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JOSEF BUGMAN ICE QUEEN OF KISLEV ARCANE MAGIC Cover art by Wayne England Black & white art by John Blanche, Wayne England and Mark Gibbons PRODUCED BY GAMES WORKSHOP Games Workshop and the Games Workshop logo, Cadel, Realm of Chaos, Slonabase, Warhammer and White Dwarf are all registered trademacks of (Games Workshop Ltd. Arkhan the Black, Bad Moon, Etharon, fil Sun, Grom, Khome, Nagash, Night Goblin, Nugle, Skarsnik, Skaven, Slaanesh, ‘Teals,Tyrion & Tzeenich ae trademarks of Games Workshop Ud. ‘All artwork in all Games Workshop products and the images contained therein have been produced ether in-house or as work for hire. ‘The exchusve copyright on the artwork and the images lt depict isthe propery of Games Workshop Lid © Copyright Games Workshop La 1995, All rights reserved. "Sete dice are UK repstered design no, 2017488 Game design consultant Bryan Ansell GAMES WORKSHOP INC. 3431-C BENSON AVENUE BALTIMORE, MARYLAND 2227-1072 UNITED STATES A Qu eI"