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Canon EOS 5D manual

Canon EOS 5D manual

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Canon EOS 5D manual, without the annoying and insulting "copy" watermark.
Canon EOS 5D manual, without the annoying and insulting "copy" watermark.

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Published by: elvisandmick on Mar 26, 2010
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AE lock indicator

If One-Shot AF or AI Focus AF (when not AI Servo AF) is set, pressing
the shutter button halfway to focus will automatically set AE lock at the
same time.
The AE lock effect will differ depending on the AF point and metering
mode. For details, see “AE lock” (p.164).


When bulb is set, the shutter stays open while you hold down the shutter
button fully, and closes when you let go of the shutter button. This is
called bulb exposure. Use bulb exposures for night scenes, fireworks, the
heavens, and other subjects requiring long exposures.

1Set the Mode Dial to <k>.

2Set the desired aperture value.

Look at the LCD panel and turn the
<6> dial.

3Take the picture.

Press the shutter button completely.
The elapsed exposure time will be
displayed on the LCD panel.
(Displays 1 sec. to 999 sec.)
The exposure continues as long as
you hold down the shutter button.

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