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Gestamp Wind opens its second wind farm in Turkey

Madrid, 14th of October of 2015. Gestamp Wind, the wind energy division from
Gestamp Renewables, has opened the second wind farm in Adares, Turkey, with a
power of 10 megawatts (MWs).
The wind farm has 5 aero generators Gamesa G97 of 2 MWs of power and will have
an average production of 30.000 megawatts per hour annually, covering the
demand of around 13.000 Turkish homes, and avoiding the emission of 14.000 tons
of CO2 annually.
The project is located in the town of Selcuk, province of Izmir, next to the Egeos
coast, one the areas with major wind resources of the country.
Also it will benefit from the renewables support program and from local components
that currently exist in Turkey, being able to sell energy on a dollar tariff,
guaranteeing operation for 10 years. The investment has been backed by a project
finance with the Garanti Bankasi bank.
In this sense, Gestamp Wind has now two wind farms in Turkey, adding a power of
34MWs, after the opening of the Turgut Tepe wind farm in 2011 of 24 MWs. Gestamp
Wind will open in July of 2016 the new wind farm of Yahali that is being built in the
province of Kayseri, located in the Anatolia Central region. The three wind farms
combined will contribute to generate an EBITDA of more than 30 million dollars.
Dionisio Fernndez Auray, CEO of Gestamp Wind assured that: with this project we
reach the 580 MW in operation. And added: we have in construction 328 new MW
in 5 countries, from which 127 MW will enter in operation up to December 2015 and
the rest before August 2016.
About Gestamp Wind
Gestamp Wind (, wind project developer and producer of
electricity from wind power, is specialized in the development, construction and
operation of wind farm projects in Europe, Brazil, USA, Mexico, Turkey and South
Africa. Gestamp Wind is one of the leading companies in the wind energy business
and integrates vertically the development, construction and operation of wind
farms. The company has more than 580 MW in operation with the goal of ending
2015 with a total of 684 MWs, as well as an advanced projects portfolio of over 1
gigawatt (GW) in the different markets in which it operates.