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Lauren Davis

10319 E Jacob Ave Mesa AZ 85209 | 8056984661 | Lauren.Marie.Davis@ASU.EDU

To whom it may concern:

Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College
Farmer Building Room 120 1050 S Forest
Tempe AZ 85287.

Dear Student Council Members:

My name is Lauren Davis, I am applying for the position of Teacher at your school. I know that I will be not only a
good fit for this position, but a great team member. As a teacher in your school I would be helping plan and execute
all lesson planning and classroom management in the classroom where I am placed. I understand that it would be my
job to attend grade level meetings, data meetings, staff meetings, as well as any other meetings that may apply. As
well as to serve as a chairperson, and conduct break out meetings for my assigned committee. I would also be in
charge of giving regular updates about progress regarding each students progress.
I feel that I would be a strong applicant because I have worked many jobs where I have been put in charge of
planning activities, bringing in guest speakers, and executing plans. One of the best examples of this is, when I
worked as a Kinderfun Instructor, at Girls Inc. in Goleta, California. I was in charge of creating curriculum, and
implementing it on a daily basis. It was also in my job to manage my classroom budget of 200 hundred dollars and
making sure that all supplies that I needed were requested and purchased in a timely manner. Along with those
responsibilities, I was in charge of recruiting people to come in and speak to my students, create fundraising
activities, as well as create field trips that were educational.
The goals that I have for being one of the teachers at your school will include, creating fun activities that encourage
student participation as well as execute student learning. Creating educational and applicable events that students
would like to attend. My final goal is to be a positive member of the team of teachers at your school.
It is my hope that you will accept my application, knowing that you will have a great team member with lots of
experience in planning curriculum, assessments, and engaging activities. I would also like to take this time to thank
you in advance for your time and consideration.


Lauren Davis