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Using the Across and Down clues, write the correct words in the numbered grid below.

1 2



5 6 9 7 8

10 12 13






2. to cook something quickly in a small amount of butter or oil 3. to cook food, especially meat, outdoors over a fire 4. to cook something by putting it close to strong heat above or below it 9. to cook in a lot of oil 11. to add salt, pepper, or other spices to food 12. to cover something with a layer of a substance 13. to crush something, especially potatoes 14. to rub a small amount of oil or fat on the inside of a container before cooking food in it in the oven 16. to remove the skin from a fruit or vegetable 17. to break something into very small pieces or powder, by using a machine or by crushing it between two hard surfaces

1. to make bread, cakes etc using an oven 3. if you boil a liquid, it becomes so hot that there are bubbles in it and it starts to become a gas 5. to cook meat or vegetables in an oven or over a fire 6. to cut meat into very small pieces using a machine 7. to mix foods such as eggs, cream, or butter well using a fork or a special tool or machine 8. to rub cheese, vegetables, chocolate etc against an abrasive gadget in order to cut them into small pieces 9. to cut food into small square pieces 10. to let liquid flow away from something 12. to cut something such as food into pieces 15. to put something with another thing or group of things

Chiew N Pang

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