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RVentan a MERCENARIES COLLECTORS’ GUIDE a COS What is a Collectors’ Guide? ‘The Monsters & Mercenaries Collectors’ Guide isthe defintive tome for anyone interested inthe Warhammer Dogs of War, Ogre Kingdoms, kisle, Monsters and Sige miniatures range. I's ideal for anyone who colts these armies, containing the full range of Warhammer Dogs of War, Oore Kingdoms, Kislev, Monsters and Fortress and Siege models an their component pats. We've lad the range out to take into account the different faces ofthe Dogs of War, Ogre Kingdoms and Kislev Armies. All the Dogs of \War are in one section, for example, with Lords and Heroes followed by Core Units and then Special Units finishing off with Rare Units. The same goes for Ogre Kingdoms and Kislev. We hope this will make it easier for you to navigate through and find the models ‘or components you are looking for. The Monsters & Mercenaries Collectors’ Guide i far more than a simple catalogue, aso included within are a numberof other features such as painted examples of Dogs of War, Ogre Kingdoms or Kislev, some fantastic armies painted and collected by Games Workshop staff, conversions, Golden Demon winners and great dioramas. So if you collect, paint or game with any of the Dogs of War, Ogre Kingdoms or Kislev armies or would like to play siage games, then this isthe book for you. When you reach the Components section, you wil find that. some of the models are labelled as Classic, Collectors and ‘Morin. Classic Ran Classic Range models (like the pikeman, pictured right) are no longer avalable in stores but are stil ideal for use in your army, Collectors’ Models Collectors’ models (like the Giant Ogre, pictured far right) are no longer available in stores but represent areal piece of Games Workshop history some models being over 10 years ol). Although they are mostly no langer covered by the rules, these models still make great collectors’ pieces or asa basis for conversion work. Mordheim Mordheim is a tabletop skirmish game set in the ‘Warhammer world. Many of the models are fully y compatible with the Warhammer range, and make 2 great basis for conversions, Don't worry, all the Classic, Cllctors’ and Mordeim models are clearly labelled inside. How can I order these models? IN-STORE ORDER SERVICE Visit your local Games Workshop Hobby Centre and our friendly staf will be more than happy to help you use ou in-store order service. Using this Collectors’ Guide, or any ofthe catalogues available inthe stores, you can choose from the largest range of Games Workshop products in the world. Your order can be delivered to any of our Games Workshop Hobby Centres nationwide or sent direct to your home, whichever is most convenient for you. ONLINE STORE The Games Workshop Online Store carves the full range of Warhammer miniatures, as wel asa large selection of other Games Workshop products. Order with confidence, as our website is secure. With our fast order picking your order will be in your hands inno time. To visit our web store go to:, GIVE US A CALL We have a team of staff standing by to take your call f you would lke to order anything from this Collectors’ Gude, get some rules or hobby advice, then give us a call on 0115 91 40000. WRITE TO US If you prefer to post your order or write us a letter then send it to: Games Workshop, Willow Road, Lenton, Nottingham, NG7 2WS, UK. osc be ano tat Games Worahep posure wan sod ungated and unassre an the cree of ay routs may vay tom tage shan Rerea for earps ‘sy baer sown ayn racessay be need). Plus ae se atv puooes on veo cata legato =U Cares Won sited en feting soy pas and aded equpmerta erore une he ape tT rer ea Clad produc ay be cargoes fused Icarecy an Games Werishop dower Tecammora hm for ety chien undo ha apr of Ye whos ss cupenesan Wrsovr yor a,b are wher Guts, bas pated ‘ayo rea ard fen the ratuctono one pacar, Prices coves tne ol Jong peas. Cortona ate advan to cnr! Games Wom force Sasa os, Pos gated area ped ot ty Caras Woksep ough fom sts lacquer we ncopendot alos re ooposte detent a ew ees crepirs Contents 2 Dogs of War: Land of the Mercenary 5 Dogs of War: Loris and Heroes 11 Dogs of War: Core Units 23 Dogs of War: Special Units 99 Dogs of War: Rare Units 46. Dogs of War: Showcase 50 Kislev: The land of Risley 53. Risley: Lords and Heroes 55. Kislev: Core Units 59 Risley: Special Units 62 Risley: Showcase 64 Ogre Kingitoms 67 Ogre Kingdoms: 73. Ogre Kingdoms: 79. Ogre Kingdoms: 85 Ogre Kingdoms: 89 Ogre Kingdoms: 94 Ogre Kingdoms: Showcase Lords and Heroes Core Units Special Units Rare Units Classic Ogres 98 Monsters: Great Beasts & Monsters of the O14 World am M2 Monsters Siege: Great Fortresses & Sieges of the o1a Worta Sloge: Fortress & Areane Architecture Siege: Siege Equipment ‘Mordneim Fortresses & Watchtowers Siege Equipment Conversions Golden Demon, isthe home of the Mercenary, where Dogs of War go t0 find employment and where ~ would-be lords and rulers go to find them. is split into many squabbling republics and 7 that there is abways work warrior willing to fight for gold. No mercenary is sword will ever get bored in Tileal of Lustria and Cathay, seeking trade routes or simply to plunder. This makes Tile a magnet for every scoundrel with a lust for gold ai an eye for adventure. It is a h tales of darin starting point Tobaro sae i nl pet Tas ty of warn sa of Ta Sen Sutil alms oh rigged cost te yas ad defend sel mumerons tines rome prtes an ales that Seve iste th nr tradi ring es og rg, Th fama Pace of th prince sts any a bastion of rock above the city. garde by trong wll ha ave never been Preahe. Toes mari ils fae ried evra ees ling ont eats several woe enguror fom Eta end ven the grote of Arby rng the great SlanJffar’snosln of Era en herring Lands ire har 2 ts ur sare of tetra rife ws wel, nd dl wrmcrus pose atop 0 et 17 «sare eg, Taro has tunchly rnalned a principality, and theft forthe enk of Prince Bevel of ae pts tracert ellanes and tir begun par Ten tation Remas mas ea gress and ancien iy famed for is hge cular harbour, bul isi by he High Eves R ee ee a enw apy oe and cams withthe comings and going ofits mighty populous. Remas i ae famed forthe numerous tend strng marenarg arms eth, en partly Eau fr ts nabwertplaman, These fee apart tr rem Oy ie wey merc ve f tec, ir ccc of itr cers fort the meant hous’ rinucs, andthe murdeonly efficent quads of he y's ring councl. The Clty Sate of Remas as been a rately sae repubi for several centuries hanks o power end nation of hase rps, toh Kove etal grants end work be conquerors on enmerable cca Sartosa Nie felis cig of Srcvn i ated rambting mas of ruins amd shanty divelings, where ancient Elen an Dwarf ecitecture, mised uy with ater ations from Ten and Arabian colonies. Te whl al Aesroyed appearance of te city «made neresingly worse by ecasional cannonades rom pasing ships 4 thesis yor, tking a small measure of rerbution on sibs The senfoments on Sarto ave Gen ravaged on nonerons occasions. The fist and grates cy ther, ul by he High Elves tthe high of ther power ws destroyed by the Dark Eves ating in concert wh Sets le and what fe population tt dd et peri nth ensangh was carved off i slavery. Since then the Aunt ruins became home to etl bande, refuges and mercnares ofthe wort sor. Overtime te rious mercenary bands and armed gang occupying the isle stopped fighting each oer and began to aapeate, ing to pracy ~ paging Tio dying, costal etlemens, a anghing ee hy could atch sain the Team sn endenours tat proved be much mre feet than fry temas ot in maint wars As the yar pase the prae of Srtsa have come more oie, and has Become the cstom teeta “Pirate Prince” of Sartase a grand efor one wh des no realy ra ts land of seta and hile, bt for a resected warlond wha can be allel on to see apes ver aot and venta sith vk handed rough asic Luccini ae chy of Lc ets esd he Tea Sn at ester ip ofthe Tea Cans, staring ot acres the waters and the benighted island of Sartosa. This