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J Tne hated SZ = TEMPLE OF OooOM = _® i pete ny talk a overt $1.25 Peter} CHEAP ere me a ; ey KH Scarecrow & Greystoke...The Break -- ‘Other Mrs. King VT Te 221 LCE TL DOPIER THAN THE LAST ONE ‘ices coscressyaw FUNNIER THAN THE LAST OWE sitis:srcie:sonov0 JERKI r THAN THE LAST ONE ji: ¢orrca-ron.. E PLACE YOU ON a NOW AT iE SAM e — FROM PAST iisees DON'T BE THE LAST ONE NETO GET THIS NEW ONE!! NUMBER 250 OCTOBER 1984 ‘Anatomy is something that everybody has... but it looks better on gins”. —Alfred E. Neuman WILLIAMM. GAINES publisher ALBERT B. FELDSTEIN editor LEONARD BRENNER art director TOMNOZKOWSKI production NICK MEGLIN senior editor JOHNFICARRA associate editor GLORIA ORLANDO, CELIA MORELLL SARA FOWLER, subscriptions JACK ALBERT lawsuits ANNE GRIFFITHS logistics ‘CONTRIBUTING ARTISTS AND WRITERS. the usual gang of idiots DEPARTMENTS ‘AD CAMPAIGN RELIEVERS DEPARTMENT 'A MAD Look At Some Famous Advertising Slogans ASTARIS PORN DEPARTMENT MADSs X-Rated Celebrity Trivia Quiz ALONG THE SNIDE LINES DEPARTMENT ‘The MAD Nasty Book—Vol. Five BERG'S-EYE VIEW DEPARTMENT The Lighter Side Of........ eh age ated ECCH THE HALLS WITH BOWELS FOR KALI DEPARTMENT “Inbanana Jones And The Temple Of Goons” FISH SCHTICK DEPARTMENT “Splash-Dance GIDDY-YAKS DEPARTMENT AMAD Look At Horseback Riding... HERE'S MOM IN YOUR SPY DEPARTMENT “Scaredcrow & Mrs. Kling’ HOLLYWOOD AND VINES DEPARTMENT ‘Don Martin Looks At "Greystoke—The Legend Of Tarzan’ JOKE AND DAGGER DEPARTMENT Spy Vs. Spy LETTERS DEPARTMENT Random Samplings of Reader Mail LOCO-MOTION DEPARTMENT. MAD Easy Step-By-Step Break Dancing Chart MARGINAL THINKING DEPARTMENT “Drawn-Out Dramas” By Aragones RIP PLEASE! DEPARTMENT MAD's Modern Beliave-I-Or-Nuts!. SMILES PER HOUR DEPARTMENT ‘The MAD Speedometer ‘SPOOKING FROM PICTURES DEPARTMENT Horrfying Sports Cliches YUKS FOR CLUCKS DEPARTMENT ‘Simple Games And Pastimes For School Drop-Outs. “Various Places Around The Magazine VITAL FEATURES “INBANANA. JONES: AND THE TEMPLE OF MAD'SEASY STEP-BY-STEP BREAK DANCING DON MARTIN LOOKS AT “GREYSTOKE— ‘THE LEGEND OF TARZAN” Pg. 12 “SCAREDCROW ‘AND MRS. KLING” (AMADTV Show Satire) Pg. 31 “SPLASH “DANCE” (Another FABULOUS FREE OFFER! SUBSCRIBE TO MAD AND GET. 4’ FREE MAD “SUPER SPECIALS” WITH A 40 ISSUE SUBSCRIPTION! 3*FREE MAD “PAPERBACK BOOKS” WITH A 24 ISSUE SUBSCRIPTION! 24” FREE MAD “WIRE STAPLES” WITH AN 8 ISSUE SUBSCRIPTION! = use coupon or duplicate —~. RYAID 15 Madi tee I enclose $38.00% Please enter my name on your subscription list and mail me the nest 40 issues. PLUS MY 4" FREE "MAD SUPER SPECIALS"! Ol enclase $25.0, Please enter my name on your subscription list and mall me the next 24 PLUS MY 3° FREE "MAD PAPERBACK BOOK: 11 enclose $10.08 Pease enter my name on your Subscription lst and mail me the nex 8 issues. WITH i 24 FREE WIRE STAPLES [28]! ee ee ApoRESS 40 HECK ERMONEY OROES PREFERRED! LETTERS DEPT. HAMMING IT UP Hey! Knuckle heads! I cant make out ‘whats going on oa thecover of MAD #248, Isic the pig or ics Newman who needs the veeco check him over? Bob Herrman