wee age 5-1, Rernove th en fender adhe! ght case Loosen te tap bridge en at ine forte are robe Saansenbied, oa Loosen he totom bacge pinch bok, and pul he fk tube Soom and ot ‘)FonK out Fight Fork Daassembly Before eatsembing tee ean he ete ng srace na the bottom of rss ‘A scratched fork tube will damage the seal, causing an oll, Hold the fork tube, remove the fork Blt ar li the fork BironKeour png aque isin clcke poston ana frm the damper aster case. Do mat emave the Semper est cas em the damper 5-3 FRAME SERVICING ig (9 FoRK wen Hower (mcr center our Hold te al erin aves protacta wha pec of wood sot awa aold damage Benet overiton oi ne fork damper using the special oo, thenoosen the ran center ble oot: Fork damper holder 50515.8N8.824 (1 For oaaren blcenrerna ste fron ruse emoys te fr damper assembly ac centering plats tom sh foetus (oust sex, STOP ANG Aernave tha dust seal and stop rng belng eet not to onan te foe ube Incuekeuecese motes, cul efor ut of sir, Enbyte fad om fe damper by ppg the dost FRAME SERVICING — (FORK TuSEaUSANG GUIDE BUSHING GioaccuPANG (OL SEAL ‘Check hat efx tube moves sooty inthe se, Ite no check th for abe banding or dame, end ‘he bushiga fr wear or darrage Ine do an busing ae normal, check he ork tbe, Carohay remove the for tube busing by pring the sot satis sone ihe tng canbe pues by Be cre rot to scratch heen coating the bushing, Femove the guide bushing back-up rng anol soa em ‘hetoreioe. eusane PiaxocuP ane [S)NSPECTON Pon ‘ight Fork Inspection (Chace folowing ome epeietons:poge 23 enka for score mars catches and wxoeaive Waar Forte nose “rk sides or samage orastoraton “erk damper tor carnage ‘BusingBacicun ing (Check he bushings or excestve wear or soratehes Remove any metal powdar trom the sider and guide Bushings wih anyon bus an fork ul IFeopper appears onthe entre surface, replace the bushing. Replace the back-up rng If thre ay catorton atthe oatren assena.y Brome Tuae omren noo (Geers Pure ‘Gheck te stopper rubber fr weer or damage. ork Damper {eck ne for damper assay for damage a detonation (Check he dampar oa fr band or cher damage Fo tuoalsntanng alate Choc he fork ib or Bet or etoration (Check ne canterig plate or camage. 5-5 FRAME SERVICING 9 9 wr \ Pie / é (Fork Tuse Busta axocuP ANG faube Bust (iousest Fight Fork Assembly ‘ican th parts rough wih nen-fammabic high uch pont aos bere assembly Inca he owing "Side busting Guide bosting Backus rng ‘Coat tne gui and slider bushings with recommended fork Ital he orc tube anor it the ok sider, . a. ®. J (iyeuogausine —— BlBUCKUPRNG bho sex. iisror ane (Bousr sea. Dive the gud buting, backup rng an ol seal un he ‘oping groovote dbl, wang te epeia t0. ‘oot: Focal ver oraer-4590100 Insta etapa ino th ese rove soca. Inet eo Sa Ghoenrennes ATE Bron ruse Insta he cnleing plate an fork roe asset hz he forctbe, 5-6 FRAME SERVICING NY (1 Fork oaweER HOLDER (aur cewren aout Hols ne au der navi proteces with a pace of wood oso ans to avd damage, Bont overigiten ev, Insta he oh canter bot wh anowsesing washer Hold the forcaamper using the speci tat, then atten the ‘igi contr bal wo the speci ous ‘oot: Fork damper holder 9966.NNo.824 Torque: 84 Nem (5 kan, 25 ts) (1 ForK Fuuo ‘rome TUSe ue comanca ok fin th fr ag. ‘Speci ork mi ‘abowe 6° G/F: ‘Showa SS0s: alow ct": ray #5 or BP 10 las ha aa ows: 