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nterprise Professional Services On-demand, Wor dwide

APS Concept of Operations

• Form follows function

• Consulting line-of-business

• Capitalline-of-business

• Capability line-of-business

• How to engage with APS

• 2009 APS Gain-Share



APS is designed as a portal for entrepreneurs and Small Business

Once at the site affiliate ads will generate sales revenue for APS

Commission tracking and revenue is automated

Affiliate business builds demand for high-margin consulting work

"Form follows function" in the APS concept of operations:

• Prospects are attracted using SEO, and return based on brand affiliations

• Partners ngage based on: affiliate, referral reseller, or representativ programs

• Principals ben fit from cost-economi s and profit sharing, whil managing their LOB










APS Con ct P

"Gain-Share" It's how to weather the recession

APS provid s m nagement consulting SUppOI t and acts as J prof ssional S rvrces f cthtator.

Essentiallv, partners offer v luo cross 3-lin s of

business: Consulting Capital, Capability ...

IT Jpr

- Affili I r gl m VI

You c n participate vra: lime (25% for leads), lent (50% on learning), or treasure ( qui y).

Tc<. mllig forms on an opportunitv-dnv n basis. Calion th Managing M rnber at 407-620-7589.

2009 APS Affiliations
LOB: Partner: Pro~ram Type: Sales Sales Revenue:
.: -;. Types: Cycle: '"
Capability Adobe Affi'llate Product Short Sman
Capability CC Affiliifte Service Short Small
Consultin, EI Affiliiftc ProduCt S'hon Small
Consultin: Hoaver's Affiliate Service Shan Small
~a~it,~1 . LI PEG Eq~itY :SeiVice: ,~,«:~iu,in lar~e
Capability MI<G Equity Solution Lon~ Larr;e
Ctl~sulti.n: RCS, Equ',ty , Serv,i[e':, _Lci~·:' Me'dium
.. , .. '
Capital GP Referral Service Short Small
Capital IBank Referral Serilce Medium Med,j~m,
Capital NCO Referral Service Shon Small
" ...... ,SerVice, s'hon '.
Consuttin: ,Nfl8: Rderral S'mall
Capability Panopto Referral Solution Medium Small
Caprtal Re:u5 Referral SeNlce, Shon Small
Consultin: SEI Referral Service Medium Medium
CapClbih.tV, VTC, R~erral ServIce' Shail S"niall
Capability Webex Rd~rral Solution Short Small
Capital Am~iSiNe Representative Sezvlce~ Medium Medium,
", ,',' :. ,;- ',',', ~ .r._'. ." ... ". ..' -- , -, ',; s-r , "
Capability C'.12 Represemativ~ Sezvice Lon!: Larl:e
Capability', fTE R'~presentative So·lutlon. lone Mtdium
Consultin: GLG Representative Service Shan Small
Consultjn~ IPA' Represent.nive Service' Shan Medium
Consultin: LCA Represemative Product Shan Small
Capability: N,t1Suite R~presemative Soiiztlcin, Lone Laice
Capability PTE Representative Product Medium Small
~ap,ab,f1r.tV ~.~r RepiiSemMiv~ P,r!l~!I.ri L~nc: ~ediun;.:
.' • .,': ~- . 'J,',.' ,.'
Capability Tuppas Representative Solution lon~ Medium
Consultinl: ACA R~eller .5ezviee. ~~.n~ ~edium
,*, - •• -.', • .-.,- ", • . "_'_'_': .,' ;.'~.". ,'_.'.-' ._,,' .. ',
Capability Huddle Reseller Solution Medium Medium
Capabiiity . lSI '. , ;T ~ > • Med'i'um
Reseller Solution, Lone
Capability MA Reseller Service Lon~ Small