Skaneateles, NY THE NAME HAS BEEN CHANGED... ‘Upon receiving my copy of MAD #248, was astonished cosee my name prominent Aisplayed on your cover. Timmediately Skimmed dhrotgh the magazine and was Seal oi ven «sma ak of a ‘vas obviously a blatant ripoff of che Cows hhowak name, even though you tied overt up by changing the spelling I hall i forced co sue fOr plagiaion unless you prin this levee on your Lerers page Melvin Comsoowaki ‘Tucson, AZ “Melvin Cowsnowskil” Your parents must hove hated you! Ea “MORE ADS WE NEVER GOT TO SEE” ‘Kaopectate, sh__cogethet” Ie helps you get your Kure Marmar (Coral Gables, FL ‘Use Preparation H and iss yourhen shoids goodbye George J Davis Philadelphia, PA COVER CHARGE You may have inspired che covers of Time, "Newswoe and “Discovery”, bur cake another lok ae this snapshar 1 Sent £0 you 21 years ago. Looks vaguely like your Superman cover on issue #243, doesnt David Lubin M.D, mpa, FL BEST SNORT SUBJECT ‘Scarred Fac’ lefr me scarred fr life! “Farnes Schellborn Le Mars, owa There were locof funy storiesin MAD #248, be, as fas Im concerned, ee win hee was ‘Scarred Face™by a nose! Walter Schubere Woodbridge, NJ ‘That’ funny. We thought the winner was Barbre Strlzond's “Yont?-by a norol-Ed FUNNY BONES I oved your Super Special on Violence. Im dying see the next on ‘e fic Morrison. Cocoa Creek, FL ‘Yet Another Satisfied MAD Reader CRAZY OVER “MENTL” ok Barbea Secsand five long hard eats to make "Yee a beautiful ceative inscerpice, More Brucker and Arnie Koen pene five shor Aimsy pages to make Ment hilarious sate, You all do be lane ik! Bruce Mandes Los Anges, CA eS oem Batti. ‘Weireon, W.VA, FLASHY FLASHDANCER Yes, its me, Mi Jahan, (oor Je Beals) and T loved Flashdunce'! ‘Marine Jahan LA.CA MICHAEL JACKSON FANS Hey Idi ie eharcrack about Michael Jackson in your July Leeeers Department 1 huppen robe a big fan of his and I hear ehat stu all che cme Teven have a red jacket with 2 zipper! People ace jusealous of is Success and ate spreading romors. 1 hope you wl do something sbour chac “Thai DePacpe Richfield, UF How could you? How could you have printed hat letter calling Michael Jackson a ‘ceep2? Ifyou dont wane broken arm, you better “Bese you jerks! “Heather Daly ‘Whinuir Creek, CA You can “say...say...209" what you want about him, ond so con wal—Ea. 1L0GO OF LONG AGO Please keep the bacchanalian masthead thar you used on the cover of MAD #298 ‘Thedweney yearhiatus wastwenty yearsto0 long! Now chat youve improved the cove, plesseimprove che rash nse alo. ‘Allen Araca Hawthorne, CA HAHIHAHIHAH! In Harbury Sunday paper ia feature called "National Challenge, where each week, youre asked to come up with an musing answer o her challenge. Tn chal lenge reader wor ive ene palindrome @ word tae sped the sare tray forwards and backwards) and give che finicon T choughe you mighe ike os that won second prize: “PUN UP—the ‘Centerfold for MAD Magarine Brene Yocum Harrisbarg PA Please Address All Correspondence Tor MAD, Dept. 250, 485 MADison Avenue ‘Now York, New York 10022 sthorelay ee a deny une ton mats this new MAD book about? ‘About 