1 Bond he fork Cover he top of he fork ube with your hana and compross to fork slow several bes. (FORK oMMPER AOD 2 Pump the damper 8-10 tins. 5: Mae sure no a fo camper by sly ul te camose ‘od up the resletane ee a he top end, pura he ampere age Wat 29 minutes before messurng the ol av Masur th oval om op he foe ube Standard ol level 39mm (5 in) Cl eapacty 407 em’ (138 US 02,14. Imp 02) FRAME SERVICING & (nonaPen AoWusTER CASE oon trie damper aguster cate was rameves fm the amper ‘od, ret be dumps edustr case a lo ‘adhe dtance betes atop of dampina aster noo a topo acest canals 1.5 en (45, 2. rsa the damper adjuster easerodasoarbiy i the {mper rod pe uni the camper acjster bottoms ‘ah Fold ne damper acustr casa ena sgten the lock mut {othe apoetos torque, Do not un the carport Torqus: 20 Nem (20 kgm, 16 5-8 finewonne biFomk our Intl an Oring onto te trk bot grove Serow the fork ot on the damper sete case unt Held tne carpar csr cae and tighten the fork ap bat tothe species ous Torque: 34 Nm 8.5 Kan, 25 68) ‘opty ecommende rk tuto the Oring, he sre the ‘ork tate ork ube (Fork ecu gjossrayos couLAn Beene sear (ronson Lett Fork Disassembiy ‘Before lsseebing fork lan he ante see srace fc the boi ot fork se fe cart nt to crate he ok tbe ‘Serna fer tube wl amano te cal, casing ano eee “Te fr bot unde spring pressure. Before moving the for bl, tum the predoad adjuster sees postion Frome he for bok rom the fork ube Aomove the asta clr, sring seat an feck sro, Pour cut te fork FRAME SERVICING o Se (Fork omer HoLDER (icenren Bout Hold he ae hier in is protect wih a pecs of wood eof awa avoid damage Dont overite, Hold the seat ppe using the special ool ae loosen the ‘canes o9u: Fork damper holder 7990-Kasoo00 Remove he canter alt and asking ashe. emowe the following tems using the same procedure as ‘height ek aasonsy age 5 “bustoea = Stop rng “Fr tab tom tha fork er (sear ne assewery ja vocx pce Remove tea lok lec tom he for ton Femave eset ip seam fom te oe be. ‘Remove the flowing tans using he same precede a ha ‘gtr torcdemeamy page 53 “Oteea! Bacup rg Guide bush Sie bag sear mre [BVREBOUND senna ‘apisrowane (iow Loox ce Lot Fork nepection (neck allowing ams spcications; page 2-3 For defor camage ot Setornation Fork sorng fe length “ puahngroaicup rg age 5) “Fare pston ng for wears age "oe pacer “Rebone spring ofa or otor damage 5-9 FRAME SERVICING ®. @ 8. a. o. (FoR ruse 2iseAr Pe asseneLy BL iocK PPE Lat Fork Assembly Coan me pars thorough wth non-real orhigh Rush pont sohon ere assembly ont fr i othe piston ng. Instat he tor ston somite ok tbe Inet hao ck lose on te ond othe seat ips 5-10 Hold ne fs hacen vie preset wi a pice of wood (rsof ave to avoid damage, Bonet averghtan the vie Clean ad apply lacking agent othe enter bot esd Instat ha center ot wt anew sealing washer Hols th sa! poe using the spocal tol, then igen the ‘ate bat oho spaced tora. Toot: Fork damper hoor or920.KA80000 “Torque 34 Nm (35 kan, 25 EN) aunepusiNs —zjeucKuPrING Bouse fistorane: (oust sea. Insta the following using the same procecur a ho riht for page 5 "Gider bushing! qide bushinglnew ot sesoack-up ring font the ek tbs «Foe et the for ser. vate ice bushing anc ent the stoping groove Sabie ung the spacal oo age 6, Insta he stop ring and dust sa FRAME SERVICING 8 <= 0 (Fork span (Bison sear (ror