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Angel Ruiz

Elizabeth Beese
EDCI 270
Case 5
Technology has become a very important part of our lives and is something we
use constantly. Schools and teachers are constantly working to find new ways to
incorporate the many different technologies into useful learning devices. One piece of
technology that is probably used the most by schools, teachers, and students is the
Internet. The Internet is very useful and filled with an abundant amount of information.
Not only is the Internet great with finding information but it is also become a great way o
communicate others. However although there are many advantages when using the
Internet; people have begun to argue that everything accessed through the Internet is not
always beneficial. With that said it is up to the teachers to begin educating students about
the good and bad aspects of the Internet.
As an educator we have many responsibilities to teach our students the many
issues that we have researched. The first thing to teach them would be showing them how
to find reliable and accredited sources of information. As stated earlier there is a vast
knowledge of information on Internet but not all of it is useful. This is important to
explain to students so that they do not believe every piece of information that they find
while using the Internet.
One way of addressing this issue is by teaching the students the many different
sites that are creditable sources such as sites ending with .edu or .gov. You would have to
then explain to them that sites ending in .edu are beneficial and creditable because they
are usually created by some time of educational learning community. Next sites ending in
.gov are beneficial because they are created by a government related source designed to
relay important pieces of information.
I believe that the potential affordance of technology for educational purposes does
outweigh potential drawbacks. Now there are many different issues that can occur when
using technology but it does not mean that we should stop or slow down using it for
educational purpose. This is because technology has become very important and
beneficial to society and educational learning.
Overall technology such as the Internet is great for finding and relaying
information from one person to the other. Although it is great to use for educational
purpose we as educators must take the time to explain to the students the possible dangers
of using the Internet. If we can successfully do then, I believe that the potential
affordance of technology for educational purposes does outweigh potential drawbacks.