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Zacharie meads

October 6, 2015

Two soldiers views of the horrors of war

Two soldiers from opposing sides share similar views on the same war. Fritz Franke
(1892 1915) Berlin, Germany and Siegfried Sassoon (1886 1967) from England both fought
on opposing sides during the First World War. Before the war, Franke was a medical student in
Berlin, and Sassoon was a beginning poet. Both agree that war is brutal and costly.
Fritz Franke wrote a letter on the Western Front on November 5th 1914, to future
generations Sadly, he died 6 months later, in May 1915, in the mist of battle, paying the ultimate
price for fighting for his country. I myself can hardly believe that such bestial barbarity and
unspeakable suffering are possible. Every foot of ground contested; every hundred yards another
trench; and everywhere bodies rows of them! (Letter). He is disgusted by how war is fought,
how humans can treat one another, killing each other over nothing.
After the war, Siegfried Sassoon continues writing poetry, becoming a famous poet and
wrote poem like Counter-Attack in 1918 that describes the horrors of the Great War to his
readers. And fought the flapping veils of smothering gloom, Lost in a blurred confusion of yells
and groans Down, and down, and down, he sank and drowned, Bleeding to death. The
counter- attack had failed. (Poem, A Counter-Attack). The enemy troops were unable to reach
the next trench, even with their best efforts to stop the enemy, their defense failed. Many lives
were given up to gain a small amount of territory.
Both sides were trying to gain territory and at the same time defend what territory they
controlled. They never knew when they could die, always wondering is it going to be me next.
Many lives were lost over a few feet of ground, pushing forward and pulling back, back and
forth over and over again because of nothing. It was a never ending battle.
Different counties were looking to extend their lands during the war by taking over more
land. They used the troops as pawns in their game to gather that land. The more land a country
controlled the more people it could hold as well as resources that could be used for the people or
to sell/trade to another country.
Two soldiers from Opposing sides share similar views on the same war. They fought
over land that had been destroyed by the war Many lives were lost in the process. War is brutal
and terrible things happen. Both men agreed on how terrible the horrors of war were.

Zacharie meads
October 6, 2015

Analyzing what history is trying to tell us. By analyzing what both men thoughts were on
the war I can better understand what they were going through. By understanding how to analyze,
I can go into greater detail when trying to understand something. Analyzing is very helpful in
the world.