presimity has framed much of he city’s history, «4 Lucci has een near a continuous state of war with the pirate of Sareoa fr long years, and’ consequently fas developed a very strong fice of galleys that have made it one of the strongest mitary _powers in Tle. This militant city fas alco brought forth many mercenary generale of repute that have ‘earned their trade im Luccni's incessant wars, The city itself was warmed after Luccina whois regarded as its _patron Gods, who with Lucaw is venerated there ina great temple tthe divine twins onthe city’s renowned acropolis The Prince of Lucini usualy claims descent from one or the oer of these two legendary figures, which of course ‘means that two rival factions are habitual claimants for the sea of power there — not surprisingly, the principality has changed hands between te factions more times than anybody can remember, and never without ‘Stood cing si as abrndanty asthe wine inthe notorious revel for whe he city sao jusy famous! From early times, the merchants of Tilea hired soldiers to defend their ships from pirates on the high seas and to escort their merchandise on overland trade routes. Of course, warehouses and property also had to be guarded, and so it became usual for merchants to maintain troops more or fess all the time. The various mercantile families also used their mercenaries to further their political ambitions at home, either to make themselves absolute rulers of their cities, or to oppose such tyrants and proclaim a republic! In Tilea money is power — and power, military might and status all amount to pretty much the same thing. Section One Lords & Heroes st sae pupa oy Fait ees ma ary Pt ante asus Cra Cael a e pons Ht oy Pl te nel oe a hase Setar sty pe Mes cede pbc) Goer Woe hap om ses “sop roast ss apnse erty Wor momar S Lords & Heroes Mercenary Paymaster eth Mercenary Generals Soros. Forcode end pte: ame tor Shee rape of omptd Mera Gar mencoumy oevenacs eRCENARY GENERAL BODY 5 re Ss a ‘see7o2t400s01 5 oomtonie £50 “i odd een Kt Hae ‘rn force sd pe pss er row Expl ol onpited Lie Beso Lentz settaponnas LwoRezaa BeLLADoNnA TONE NERS cna te seme tt Pet ua pup ot) rt my Pst pn ne Cat oe mye gran lay ae eo 6 ‘Str ato pes Pe oD oes Se sn Sap ie ape a a gn tne a mg Lords & Heroes TOU sOp ‘To ote re Aro ae Sp pee Stone ) \ Gi. ORGIO THE BESIEGER BOY erceero) ssroauoate 1 ‘Bal of coisted Borg he Bese Witch Hunters - Wilhelm & Johan oy war He MCHASTER ‘ae7oenouce es so sratepupnasey Pt ets may ary Pc oe nuns Ch Cah ic ay be ge we ty Pc orca mt ne pr se foc att re Ps ue prs iy Gar Whe ep Oe Setup tr ert ae este aren Mo os WEIR & XRES). Lords & Heroes Heroes of Albion sal of copie Dak Ens DARK EMISSARY BODY ‘ALBION FENGEAST ® erceisomt et | samen: es compite [ALBION TRUTHSAYER, soraniencnt £5 ‘i asi nr pst cos wr rs item sr Cee a ac i dh aie 8 atl re ky ps Pcs ua pas by Ss ae irene Lords & Heroes Gotrek & Felix Lords & Heroes Plastic Horses ‘Sores shown st 0% aoa, MEDIEVAL HORSE HEAD & TAIL MEDIEVAL HORSE B0OY sooner season £1 (Cran nea hs a supe) (aan no a) COMPLETE ARMOURED HORSE (anu nope eared Hoe sae ili) 0 38 sor Yonse Head aa Jovi worse soor (radon th a pe sapien (1 and ag Spe se) Pest asa poses: Pr an Pet swt use Cri Ca rou yb eae at oe: Po cet te ga we, 10 "Cet types pc ey ae shy a sss spas apo alae eee orate ee Section Two Core Units "AL MOKTAR'S DESERT BOGS ions ransom ae ‘oer 8 Compete ins Broan eu esrerand) Ti02U0s, £20 Complete This modo requres he Meseval Hose {ro Frei on ate Se7o240506| 50» 4 Prriny Pes eae pens 12 Sra ret ay 2 os sa are sen x Ci rate mayb ae fd ae ps by Gane Woap orm oes Soja wee pee ees is : DBRAGANZA ARI sracanza 00¥ ssaroguoram2 et feroeearoh e4 TBRAGANEA'S BESIEGERS (Gostra oncom meses) ‘costar! e7 Compete (cont mals easy eae) ‘serv0eto1s 25 Complete recat gang es pa Pes ase put Pd anes may ay Pots ed ane Ce cocretieegumeye pas ‘Sram ays Pes oa boas sy Games Wr ra “FELLOWSHIP feof a farmer even a weniiy fandowner, was never an ey the war-torn ond of Tien, Wh Delmonte found himself I ork pt nly cone of ack $e remained 0 hh became a soli His workforce faced withthe unappealing bio erriaay oe lan. In Rema, Roderigo so is fast Sink fom me an ih rede | ea aES LOM) 8 102100 £25 Compl Po ny ict rd a ase 16 rut eet poe iy Soe a ‘nh Rovenico Boy FRODERIGO HAMMER ARM ERR PREIER Seroesno8 et ew7o2u0one2 1 [gam | rea [gam | Ey Ke [Sa | OF ALATA 1 eam atin anf fn paman sooner [ea | estat put oy Pt tes my ay Pts doen une Crt Cn cs my eres Ht cay Pe ne elon pe as Sass cre ay pes eee pos) Ses WS ine te cuore an ape eae a8 seer enrages. 15 1a and to his men tat they must rai TEOROL'S LEOPARD COMPAR SOROS” Ee Complete Pers mre psy. Pose carn ra ay Posi oman eo Crtan Cel rt yb ngs nay. encore tie a es 16 "Cues ee yan Pr noe pray Games Wop rh cr sre i ss Has ep er i eo ‘ureptcte et omc enaat 24 txt | SRRRBEN OF WRaaLANS Foul continue. The regiment abonys "reeruits its sliers from Miraglano, and again to replenish ts ranks and renew fay les. Any wert mast prove is Pan at io, Pecos may wy Pts pn set et Cand ma pr sarc rece al of as ts cae ay pes, Paral pot Ges No re! son Se eer ee ne Ma ep eT i eo suarziaar2 4 sera 1 Pe re pees ay Pi cay Pet 208 Sot ere saya pes Pres cad er pes a Gres Woh urtasnets sop sorezienaie 24 TRIGEOS REPUBLICAN GUARD \onsne 3 raom meee) ‘eos 610 8 Compete "ICCO'S REPUBLICAN GUARD (conura 8 medley cond) {941024098 25 Comploe eu rer ie oy. Pes came my vay Pec ol nan noe. Cte os mye gr aetna, Prowse tine og 20 "Cota ae aly a pan Pas a psi sy rs Wor ea cn se can tne ase maps rane a on re a \vesPeno B0ov \VESPERO DAGGER ARAL suananaay c4 SOTOQUABAIE 509 See Seamus oes for Pilea and te (ands beyond is th epee: young and weiss uc given to self indulgence sess. Unfortunately Ve tc adventures got i into trouble) ile ews employed asa merenary 104 mobile fay an Kis expert il BABA (contin s sates Weng Seip) Pest pat Pe ns ny roc pad ease Cia ate ot va fr coe lat re Pra und a rcs sy Games Wes ro or as beet wor re corm ot 9 es. st \VOLANO'S VENATORS SHIELD ‘STT2T0008. SO ore spn Fo onde ana ae Pecoraro poge 10 4 Fi t \VOLANO'S VENATORS LANCE ARN VOCANETS VERTORS soroou0gs £1.50 (Centans tarchn res) eta 86 Complete (conus nada eluarg core) SoTc2HOss 25 Complete > Petra pee Pd ayy Prof spel nd ware Ct te ota a ups anarchy Ps care or figs 22 “crt user cu yapesPes uo peut so aes Woros Sah sow sae eqn oo: nnd eles ago arg he ot a Section Three Special Units ‘es sre puns oy Pt ets ma ay Ps tnd ar seb od gs esa Proscar at et ig prs ae ‘Sr ree eyo poe er aed prs Gs Nos bres cn Soe, neg wep esa espvse le emney own ess 23 ETON Bp soroewoors 4 | =e | | ox PMG Rate poe Pt ts yy Pcl eid wae ean Classic Halflings \ | Pieter Paar oS erecste cents Scere creeeaany anaes eat 2 3 ae sgn i ob sre mae DoRERE Classic Hotpot adn " HALFLING HOTPOT sty Pre cane tne as, pas rive rape ening a on pas 25 ea scree aly pos Pron gta a te pases ny ae vs ape laa he Biggest. het and quite definately the ogre to shamble out of the ingoms in ving memory. He found himself leading a bunch of most equally Grutal Ogre warriors faq's stay in the Border Princes of a successful and profitable one. very busy by one side or another ud were given every chance 19 ind ‘GOLGFAG mIGHT ARIE (GoLaFAG LEFT ARM oarotcoas £1.80 sero 84.50 Pes ut ucts ny, Pre cots ma ay Pets 08 wae as nse. Stu cm ay seu ops are! Woe ves saan ete eet seeps rey im eroaunie ea otarAc soo soon es ots my tins lore, Ps ce se 9g es source at? £8 TORS DRONES SAVER FRATES Soost0i7 8 Compete ‘seve 6010 £25 Complete ‘state pues oy Pct sets my rc dng use Cn lat ic ay eae st omy Pee nel ong ps st ‘Soeur sty pee Mg pce ly Gr Woo sot Se cops we nae a ess eng romps 2 pid of Engincrs afer sh fh fierce and became a Slayer Wil he Spirit of Grungni and is mts for dvd ay ows munitions and weapons. Hi Invention te the Gobfin-Rewe. rapid firing, axe-ehrosing ugamza of destruction, the Speers eng Ham MALAKAI MAKAISSON ‘GOBLI-HEWER CREW 1 saroasi0y es SBOTEOSIOT2 £250 