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Weight & gold quatity

(1) Cyrix Cx486

weight : 21.22g/piece

gold quatity :0.11g

(2) Cyrix 586


Gold quantity 0.25g

(3) IBM 5x86C

Weight: 20.65g/piece

Gold quantity: 0.1g

(4) 486 DX2-80

Weight: 23.27g/piece

Gold quantity: 0.1g

(5) i486 SX

Weight: 23.40g/piece

Gold quantity: 0.1g

(6) i486 TX486DLC


Gold quantity: 0.12g

(7) AMD


Gold quantity: 0.11g

(8) Cyrix 6x86


Gold quantity: 0.21g

(9) IBM 6x86MX PR200


Gold quantity: 0.25g

(10) Cyrix MII

Weight: 41.81g/piece

Gold quantity: 0.18g

(11) Intel Pentium

Weight: 46.97g/piece

Gold quantity: 0.48g

(12) Intel Pentium

Weight: 60.03g/piece

Gold quantity: 0.48g

(13) Pentium PRO

Weight: 87.37g/piece

Gold quantity: about 1g

(14) NEC


Gold quantity: 0.27g

(15) AMD-K5 PR133


Gold quantity: 0.50g

(16) WinChip C6-PSME200GA

Weight: 28.92g/piece

Gold quantity: 0.17g

(17) Intel i435 DX4


Gold quantity: 0.19g

(18) Intel i486

Weight: 23.25g/piece

Gold quantity: 0.2g

(19) i processor

Weight: 3.93g/piece

Gold quantity: 0.27g

(20) Intel Pentium MMX (black fibre)

Weight: 19.20g/piece

Gold quantity: iron ones

(21) Intel Pentium MMX

Weight: 29.65g/piece

Gold quantity: 0.12g

(22) AMD-K6-2

Weight: 21.50/piece

Gold quantity: 0.11g

(23) Intel Celeron (green fibre)

Weight: 8.92g/piece

Gold quantity:donot buy

contains iron.

(24) AMD (brown fibre)

Weight: 10.15g/piece

Gold quantity:0.08g
(25) Gold Finger

Gold quantity

still waiting to test

(26) Gold plated sheet

Gold quantity:1g/pound

(27) Gold plated pin

Gold quantity:4.5g/pound

(27) Gold plated pin

in army communication server
Gold quantity:0.7g/pound

(27) Sim cards of Cell phones

Gold quantity:0.8g/pound

(27) gold plated pins

Gold quantity:

you can buy it at 4usd per pound

get the profit of 30%.

(27) PC processer
Gold quantity:0.4g/pound

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