192 pagest! o~ ae funny stuff in it? — es, words and pictures! s eee OL@affee aletg Done anor fea roeeaa nate suse aD es with a good sense SNAPPY ANSWERS, ENOUGH TO STAND ‘of humor wl MR, JAFFEE? FOR THAT? ‘Should! buy this oak for myself? No... buy itfor USI ie need the ‘money! And make't “SNAPPY”! ‘On Sale Now At Your Favorite Bookstand, Or Yours By Mai Ha HH HH se coupon or duplicate —-— - = = 485 MADison Avenue New York, NY. 10022 PLEASE “SNAPPY ANSWERS TO _ALSO PLEASE SEND ME THESE OTHER MAD SEND ME ‘STUPID QUESTIONS #5” PAPERBACK BOOKS I'VE CHECKED BELOW: ALIAFFEE' Ssapy Arswess CIAMAD Sante DON MARTIN Steps Out "SATIAFFEEs MAB Bosk of Mie ‘1 Svingig MAD DON MARTIN Boueas Bak [Mere ALIAFFE' Staygy Anse OMAD Overtoas SOON MARTIN rap 13 Stones GALIAFFEEs Montages [SAMA Soy Around ‘SDON MARTINS Copan Hate [SSH MarALIAFFEESSrapoy Answers COTBeMAD ease Chest C.DON MARTIN Cooks [CIALJAFFEE MAD Inatons GIMAD Seas ‘GON MARTIN Gomes on Song, ‘Led: Another JAFFE Saopy Roses (Sapa DON MARTIN ares On "CAC AFFE Frans Ost abomeate Seow MAD C.DOM MARTIN Stes Fubar Oat [The Dy 8 MAD. MAD Meat The Bay "SIDOW MARTIN Forze ead (Payot MAD EIMAD orks ‘SOW MARTIN Os asp ‘Re Rejle MAD (he Uncensored MAD ‘SIDON MARTIN Ged Aad (he Ne Vet MAD ‘Dumping MAD E1DON MARTIN Captain Kit (he Rp-OF MAD ores hound ‘SDDAVEBERG Look atte USA, ‘he ken MAD (She eae ates MAD DAVE BENG Looks at People (he Pocket MAD. BAMAD Carwa DAVE BERG Loks a Thrgs (7h ae MAD Emplsve MAD DAVE BERG Wodera Thang BDe leg & Me MAD MAO Bats ur Sik Wedd [Searing MAD ‘tera MAD Looks at ing MAD tou ‘SAB Abt Toa teoks ound The Vitae MAD ‘BB MAD Os Campus ai torag Look EiHooked on MAD (She Eaargereé MAD ok Listens& Laughs ‘The Cesco MAD (Sang Ou HAD i Looks tou (37h Medene MAD Looks ate Neightrboed ALLO weeks fr dlery | ENCLOSE $1.95 FOR EACH We cant be responsible for cash stn alt {Minimum Order: $585) lotr stl nthe Mal. Check ECCH THE HALLS WITH BOWELS FOR KALI DEPT, A few years ago, “Raiders Of The Lost Ark" reminded theater audiences of the great movie “serials” of the past. Now, that same production team has brought us a sequel that reminds us of yet another cereal...oatmeal! Were talking, of course, about— / ean acees i jj | igi Le LES VENVEE GF EONS ARTIST: JACK DAVIS WRITER: DICK OF BARTOLO Tima lonely guy! hatejumpng through I wit windows alone... You're éeiving But jumping through ikea" im too young to have this window stared ‘adriversileensell =" = i+ rane, ere you sure. | Inbar thiswaseamartthing || up. todo...jumpoutofan airplane in an uninfate ‘rubber le raft.-.7? ae Youforesswthis | | expect SOMETHING: eveatinarttua | | fall from the sky! Turse has te Theshameman ips] [lam Chattr Low befallen our needs ouralp We must Hl saypo vag! tack umptuous FEASTnyour hon Non ramtee Patsctackyourtrnkt |} Temple of Pam fi} alte ft [Fconyouspeaka ] | Great rsonuneny “Rehwects ff] ) That's exactly ‘You're crazy! No one can —— poe seen ‘== | cleanout Fort | | special coms ter ident Fort : at fication tag and areal. Knox, totaly! Sab bigbone or te doe! fwieggone fengens hs ke "Amencan =“ can see pow! express