GOBLIN HEWER CREW 2 ‘GOBLIN-HEWIER CHAINS soaroasonas £250 asranson MALAKAI MAKAISSON'S GOBLINHEWER Peas Waste poses ony. eu cts mya Pets sal ee ed sen Car ao tebe ge dry, cat ie go a eh. "anus cat aya one Pres odd a epic aby Gans Wotso he sone sows sso bs spade evs see Sern Oe ‘OOBLI.HEWER HANOLE SPRUE serotcorie 4 (COBLILHEWER LEFT ARI (Gosuin-HEWeR FRONT CGOBLINEWER RIGHT ARM ercasane? £1.50 earoasonis 2 ‘uezsnete £3.50 (GOBLINHEWER AXE RACK GOBLINHEWER BASE (GOBLIN-eweR DEAD GOL ay spent 63 earoananae £250 GGOBLIN.HEWER UPPER CHASSIS. (QOELI-HEWER MOTOR CGOBLILHEWER LOWER CHASSIS ‘souriera 2 ‘sroast10 4 searoasosi2 22 ‘QOBLN-HEWER LEFT SIDE copLNHEWER AXE QOBLIN-HEWER RIGHT SIDE oncestece £2 EERO SOp oueauanes 22 Pes tsa sn ny rot con yey Peds ns ness tec ata pts Ps utd Be Posy Ges Ne eran Gel sis may ans ue maa. Pres carat igs at toon ata cep oat nope een ep eure arom e 23 AVITRE A RRS WARFCAYERS ences 20 Complete Pea atte poss on, re cons ay ary, Produ so ue a sender Cab rose mb wd eam, Peat ot ec og oe 20 "Tats rn ay an pee, to er pots ar Wi sown reaper eae ane om e Menai swoRD ewait n00v snomaraei = uriaenete e4 6 ENGL manHIDES ENCH wanune's ENGIL MANHIDE'S STANDARD UStAN BODY 'SANGAND BODY orator ucenrneioe searocatses ©2 ze MENGIL MANIIDE'S RIGHT ARML 70226108 509 ENGL MANADES Menon wanoe's ENGIL uannine's CROSSBOW ‘TSN HoRn ‘Trooren ? SWORD ernie eet fereciaas et aerozos0| Na : Menai, waneape's enn, wansune's MeNmooren's ‘wmouren'® ‘ioaeen'? serosa £2.50 soncaztte t20 secroromett £2 cera ppt Pt sas yy Pras pat heed ay an pos Pres qu ae fr eis oy Snes oe ecg swe coat tie gong es pe Stich nage es erp Cenmugar a ps St roamar2 1 RUGLUD CHAMPION ORC BODY RUGLUD CHAMPION ORC ARM Pte exer of comptes Rugs Armoured Ove eres ste ton: Poe a aya Poses pun nso Cran Cae ps ay gon fu rey sce! ie 9a 32 "Comte oy a ps set kr pass sca soy tog sane Sone eh ae ney We esate eg Sao RUGLUD ORC MUSICIAN RUGLUD ARMOURED OAC 1 ‘RUGLUO ARMOURED ORC 2 ‘ueizost0s 24 COMOROS £250 Tio 407 £2.50 ry Pris cama ti ig es \H_ KI (OLFBOY: ao oe OGLAH KHAN QUIVER tia el une main Hone of Hobos Kha They outrumbered the Cathayans ‘GAR KHAN WOLFBOYE {Contant anaum mse si 8 Compete (OGLAH KHAN BODY somoztunti0 63 OGLAH KHAN CLOAK STANDARD BEARER stanoano Beanen sownciain eto BOOYWRERSOY “An WOLrEO one sonata £150 X \ ox Pestana pep ay Pdr yn Po ml on ai en hh pc ye fey Pcie ag We SAZAKIGIAN BODY —— Psst pupa om Pro myn Pressure Cn ota my prs eich Ps cat ate 42" cre any pe, ed sr pod sal Gana Wo ups Sores cooper we aa atop ene to “TSH RUIGHTS RAIDERS (Cotte ance res) ston) 85 Complete rise oe ‘enero Pease ey Ps st oats sunset Cran Cite pats ay rst moat Pes ere et ni pr ae sree uty res es eee ary Goes Won roe tou es‘ eee resets Saran Ba empress 4S GIANTS OF ALBION ‘CACHFTORR RIGHT An BONE KMFE ‘onroeeaett co coneaenerts €1.50 Z CACHTORR LEFT SHOULOER ‘cachroRR AXE [ALBION GIANT CACHTORR saroouacan 2 sseroaeoas 2 Soicasiss 25 Compinte CACHTORA LEFT Lec ‘cacHTORR nIGHT LEG ‘cacuonn ao0y CCACIFTORR LEFT ARI ‘soenbianin 3 ‘eroeiocon 2 ‘aia ee ‘Soonia2 © ets orate un Pot cnsma eyPout sl na wash Coan Cel es my a ad nny, rence ine i ta! nae ay ps Psat pois es Wasa ow Sus cao oes spe ea pa ee io ad Yr sso.008 LEFT HAND Bo.ocs HEAD, ‘801098 RIGHT WAND Somos th sree ea ts) Bovoas Axe ‘B0L00S TROPHY HEADS. oneeaientte ca omcaaeon 2 ‘BoLoGs LEFT Ant ‘B0L0GS AGH ARM ‘comer 2 somocuneie 2 [ALBION GlanT BoLoGS oar i02t02 £28 Complete BoLogs LEFT LEG BoLocs mck ise o.ocs sony ‘GIANTS OF ALBION BOULDER, osvoowouie 2 ‘oaeaiatrs ea searocunure 8 sources © Rs er strappy Pt tes my ay Po wet seb CC oa my gems tart Pe ae tet apea ms ae SS weer ty es Pron a a pcs ly Ges Noto rou ow ssa mss acre sap rrgMroun pos. 45 Joe Sturge, Hobby Specialist protect their famil Justin Hill’ 8 Ara Dogs of War PT at ee “ oS = e = 2 fa ete Lo: T a = : gl \ > a E ya ao a MWe) | = 2A es eee Bren 5 meres a Es SEIT eT Wirler breeds hardy people, not Ke only because of the harsh climate Mele bands, but also Due to the constant Deptiations by aides from the Chaos Wastes The ainies of the Kilevitesiare dvat.n [rom the Seattered stanitsas and towns of the Kastor ast which pooride a standing force much like a miliha. Ongot horse the most northern reaches of The county, while settlements with a great Cospodan hendtage pock thee resources to leneate quadoons (or roles as they ane fomee Winged Lancers drawn ichest families ano thecr he capital of the nation and seat of the Tya%s and Tyarinas who rule the land, Kisler is the langest and most Develoed ofthe three ects Sctuated close to the Ursty, ches vntually onthe borden wth the Empire, and many inperal customs and aesthetic values have influenced kisley Ye, Uteratine and architecture, Founded as the capital ly the Khans and Khan-qucens of the Gospdar pele Year | (iC15%4), ct has lean beeged several tines ints hestouy, though has never fallen to an enemy. At the contre of Kisley les the Botha Palaces, the hereditary seat of power cebuatt During the reign of Tyan Boris Botha after the orignal Palace Goxpidarn was all but Destroyed During the Great War against Chaos A785 (1C2308). - sugnally the Unge capt, when it was merely a walled fawn bncwen as Norvard. ard later afternoon tthe coast ofthe Sea of Clases vessels frm across the Of World, Neue World and even Morse hades come hee wh yds, fave. gs anid precias metals, Key Deus not have a studing rary as sich but the waters ofthe Sea of Claes are Dangercus, Despite the patrcs ofthe Imperial Nay. and all merchaninan are anned in some fashion many fo the standards of other nations warships ard can be pressed into sersice ly the Tyaina chen needed Pp. ro baw a3 the Cursed City, Praag is the most northerly of Kistev's langest settlements and has been overrun ly the northern files several mes, Duaing the Geat War against Chaos, the walls ard buildings thensebres became 50 corrupted with Chaos energy that they sprouted tentacles and eyes. Wailing screams echoed from roof Tops and the ground laneath the cy shifted and athed. Nar ther victory atthe sage of Kiser, the Kistoites axed Praag To the ground and rebuilt though itis stl rumoured that a Dark taunt remains there The pele of Praag are regarded as shifty and nervous ly most outrders, as well as parancid ard potentially 0: lagu with the Darb Pexcers of the North, Praag alco acts as rallying point forthe satened horse Trikes in tones of war. and has a considerable Ung population. This has lad to Praag attempting fo cede from the power of the Tyars on thaee occasions teice the cly was starved into submission ly trade embargoes from the south, and on the thord cecasion, the city was neclasmed ty military force and is now ruled ly a Gospodan governor response ony tothe Tyarina hercef Boris Ursus, the Red Tzar Boris came across the Tran, he had confronted the be hl iay before sprang rit isla and stvaging them with itp defied awake anc from sso, whoever Bors in menting arbre), bot a symbol 9 Section One Lords & Heroes Peseta Po ate ma ry Pou od pats rs unser Cran Oats ous may gems sk nary Pea area mete Pa ‘Sr acre any poe er eed ope) Goer Noh ag son Se, cop aes aot eau setae arn Mer emo. SD KISLEV BOVAR seowrie £6 Complete soueat¢ £7 Complete “ZAR BORIS sorae02120 £20 Complote fu ints yy Pd i et ne in ae i ye gE Pm oa of Pe Core Units yet coma gang es. ast Core Units Horse Archers TWSLEV HORSE ARCHER TRSLEV HORSE ARCHERS (Conan rau rose) (conve Smasels news sonar) 0202122" 85 Complete ‘aricanzi2 20 Complete > 4 HORSE ARCHER CHIEFTAIN HORSE ARCHER MUSICIAN HORSE ARCHER STANOARO BE: ‘ozo £250 earootznet2 £2.50 soocznsté £2.50 MORSE ARCHER TH SWORD HORSE ARCHER WITH SWORO 2 WoRsE ARCHER + WORSE ARCHER 2 pus £2 sereaensa? 