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Course Title: Accounting Assist - Financial Literacy Skills

Course Code: FIN3

Course Description:
This course was developed after the need for assistance was voiced by first year student
in Accounting. First year students find it increasingly difficult to adjust to the pace in
Accounting, especially if their mathematical skills are limited. The course aims to assist
students in Accounting so that their assessment tasks might be attempted with greater
confidence and better results. Mathematical calculations form part of a great deal of
accounting calculations. It is often experienced that students lack mathematical abilities
and this hinders their performance in Accounting. A component in this course aims to
address mathematical skills needed to do certain Accounting calculations.

Who should attend?

The target audience for this short course will mainly be first year Accounting students.

How attendees will benefit?

After completion of the programme, delegates will be able to:
Introduction to basic Accounting principles.
Understanding of the accounting elements and the effect on the accounting
Understanding the double entry systems and application of posting to the
general ledger.
Acquire specific mathematical skills to deal with accounting calculation.

Course Content:

Two different methods of inventory systems

Methods of inventory evaluation

Calculation of profit margins

Inventory loss

Interest on loans:


Accounting equation

Double entries


Calculations of ratios of profit sharing

Accounting equation

Double entries


Shares: Accounting equation and double entries

Calculations of share premium

Calculations of dividends

Income tax: accounting equation; double entries and appropriation of


Course Period:
From 5 to 10 days.

Course Style:
Lecture or One-to-One training style.
In house training.
Group Training.
Practical Training.

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This course is provided in VIP or standard forms. For more information
contact BATD team.