and I Vcce, with no gold innows wal rep MasterCard BI to back up currency, resent he dla, sre doing paper money wil be called Anchovia... ‘sardine that already! HM worthless! Americans | wiose only product | | dolars, founders ‘wll have to find a ie FISH! Ths plan ~ten dolar. ‘il put my ite country on the map! [WhataoTeet itt help you? Oh wow! a ‘Scaredcrow Irs Agent Ratfink Tilpay youa wos going to help squid down, and | | "Zot ata bank ‘SWHALE when || ynen you cash themission’s L] ‘ya whalea? ]_MILLIONSH ® peep [Sade suticient What you have to arrange an “accidental ‘meeting with Ratfink! ‘nd since ths project invalves the fate ot ‘ourcountrys entire monetary system, you Detter take Amendet! Thats just your] Imagination, Mom! know! but she DOES have TWO THINGS that no ‘one in this en been traineain }\| tire organization security codes, [SY has..-a touch of undercover work jy personality... ‘weapon usel! WA and GREAT LEGS! Wratare you making 4 Ameader why for dinner tonight! idol always | etthe tect Minute steak tng that you ‘minute rice can't walt to Instant pudsing le into the Blender so we can DRINK, | UP our dinner REAL QUICK! the howse?!? ste. — 2 [on aves] [ Tiesrepann ewer eae ——— ot | ato. 2¥ex! | | atrenge en cal end you rue ot Sceunty Control Gener : woe MZunic ring’ | | _ of the house! And you never tellus tar allct Fort Kon! : took an extra where you're going! ‘You need to pass eleven tong LUNCH eee cutee opie ‘sith yout Who should 'eall...?? | sskyoutne'same [=] HOUR! ieame | Question! hat re YOU doing here?” F=|_up the time! [ONE a fe nee Z 3 ee See era? [ie breaks Aresoen ] [Parti ats pt ace j Te f ponder onthe aut or ‘© handle, and Ratfink has tall ver is fingers! "BI Hvo make QUITE ATEAM! |= Now that youve -—=—=———————You kidding?! | [Ordinary lasay ————— ] got the drop on Changes | | youwere right But Its inventiveness, deduction |~ e ts, Ratlink. | sae ngneocton Lo] inkeepingarth the ‘and mutual respect that makes meoy + | wiydon'tyou | | rom Matntenance No Security Tevel of logle and fora good “Detective Team" telushowyou | | ‘andi haa [sae Chief in the believability on ‘actually got “alight bulbinside | | WORLD would [IM this seres, ld say the vault door unlocked...7? thevault!He open. | | believe that! {ed the door FOR me! this pit exslanation Now that Ive Why not says ‘And the time t hoped getting dirty no spy would realize * ‘that you reversed the phone number of tne vashngton Mito, got the vault sor uniockes, could get nto tf youre making the Pentagon War ‘BENEDICT ‘ARNOLD look tke 3 PATRIOT! Tvegotatruck fm Pssst!!Scarederow!tim Don't be an idiot! outside! Tm tak That vault oor is Ingyou with me ate three feet thi asa hostage slong Smart move, Amender “The nal fle wi Betyouinow some homey | | soyoucan KILL way for me to use your joursel! QUICKLY aifile to get out of he the Sorry about the blindfold, Amender bat Coulee let you see where I was taking you! "You won't get away atink ‘When it says this icthe Land of the ee Free, it means i's ‘ much Em oe meints || 4 projects, t but this willbe @ LIFE SAVER Hello! The Agency! ga