02 socroatzsté e2 oerotast ea unezenosts £1.50 ‘oxrocstt" £1.50 sorioenst2. £1.80 ; , A : HORSE ARCHER 3 NISLEV HORSE ARCHER LEGS 1 fsueywonse ARCHER L082 ISLEY HORSE ARCHER LEGS 3 ‘spetzauoso £2 couczzi2tt £1.50 todroteiate streets £1.50 Pua tr tse pit 56 Samer coms nah Pros sta he oss by ame eon Preah a prt mayb ngs tara Pri cont tn no res, pa os cane eat nope ales ue est em wen Core Units Winged Lancers 'ESLEV WINGED LANCERS ‘SLEV WINGED LANCER (cena § novels rauang conan) ha anfom msc ‘020223 20 Compe ozo” Compe 4 he & LANCER CHAMPION LANCER STANOARD BEARER LANCER MUSICIAN sgizcncte £250, SoeCz2005 £2.80 surazoaen7 £250 Lancer 1 Lancen Less Lancer wana serene £2 serazasore «2 seorezzno0" £1.50 souazcnart2 €1 Poe tate pups Pct ers my ry Pat doa seb Cran Oc rus aye xgems A atyPccare a ef 9e P e ratte ayo pes Dt ced tps) Gees Wo somo cope sm nati ran ree nese Pomp 57 Core Units Kossars Section Three Special Units Special Units Gryphon Legion ‘GRYPHON LEGION (conse Snewoe nee tomers 102219625 Compote ‘GRYPHON LEGION STANDARD CGAYPHON LEGION BACK BANNER GRYRIOH LEGION. seroazisat 1 saroazisi0 et (contana trance ese ste021¢6" 86 Compete ‘ches oti pons ty, Pre nets may ay, tas eri si Can Cat rtm ans sl ore, Pes coe ate a 60 "Sana frre psn and opts Gna Wns Bou sow Se cua ae a es ese ene Plastic Horses MEDIEVAL HORSE 80D¥ (rane ee) Ss Spe) a pen Pt at my Prt ee ws. a ws an funy reed ey pe i ps Ps ue pos ane Von to soon coe Stopes, anedet aa eraser carey ear oinpros. 61 entire army & E Re . % fi j gres are big, ugly, brutish 9 monsters that excel at two things: cating and fighting. An Ogre is easily recognised by his massive frame and boulder-like gut, but any that come across ‘one would do well to stay ‘out of its path, for an Ogre will, more often than not, club to death and messily devour any living thing it can catch. The Ogres come from a number of kingdoms scattered throughout the Mountains of Mourn and beyond, far to the cast of the Old World. They travel the world fighting as mercenaries and picking ‘on those weaker than themselves, which, to be frank, is nearly everybody. To the dismay of the civilised races, the Ogre populations in the mountains have grown so large that they have begun to foray into the outside world, no longer in groups of two or three, but in their hundreds. eS nf A, aE >. Spee We GNOBLAR COUNTRY OX, Known Ogre Kingdoms kK ; F famous cn srfyng se of igh attacks, and te savage carnage hy infer under cover-of wight. Te Moonbiter tribe Geleve that te power 3 - of the Great Maw is displayed as it eternally devours the moon Mannslieb, 4 ch is renewed only to be consumed again, and that one day she blackness will : ed into a night eternal th which the Maw and it worshipers will cover the 3 in blood-afted darkness. ‘ a Skulltaker tribe fis ferce tribe of Ogres regularly raids acrae the river of Ruin, Their tyrant prefers to attack the villages and seelements by night, making full use out of the ghostly white face pains shat adoPis all rewatrions _from this tide, Any slaves that they capture are rake Gack to tir camp and fel in great pens until the Great Feast. The Great Feast is staP@ by the Bittcher sacrificing the body to the Great Mavw and the butler sucking sie flesh and brains of the victim. The skull is then rammed onto spies tat cicle the village. Blooded ‘Gut tribé his tribe proves their strength and toughiness by having shards of metal on she inside of their gue plate. This leaves constant open wounds that Bleed diwring bale. Their enemies are demoralized as the blood that they eflowing,from behind the gut plate seemss0 fiave no affect on the Ogres iting ability py Deathmaw tribe — fie Deatlimaw tribe do not venture far from thele lands which is near the Skycastles, instead the tribe spends most of its time worshiping the Great Maw. Bull wfelp that draw blood instead of milk from their mother's teat are raken thie to tie ribe's Slaughtermaster swho resides in a great pit that is covered withiscartered Bones and remenants of meals. They then have survive the daily Beaviigs the Slaughtermaster dishes out fo them. Once they have survived ts ordeal they eam roi the trib a 1 Ogre Kingdoms army is a ye blunt instrument that mashes into enemy lines with the f a ton of bricks. It is a hard- hitting, impact driven army that fiugely outnumbered on the battlefield. Nevertheless, with the right combination Tyrants, an opponent smashed apart by a devastating bull charge even before a sing le -bound is swung, Section One Lords & Heroes te upon ny Pe tts ay Pdi 94 ara ed se Cra Cae pes aye ages teary, Pts cot eg es. TS tc yt ps Ps uu poss Gare Woe ou toes wee, pane ase repre ong Pa rao. OT Lords & Heroes Greasus Goldtooth the Overtyrant S% ‘aReAgus cot prooTH ‘RBOAR sosroasoar e1.50 ‘GREASUS GOLDTOOTH THE OVERTYRANT az1900¢ 20 Cams ‘oneagus cotproomm ‘eneasus cotoroo ‘eneasus cotproom ‘euostan ‘enostan 3 ai at surteonoste £1.50 soars 1.50 oucroeanots 4 oatenenemr sacar come Sune ‘aneAsus GoLoTooTH BoD ‘soeinioata £7 ‘gpeasus aotorooTs rH SREP SBE AND BACK eBeASus cguproors sarora00u c4 ae Peas usenet ane ay ay Pdi Mei asennad os yb ga eae. reece atin 999 33 "Ct se iy ross Ft qu pcs ye soy sh i ea eet pn en gest ee Sa Lords & Heroes Ogre Tyrant Coane Tynan ‘OGRE TYRANT ‘ogae rynanr ren sanioson 0 Complete ‘or AR seeaamate 24 soerinisnoto 24 ogae Tynan ane Tynawr ogge rvnant 'Gnowtah ‘TWOMAMDED MACE Snes somuctam2is £1.50 onvoasmets 65 soronoate £1.50 ‘OGRE TYRANT HEAD 1 ‘OGRE TyRANT HEAD 2 eerogioot 2 creeima2 £2 ogre rygar ‘ogRe ryRanr ‘OGRE TYRANT BODY ge Tynan ogre Tynan Sy SRR ice AP? vounTse ee Cer Ani? Se Glan sevraano20e £2 suena? 2 sonroasnets €2 soeroeamens e2 Ps tai pte cy Pt ot yay Pres pln sat Can a pt ay be gues fu ct Pes cor al ony 2, ase Sa cre ay os Prog cs ay ame nop Preuss Shope mast nape ens ae ese emmy er omic. 6 Tes — 7, Lords leroes Ogre Hunter ‘OGRE WONTER sen23103 18 Compute (OGRE HUNTER cROssaOW (OGRE MUNTER SPEARS (oaRE HUNTER CLUB ‘seroaoows 2 seroasnsoe £1.50 somcenat2 £3 ‘SABRETUSK SPRUE 1 one aura, (OGRE MUNTER SKULLS GRE wunTER, SSABRETUSK SPRUE 2 sroei0008 2 Seite GUAR uerED 0030 £4 sstiny Guano pete ‘saBRETUSK BODY 1 (OGhe MuNTER BODY ‘saanerusk s00¥2 owvoarsosis e4 seeeni000! £7 sonaeati0 24 ea at penn: st res mya Prot rid sens Carn Ca iy as fst sre Pr sre ati Gong 70 "Yot tron yes Pres er ds SO by ane Voges sow cope mb nape feos Mss Seeman Lords & Heroes Skrag the Slaughterer SKRAG THE SLAVGHTERER C505 20 Complete ~ ‘SKRAG THE SLAUGHTERER ‘kRAG THe SLAUCHTERER SKRAG THE SLAUGHTERER SkRAG THE SLAUGHTERER, HERO SPRUE NOBLAR BNoBtARe NOBLAR 3 souanonosts 3 sean 00510 “1.50 uetetnstt £1.80 sume? £1.50 SKRAG THE aLAUaHTERER ‘SKRAG THE SLAUGHTERER TORSO _—SKRAG THE SLAUGHTERERLEGS sung ie s.AUGHTERER Tha Sen serorianosta = roasts £2 ULBRON LGU seteaseaat £2 “punctate #3 SHAG THE sLAUGHTERER SKRAG THE SLAUGHTERER BASE SKRAG THE SLAUGHTERER, ‘SaUEonoN mir soroeasts ea *SsitSaon Boor soneninoste 2 searoestst? £3, Personae papacy Prt ts nay rots pad ns waste Oana pats a be nes sa ret Pes ora oe lis. ee ‘Sr or come ys prone Px hs on sb Gomer Wea oh om ee ats arms gen less reprse le eaoneg Peewee 71 Lords & Heroes Ogre Butchers ur om Bho? E15 Complate ‘oan (conse sericea ‘OGRE BUTCHER SAW ocke surowen soarozso10s £250 CLEAVER sssrosorore e250 sorrotsni0k £2.50 ‘one surcren ‘OGRE BUTCHER TORSO ‘OGRE BUTCHER LEGS ‘oake BurcHen “GNOBLAR = comcasniom £3 seeoztno08 3 ‘GHOBLAR sorarsor2 £1.50 verano £1.80 Pei sat putes, eu crs a ar, edu so rt sen Cx tl atic mab wr el rey Pe cae ste 72 "Systeme way pc red Gane Bras een te cop base ei eat erneg Section Two Core Units Fes state purses om rot rts ay, Puss wet an wash Cetin Cb reas mat ety reno ta fn rs he Sema op Masel peo Go Nahr eae Sos os nga psh omnes 73 Core Units Ogre Bulls ‘OGRE KINGDOMS COMMAND SPRUE s0H0230" 8 ‘Spe sown a 6% at ae autor tab se oy Poi cams ma ay Po ol nd eas Cotan Cel es me ag maa. Prenat 74 "Carta aly oe ple Pes i ue Pb ams Worse oe apn Oem nine apes Sei (Oc KINGDOWS WARRIORS SPRUE Soon a005 "10 Sore shown 180% acl ste ta ancy Pros ay Poe apd ie an Cal payer are Pesce ry “Sete ty aprons Mane uted wero sb Gomes Mensa rp sor sr eye ess, akg le a reprste ein ow pres, 7S Core Units Ogre Ironguts (ConasSed Ope sora hen cman) ‘a12012001 £20 Complete You