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Kaisar Dopaishi
(Class of 1978 & Ex-Teacher at Barnes)
Principal , Singapore Intl. School , Mumbai.

To continue our service to education since

1935 and ever enhancing ourselves as the
leading day and boarding school in the
country with a reputation of excellence in all
areas of education
} Motto
Accept Robore Surgam : I shall arise with the
strength I have received >



Curriculum seeking new pathways in this area

Integration of technology in the learning process
Adding diversity to the student body
Professional Development
Academic excellence with all round development
Professional coaching in areas of sports and games and co curricular
Enrichment programme
Gifted student programme
Medical and engineering preparations for the Indian context
Career Guidance
College/University Placements Cell
SEN/ Personal Counseling
E- library
Adding the 21st century skills being innovative, critical thinker,
creative and a life long learner

Business men
} Defense Personnel
} Professionals-doctors, architects, engineers,
IT personnel/ corporate managers
} Actors
} Agriculturists
} Educationists
} Social Activists/Politicians



Fund raising for the school as per the strategic plan

Serve as Think tanks _Contribute their expertise as
honorary consultants to strategic planning, policy making
and projects
Do leg work- Assist in the admission ,marketing and staff
recruitment .
Assist school in getting connected to the whos who.
Assist in professional development of staff
Get chief guests for the school functions and other PRO
Staff Welfare Measures

All in all ,be active stakeholders / co partners in the schools

march to progress in this 21st century ?

Revamp our alumni association with school

} Regular updates to the school
} Share the minutes of the Alumni meetings
} Use facebook / and other virtual world
platforms to get communication going on in a
structured manner with regards to being
active stakeholders of Barnes.
} Start various India and overseas Alumni
Chapters /networks

School website platform -CC

} Regular Alumni Newsletter
} Alumni Week
} Periodic Principals Message to the Alumni
} Annual Report of the Principal circulated with
the web-link to its alumni.
} Use facebook forum to connect
} Invites alumni to its school functions

Faculty : Teachers Awards , Staff Welfare

} Facilities ..
} Foundational Matters : History of the school

Best ICSE Results

} Best ISC Results
} For Dedicated Service at Barnes School
} Setting up of a healthy Tradition at Annual
Ex-student Reunion at Barnes School, Devlali.