Then how corknon J Woud spy This is Mrs. Kling!! fl you're Mis be stupia Let me tal to Me enough to ‘admit she doesn’t know the pas ‘Youre onthe /ATERFRONT! y [ your time is ter LF wow! You guys écause your ARE good! [Ff dime has melted! Ada Searedcrow has Tacked in the vault [Gear Yousaiditsmeled FISHY! ed Hod nce | By the way -———— "I sculpted it How ington, D.C, that White Hous captured | [Where tof ieell id ‘narrows Itdown to four the Juste Ratfink for_| | you tind | You Bp places: the White House Depariment and youlHe came | | lasso te Justice Department Congress aren't back and|. | | inthis | the Anehovia [Mon any water— lassoed him! | | ware ng Cor pany... we cane here rouse’? Not tonight! Jo] vegeta HADDOCK used my shoelace! Ymsute go Ratt ion ey any funny tut ASTARIS PORNDEPT ARTIST: MORT ORUCKER WAITER: PAUL LAIKIN AD’S RATED CELEBRITY T ee Fill In The Blanks. Answers Below. 1. Despite his fame as a lover, Burt Reynolds suffers from premature . On their wedding night, Prince Charles and Lady Diana seventimes. . Everybody knows that Bette Midler's are notas large as Dolly Partons. . If Gloria Steinem had her way, convicted rapists would have their —_ cut off . Most people think Warren Beatty is a = maniac, but the trath is he doesnt more than once a month Henry Kissinger loved to all the Hollywood star- lets he used to go out with before he was married. 7. Although Truman Capote frankly con- fesses to being one, Gore Vidal has never openly admitted he's a 8. Brooke Shields still winces when she thinks of all the men leering at that nude baby picture of her in the bathtub with her sticking out of the water. 9, Despite her libel suit victory over The Na- tional Enquirer, which called her a lush, Carol Burnett actually is a confirmed who attends meetings. 10. Nancy Reagan likes to have with the President at least once a week. 11, While in the Navy during World War I, Don Rickles got a case of ie, from a Hawaiian girl 12.1t was a well-publicized fact that ex-Presi- dent Jimmy Carter developed hemorrhoids inhis 13. Insiders agree that Milton Berle has the big- gest____in Show Business. 14, Lenny Bruce was the first to admit on stage that eating beans made him ___all night long. 15. Intimates swear that Robert Redford is a closet ttyou cme up with anyother noms than these you've ‘Pied barons 2 danced 2 grosses 4 paces 8 {impress Z mystery story lover 8. rubber duck 8. pa ‘1 champagne "2 tom of offen 13 ogo 34. nauseous 18. e-rrangor Rieke ene -ias SIMPLE GAMES FOR THE SCHO TOENAIL SPLATTER PAINTING MOSQUITO SPOTTING Er AND PASTIMES DT Coreen mae en eee or] SMILES PER HOUR DEPT. FIRST, THERE WAS “THE MAD STOPWATCH.” THEN, “THE MAD THERMOMETER,” NOW.. Till MCAD S12. 419 MPH is the speed the Post Office zips ‘your letter across the country. (Too bad it was only going across town!) 14.2 MPH much faster you bop down the street plugged into your Walkman. 