wi egure he Ogre Kingdoms Warr spe to mae cumple renga For des an as eae ler age 5 ‘OGRE KwNaDoMs inoNGUTS SPRUE rowan 8 tus tte pps cy, Put cores nay ay Pods sl oa dvsness rete a eh: re ce 76 "Coto aby ns Ps us oc oy ae Vopr ow eee a gee a eel ea Core Units Gnoblar Fighters Core Units Gnoblar Trappers ness) eEC218 8 Compete A ££ & {QNoBLAR TRAPPER 2 ‘ONOBLAR TRAPPER 9 {aNOBLAR TRAPPER 4 (NOBLAR TRAPPER 1 coreaanont £250 ures" £2.50 orcaavana £2.80 serio e280 ey (QNOBLAR TRAPPER 6 BODY ‘GNOBLAR TRAPPER § HEAD CGNOBLAR TRAPPER S| sera t0H08 £2 9701500807500 eoro2a000s £250 Example competed rosa Tappa 6 rF {) Og sarees oem, emannen crore expen ald a Eas Pues tr tsrate piso. Pe ann may ay Psi Sl ru ad vase: Cran Cue etsy gs flere, Pe eae og 78 "Comte ry pro Pe mas ease Oy me roy Sa cu see alt er ee sar emma Section Three Special Units ces tae proto Pt os ayy Pra ld pd wast Caan ie ps aye ngesfse caret Pe ore ef org Pr, te ‘Sree iy an ee a fr pe oy me soy Pau se bop sah nape ee eens, 7 Special Units Gnoblar Scraplauncher ‘GhOBLAR SERAPLAUNCHER xno s. E20 Compe i 3, :) SSORAPLAUNEMER GNOBLAR SSORAPLAUNGHER GNOBLAR 3 SCRAPLAUNCHER ONOBLAR 4 SSORAPLAUNGHER GN Somme e180 nvr C130 ‘pene e180 porta a 'SCRAPLAUNCHER GNOBLAR 5 : ocr £80 Sonmn.auonen er cans SCRAPLAUNCHER ONOBLAR SCRAPLAUNCHER RlotT CHANS saves A ate vvatonee t1 SORAPLAUNCHER ROPE ‘SOMAPLALNCHER ONOBLAR Sepaptaunciten ‘perme er Sate *ESuNe sosrosooz £1.50 soxroeacstt 2 Pua taproot Po att ma ay Pc so npn an oben Cl ot mye ps oy. Ps car a loi 00 "Coe aay ops Psu a pei Sb aes ros Be oun sea wate es ges tne SSCRAPLAUNCHER RUNNERS SPRUE [SCRAPLAUNGHER WHEEL SPRUE SSCRAPLAUNCHER FAIRING ra acemnial ceoemeial | } scmapcamejen son sonra sparen vrs scuramcranasie eeenia screech ca ‘SCRAPLAUNCHER HAFT LEFT “SCRAPLAUNCHER AFT RIGHT sreesmo8 £1.50 soveranst? £1.50 ‘SCRAPLAUNCHER DECK SPRUE osroesmsio £1 FIINOX RIGHT IDE -RHINOX HEAD ANO HORNS SPRUE HINOX LEFT Si0e eaig anes es vosronstsie =2 ‘canon £4 crs tsa poses roa xs aya, Pros ht an unt ese Cs rts mabe ann secrecy rs met at ef 4 tg pst ‘Sins care ype Pa spr yr Woe ou svt Soe, claopn eae aa ese enineg Der ompeas Special Units Yhetees § were HeaD + ‘yHereE HEAD suerzionion 2 soaroesonas 2 (conten area Yate) ‘onga201 “10 Complete ‘yweree HeAo2 ‘YHETEE LEFT HAND somoetone £2 oaroasorri2 et "YWETEE RIGHT ARI YHETEE RIGHT ARM 2 ‘YWeTEE RIGHT ARMS YWETEE LEFT ARM ‘YHETEE LEFT ARM? otroesoiar £2 sovrosai08 £2 soaroesoii08 2 Doarosori0 £2 oaroeaortt 22 YHETEE BODY 1 were soov2 ‘yweree nooy 3 suerza0re es suerpaoves es sueinani08 es enue rab prey Poe my ay Pros so ts nse Cr Ci cs my 8 pe ue oy Pica rte 82 "Saar cme aay pcs ta sod wees Ge NO Brau on Sve, aura te ape resp ene Special Units Leadbelchers ‘ex wl ned the Ope Kngions Varo sp to mako a complete Ore anno Loedoocher For eotes an ites fuse ror pape 7S ane peo, i ay es oe sit a no ye ce hy ae an ay pe TS sere rly anon os dana pace sot Ge Weng Br! ow Se unp aehepoe ssneraranegPreompeae S fe cannons of the Ogre i fot weapons packed with black poseder, sharp metal objects and even second-hand weapons make one hell of a noise, volley can cut down entire ranks before the Ogres hit home, Section Four Rare Units Raves neat psn Pras casa ay Pics 2 prt rs eC Cl ose be ig asm Pow ane ts st ‘Site oy pron ree aod ve prea) Cv Moh rag tm omen owen apse ore aroun se BS Ogre Maneaters conan Marr Foe) ‘902120740 Complte Xo OGRE MANEATER 2 HEAD SPRUE Coane uanearen 2 ‘OORE MANEATER 2 BODY Coane manearen 2 ‘wel Guano soccn ano? <5 Fawr ara ssemoesooee 2 soaroaoTos ©2 §, (OGRE MANEATER 1 GNOBLAR ‘ourtecots 1.80 (OGRE MANEATER 1 HEAD ‘OGRE MANEATER 1 BODY OGRE MANEATER + soretomrot e2 ‘comooomrae 08 ‘anit SPRUE ssarztnora £2 Peat atta puis ny; ret ers maya Pet sa ut set xa Cat atc mayb gw aah Pe et at ee to 86 "Ss cme stay pe snl das sly Snes han sen scope ot maser ee cb are \ Rare Units ‘OGRE MANEATER 4 HAMMER (OGRE MANEATER « BODY (OGRE MANEATERG HEAD ‘sumer Soros? 8 tmevorserie t2 ‘OGRE MANEATER 3 HEAD coumcsmor 2 (OGRE MANEATER 3 BODY Coane uanearen che wanearen 3 omens? 8 BELLY GUARD) a SomUe vesmoaraora £2 sogoator 62 Direct st Only ‘Te Ope Maneater Ninja and Fel ar spec tions hat ae not arable in stores. They are | © salto order trough Dict. & =a ‘er hain garetts yy rs pid an atm Cetin ha os a rue ray Po ort tte lg pres, ese tote cove ya pres Pex oon ress Gs Me rag on ses er or wets aes ae apa aterney aout pss” 87 Rare Units Ogre Gorger ‘ ‘OGRE GORGER ooze 10 Complete s @ ‘OGRE GORGE HEAD 1 Coane concen sooy (OGRE GORGER HEAD 2 rcaanont t2 soaroesnons £3 soaroaeete 2 ane conaen ‘one concen eas ‘cane concen ‘ice Art soeaniome £3 terrane ssonanont e2 veipisnoes «2 eats pone on: rot cots may ar rts 0 arts sei Cea Ca rt manu dere, aa ae 9 65 "Cis sn iy ps Pr sd peat a Gana sau) son Soe cop me ape ei eee one Classic Ogres Classic Range i et on pn os et te ("Sil ns. % Pind exami of Classe Ope Standard Bese sic OGRE cassie core s eae ‘STANOARD BEARER Stanonno TOP ‘OTE! £10 saureatsosr2 1 CeLassic OGRE wrt SPIKED CLUB ‘CLASSIC OGRE WITH TWO-HANDED MACE eros £10 eoeroueosas 10 ‘CLASSIC OGRE WiTH MACE CLASSIC OGRE WITH AXE AND SPE ‘urcomnosta £10 ‘soeazenoso £10 Fs nate poses: Prat rts ayn rts etd on nt, aan trots mayb gs re Pom cat a e069 pas st Sis arnt pst ovo pos soy ares Woah ow soso ea pe ease es dtr ae ns i Collectors’ Ogres | Collectors’ Range rose on is a2 at |e sor, ut opty sa or rp Hons ay, wh COLLECTORS’ OGRE CANNON een ES sometseree £10 couscror COLLECTORS’ OGRE MORNING STAR arueovee £10 Toroeanves e10 ‘COLLECTORS OGRE HERO COLLECTORS’ OORE AXE 2 ‘COLLECTORS OGRE BERZERKER somaniaen £10 soroeinie e10 oman E10 ers fr tte peso. Pd mens ay ay Pd pid a Cetin Ce rs maybe ago ues. et cane at ie a 90 “Contra ey apres Pos ac bess ame enon Sa cn ee epee tee ml er ‘COLLECTORS’ OGRE HALBERO ‘COLLECTORS: HROTHYOGG OGRE CAPTAIN “ edie won wn ier assess Saati esa nn ri SL td ae casas aon aera, Fests poss yr ens ry Pract pri i nmi Cea pes maybe sd ary rs core eo ot ps pte Sams trearen asym qn fe pos yes nen ou om scope ayes we ae ewig Proms. Collectors’ Giant Ogres couserersieturore er sone somes soamezsnire £2 soreaanits 2 oa Parad xamoe of Colac Gant Ore ‘coucrons: cunt oon ‘COLLECTORS: GuNT OGRE CouLECTORS:cianr OGRE ‘CHARA TOMS Ton rae teller tone" suaiaani2o 3 serosa sovrorsoite ca ‘COLLECTORS: Giant OGRE Ccoucrons' oun oone eT imON ST (ernst OUEEFT OREN HANS searoesow2t 2 comatniae £2 sontattay 22 ‘coutecrons: cian oon. ‘COLLECTORS: gun oone Sen LU iow ace sereaeti0-e2 ouerninvat 2 OLLECTORS’ GIANT OGRE CcouecroRs: cian oon ‘couecrons: cnr ooRe ‘COLLECTORS: cst nicer tow LES TET tbwe veo fishy Show Lee. LEFT SHORT sevrazstier2 £2 serine? "cranianid £2 suueiones ets orate un oy Pos cans may ay Poss sk natn ar aso Coun Cl pa my ps sarc Pesca i 2 “Catto ety on pes Past a pet So ae anos Dy rn ea ea pnd se ges ete a Chaos Ogres Medal hewn at 75% of cul 828, aAo8 OORE: (conus Cresco mode) Sorts" 10 Complete S405 OGRE HEAD CHAOS OGREHEAD2 CHAOS OGRE HEADS Geeroorsany e150 sotaovisae eso aMmNTTsa E10 ‘riA0s oaRe HORN ernie 3 c¥A0s OGRE AXE 1 crA0s ooRe Axe? (OHA08 one STANDARD CHAOS OORELEFTARM1 CHAOS OGRE LEFT ARM 2 aroantiea? 