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. re es - 6 ate n 4 Beastman warband charges a Dogs of War arni WARHAMMER ARMIES Dogs of War BY NIGEL STILLMAN WITH RICK PRIESTLEY & TUOMAS PIRI BOOK COVER: DAVID Gal ER ART: JOHN BLANCHE, ALEX BOYD, WAYNE ENGLAND, MITH & JOHN WIGLEY PRODUCED BY GAMES WORKSHOP ‘Games Workshop, the Games Workshop logo, Citadel the Citadel caste an Warhammer ar all UK eeistered trademarks of Games Workshop Lu anda ademas in eter countries around the word ‘Skaven & Skink ate all rademarks of cater dice are a UK registred design no, 2017484 All aework i ll Games Worksbop prot and he images contained therein have been produced either inhouse oF a6 work frie The copyright inthe artwork andthe i ics ithe property of Games Workshop Lid British Litrary Catlogung-n-Publicaton Data A catalogue ecod for this hook s availabe frm the British Library. © Copyright Games Workshop Lid, 1998, Al ight reserved. AUSTRALIA HONG KONG, us ‘eas WORKSHOP NC. GAMES WORKSHOP, eames WORKSHOP, GAMES WORKSHOP, 6721 BAYMEADOW DRIVE, 23 LIVERPOOL STREET, BONMILL ROAD, 2002-2006, {GLEN BURNIE INGLEBURN. UNIS @TT MISSISSAUGA, HORIZON PLAZA sian, 21080 001 NSW 2565 "TORONTO Lar 1h LEE WING STREET, ‘APLEICHAU PRODUCT CODE: 6023.2 9900! 1s6N: #6729720