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Autobiography 1


Judith Medina
Human Development 300
Quinn Hunter McGonagle
September 15, 2014

Autobiography 2
I was born into a two parent household and a male sibling and then
four years later after my arrival two male siblings came along. I grew up
surrounded of boys and playing rough games and here and there I played
with dolls. My mother worked a full time job for a sewing company in the
mornings. After coming from work she still had to cook and many of the
times she finished the house chores.
My father was a home stayed dad due to a work accident he had while
my mother was expecting me. My father was in charge of taking care of my
siblings and me. My fathers duties included bathing, feeding, dropping and
picking us from school. As soon as my mother arrived home after long hours
of work my father left. He spend most of his afternoons in a billiards in East
Los Angeles on the famous street Whittier Blvd.
I grew up in a small city name Bell. I went to Nueva Vista Elementary
School which was as well in the city of Bell. Nueva Vista was a magnet
school. My day consisted of general classes in the mornings and in the
afternoon I signed up for art and ballet classes. After school I joined a
Flocorico dance group. In Nueva Vista I had many friends even though I was
closer to two of them. Mayra Rivera and Belen Chavez were my childhood
best friends.
As child I was always attracted to infants and toddlers. I wanted to
hugged them and hold them in my arms. When a baby was born in my family
I assisted my family members with changing the babies diapers, clothing and

Autobiography 3
the bathing them. In High school I knew I wanted to work with children. I
knew I didnt want to become a teacher so the closest job/carrier that
involved children was as a social worker.
In community college I took my general classes to transfer and
sociology classes towards my major. After taking all the sociology classes I
did not feel ready to transfer to a CAL State so I took a child development
class to my surprise I enjoyed the class so I began taking more child
development classes. While going to college I applied for work studies and
was granted with it. I applied to the college Child Development Center and a
month later I started working for them.
In the mornings I went to college and in the afternoons I worked in the
Child Development Center. I enjoyed the conversations of the children in the
dramatic area, the art creations and in general the child as a whole. I took
all the child development classes as possible. In 2008 I graduated with an
AA. In Sociology and I applied for my Teacher Assistant California Permit. The
Child Development Center lost funds and for that reason I was let go.
As I was let go I missed the classroom setting and the children, due to
that I discover my passion for teaching. One year later I applied for
Volunteers of America as an Early Head Start Home Base teacher. I did home
base for about three years until they lost their slots and was transfer to Head
Start as a teacher Assistant in center base. I love my job because I work with

Autobiography 4
As a teacher assistant I follow the Teachers lead. I assist in the activity
planning, I conduct group time, engage with the children, observe and record
childrens progress and also supervise the children. I enjoy the listening to
childrens ideas, their personalities and their eagerness to learn new things
every day. Some of the challenges I come across are encouraging parents to
spend at least 15 minutes of quality time with their children. Helping children
with behavior problems and providing children with disabilities the sufficient
time they need.
I want to become a Head Start Teacher to acquired experience and
once I have the experience move on to my dream job. My dream job is as a
Teacher in a Hospital setting. Working with children with severe illnesses
and/or deadly illnesses. By attending Pacific Oaks College and graduating
with my bachelors in Human Development is one step closer to obtaining my
dream job. Volunteering in my desire job will also give me the experience
and advantage to getting me closer to my dream job.
Three words that describe me are giving, friendly and sincere. Giving is
a gift that I have Ill give the best of me without expecting anything in
exchange. If I know of a friend, family member or any individual that needs
assistant without being asked I attempt to help. I am true to my friends in
good and bad moments. The last but not least I am sincere, I express what I
feel and think and give honest opinions when asked too. These words are
what I believe best describe my personality and the way I am.

Autobiography 5
Knowing my parents are not educated and have achieve many things
in their lives inspires me to be educated. Education is the only heritage my
parents could leave me with and I want to make the best out of it. Not being
successful concerns me a great. I was born in the United States and even
though English is my second language all my education is here the United
States which is an advantage for me. Constantly being afraid of change and
new beginnings hold me back of many things such as going further with my
education. For example, after graduating with my A.A. it took me about five
years going back to college.
Investing time in assignments, participating in class and daily
attendance are some ways I contribute to my classes. Investing more time
in essays and learning more about writing essays, reports and sharing my
more inner feelings will be a part of my growth in the class. Making the class
a priority is one of the goals I have as well as keeping up with the class
reading will be a second goal I have for the class.