22 sro su8 2 ouczorisars 22 ‘uceenicat 2 ‘ueeporise 2 ‘ox1os ore s0Dy 1 ciaos oane B00v2 ‘CHAOS OGRE BODY «CHAOS OGREHALDERD CHAOS OGRE CHAMPION MACE urease 25 uronic &8 SoroorTs08 28 onrogr sus £250 oaroai tis 2250 Fret ra pups ey Pel ets yay Po sd wei me Can Cs ps aye ene ety Pecan ef Wo pe Tanto enen ye pes Pq a eps) cme se rea on Scope meshes ae eget sung Parco pcre 9S Phil Kelly, Games Developer Phil: Having written the Ogre Kingdoms army book I would have looked like a right Gnoblar had I passed up on the opportunity to paint up a bunch of brutes myself. I started my collection with an Ogre Hunter, and tried to get a weatherbeaten, tanned look to his skin - this worked so well I conveyed it to the rest of the models in my army. Ogres Paint up really fast (especially Ironguts for some reason) so 1 ploughed through the rank and file, finishing them off with white warpaint ~ a half-white face was to become the signature warpaint of my army I've put a couple of simple conversions in there to break it up a bit - the Leadbelchers all have severe bus down the right side of their faces (I melted the plastic with polystyrene cement to get that stretched-skin look) and the Gorger's head. is made from an Ork Attack Squig - the only thing with a mouth big enough in my opinion. Next up is the Gnoblar contingent for the army - three units of Fighters, two of Trappers and a pair of Scraplaunchi way to go yet. to boot! I've a long Ulisse Razzini Ulisse: I must be honest, when I heard for the first time that GW was going to release an entire army of the big fellas, I certainly wasn’t particularly excited. It didn't take too long before my mind changed, especially after k's sketches and, not very long afterward, Phil Kelly’ army in progress. ‘The models are awesome and the concept is brutal, so what was I waiting for? After choosing the tribe iconography (the Sun) I started to torture the sprues with clippers, files and glue. The Ogre Hunter was a model that I thought I would have sort out even without the original... and there I was, chopping in half the plastic Ogre from Battlemasters (don't bother to look for it, that’s a relic!) because it as the only old range Ogre big as the new ‘ones (and already with belly guard, which is saying something...) I then added the Inquisitor Crime Lord cloak top, a few plastic bits and a good amount of Gre verted Tyrant tise ns sarmpion witha very nis ' fearsome creatures i section you will find a selection of old creatures. You can use them as Converfons for lords and. heroes, suse them fora specialy scenario, or just Le ; come coflect'and paint some of these awesome creatures, a 4” ' . Manticores The Manticore is a gigantic lion-like monster with farge leathery wings and a tail that is spined or spiked. They are adept and devastating fighters, attacking with their raking claws and ong sharp teeth, Sacred amongst the Dark Elves of Naggaroth, they are a symbol of the, of Khaine, the evil and cruel Blooded-handed god. BB Grifons are wild anc dangerous crear that fut from the wales igs ofthe Worlds Edge Mountains, Brave ademnes sec out their high nests and steal chicks to raise them in captivity. Only in this way can a Griffon ever be made tame enough to allows anybody ro ride it, and even then they are temperamental aru ferocious beasts. Griffons Pec ait ok bea, ke tat of Fag i of prey reuters too are feathered, with scaly lnnbs Gearing fore chan swhich tire bint anc razor sary. Behinat its ge feathered wings oni i ured and thas huge lave fect. Some Grifons golf ike mountain fons, while ors lane shins which are spotted striped, or black as nigh. Dragons are an incredibly a race whose forefathers lived man thousands of years before Elves of ‘Men first set foot in the Old World, they are few in number compared to the old days, when the air was full of soaring Dragons and the deep cries of Cold Drakes as they tussled for supremacy of the primeval skies. Dragons are a diverse species and apt t0 aus variation in colours and abilities i+ [XREGQ ——F PORN MxXAv] ‘LAsmiC DRAGON was tree ps oy Pode cans yy Pf nied nen CnC ts ay ages eet, Pw caret fo 100 "eee asymm ted pot aor Wo nn Se caer weap la eb rane Spas town 40 sea ae PLASTIC DRAGON HEAD & LINES seme? 7 Pr saa ppt Pt es yy Pras wp nd usa Caran ale pcs ay eas ety Ps cat a al gg pas se {Ents et ya pets Pcs ada poss sy Gans Weise ro son Se rian etes ze raps ong oon ps 101 Wood Elf Dragon coca eye pes Pe ata et sy Gare 2 my saa ey nr te 989 rontsr pRAGON Foor FOREST DRAGON LEFT LEG. FOREST DRAGON TAIL MIODLE Treats &1 courezetans £2 comozaton2 £1 FOREST DRAGON TONGUE soiesnoan2 60° FOREST ORAGON RIGHT ARIA FOREST ORAGON HEAD FOREST DRAGON LEFT ARIE ‘SHeNDONOUE £2 sToanett 23 sure? 2 FOREST DRAGON FIGHT LEG. FOREST DRAGON TAIL END FOREST DRAGON TAIL BASE sranenaas 62 orezunata © couazsnet FOREST DRAGON BODY FOREST DRAGON NECK Teoepmatt 2 ‘earozoutans £3 tems uous oy Pes my Ps su nei use Crh Os sus ayn gos ket Pcm ara Mt eG WP nt ue uy on pss Pcs oops 0 a Weep oo sea so soo wea espaol eae dang a mss 108 Classic High Elf Dragon Classic Range ene ree (stl an be rou Dre rte Onine Se {ramp of see Hoh gon th 104 Ges tay pes Pa a esl as We tg oes caso was apt aro pec seo Sa ‘CLASSIC MIR DRAGON RIGHT ARI CLASSIC man’s ORAGON HEAD CLASSIC MIRK'S ORAGON LEFT ARM mat 2 soeenoneay £2 ‘ewczoroa? £2 ‘CLASSIC MmRIK'S ORAGON LEFT LEG CLASSIC MRIS DRAGON HORNS ‘CLASSIC MIRIK'S DRAGON FIGHT LEG ‘arioonaus 22 ‘uence e2 ovratuoace £2 Lassie mes DRAGON BODY CLASSIC MIR’ DRAGON NECK CLASSIC MIRIK'S DRAGON TAL ueenoreit o4 soarotooirs 03 osrotocaacs 63 CLASSIC mIRIK'S ORAGON LEFT WING ‘eLASsic mink ORAGON RIGHT WING ‘sonnet et oreeoneto 24 Pues tsb pune hy Pott eats raya cs i ie si Ce ae cs ay Ye ems i rt Ps ata log pe ae an cn oy ps Pe uo pl so Gane Woy ou out soe copa ese, eet Maser coming a ve press. 105 MRK, DRAGON PRINCE OF CALEDOR ‘SBTCRO102 £28 Complete "sm se Dap Wes nh, Forces PRINCE MIRIK DRAGON UPPER JAW PRICE RIK ORAGON HORNS PRINCE IMRIK DRAGON LOWER JAW surariovda £2 ‘omeattome e ‘aeroaoroas e180 PRINCE IRI DRAGON RLGHT ARAL PRINCE taRIK DRAGON TAL, PRINCE MIRK DRAGON LEFT CLAW soozotoamr ea couren0va0s £4 aerooiece 2150 Pusu mn pn Pt ay oy, Pc loi ae sng as arty re corti gg 100 "emt rcowr oy rn Po und wr at as tenet ate pet to Dark Elf Dragon ‘smal gs te Paste Daze Wings ant sr To code ang pce pls BLACK DRAGON RIGHT EAR, SBTTR2N08 509 4702120806 | 50p as = LACK DRAGON HEAD serena £1.50 Smee 1.50 ‘omeoinne 1 i BLACK DRAGON LET HAN serigi2012 BLACK DRAGON TAIL BLACK DRAGON RIGHT ARM ‘emanate oerorzostt 2 roan mpeg amo, 107 Classic Dark Elf Dragon Classic Range "a on ota Ino bec ed iro dt Se ‘ap of as Bek gn ie ‘Wisma! wae Pe Paste Daou Wig sp, cots ad pes ae ero ng 10. sop Pet ao Pet et ny Pe pe etc may rw etre), cart see lata ete ne ear spn sa ro {CLASSIC RAKARTHS BLACK DRAGON HORNS. CLASSIC RAKARTH'S BLACK DRAGON HEAD onroazoee €2 oucaenn0? e2 (CLASSIC RAKARTH'S BLACK DRAGON CHEST CLASSIC RAKARTITS SLACK DRAGON NECK CLASSIC RAKARTHS BLACK DRAGON BELLY ssarogzoor 4 soarogzor18 3 ‘ostoaznor2 ee [CLASSIC RAKARTH'S BLACK ORAGON RIGHT AR CLASSIC RAKARTH' BLACK DRAGON TAL, {CLASSIC RAKARTHES BLACK DRAGON LEFT ARAL seroazoce 2 ‘sonzanots = osroeegri0 £2 CLASSIC RAKARTHS BLACK DRAGON RIGHTLEG _—_—CLASSIC RAKARTUH'S BLACK DRAGON TAIL END CLASSIC RAKARTH'S BLACK DRAGON LEFT LEG ssemzauor £3 eserozon08 2 ‘seroeaos 63 err ura pret ny rot rn yy Pr alta ans, an i ras mab ngs tore Ps et et eg tps se ‘a anes ys pte Po uted pra Gant No ra eo Se, spr samp aso sere ney ta canta 109 Zombie Dragon. dN ‘ZOWSIE DRAGON BODY ‘ZOMBIE DRAGON HEAD ‘arroeriicr ee sorcoriods £250 ‘ See ‘ZOMBIE DRAGON JAW ZOMBIE DRAGON FIGHT AnH souro0rios 81 uEROTIOND 2 \/ 3 7ZAGHARING Te EVERLVOVG yuma sor Nome Es. Stir 5 Compae ‘i mei Pat pe Hog Ftc at ats _ OUR ORAGON sFT LEC ZOMBIE DRAGON WOT LEG —_—_~zoHENEonaGOW CLAW owe oRAGON TAL samaans e130 caiman chad surraat sop ‘oman 10 iit tae pes, Pei os may wy Pot els uses Conan Case ot ae gre are Pa te eg vi seca aby ands Pes uo eas 0 ae Voy Se cu eg ma pn ese agree Sa Classic Zombie Dragon Classic Range ‘note nina ate [ube treat aed toh ‘ret ote Oe Se cuassic zouaie ‘DRAGON READ sonra £2 Esa of Clase Zarb aon wh ite, cuassic zouaie ‘panes Neer a ‘LASSIC ZOMBIE DRAGON BODY ‘CLASSIC ZOMBIE DRAGON TAR. CLASSIC ZOMBIE DRAGON FRONT RIGHT LEG ‘suemeuots 28 esronrosok £250 ercraots £1.80 — a by CLASSIC ZOMBIE DRAGON BACK RIGHT LEG CLASSIC ZOMBIE DRAGON BACK LEFT LEG ‘CLASSIC ZOMBIE DRAGON FRONT LEFT LEG SOveRTOO? £50 soMczO7I008 £1.50 uteeaote £1.50 ‘cuassie ZoMaie onAcon ‘cuassic z0usie DRAGON ean far WN soureareata» 22 seroma £3 Pues oy Pou eats mya, Pcts 8 oat une CaO cs aye nom oy Pe ae nel ae pes se ‘or cet yd ps Pcs ops ares Wins au roe Sp wee age ssa apne on grne 111 Classic Chaos Dragon “Classic Range The ot ne ans te Ise baton bode ooh Tieton Cine See Pls rn 10, Peat ata pone on, rout cers may a Prat 0 pre ee sri Cn ae rts aya nore, coe ie a 12 "rutrum yee Ps ua pa ay Gans Wa roa oe cle pr wi eed aos ere GS oa ‘CLASSIC CHAOS DRAGON NECK 1 ‘CLASSIC CHAOS DRAGON NECK 2 ootaznasot £3 sores £3 {LASSIC CHAOS DRAGON LEFT ARIE ‘CLASSIC CHAOS DRAGON HEAD 1 {CLASSIC CHAOS DRAGON RIGHT ARM osrcragrs £2 cearizoaots £2 aurea 2 CLASSIC CHAOS DRAGON CHEST [CLASSIC CHAOS DRAGON HEAD 2 HORNS ‘CLASSIC CHAOS DRAGON BELLY emcee 28 ‘uezoeco 2 oeraeee"2 oA CLASSIC-CHAOS DRAGON LEFT LEG ‘CLASSIC CHAOS DRAGON HEAD 2 [CLASSIC CHAOS DRAGON fIcHT LEG fesroanoane 2 coeoconaote £2 eroanoots 4 [CLASSIC CHAOS DRAGON TAIL 2 [CLASSIC CHAOS DRAGON TAIL 1 eoaioant tA ‘uetzaote ee Fs rire eon ose tne ma ay Pcs ol nied uso. 