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Shawn Shrewsbury

Kinlea Hensel
English IV
September 17, 2015
Annotated Bibliography: music therapy
Question: How can music therapy be helpful to children with mental disorders?

LAURE BLACK- The Paducah, Sun. Music Therapy Classes Welcome Children with Special
Needs AP Regional State Report Kentucky (2015): Points of View Reference Center.
Web. 15 September 2015
A music therapist in Paducah, KY named Laure Black started her senior year as an
undergrad in the field of music therapy. She had a range of students for the age of 4 to 18 with a
range of mental disorders. She highly states that music therapy isnt just singing songs and
playing different kinds of instruments, but it helps with their social skills, verbal skills and most
of all their motor skills. Some of the different kinds of activates she does with the students is she
would sometimes hold a group session with them and hand each of them a drum and ask them to
play a different kind of rhythm. The information that I was able to read from this article helped
me get a better understand that most music therapist teachers teach more than one student at a

Mellskog, Pam. "Music Therapy Is Used in Many Ways to Help Patients Heal." Alternative

Therapies. Ed. Sylvia Engdahl. Detroit: Greenhaven Press, 2012. Current Controversies.
Rpt. from "The Sounds of Healing." Vibrant Life 25 (Nov.-Dec. 2009): 14-17. Opposing
Viewpoints in Context. Web. 17 Sept. 2015.
A reporter named Pam Mellskog who was a health reporter in Colorado ended up doing a
story on a music therapist named Betsey Carle she said that most stories on music therapist
werent really a big deal back then, but when they dress so casual then lets say a music
performer on stage thats when it got kind of interesting she said. She then walked up to Ms
Carle and started to ask her a few questions. She first asked what kind of people she treats Ms
Carle said most of her audience are hospice patience and hospital patience. Most her patents have
had some injury dealing with the brain, so first she will do some exercises trying to help get there
speech back on a basic level. She will strum a rhythm on her guitar and say a phrase most of her
patients are not able to even say simple words, but as time goes on they are able to say one to
two words at a time.

"Music Therapist Allison Davies Says Music Therapy Achieves Outcomes And Interest From
Gps Is Growing." ABC Regional News (n.d.): Points of View Reference Center. Web. 17
Sept. 2015.
In this article it helps explain how basic music therapy and how basic music can be used
as music therapy. The music therapist that we follow in this article is Ms Davis she tells
us how she is able to use basic rhythm and basic rhymes to help the mentally
handicapped. As gathered from the text it explains some of the ways that she has her
sessions, for one instance one of her students suffered from a brain injury and has just
started to recover his speech because of his sessions with her. First she started to just

strum her guitar, then his dog would start to bark and so she would start to sing sit down
Joe. It took some time before he started to sing back, but he was only able to sing just one
word at a time, so I think this article can help people realize that you can use real world
applications in this type of therapy.