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Observation Task 4: Observing a teacher during a Science Lesson

To observe Science teaching in action and begin to understand effective
strategies for Science teaching and learning in groups.

You will need a copy of the Observation Table:

Before the Observation

Arrange to observe a lesson that focuses on Science and discuss the

lesson with the teacher beforehand so you can know the Objectives and
the lesson development.
Ask the teacher what strategies she will use to help her deliver the
Get an idea of the Inquiry/experiment the students will do.


Notes plants to decide what is different and what is similar.

Identifies plants that have similar may differ in different places.

- Plays video about different plants in the forest and the desert.
- Follow the lesson in the pupil's book.
- Teacher brings some of real plants to analysis and comparison.
- As activity, each group have some different plants to identifies it with
kinds of plants.

During the Observation

Complete the Table and make notes in the appropriate column on:
How the teacher introduces key terms and engages students

The topic and how its introduced

How much of the lesson is teacher talking time
How much group work is used and if students are active participants
What materials were used and their purpose
How much Arabic is used
Title of Science Lesson: What plants differ?
Grade: 2/1
- Notes plants to decide what is different and what is similar.
- Identifies plants that have similar may differ in different places.
Template For Task 4 Observing a Science Lesson






Purpose / objective of
the activity


Classification of


Giving them some

Have divides and

- Real leaves

identify the plants

the leaves of


different leaves

identify the leaves


and explore these


plants in groups

plants in groups

- Paper to


of plants and

divides plants

comparing of what


these are similar

and different.
Analyse the

5 -7

Teacher plays the

video and


video and

complete the

-Video about

Discover and learn

focus on the video

the plants

the kinds of plant

discussion with

and complete the

- Table of kind

and identify the

table of kind of

them about the

table in group

of plant.

similar and

the plants.

plants, the forest

work also

different shapes of

and desert.

discussion with


Asked them of

the teacher and

where you see the

sharing an ideas

plants in around

for the plants.


Students have

After the Observation:

1. What was the objective of the lesson?

Notes plants to decide what is different and what is similar.

Identifies plants that have similar may differ in different

2. Was the objective achieved?

3. How were key terms introduced and explained?
After the teacher shows them the video, which was about plans in
the forest and desert, and that strategy help her to engage them
and to get their attentions. She asked them of what did they saw in
the video and divided with children the kind of plant in similar plant
and different shapes plants.
4. How did the teacher build the teaching/leaning? How did the
lesson progress?
The teacher brings many different real plants for children to
analyse the plants and see these shapes and make a table of
similar plants and different plants as activity. After that
teacher asked them of where you can see the plants and
names of plants they know and she also shows them the kind
of plants in flashcards.
Did teacher do whole-class teaching or group work? Why?
Both whole class and group work. Teacher explained the
lesson and shows the video for whole class but when she give
them the activity she do it in group work.
5. Was there an inquiry/experiment? Describe the process.
She made the experiment of grow plant before the class time
and waited to grow up the plant after that she shows them
and explained on that have related to the lesson in the lab.
However, she gave them the instructions to do this
experiment in their home and brings it at school in lab with
allows each of child has explain it and show her classmate and
teacher have evaluate them.

6. Did students record the experiment?


7. How much teaching was done in L1? Why do you think the
teachers used L1?
The whole class time, because the curriculum is in Arabic language

8. What was the purpose of these?

Because that will become easy for children's Emirati to understand ,
learning and studying by themselves of the science subject also
because of the curriculum language in Arabic.
9. Were there any other resources/materials used to deliver the
Yes, she used videos, pictures, wall chart, real plants and
10. Did teacher do whole-class teaching or group work?
She did both of them.
11. When did she work with the whole class? Why?
When she explaining the lesson and giving new science instruction
for experiment, because she want everyone to understand the
lesson and the instruction to allows them work by themselves in
12. How much of the lesson were the students using the book?
Around 10 minutes.
Reflect on students learning Science in English and the
teacher teaching in English.
The application teaching science in English is difficult for
both teacher and students because the curriculum includes
the science in Arabic as basic but it also includes scientific
terms in English that teacher can use and teach them to
increase their knowing in English and understand meanings.
However, some of teacher didn't used the scientific terms in
English because they said that we are fear to make mistake
when we say it incorrect teach them with error words. For
children, they will find some difficult when they learning
from teacher or when they studying at home because no one
will help them even from parents who doesn't have an idea
to teach children the science in English or teacher who
didn't know how to deliver the science lesson in English.