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Praca nf iy rs, ee net ua ent aay ps Pes post 0 ae Woon ea oo eno ea pe esse ges deena barnes 123 Classic Range ‘eed os grain Toe Sec oar Suter Gus Son ‘CLASSIC CLASSIC STORNWANG RIGHT CLAW al of Cs Hh Gtr wh eS ‘cLAssic stonmwina rick Sooy cLassic sToRUWING TAL cLassic sToRUWING LEFT BODY surazoncts «3 suraronene £1.50 SoIUDIONDN 68 CLASSIC STORMWING LEFT WING ‘CLASSIC STORNWING FIGHT WING ‘ssroeezes 3, seroztooero 63 eae trae poss on et nets my Pst earn mb Cea Cl esa bs fara: hc ie 24 "Camtstorcomt natn arene Pas uaa pa Sy Gane Wola Wout Ooh low cone wet ape aaa age ein Ser Classic Hippogryph ‘Classic Range Tred on hi page ot aan Ihe bac be od Sree ‘iat ort ie Se ‘ample of Cast Btn gop wih ic cost ‘Lassic HIPPOGRYH rIGkT CLAW soars 'e ‘oLASsic 1ppoaRvPH Rich BODY ‘CLASSIC HIPPOGAYPH TAIL ‘CLASSIC MIppOGAYPH LEFT BODY Bromo: ts ‘oaccosora £1.80 cotazono0e e# ‘CLASSIC HIPPOGRYPH LEFT WING. {CLASSIC HIPPOGRYPH RIGHT WING souazno'" £3, meweaoe & Pes taste uous, Preut ents aya. 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Range | rapes ot on moi nc Wesaret raion nccrer | | "Saye ote ences mgr ceses COLLECTORS’ GIANT SPIDER LEGS ‘amp of compe Coleco’ Gn Spi oroOIOT9 E10. ‘amp tone alto Ga Sep. ‘ences? SDN ‘COLLECTORG" GiaNT SCORPION BODY ‘COLLECTORS! GIANT SCORPION LES suctemmats th rercaonste tus rie aes i Poss maa Ps npn no Cota Cla poss na) gus enna. Pros ear nt ay ps he vat rc ety ond ps Pcs stow os 0 Ge Vrs Pea om ees ese et npn ease eps eng ba ot pes 107 Collectors’ Monsters Collectors? Range | eres on is apa titi tes ann et ot ces eat is conemon ort ge oat Compt you clcion Ponte namo temo ona Cockarnice Booy commas te CCOCKATRICE WING RIGHT wane COCKATRIE WING LEFT WG ‘oeeoners 62 ‘soarcearaie are tn) 110556 €20 Complete tus tte upon Peers a vy Pes a pat sen Ch ib as my bank erat, cet at io se 38 "cts toe ality pes Pcs oe ec Gres Wor ro ann ee aloe wt ages eae Garner o ae Collectors’ Medium Dragons Collectors’ Range oo np abe mt rane mos ia: oes yn occ oi en ee © aoe sn oni020041 15 Compete NIGHTMARE DRAGON ua tee aint Ps cn ma ay Posi edn roles Cota Ce ps yb urs esr). Pees ora ate ges, Hee rt ur cre ably aps Pas qs os 0 Ge nay Soa ce Ce est rep ene peer eran pce 109 21108800 £16 Complete ‘DRAGONNIASTER ORAGON Pers rinse pen co Pe 140 amet rene ty pr ay ay. Prec sl pi natn Cen lpm ed eta 08m nop rh abu oe fs carey Pe cont tte Collectors’ Small Dragons Collectors’ Range |, mmo nm tt i sr tpt yet coae caret | "Sines eso nb st ow nen esis soem en. Ste Bs ‘venow wna ‘cave DRAGON 38080288042 £10 Complete | 505290588 £10 Complete fone garages 141 ap pts oe sop: me a 3 a es uta oa a Pt re Pe Great indscape of the Old World. The very names of these Sortresses are the stuff of le names like Karaz-a-Karak, the Fortress of Dawn, Cripple Peak Ghrond the North To Gate and Drakenhiof Castle are famed throughout every land. The Old World fas seen countless wars © and sieges and these desperate bat but many | in bitter struggle against thcir enemies, Praag The fortified city of Praag — also known as the Cursed City — was the scene of the greatest sieges in the history of the known world. During the Great War against Chaos, Praag was overrun after a long and bitter battle. The city was so twisted and tormented by the powers of Chaos that tentacles and malevolent eyes sprouted from the walls and buildings themselves, and only recovered after it had been burned to the ground and rebuilt. However it is still rumoured that dark taints remains there... Middenheim ‘The mountain-citadel of Middenfieim stood resolute against the Storm of Chaos; hundreds of cannon, mortars and the lethal hellblaster volley guns studded the high Bastions, among them the mighty Ulric's Thunder, a bombard of titanic proportions. The defenders numbered in the thousands; ready t0 match their enemy's wrath with stel, courage and faith Parravon Parravon was a frontier town set in the foothills of the Grey Mountains, which is surrounded by deep chasms and can only be approached via a narrow bridge built by the Elves. The walls ave high and support many tall rowers giving the defenders a view across the mountain, passes into the Empire to the East. ‘Over the years i has een attacked by Ore hordes and ambitious Imperial Counts, but has always proved to Ge too strong a fortress for any enemy, swhatever man or green-skin. Karaz-a-Karak The Dwvarf language is complex and cannot Ge Gterally translated into the tongues of men; Karaz-a-Karak means “Pinnacle of mountains” and mountain in Khazalid means “a thing which endures", altough men call this city “Everpeak", This mighty and populous stronghold was te ancient capital of the olf Dwarf empire. Many times the strongholié has Geen under attack but Karaz-a-Karak has never fallen to an invader. It is the oldest and most fortified Dwarf stronghold. Storming the fortress... siege is (ke an ordinary game of Warhammer — only a little more advanced, as one side has some serious defences. These defences could include a complete castle, a wall that surrounds the city, or a fone tower. Small elements of a siege-style game can be incorporated into regular battles as well as by adding terrain such as defended obstacles, fortified Gridges, entrenchments, natural elements like cliffs, and more. Regardless of their form, defences _protect friendly troops and block attackers. Few deny the gaming excitement of lowering the gangplank from a Siege Tower or breaching a wall, but many players Galk at the idea of playing a siege. Some are daunted by the game size, extra rules, or the terrain needed. Others have tried a standard siege, but fave stopped there and not pressed the fight into the city or tried any of the endless varieties. The rules for hiow to conduct a siege can be found in Appendix Four — Rules of Siege in the Warhammer rulebook. Alco available are hiobby tips and scenarios for including siege games in your campaigns in the Generals Compendium. Why not give it a try ~ and have fun storming the fortress! Section One Fortress & Arcane Architecture Warhammer Fortress a oe ‘aI FORTRESS aaTENOWRE coma eeetretsea es exten Cece ‘oan nae en opr [warnings Tower) Saltese cain ei coeom Arcane Architecture coun ota eatin 2 | coum wm eanoome coum we mousse ent eoita 2 screen tian 2 sitar es aes no pons ty. Pe nets mayan Pod ls ase pte aye get ety Pe care tie oa 146 “amt eane ttna res Press ua pass by Games Woop oh ees oe ess eed alos we soe Sarng Arcane Architecture someone 81.50 socizont2 1.50 secant 21.50 suerazeto% 23 oueoeorete ea eeeeonot3 9 ‘COPING (ROOF TLE) ‘prizatzas £1.50 coneromte ca =I WOODEN STEP + SSO31201 8p ae ‘aos star conNen cos aaraovies CHAOS WALL ‘ouezonote ca wasvoseoane 150 spamzoma01 03 es rsa pnts oP ny ay Pr si pd wasn Can Cae pos ye geo us ay Pecan tio ong ess arco ay prov: Pes ua pas sb Gans Woop og Bs nse topes, raped eos erase ermine wn pas. 147 vi Arcane Architecture & ARCANE ARCHITECTURE GARGOME? ARCANE ARCHITECTURE anes hy vrtionosec et ariaerszet 81 ~ BULDING ACCESSORY HANK ARCANE ARCHITECTURE ‘rrasoeni® op aed soxrian0 1.50 BUILDING ACCESSORY EAGLE HTT TINIE Op te verano £1.50 BuLDING AccEssORY ‘GenerSirneas setiiomntee Sop saerianeeana s ‘caves ssariasorei¢ seartisnoaz0 et 3 ARCANE ARCHITECTURE rows 1 Tous 1 uo searemom2 1 “Grave cearvianatt souramene 1 sorisscans 2 roms + ssarsaso50s 1 ARCANE ARCHITECTURE eAaves soarrseartak 1 + random Grave Sloe sipped ea ate pat cl Pr cans ay ay Ps pi adi Onna ots ay eager fs won Pes coret ine pg es = 145 “etree bys pros Press aida onus sy Games Won ro ot Gas leprae edt le epee eign = — WALD Section Two Siege Equipment formmen eon ce 149 Pcs estat putes nro cov yy, Pete 0 ad sen Ce Cl rots mb nas ss ara Prt cot tne gto es, cre aay pes, pod Gras Wot Brg sn Sore sore wate ape eas es Siege Attackers Siege Tower [ Warwaumen siece tower Shown a apposimalay Os ail wae Pee ae un Pans ay ay PRU SO presale, Cota Oh rd aye ge nt, Pesce ati oligo pss Pe 180 “aes any aps Pe gute we pec Cnes Noa ro nse ir wets aos pesos senna ha oo oe eATTERING RAM PATTERING RAM cTTEAING RAM *SEaVEN SEO ‘Canrneno, = AEDS REAR ten Hea sosroaasouca 1.50 saree? 