ruse Glograncecousn — WloaNG Brune omooe bork our Guanpanoove Pour aline requires amount of commended or tuisin | instal the fork spring, ping eat and tance cl. Instatation the fn. Apply recommend fot is 1 the new Oring, then | fatal te fork eg Speci ork Mee ‘above 8 iat F ‘Shows SSS Below ci F: ray #8 or BP #10 Pump he fr ube sony 8-10 tres, Pour nastona fet te epcties capac. Ot ove: 97 mm (8nd (Ot capacity 364 em 18.2 US oz, 18.8 Imp oz) Raise he frk rough the totem bridge and top beg Dlg na 2nd groove (@ mr rm top o foe tbs) on re fort ube tothe usp auras ofthe top bridge a show ‘Align ta fork tube postin athe ont fap bos, 5-11 FRAME SERVICING (p BoTroM BRIDGE PCH BOLTS roncaor By TOP BADE PACH BOLTS oy pes tote fork op and totam ph bot ads. Tien th boar bridge pnch bois othe speci rau, Torque: 20 Ni 20 Kg, 14 6) Cvartgntenng the pine bls can dorm he cuter ube, Defemas outer tise must be episced Tighten te fork bot “ontn he top bridge pinch bot tothe specie tere Torque: 20 Nam (20k, 14 1) Aetrn serng pre-and rebound dust the ogra olone sented rng omove, Inet ne ooning Front fender rent whee oage 6-2) borane ‘Stesring stom Disaesemty Remove he otowing: “Fen wl page 5-1) Remove the see stm bot and washer amore he fork as oage 5-8 Pamove the ap bigs. urecr cian piste Remove the slam bearing acasng nut Famave the folowing: ‘ust sea “Upper bearing ‘Storing sterfoner beg 5-12 FRAME SERVICING _ i. ste (isto yousTsea gy seanns ‘onnen Lowen aexans (seems sre aver (arractaeat (oust seat Insta now st sal ota the stearing ten Inca he a ower bearing it the stowing stm sing 2 hycraulc press ena ver. = eee ae ; onc == a a zs a rape ee 5-13 FRAME SERVICING (naowusrNa NUT ont reas othe stm earn sting rte an cre tha sem osaring adutng nut alma way wah your 5-14 Tunthe sterng same tnockS ies to seat thebeats {hd veghten he sclusng ra toa spectiesovaue, Torque: SN (5kg-m, 36 1b (oP anes bisvewaocr ‘ey ease ote stem bok reac ssn sacee. Insta he op bidae washer ana stom batt “Termporariy insta bth fork gs. ‘only gross fo the Top bridge pinch bot iaage and Insta and gion to tp ridge pinch bots othe spcied torque. “Torque 20 Nom (2.0 kom, 1416) “igen a stam bot tothe speed ore “Torque 68 Nim (65 kgom, 47 bt) Recheck he sting stem adjustment befor instating the removed pars FRAME SERVICING ace (acwusren Gacenur Rear Wheel Removal Paice the rear helo the gourd wih lock or mainte: ance stand unr he engine Femove he folowing hale et and ere chain ecstr Dive ein Aa ve can aster, ander whl Do not depres the brake pec ter the rear wheel “Theale: stone wil move and make esssembly eu Dicsccembl/Ascombhy ‘contaminated bake dsc or ped reduces slapping ‘power, and ean cause a cris nur or oath. Discard contaminated pads and clean a contaminated ds with high quality brake degreasing agent. . esa cig sent Save Tegie NInG hae Btn DI nee JL OTN » (npeere ose ats05 am lose aoc Soon RCH nee ann [Swavewasien Blostance coun lslonven sooner soct VEN SPROCKET FRAME SERVICING wy anusanyusrer i acuustens| ALENT Instaiion Int ere bake caliper sging te espe sige, Aoply thin aye ot rans ta he sale Prac the roar whe! between the swingarm beng cart nat to damage ts oe. Usp the rear sl the let chain sester, se ctr App arease ote een trea and seating sutaces Insta height hain cuter, wasner anda nut Insta na ane chan Ite