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StepVoice Recorder History

-------------------------Version 1.4
---------------------------------------+ logarithmic peak meter
+ new design of visualization window
+ updated "auto select" frequency function
- mp3 decoder bug fixed
- few small bugs were fixed
Version 1.21b
---------------------------------------+ system tray support
- internal coding updated
Version 1.2b
---------------------------------------+ interface improvements
+ help file added
+ new file operations: deletion, cleaning, etc.
+ recording any portion of a file
+ shows only one copy of the Mixer window
+ visualization graphs works while playback now
- playback errors fixed (by using another mp3 decoder)
- autostop bug fixed
- tons of small bugs were fixed
Version 1.1b
---------------------------------------+ Peak meter. Now you can select visualisation mode
by clicking left (right for menu) button on
visualisation window.
+ Some interface improvements
- "Start minimized" bug fixed
- Uncorrect windows drawing bug fixed
- Power lost bug fixed
- Some small bugs were fixed