1.50 saerosaara 509 Siege vAutaeers Mantlets Campitesea tet Peso M2 (tone ot rere sugars ah mai ‘siueLD 1 maNTLET SUPPORT 1 maNTLET SHHeLD 9 MANTLE SUPPORT3 MANTLET ‘oueizeoti £3 souzanii2 et soarossov0s 9 sorazeni06 1 sileLo 2 MANTLET ‘suppoRT 2 MANTLET HELO 4 manTueT SUPPORT 4 MANTLET coriegnit3 £3 oeroasot0e 1 cocea0i07 3 courceen08 cp Mb tae puns Prat nts ay ar Pde al ants use eae le es maybe Sp rey Pm et ate es 152 "Gmettrcomt anny spins Pe un pase Gane Wey or ent pn wast se a apne rie orm Siege! aniaeears Ladders Po cape ct ater. LaooeR 1 sonrcoerer £2.80 Sieze Defenders Cauldron and Barrels (contre bares) sna £2 Complete SIEGE CAULDRON sonra £8 Complete Rock Dropper ROCK DROPPER (consi reo ace 32252) Defenders Accessories @ g pucker 1 sucker 2 soxrcaso117 &1 4702001018 | Sop i] l suckers ucxer ¢ surteen.%9 sap sssroaeoo%6 “£1.50 \WHEELeARROW sosroseni08 2 Pearse us oy Pou cats mary Pac so ete net Cortana aa mye age nancy rn cat ne ee 154 "Geter yep ne td ears Woes cea sean tape ia ae oa ee City of Be Samn@ Pee Ro One ema eee CS Cree Rae eetec mc Roe Rencere ree ra eee RV oe ee oe er Coreen eu Sen ene Old World hurry to the City of the Damned, cager to satisfy their greed RTT tee eae ee TU ee ee ee Pence Cerone Ren eR On ect who pass through its gates, an insidious malady that will set brother Preto et eee Cie eee eee cen sees oe On Recs OR a Mordheim is tabletop skirmish game where players control rival warbands, battling each other for ‘supremacy in the dark and dangerous streets ofthe ruined city. The models are geared towards 4 eee er ee eee eg 3 ee eae et eer Fi fi ‘On the folowing pages, we offer you just small part ofthe range of Mordelm figures and scenery. They ‘can be used to personalise your Warhammer army, and many of the models make great Generals, unit earner et eee ees ‘The full range of Mordheim miniatures are available via the Games Workshop Online Store, Direct Sales epee eae iNsroreits Warband be uc es ie souriiann) 3 LEV CAPTAIN “eens Oseey Hencrmen XISLEV WEAPON HALBERO ISLEY WEAPON core met eer ‘Snosssow sosr iano | eC Cae pot ay ge NaSLev WEAPON ‘CROSSEOW seen Sop SLEV WEAPON HALBERO asLEv YoUNGBLOODS secon cata aco 8) aos t2i9 £7 Complete 22 'esLey YounaaL ooo wi Bow suey vouron.o9 ‘perttoansnr £2 ‘ucrvioamaey 2 Kislev Tamer and Bear ‘BEAR ARAL risen Bt Rainz ISLEY BEAR ANO ARIE NiSLeV TAMER NGSLEV TAMER AND BEAR tosrivaoom ce soarinzosmnt seer 2059 £9 Complete as a eee ay, Pi nets ay. Fr rear lan Cat Cae pr aye prs ny. Pe cara ate of ig ta arcane aya rvs ua shy Games Wee ou Sow cees rere hake Wales reer Bn Ma ow EE Hired Swords 8 ; HALFLING THER nos 902 £4 Complete ‘sogt 204025 Compete TISLEV RANGER soostianss £8 Complete | = eRe HEAD comracian 1 ‘OGRE BODYGUARD st 20S 9 Complete IT GHTER OGRE 90818607 £8 Complete Casualties a Human CASUALTY 1 Human casuatry 2 Human CASUALTY 3 Huan casuaLry 4 HUMAN CASUALTY 5 soar ione201 2 arise 62 srioonatn 2 ‘omiseoate 2 sariosozns 2 ew HUMAN CASUALTY 6 uwan CASUALTY 7 Human CASUALTY 8 HUMAN CASUALTY 9 ‘Muman CASUALTY 10 soi o0008 2 risen? 2 eersgeo008 62 ‘suet et0208 £2 oariazozio €2 Pr ree no Pi anny ay Poss sl nua ase. Cota Cal od myn 5 near Prt coma ti of gon a re, 158 "Scum ay aps Pena pai Oy Snes on Poh se eee est wonoHenmt 00RS 1 ‘MonoHEm booRS 2 ‘eutone accessonY sarieonoeat 3 surttomoua ee Suriianotss e250 a MoROHEn 81a WnDOW 1 uorDwen DOUBLE wNDOW MonDHen WNDOW 3 Tart 900004 8250 urine e250 9e7HEE0020 Op MonDHen WINDOW « ‘MonoHem s1G viNDOW 2 MoRDHEM Ic WINDOW 3 ‘ser o0ca00.50p ‘soci ioroers 2 rsriommonte 2 ‘Monon wevoow 2 uonDHen wow 1 unLowne AccessonY ‘net to0can8| Sop OTHE 8p ers onemek 1 sta sao Po et my ry Ps 0 ind orl Ctl cs ye angus ue moa, Preset ati og Sr a aan aay pra Pcs ue a pss 0 as Wenonah sow cep epee aes we agreeing wn pes 161 Fz OT] AES Fortresses & Watchtowers - he towers and fortress wall sections on these pages are a few examples of the many types of fortifications of the Warhammer world. You can also imagine other types of towers: the elegant pinnacles of Cathay, the Leaning Tower of Tlea, and the High Elven towers of Ulthuan. Here is a selection of what you can do by converting and modelling to personalise forts and watchtowers to your army's race. Smet sooeeear sree | 1 ‘Above: Bales wood nas ben gues ranacie patches. oak Len Ti Gon wt was but by Shoting,Squgy ond mustveoms ping ot ‘tev neak an oso! Flot: The Beast owe leaies an Seva opered bya Chaos Spa, ‘owbe navguing es oa he modeler eaten) st 80th ade seas. Xi FEE CA Fae OLY] PE ED are reducing the local Vampire Count’s castle to rubble or attempting to storm a an be transformed into an amazing siege battle with the right jome imagination and a bit of hard work to convert and scratch Conversions et's take a look at the weird, wild and wonderful conversions ess as tathamnr pig: Pom Glen Demon entries, army centrepieces or merely the mad dabblings of an insane genius, we present them in all their glory! MERCENARY PAYMASTER ‘OGRE LEADBELCHERS {ener Meton yu Raz urareD claw ‘BOYAR BATTLE STANDARO byte apa 1 Gams rep Sse (nares — rrr Sek ee eo SSSI a Ke OUT ta ES Golden Demon Every year sees Golden Demon painting competitions all over the world and every tear sees scores of talented hobbyists further pushing up the level of skill and workmanship in the frankly jaw-dropping models entered. With the wide range of possibilities, ¢ ‘Warhammer range, the category is always heated and very competitive every — (Galen Denon rain 200), SPECIAL EDITION This Special Edition Ogre Kingdoms Tyrant was att ofthe Ogre army dea front Christmas of 2004, JOSE OSCAR GARCIA GONZALEZ Sethe Uo Arabiang ; es qs Golden Demon -Twouss oavio ROBERT cARDISS (dn Doman 200) Any time, any place, anywhere... ea bands of Tilea, to the brutish Ogres from the east, these bands of warriors live by fighting for pay, fighting for adventure and, most impor Se ace ee ain fabulous wealth. To the north of the Empire lies the land known as Kislev. The first bastion of men to defend against the forces of Chaos that pours from the Northern Wastes. Sometimes these warriors will Tae ot eee eee ee ee eee Pree es Great beasts and monsters roam the Old World causing havoc to small villages and decimating crops and livestock from the surrounding countryside. Sometimes they can be tamed enough for heroes to ride into battle, and cause fear and terror in the hearts of their foes. Siege engines and equipment are a necessary tool for any general wishing to storm a fortress or castle, for only a fool would charge a well-defended castle without the aid of siege equipment and towers. PaO Sree eM ee ne eee RCS ed SUE enum es eee es r, Kisley, Ogre Kingdoms, Siege Equipment and Monsters, Co ee eee including pictures, prices and codes. Cone eames Great Siege, Fortresses, Dogs of War, Kisley and Ogre Kingdoms conversions. Awesome Dogs of War and Ogre Kingdoms armies from around the world. So, whether you are a seasoned Warhammer general of building your first army, this is one book you really ements)