actor Ine eating cp was eed al ne ive ‘ah wih the cose end of he cp the deton of wea ‘ataton, (Check and asus the iv chain sleck page 3-8, ‘Tighten head nt Nem (7.0m, {ny ups Moun Bourne blstoce somos ‘Shock Absorber Removal emave th a cleaer nous, Pate the rer whe! of to ground with & block oman ance stra undar te orgie. Femave the shock sbsooe lover mounteg bot Femove he upper maumting bolnut and shack aboot. (0)cowPresson iaTrAceeT fs Seane SexTsToeren Disassembly Leooen te spcg ek nt and asus. Fomove ths loner mounting cols. stine shock soso ne shack abeorbr compressor ro atchent yo9u: ‘Shock absorber compressor orane-010000 “Compressor attachment (7959-MBo000 amove the stopper ng sping at and apna. Inapecton Chock he allowing toms (specication: page 28 ‘Upper an lover sphere bearing fr wea! o damage "Spring for carage and measure ho Fre lngth “Damper oot eakag rom the damp rod Replace the damper assombl leaked ol FRAME SERVICING w a & ovae (9 oust seals (senna a seeng seat Bistor an bjstorPennns ——_‘hcoupresson SisPrenca sean Barracruen Remove thea valve ap and pres the vaha stom ang ‘ainaee the nitrogen tram the dampar unl pressure Ie released, ‘Botor aoposa of the anock abcorba, eles the nitrogen {rom the darper Weer sczcust ye protection Point he vv anay om yu to proven dbs geting to your es, Spherical Bearing Replacoment Farave be colar ac dust 0 {heck the spose! Bearing or smenth tation or damage Famave ba top ng Poss the soereal bean out using he speci to oot: ‘Spherical bearing diver ore. x$50100 ross new spherical bearing inf he sheck absorber pat ‘nt sats sing sare ot Insta here top omg tote groove, ‘Aly ease 10 the ust sa! tps instal he dst sens ne colar =a sisters: = eacwusren Biocewt Assembly seamen te rvere order of lsseamy. Adjust spring preoas length (page 23) Hold te spring suse snd inten the ook mt othe pectin traue “Torque 49 Nm (5.0 kgf, 96) 5-17 FRAME SERVICING nUPPER WouNTING BOLTINIT e} SHOCK ABSORBER instalation Set the shock abeerbar nto the tame and instal he upper meaig bolt tothe et 8 stale upper muting nA. 5-18 tower mousnine BOUTINUT ove heaving aligning te lower moun, ten inst ‘he lower mounting bot rom the ight Inet and ighon te uppar and loner mounting mist the ‘paced torque Torques: Upper mounting bot 29 Nn (4.0 km, 29) Lower mounting Blt: 39 Nom (0 Kg, 20 tt) (LOWER MOUNTNGBOLTNUT — eBOLTSANUTS (Breusron ata Paes (aeusecn un ‘Shock Linkage Removat Fao thre wha che grou wth a Hock er trance ‘are unaer ne eng, Remove the foto: ua ushon wer neuning bot "Glenn arm latecushon tk blnat {ison am plete to-saingam bout ‘Gusher arm plates “Gieon iteorae socket bolvnut FRAME SERVICING ear rs 1 | 1 \ | anmesey (uenotcousna enor couane (ousMonuie youn anuruates (0 aasonsen owen Moura BoLtuT Gourgas"* — Gremmeaeemas Georsmars’ ——tonenouvmncsccinar | Q)Ssoocam Pres TO SHmGaM Go HOT Need Bearing Replacement Inttaton Swingarm ove the pot cols and dist so ial fh towing remove Che oer nord beer “Sangre Scan toe sok btn rave te owing move cuton tr neo beengo engine space! | “caster am ples Sooo ae 9) Toot: Bering diver ‘orase.n4soos00 ress new needle beatings ito the cushion fink o 9 rm (© 12in below ne euros ott cusron nung the spo {loo on both sis. Foose bearing wit is mathe ade facing out Bearing romover ‘orose.sasooro0 ‘Aaply maturpoce grease