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2nd Prize
Author: Daniel Álvarez Dueñas 3º ESO A

Ghostly help

It was a cloudy and rainy morning. Our biology teacher forced us to hike into
the forest to pick up mushrooms.
I was with my friends Peter and John. Suddenly, we were surrounded by a
thick fog. I could not see anything around me! I started walking without knowing
where I was going. I was very afraid, and I didn’t know how I found myself in
front of an old house. I banged at the door and an elderly couple opened it. I
explained to them that I had got lost. They were very kind and invited me to a
glass of warm milk. I spent two hours there talking to them until the fog
disappeared. Then I went back to school.
The teacher was very worried, so I told him what had happened. He said I
was a liar and told me to stop talking nonsense! He said that no one had ever
lived in that forest except for an elderly couple who lived there over 200 years
ago. ¿Had I dreamed about it or had I seen ghosts?
Departamento de Inglés / Sección Bilingüe