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CHAP. 9) ‘TORSION 109 ST. VENANT TORSION When a torsional moment is applied to a circular bar or tube, each cross section rotates in its ‘own plane without wagping. Resistance to torsion is provided by shear stresses in the cross-sectional plane. This kind of “pure” torsion is called St. Venant torsion. Noncircular cross sections, when subjected to the same torsional moment, tend to warp; that is, plane sections do riot remain planar. Theoretically, if warping were totally unrestrained, all cross sections would experience St. Venant torsion only. However, end conditions and geometry restrain warping. In addition to the shear stresses of St. Venant torsion, noncircular cross sections are also subjected to the normal and shear stresses of warping torsion. In Table 9-1, fr, the shear stress due to St. Venant torsion, is given for various cross-sectional shapes. ‘Table 9-1 St. Venant Torsion Shear Stress | ‘Torsional Constant . fast (ksi) Jin") sed sections a aR’ ri 2 ound bar Tr age T ze nd be oh r deeb? oleate Boh, ht, tt r apt bh, ae bee ssuae tbe f bq n be ——S ; 5 (approx) ‘Recanguar bt Open send soon orev, 2 CORE ERED ham, pts) I ml 4