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Thinking Of YOu

Thinking Of YOu

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my first sounds-not-so-bad-poetry
my first sounds-not-so-bad-poetry

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Published by: musicheart_ on Mar 24, 2010
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THINKING OF YOU like searching for the truth but i know i’ll never find it .

like looking for something that i know it’s gone . like loving a cat who hates me . like drinking milk from a far away land . like wishing upon a star who i know it’s too far for my rocket. like dreaming about a thing that i know it’s impossible to reach . like playing a music that i can’t even feel it . like buying something i don’t like . like swimming in the river full of crocodiles . like sleeping under the sunlight beside the tree but i don’t get the shadow . like trying to catch a shadow . like missing something that i don’t even know what it is . like seeing a thing that i know it’ll make me blind . like opening a door to the room i don’t like . like taking care of my worst teacher’s baby . like feeding a lion . like seeing a ghost . and like doing something with nothing as the benefit.

but the best part of all is...

because I LOVE U so much



i i i i

don’t know it but i pretend like i know, know it s wrong but i pretend like it s true, know it s impossible but i believe it s possible, know it’s bad but i pretend like it’s good,

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