othe cols en ct elie Insta he ott seas area pve core, Guaion am pates-o-sningarm batt [Gushon am piste o-oo sn bolas Fer eusion lover mounting atnut ‘Shock sbsotet loner mounting botnut ation am pata to-svngarm bart ‘Tigo he cushion sem pst an cutie in nts tthe specie eraue, “Torque 38 Nem, (4.0 gm, 291 “Tighten th rer culo wer moumting ruta he species ‘oraue “Torque: 39 Ne (40 kgm, 29 tn) 5-19 FRAME SERVICING » ee “78 er 3 (paw (oust sea.cap —gewor coun (oneeniebeaanes 2 SincareePNOT BOTT (Gyousr sea Gausins oversea Remove the otowing Disassembly Pivot Bearing Replacement “erate hase clamp serene ear brake caliper Femave he tolowing Feplae tne evingarm besiege 35st ‘Suing pt bok and sings aecory pots anc erive ena cover Bots and drvensproskat gure emave he pv earings using the spec tot ‘Sere and ve chai sider (Grain ensoner yoo: Dost oa caps Bearing deer o7o4e-xxs0000 Dost eras Protests ross a new pivot sing in using the spec to. epics them thy have cere mars, serach, excessive o7749-c010000 ‘rovers wea orras-oot0700 Sheek ine shock mounts and swingarm orstes, cracker | Plot, 20 mm ‘o7ras-0020800 ‘her samage. Face the bearing wath ts mark sie acing ou. Prose the nasa bang 20 hats 5.5mm (022') below the singer end notalhe trust bushings 5-20 FRAME SERVICING ‘ ‘mm a2) PY. a “ IpvorcousnA — @Pnor couAR 8 jousT sexs (Nesace acanies Link Bearing Replacement emove he pvt eas and dst ea Farove the pet bearings using th special tok 00: Bearing remover o7ose.myootoo Prose new pot bearing in using he epecal oo, ‘ooLs: Bearing remover orose.mooto0 Face the baring wth ts marked side facing out Pros iene boning so hats 3.0mm (02in) ow tne sung end Insta he out sels a pvt cols, eewor coun oust seus ious sex cw ‘Assembly ‘opty geste to he bearing, cota and ips ota new st noah colar, dust sels and dust so cape cram Tensioner bonnes reuse Install he rive enantensoner pivot bushings nt the Instat anew Ong ont the cha arlene po, Insta heen arson the erga Instat anew Oving and ten thet al 5-21 FRAME SERVICING. (none cram sUER bison (5}LooK Aen Insta heave chain srs onto the srgar Pop alochng spe tothe cre chain ses sree treads fra tghten he sro, Instat ne ive chin guard an ante be Bas. (yPuor eournest nose cues ‘ent mincostof seat othe svrgam pe bo srtece, Iratal he suing iota rene. trata ne anngarm aot bol rom esd Instat and igtten te singer pvc cut to te epacid ‘ora, “Torque: 69 Nem (7.0 kgf, 1 I) Ineo he brake caliper ont the swingarm a Ine ha baka ogo clamps and tighten te serene. (Sook arm pLATeS-To Sranasea BoLTINST (Bistoce ansonacr LoneA MOUNTING BOCIMUT Instat lowing: ‘Shock am psa t-suingarm boat Fas cushion lower mounting boa Tighten the shock am pst at “Torque: 99 Non (6.0 kgm, 291s) ‘Tiantn me shook absorber ower mounting Bal 16 the pec ou “Torque 44 Nem (4.5 kon, $8 Instat a oar whos page 5-18) 5-22 sous oeccover Breaner Brake Pad Replacement ‘loan he trake sec ita high qty ceareasn agetit {hey we contarnsad nt lor gene, Foplae a pad toy ao contarnalee, Front rake Pad Replacoment Femeove the brake caliper mounting bots, csc peotctor snaoalpe. (caeenrstons Puen the pistons the way ino alow wstalation of nee bake pace Choc ta brake fic even he reservar as ti operation Remove he socket bats. Famave the brats pad Clean he brake caper inside especialy arcu the clper pons. neu PAs (soccer Bours neta ne naw pane sou tham with he socket bos Install the caliper to the fork so te die is postioned ‘tween th pac, bag caret not te damage he pads. opi locking ages! tate caper mouring bots tests Insta the dl cover, tan etal and igh te runing bots. Torque: 26 Nom (27 ktm, 20 1b Copetate te brake ovr to aat tho oalper pons aga ‘hepads. 