47.2 MPH em {s the speed an unpopped kernel of corn travels from your mouth to the theater floor after being spit. 76.9 MPH is the speed a frustrated person hurls @ Rubik's Cube across the room. 40 SS SRT SBT ST is the average speed of a Ford Pinto that's supposed to be in*park.” 100 MPH ‘is the speed that TV's and Video Reoorders are rolling off Japanese as- sembly lines for shipment to the U.S. speed at which @ raw clam you swallow slithers down your throat. fs the average speed of any car appearing in “The Dukes Of Hazzard.” 59.9 MPH «ois the minimum speed you're driv- ing when the person giving directions suddenly tells you to “TURN HERE!” 19.9 MPH is the average speed of a Moonie ‘who's running after you in an airport. DUE TO AN UNPRECEDENTED DEMAND (FROM THE AUTHOR), WE RELUCTANTLY PRESENT: ee DOMME IG. 19.5 MPH «is the speed at which the aroma of your belch watts across the room. As the speed that a subscription renewal card travels as {t fles out ofa magazine the moment you open it. is the speed at which a hot dog shoots out the other end of the roll. WRITER: JOHN FICARRA is the speed American car bumpers can touch with no damage to either car. 12.9 MPH is how much faster the average couple drives back home after driv: ing downtown to see an X-rated movie .675 MPH py is the speed at which your socks {neh thelr way down to your ankles, 4s the speed at which Bo Derek's clothes drop to the floor. ..regard: less of what kind of movie she's in, fs the average speed a parking attendant drives your brand new ear. .0? MPH Cay WARD! aa) BY, y oe ..-ig the average: eee which a typical gas station attendant walks back to your car with your change. 675 MPH ' is the speed at which your jockey shorts inch their way up your crotch. FISH SCHTICK DEPT NA LAST YEAR .ITWAS: JENNIFER BEALS ON LANDI THIS YEAR... IT’S DARYL HANNAH UNDER WATER IN... dN ————————— = But t's great Teas the high Ferdie! ‘You've been looking up publiety! light of my let What | Making » alts dresses since plugged our tet! mentioned inneck || dullweading || youwere a ite boy! "duce busin ‘the week-end | areyou ‘You haven't changed! alates atte spent ina motel doing?! || Less oULL! Not now, Ferdielim L] Our produce | ‘with a crate of busy with a customer! =] business’? How? | | CASABA MELONS! neither have the Yeah! and thank God, WRITER: ARNIEKOGEN ARTIST: MORT ORUCKER Tio chancel These days, they What's Hey. So... think Im BREAK DANGING! the [lfmer Nannie fg] cheer upt | [ Tknow! matter, ff) “always Tgotus || SAW So ‘alvied bury my face Two, your THAT's Areyou [M] inabowtot [| BIMBOS!! || Limos, || whytm > | depressed? ome onil Youre gonna get caught! LH A Sih She Tm miserable, Hey!t Ferdi! fm “Take it easy, kd! Youre just Where tedup with, ff upset because you broke up with are | tisNew York “Your git Remember, there ae you i Singles Scene! [f] plenty of other fishin the sea! ing? Timnot sure...1 Something about ct plenty of ether fishin the sea"? uke Wry LJ” Sehmuck.