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Hussain Bukhader
Tammy Davis
English composition II
20 November 2015
Annotated Bibliography
Locke, Robert. When Giving Money Isnt Generous Enough: What Truly Generous
People Give Instead. Lifehack. 21 September 2015
This article that is written by Robert Locke is about generosity. It highlights the fact
that giving money is not enough because those who are actually generous give more
than that. They not only give their money but also give their skills and also by
listening to the needy. They fight for human rights and give their time to the needy.
They are available for others. This is a very informative article that has not only
highlighted the material aspects of the topic but focused on the spiritual elements.
Thus this article has been very useful for my research.
Slick, Matt. Comparison grid between Christianity and Islamic doctrine.
Comparison grid between Christianity and Islamic doctrine _ Islam and
Christianity Compared. n.d. web. November 11, 2015. <>.
This article by Matt Slick has explained the differences between Islam and
Christianity. It has a comparison grid that shows that there is one God in Islam who
does not have a father or son. However, Christians believe that Jesus is the son of
God. Both Muslims and Christians believe in heaven and hell and the Day of

Judgment. Both religions have several similarities and differences. This article has
compared both religions in detail thus it was very helpful for my research.
Before You Start Writing That Paper... A Guide to Prewriting Techniques. Before
You Start Writing That Paper... A Guide to Prewriting Techniques _ SLC _ UC
Berkeley. n.p. n.d. web. November 10, 2015. <>.
This article is published on the Berkeley student learning center website and it
explains the process of writing. It is a great article that has explained all the steps of
writing. First it has explained prewriting techniques that include brainstorming and
free writing. Then it talks about Mind-mapping which includes asking questions and
journaling. All the steps have been explained in detail thus this article has helped me
learn to write.
Reasons to Study in the U.S. Advantages of US education. n.p. n.d. web. November
10, 2015. <>.
This is a very informative article that has explained the benefits of the American
system of education in detail. The article explains that many students come to the U.S
from different parts of the world to acquire education because America has the finest
educational institutions in the world that are recognized worldwide. American
education supports training and research. Moreover, American system of education is
flexible and the campus environment is also great. For all these reasons, America is a
great place to acquire education.