5-23 FRAME SERVICING (Bran esos (socket 20ur (grax pans heaUPEn PISTON Fear Brake Pad Replacement emo the rar hea (psee 58) Puen te pieton al he way no alow isan of new brake pecs, Shack ne baka ld vein the reser a this operation ‘Sauses the vl ore Remove be socket bot and net sagt the pas, ‘iean the bake calipers espetalyaroun the caper pesone caren sancner Gisoseseur Ineo the new pads an secure ther wih the sacks bl Insta ne brake eliperbrscet aking its lt wth ne boss ‘onthe sings Inca he re hee! ge 16). Operate the take pedal to cet tho capo pistons against ‘me peas poweocr erwourrna Bours Bioscooven (Gidrane CALPE Front Brake Caliper Removal i ling brake fic.on sits, pase rue: pars. Pace shop rag aver thee parts whanever the Sst s reniees. Drain he bake system, Poe aan coraior under te caliper. Remove me fotowig: "Bake ose of ot “Sealing washers “era nse yslet “Caper mounting bots Disc cover Bake caper “rake sade age 5:25) 5-24 FRAME SERVICING (moaLrenrsroNs Inspection Clos th inside fhe caper. (Check hea eakage om caper pistons Wary par of he cali is damaged replace the callper os fvassany. Apply locking agent to he caliper mounting bos hea ‘rata he brake apo a lec cover, ar thn insta and tighten the caper mounting bots “Torque: 26 Nem (2:7 ktm, 20 bE) ‘Connect te bake hose sit ont wth two nw soaing ‘washes, thn ite theo bo. “Torque 25 Nem (27 kan, 17 A ou sour Plamen Hose DBlemaKe CALPER Rear Brake Caliper Removal ‘Avi png bake fc on pants plastic ube pars Proce a sop rag ov eae parts whence the syst seve Dain the brake system. Paces clean corte undor he clipe. Femove tn oto: Feraks hoes otal ‘Sealing washers Brake hose eyelet, ear whoa ogo 5-15) Brake catperracet Bake sad bape 5-24) bicaLPen sro Inspection Clee he ni of he caliper {Check theo esa Hom the ape vind, part ofthe caliper is damaged, repico ta caper as an aston, Installation esta the bre caper ono he swingarm rl. CConnact ha brake hose eee it ith to new sealing vasa rsa the rar ea! (page 5-16, ‘Tonten he ol bo othe species torque “Torque! 28 Non (27 kim, 17 1 FRAME SERVICING ou sour noes enane Hose [Blaaren cvunoen Front Master Cylinder RemovaUinstaition ‘vol ling brake ful on partes plastic ober parts Pave a shop rag ovr these arts whenever the sytem "When roving the brake hove Bo, cover the eo he heat o prove conamunaton, Secu the Fee fo Povet fsa rm ealng xt ‘rain the erate hd tom he hyeraulc eto nt @ stable amave tne otoning ‘rate eve “Bate ose and sing washer Mastr ender hdr bots i older Master onder 13000 Bteron assewsty ‘aisenn Disascembiy/Assembly oop the master cynde iste, cups, sping ana snap rng ‘2 aa dort sattte vial pars “nen naling te uns, 0 nto the pt tun nse Romove tetra ever rd sassamble th maser yin. Inspection Check ne master eyior ae piston for coring, catches Instataton Ineatation a the reverse oer of roval Brake hoe ob: Master onder elder bolt 3.2 Nm (023 Kt 20 Nem 20 gh, 14.) ‘2aber) lee ha air rom 5-26 FRAME SERVICING ow.g0.t snake