# Ws only Cape Cod” =) _an EXPRESSION. ne Pr =a 1 > _=_= prey Texcuse met “An experiment? What], Tm LOST? kind of experiment? Could you ee A terty me Were trying to see ‘over to the land? atria Whew ..1 What happened?! \! Hey, YOU...1 incredibly Anat you Vell off boat, started beautiful stranger! Ot todrown, and then someone fe] YOU save me?” Wino ARE | just found everyman’s DREAM A looking NYMPHOMANIAC sho doesn't talk! pulled me ashore! But WHO? fc] you. Can you TALK?? Hmmm...) Iwonder [=| |wonder why my ips ‘Can you "Hollywood is “That's AMAZING No that she Twonde’. [| whareshe | ] _suddeniy taste Tie SEUEVE fg alwaystockng [Rl Abeoltety amazin! [] can wait trough whosnetsn_| ["Uivesn | [_iknsed a HERRING? tis, fora NEW PACE = evowd of New SEENE Ef. smong OTHER “eres. ana ina B) THINGS. and nobody ripped vigney E)"Ithnithey otter valuable erty. totaly nude? MOVIE? just found or ‘Okay, lady ..were pulling you int | FYouknow ‘Well, get her = this kook, out of here eacx| | dunno what country you come from, Mister BSS but tne Statue says, “sve me your” | ‘TIRED and your POOR!” it don't B) say nuthin’ about your STARK NAKED! Uh... yeah Sori of. Uns gets unbenevaien Tremlopaced my ere tan | 82 Pe eesstme ted [] erseenacnckso | a | ‘giitriendt ave | (Sure! Over yournowt|(& yuseenagorgcous | | therel Sho Shes atso |e Giondewnodoesn | | “hecyour been star alle whosinne-. | | credited ingat TV cont unspoiled nd | | ‘Shas been’ ry ‘ofwel forseven ‘everared.-wos, | | oraspend route every man's fantasy? | | ingspreel!_| | $7000! straight! a Fist] [Yeu can TALK Jt Hon.itsbeen Pt Look FORGET Ti ve = 7 ‘vin: | LSSUCRTAL Jo rcugh aay! [just elon in bees and romeets PE Und | |—Yostcorgatoisa] | tego ack = Japanese tv [Yes that | | greattasting et! | [tomy otocet |[ verry THE |[ ooops! manufacturer |] Most your ——— | poor root || ‘Sounds ———— of TWis Not tonight! Ob...some. ‘them very UJ LL) Meetiogs otmybest are duce FS) tatess std frends were tional cut otsortst Japanese! Lexington, [taking bathe Tm waiting Lexington is VERY STRANGE, | [ Hey, man. ‘really don't mean ‘My GOD... \ )) 2a, | senses ie | | Hee a I le i i a wa ISSED AGAIN... or te umpteenth ee | ae ees : ab 77) MOBS. Re gt ‘Our ENGAGEMENT [1 Any place |= = == Is OFF... buttne BB ex wny ciont you veut Futon was] me you were nso MLD hereto, | | ‘rian Tire save gen you sre phone ane Ferdi, a3 my Tve had a sudden | olderbretner, | [Okay..ook at the GoD change of heart! 14-7 | rneed compas: {| sidel She could nave been S$ | ston and under | | 2 SWORD FISH! You could Tve decided to ‘tually. | ‘standing ata. |_| have been BADLY INJURED beon your side HAVE Toii me ike this! making lve to her! ‘and help the lust found out mermaid eseape she's eareying. Irom eaptivity!! my GUPPIESH Fa txinetn,Pwone wower LGLLIT a Q Wr 2 Theres [aes sens Hy TM eee PLEMTMOua [selennsts.”_ [7] hips emienns ally chased by | POSSIBLE creature comes from ANOTHER | [learns English |.[ becomes itt trom Tees he Tetesee. ie befriended! is captured by ‘escapes withthe HERE WE GO WITH ANOTHER RIDICULOUS EVERY NOW AND AGAIN, OUT OF NOWHERE, A ‘STRANGE NEW PLAGUE SEEMS TO DESCEND UP- ON US. TO DISCOVER WHAT THE LATEST ONE 1S, FOLD IN THE PAGE AS SHOWN AT RIGHT. FOLD TMS SECTION ovER LEFT OUD PAGE OVER LKE Tis: 4B FOL BACK SO" MEETS “8 BUSY MEDICS ARE WORRIED ABOUT A NEW FREAK EPIDEMIC SPREADING TILL IT BECOMES A DANGER THAT EVERY ONE OF US COULD BE FACING AY 4B