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NGSS Lesson Planning Template

Grade/ Grade Band: 3A

Topic: How do plants change and grow.

Lesson # 3 in a series of __5___ lessons

Brief Lesson Description: the lesson is about the simple process of plants pollination.
Performance Expectation(s):My students have previous knowledge about the pollination process, they know that
pollination happens throw wind and animals.
Specific Learning Outcomes: at the end of the class my students will be able to identify the pollination process of the plant.
Narrative / Background Information
Prior Student Knowledge: they have a brief knowledge of the pollination process and how it happens.

Science & Engineering Practices:

Disciplinary Core Ideas:

Questioning and analysis

start to ask them question.

Definition of reproduce
Identify the pollination process

Crosscutting Concepts:
Cause and effect (how do pollination

Possible Preconceptions/Misconceptions:
Some of the student have difficulties understanding the vocab words, some will have difficulties understanding the process from the first


ENGAGE: Opening Activity Access Prior Learning / Stimulate Interest / Generate Questions:

Let them prepare their materials such as markers and board to start to draw a plant.
Then show them a video that will introduce them to the pollination process
EXPLORE: Lesson Description Materials Needed / Probing or Clarifying Questions:
I will give them a worksheet and they will have to label the different parts of plants that are important in the pollination process.
EXPLAIN: Concepts Explained and Vocabulary Defined:
Discuss what their results and we will classify them using a ppt.

ELABORATE: Applications and Extensions: worksheet

Work on the book and complete task 1 in individuals.
EVALUATE: mark them
Formative Monitoring (Questioning / Discussion):
Summative Assessment (Quiz / Project / Report):
Elaborate Further / Reflect: Enrichment:

My lesson went good, at the end of my class I achieved my objective and now my student know the
meaning of pollination and how it does happens. My activities were will presented and the students were
interacting with me in a very great way. The best part of my lesson is when we had to act like a bee that
moves between the flowers. The students found this part interesting because they had to move and act.

Reflection on the lesson plan

The lesson went very good. I achieved my objectives at the end of the lesson. The students were interacting with me. I
was able to manage their behavior. My teacher complimented on my management strategies. She said she loved the
strategies I was using. For example, telling the students to put their pens down, fold their hand and the have their eyes
on me.