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Navigating the School

Miami-Dade County Public Schools
Presented by Cachi Alvarez

Early Intervention

Early Steps: from birth to 3 years of age

Individualized Family Support Plan (IFSP)
Childrens Medical Services
Early Steps Locations:
North: 1120 NW 14th Street, 12th Floor
(305) 243-5600
South including Monroe County: 17615 SW 97th Avenue
(786) 268-2611

**Early Intervention is KEY**

Individualized Educational Plan

(IEP) Process

Children entering into the school system with an

IFSP are automatically enrolled for an annual IEP

Parents will receive a notification of meeting along

with procedural safeguards

Parents attend a meeting with a multi-disciplinary

team consisting of

Staffing specialist
Special education teacher
General education teacher
LEA representative


DD: Developmentally Delayed

Kindergarten 12th Grade

EBD: Emotional
Intrinsic Psychiatric
Extrinsic Emotional

ASD: Autism
PI: Physically Impaired
HI: Hearing Impaired
VI: Vision Impaired
IND: Intellectual Disability
OHI: Other Health Impaired
Language Impaired
SLD: Specific Learning Disability

Related Services
Occupational Therapy
Physical Therapy

Options when services are


Contact the program specialist for the

special education program at your childs
school and request an IEP meeting

Prior to the IEP meeting

Request the physicians statement and mutual
exchange form
Private psychological evaluation

OHI Program or LD Program

Three-Tiered Model of Service


This model provides a range of

supplemental instructional interventions
with increasing levels of intensity to address
their individual needs in the classroom.

This is done to place the child in the least

restrictive environment.

Each tier can take between 6-12 weeks to


McKay Scholarship for Students

with Disabilities Program

In order to qualify, the child must have an active

IEP for one year.
Choose a qualifying school found on the McKay
File a letter of intent
Enroll child in school
Funding for school is based on the childs matrix
The child must perform academically and
behaviorally as non-disabled peers
The child must abide by the schools standards


Miami-Dade County Public Schools

Miami-Dade County Public Schools for Special Education

Florida Kidcare

Florida Prepaid

McKay Scholarship

Early Steps North Dade:

Early Steps South Dade:

Miami Childrens Hospital:

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)

Contact Information
Cachi Alvarez

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