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Lesson Plan Title


Branden Robinson

Grade Level

3rd grade


Social Studies, Reading, Writing, Communicating, Music

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Creativity and innovation: Students demonstrate creative thinking,
construct knowledge, and develop innovative products and processes using
B) Create original works as a means of personal expression



and Learning

Students will be able to demonstrate relationship between pilgrims and

Native Americans by writing a bitstrip. Students will be expected to use a
graphic organizer to plan their bitstrip. Gifted and talented students bitstrips
should have a beginning middle and end.
Teacher will assess students knowledge gained by observation along with
assessment of work that will be turned in. Students will turn in a graphic
organizer and rough draft and final bitstrip to demonstrate their knowledge
of the subject. There should be improvement in the writing as the stages
Thanksgiving picture books and stories, computer, projector, and graphic
The students will be read the book One Little Two little, Three Little Pilgrims
by B. G. Hennessy. Students will learn a dance and play instruments that
accompany the poem from the book. Students will also watch a video on the
story of thanksgiving.
The integration of technology will be done with the use of bit strips. Students
will use computer application to create comic strips that demonstrate
knowledge of the relationship between Native Americans and pilgrims. The
lesson will also include a YouTube video.
2. Students will be put
1. Teacher will play the YouTube video to engage
into small groups and
students background knowledge. Next the
given a variety of
teacher will read the book One Little Two little,
instruments to use and
Three Little Pilgrims. They will then teach the
explore. They will then
students the song that goes along with the book.
use these to create a
4. Teacher will then explain that the students are
song and dance that
going to create a story about the Native
goes with the book.
Americans and Pilgrims. Teacher will provide




3. Students will be given graphic originators to students. Then the teacher

time to read and explore will demonstrate how to use organizer. Many
books and stories about organizers can be found here
the Native Americans
and Pilgrims.
g/ I would use the flow chart.
5. Students will make
6.The teacher will then show students an example
their own story using a
BitStrip. The Teacher will demonstrate how to
graphic organizer.
transfer ideas from the graphic organizer to the
7. Students will be given BitStrips.
back their graphic
8 . The teacher will observe student and make
organizer to correct and suggestions to things that should be corrected
change idea so they
9. The teacher will collect comic strips and
more accurately fit into
graphic organizers to check for growth and
the BitStrip (teacher
knowledge gained.
may provide suggestions 10. If there is a common misconception or error
for correction in graphic in the writing or content this is where the teacher
can focus on fixing it. The teacher will do a mini
8. Students will then go lesson that shows how to correct the problem.
to the computer lab and
create their own comic
strips using BitStrip.
Higher ability learners: Students will be expected to have a beginning middle
and end in their comic strip. Students may turn in more than one comic strip.
The teacher can choose to leave less feedback when the graphic organizers
are handed back. Students may be expected to do their own research and
include this in their comic strip.
Learners with disabilities: Teacher can provide more feedback when graphic
organizers are handed back. Teacher can provide student with more
instruction in computer lab. Grading will be done in two ways the first being
how well the studnets understand the relationship and two being how well
they wrote the comic strip. This allows the teacher to better understand
where the student may be struggling.
Students will be given the opportunity to share their comic strips with the
class. This would be good to include parents. Students could display and read
their comics and then the groups could get together and play their
instruments with the song. If teacher introduced an art aspect to the lesson
this would be a good time to display it.
"Graphic Organizers." Graphic Organizers. Accessed October 31, 2015.
Hennessy, B. G., and Lynne Woodcock Cravath. One Little, Two Little,
Three Little Pilgrims. New York: Viking, 1999.
"The Story of Thanksgiving." YouTube. Accessed October 31, 2015.

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