Hose Masten oD Rear Master Cylinder Removalnstalaton (renee) ‘void sping bake fis on painted, paste or rubber pats, Dace aanop ran over tees para ener the stm Is seve ‘nen removing the brake hoe bat, cover the on atthe tows o proven cortaninaten Scur he hoses to present fh om ating ut Donetdeaseenble heres master cylin Dain the take fi tom the yea system int @ suite Remove the exhaust chamber. Remove the reseroe tank Fem the bracket emeove the brake hose ol ol ane isconnect the brake hose eyelet ot, (e0uts faisrEn crumoer Remove the mounting bts and master cyinder. Installation Instat isthe revere ode of emovs ‘Connect the rake hose yee it wh fv new Sealing ‘wae, en gthn he ot bt, “Torque: 2 Nem f27 ktm, 17 1) Bled the stom th rear bake stor. yur isocr (yoRake Peo, Brake Pedal Removal move he brake pada! pvt nut nd bot. 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(yatwmiee, HOLE, (BLYWEEL NURSE yrewaies PuLe BeLwnies| Femove heya! ut and washer 001: Fiyuheelnokder ——_07720.0080000 erove he tyes! sing th special tok Too: yal pur 9010-808 sss ELECTRICAL SERVICING i socxer sours | BloNnON PULSE GENERATOR ‘aistaron oR Guo Fenove the socks at, gon ale gure nc stator, Insta he stator int ha et eankesse cove Setthe wie grommet ito the grove of et eranksase IRE me we guid, hen sta na ton puss ganar. 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Star the engine se chock for fan to st. tre tan moter does not sa, nspoct te fan moter. Ihe fan motor star replace the ero sch nap quarunay comecto (120 en coNvEcTOR (a sevearreny Fan Motor Inspection move he oar ‘lsconnet th fn tor 2° Res) and therm switch 2° (stir) comacte Short the 2 (Malwa) connector Black and Green wie terminal witha enpor wre annect the 12V battery postive (+) terminal o the Biac/Bue termina and nage (terminal othe Grean terminal fhe 2P (Re) contactor. Choc or fin mots stats place ne fan motor ithe fan moter oes not start Tite an moter star, check for ne flaming tam 1 Sentinal for Green and Bex ie batween fan motor {2 fied and homo auton 2 leur) corer era Continuity for BlaivBlve and Groen sive between fn rotor and regultrecii. = Rogulatoreciler page 69, Tero switch ELECTRICAL SERVICING (TERM sue Thermo Switch Inspection ‘Removing the radlator end thermo switch while the tains f hot wil low the caelant to pray out ly seating you ‘Aways et the engine and radietor cool down before Femoving tho radster ca. Famove the racsator page 4-8), Suspend the thermo sitchin pan of water an lacie heating lemon Water Masts up ta 80° AEE" For mor, chek or conti Detwoon he hemo such termi. ‘Tara ete normal cary sexi. (20 Reo) comeECTOR Regulatorectiier System Inspection CConnact the vtmter othe Black wire termina (snc (Geen terminal ofthe regret’ 2 RED} connector ‘eth hs comactr connect, ‘Star the engine and measure vag, Stondare: 10-18 57777) tthe moasurd vtage out othe specication replace the regustoirostia. (enane stor swrca BroomecTons Engine Stop Switch Inspection Dlesonnect he ange stop seth connectors, (Chack the angina Sop sth or contin between the terminal ‘hare sould be contuty withthe such is pues Release te etch button tar sould bere corny Replace the Ighs and engne stop switch fis out of 6-5 ELECTRICAL SERVICING Wiring Diagrams. org) ett HE 00302-NN3-7000 6-6 ELECTRICAL SERVICING 00302-NN3-6000 6-7 Momo