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Moral Stories Finger tips.

The children run to get up his grandmother and

he asking about she leave.
The grandmother asking to the children if he
remember something stories ahd he say that
haven`t forget the stories.
Granma ask if he pray today and he say that
pray everyday.
She say that have a book with stories that have
a message for him, herself and all world.
The story is called Finger tips and its about the
discussion between the five fingers from de
The fingers exposes the reasons because each
one is the best and the most important in the
hand. Middle finger say that he is the bigger,
other finger speak about that people remember
him like the number one, other finger speak
about the ring that he have, and other finger
speak about his beautiful, the discussion
continues listing their qualities like be smart, be
tall until thumb finger speak about he is
completly essential for multiple activities. And
the rest of fingers asking that if he is the mos
important finger y the thumb said that none of
way because in each one of this activities he
need the work that all of they.